The Spring of Kasper Meier

Watch everyone Trust no one.The war is over, but Berlin is a desolate sea of rubble There is a shortage of everything food, clothing, tobacco The local population is scrabbling to get by Kasper Meier is one of these Germans, and his solution is to trade on the black market to feed himself and his elderly father He can find anything that people need, for the right priWatch everyone Trust no one.The war is over, but Berlin is a desolate sea of rubble There is a shortage of everything food, clothing, tobacco The local population is scrabbling to get by Kasper Meier is one of these Germans, and his solution is to trade on the black market to feed himself and his elderly father He can find anything that people need, for the right price Even other people.When a young woman, Eva, arrives at Kasper s door seeking the whereabouts of a British pilot, he feels a reluctant sympathy for her but won t interfere in military affairs But Eva is prepared for this Kasper has secrets, she knows them, and she ll use them to get what she wants As the threats against him mount, Kasper is drawn into a world of intrigue he could never have anticipated Why is Eva so insistent that he find the pilot Who is the shadowy Frau Beckmann and what is her hold over Eva Under constant surveillance, Kasper navigates the dangerous streets and secrets of a city still reeling from the horrors of war and defeat As a net of deceit, lies and betrayal falls around him, Kasper begins to understand that the seemingly random killings of members of the occupying forces are connected to his own situation He must work out who is behind Eva s demands, and why while at the same time trying to save himself, his father and Eva.
The Spring of Kasper Meier Watch everyone Trust no one The war is over but Berlin is a desolate sea of rubble There is a shortage of everything food clothing tobacco The local population is scrabbling to get by Kasper Meier

  • Title: The Spring of Kasper Meier
  • Author: Ben Fergusson
  • ISBN: 9781408705049
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This evocative novel will catapult you in post war Berlin. It is spring, 1946, and Berlin is a city of rubble, with inhabitants on the verge of starvation and soldiers everywhere – British, American, French and, of course, Russian. Kasper Meier lives in a fifth floor apartment with his elderly father and does his best to get by. He has survived the bombings, the occupation and the animosity of his neighbours and now he spends his days trading on the black market. However, one day a young woman [...]

    2. The strength of The Spring of Kasper Meier is the post-war desolate atmosphere of Berlin, the sense of place, and the details concerning how ordinary people seek to survive amongst the rubble on meagre rations. Kasper Meier is interesting character, complex, brusque, tough, yet compassionate, who has long lived a secret life, managing to survive in Nazi Germany. Eva is more open and friendly, a little naive, but with an edge hardened survivor mentality. Their somewhat awkward relationship is nic [...]

    3. The Spring of Kasper Meier – Excellent Debut NovelThe Spring of Kasper Meier is the stunning debut from English writer Ben Fergusson written with an atmospheric panache where the prose breathes the imagery from the page to your brain. This is a stylistic masterpiece from the debut novelist whose writing is clear and crisp dealing with the shattered lives of those living in Berlin and the evocation of those shattered lives trying to survive. To me this reminded me of Alone in Berlin which dealt [...]

    4. What a stunning debut from Ben Fergusson who has revisited in this book, the ruined city of Berlin after the defeat of Hitler's Germany.It is a brave novel in terms of what has gone before and a courageous account with regard to his broken hero and black market fixer. In addition it steers clear of the early political infighting to divide up the spoils among the victorious allies and centres on the fight and struggle to survive for the German people; mainly elderly men, women and children. I par [...]

    5. I picked this book up by chance in a bookshop and really liked the look of it. I read it in only a week or so, which for me, these days, is a marvel. Small children etc. etc.This is an astonishing read, beautifully written, and with wonderful, wonderful descriptive detail. It's uncommon for an historical fiction novel to conjure such realistic atmosphere - I could see and feel the grime, the destruction of the city, the people's degradation and despair. I take my hat off to Ben Fergusson, and I [...]

    6. I heard an interview with Ben Fergusson on Radio 2, and since it sounded like exactly the sort of book I'd enjoy, and Simon Mayo and the other people on his show were raving about the book, I thought I'd give it a try. In the end, it fell a bit flat for me. I enjoyed learning about post-war Berlin, but I wasn't keen on the story. I'm not sure if it was the pace, which I found incredibly slow, with a rushed conclusion, or the characters I struggled to care very much about.

    7. I’ve never read anything quite like this — powerful in the way in conjures the feel of a unique place and time, well-observed and very smoothly written. The atmospheric mood never overwhelms — partly due to the short and incisive chapters — and builds to a page-turning climax. I’m very curious to see what Fergusson does next!

    8. Originally published at: bit/1maZZnH After an engrossing and thrilling first chapter, readers may expect a zipping crime novel full of action and intrigue. Which The Spring of Kasper Meier does have in plenty. But the novel’s strength is to be found in Fergusson’s poignant evocation of a Berlin left desecrated by war, and the enigmatic creatures who emerge from this landscape and spin the web of mystery that characterises the dangerous but enthralling city.A setting that gives so much to its [...]

    9. Set in Berlin in post war 1946, with everything in extremely short supply, Kasper Meier trades information and deals in goods for the black market in order to keep himself and his elderly, sick father alive. He lives in one room in a half bombed out building where he secretes anything and everything that might be even remotely saleable. Kasper is despised for being homosexual, still illegal at the time, and tries to be as inconspicuous as possible. But when he is visited by one of the rubble wom [...]

    10. Berlin, 1946: a devastated city crawling with half-starved inhabitants, struggling to live on meagre rations and the black market; where everyone is trying to achieve normality amidst total destruction, total brutality. Everyone has needs and most have something to sell. The young and attractive have their bodies, of course. Others barter what little they have; mostly grave goods - a watch, a ring, a pair of shoes, a tin of ham, some old boot polish. A lucky few have the most valuable commodity [...]

    11. At the same time a tense and eerie thriller that is impossible to put down, and a gripping portrait of the physical, moral, and material devastation that defined Germany at the end of WWII – and more especially the city of Berlin - this masterful novel is worth all the accolades it has been getting. In turns terrifically suspenseful, immensely atmospheric, and achingly heartbreaking, The Spring of Kaspar Meier is quite a bleak novel. But it’s also a vibrant one. The spectacle of Berlin reduc [...]

    12. I was asked to review this book, and I have to say, it was brilliant, It tells the story of Kasper a German who, is involved with the black market, Kasper can get anything, from tins of ham, to people! He lives with his father, in two rooms,in a house with other people, Along comes Eva, a youn German girl who wants him, to find a pilot, at first Kasper tells her no, but she has secrets, secrets about Kasper So he decides to help, and now he is trying to keep his father,Eva and himself safe, as O [...]

    13. An absorbing mix of personal drama and investigative thriller dramatically against the well-drawn backdrop of a crumbling and desperate post-war Berlin. Atmospheric and featuring neatly drawn characters who don't immediately attract sympathy but make you care about their bleak predicament.

    14. A fascinating and deep look into Berlin just after the Second World War. It is reminiscent of American noir books, with the city and society both in complete ruin and no-one either worthy of nor able to trust. Let down a little by a slight lack of clear characterisation: some of the women blur into one, and the characters of Kaspar and Eva are a little straightforward. It is also slightly overlong, meaning that the plot loses a bit of impact. Nonetheless, a very well written and evocative novel [...]

    15. Overly long chapters on H&L Beckman, which don't seem to add up in the end The author should've been consistent with his style towards th3 end. The end doesn't seem well-planned.Apart from these drawbacks, the originality of the theme and details (i.e. how a brit would speak german or the other way around) helped me enjoy the book.

    16. Oh dear, I've just given up on this book. It's something I try not to do, but I just couldn't get into it. I found it to be so flat and one dimensional and that included the characters. Big on detail after detail, but to no real end! The whole thing is just a big, boring road to nowhere. Off now to read "The Gift" by Louise Jensen.

    17. Full of action, mystery, historical events and compelling descriptions. Kasper Meier is a complex man, he seem ruthless and willing to do anything to survive at the beginning but little by little you discover bits of his past, of his real self and you’ll learn that he had given up on life in a time before. A very moving story, quite compelling.

    18. There was a point where I nearly gave up on this, but persevered. Its a very bleak view of life in the immediate aftermath of WW2 in Berlin. Clever plotting kept me guessing till almost the end what was going on.

    19. Evocative writing, describing post war Berlin - desolate, desperate and despairing. The story and the many characters were more difficult to follow, and to believe in.

    20. A novel about the desperate aftermath of the Second World War for the people of Berlin, with a breathtaking, heartbreaking evocation of the atmosphere of lawlessness and danger, fear and guilt, constant hunger and struggle for survival amidst the almost total destruction of the city. Kasper Meier is a gay man in his 50s who fought in the First World War and ran a bar in Weimar Germany, now scraping by as a black marketeer keeping some sort of life together for himself and his elderly father. Dra [...]

    21. The publisher kindly sent me a proof copy of this book to review, and I thought this was a good, well written novel with a remarkable evocation of post-war Berlin, but I did have my reservations.The story is set in the spring of 1946. Berlin is still shattered and occupied by Allied troops. People scrape by as best they can amid the rubble and ruined lives. Kasper Meier is one man scraping by, dealing, bartering and "finding" things and information for people. He is approached and effectively bl [...]

    22. Originally posted on: addictivechicklit*First of all, I'd like to thank Emily at Little Brown for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*Review: The Spring of Kasper Meier takes you to a desolated post-war Berlin, where Kasper trades in the black market anything he can to try to keep his old and poorly father and himself alive while blocking any memory of his past, before the war, when he was the happiest with his partner. Surrounded by misery and extrem proverty, he mi [...]

    23. From my review blog:themoustachioedreader.wordpreKasper Meier, a middle aged German war veteran living off his wits and black market connections in 1946 post war Berlin, is blackmailed by the young, vibrant and attractive Eva Hirsch into searching for a British airman. Kasper, afraid of the consequences if he refuses, has to accept her demands and his efforts place him and all he holds dear in danger. Meanwhile, allied servicemen are turning up dead all over the city.This is an accomplished, wel [...]

    24. I was intrigued when this was sent to me by Love Reading and is due to be published in July 2014. This did not disappoint.This is the debut novel for the author Ben Fergusson and is a wow for me, a great new author with fantastic potential.This thriller has a different slant on World War 2 as this is set in the aftermath of war torn Berlin. Things are desperate as everything is in short supply and people are trying to get by, by any means.The story is set in 1946; the main character is Kasper a [...]

    25. In Berlin in April 1946 the one-eyed homosexual Kasper Meier wheels and deals on the black market to keep himself and his elderly father alive. Shunned by his neighbours, embittered and depressed by his experiences, Kasper suddenly finds himself the subject of blackmail. He becomes wrapped up and entangled in a conspiracy whereby allied soldiers guilty of rape become subject to revenge attacks. In his attempts to save himself, his father and the young woman Eva who becomes a surrogate daughter f [...]

    26. I honestly wasn't sure what I would think of this book when I started reading — the post-war Berlin setting was bound to make my heart ache — but I found myself genuinely liking it. I can't quite put my finger on why, but I did. Perhaps because there was still so much humanity and hope despite the bleakness, and so many colourful characters. I just couldn't stop reading.The relationships between the characters, the surroundings and the overall atmosphere was so delicately described that it w [...]

    27. This is a first-rate crime novel which is enhanced beyond measure by a truly fascinating setting: Berlin in 1946, as its citizens struggle to scrape along in their devastated city. The crime at the heart of the novel is also intriguing – a mysterious avenger is murdering soldiers who were responsible for raping Berlin women. The main character Kasper Meier becomes embroiled in this business when a young woman, Eva, tries to blackmail him for information about a particular soldier. Information [...]

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