Apollo's Curse

All Dane Gale ever wanted was to be a successful writer After a few sessions with his new friends Rose and Sherry at a romance book club, well, the romances they read, the they re convinced they can do better And do they ever They join their creative forces to become Pamela Clarice, self published romance novelist When they look for a cover model for theirAll Dane Gale ever wanted was to be a successful writer After a few sessions with his new friends Rose and Sherry at a romance book club, well, the romances they read, the they re convinced they can do better And do they ever They join their creative forces to become Pamela Clarice, self published romance novelist When they look for a cover model for their first book, Dane sees the photos that will change his life Paul Musegetes is the world s most popular romance cover model, and the most secretive Dane soon finds himself obsessed with this supernaturally handsome man, and when he meets Paul at the Romance Writers Ball on the Summer Solstice, he and Paul connect for one night of passion After that night, Dane s a writing machine He can t stop writing romances, and every story he touches turns to gold But he also finds that he can t write anything but romances And soon he s spending every waking moment of every day writing another after anotherThen Dane finds out that this Midas touch has a heavy price When the year is over, he ll never write again Not a romance, not a serious novel Nothing Not even a grocery list And that leaves him with only one option find Paul, and get him to break the curse But before he can do that, he ll have to track down Paul s equally mysterious photographer, Jackson da Vinci
Apollo s Curse All Dane Gale ever wanted was to be a successful writer After a few sessions with his new friends Rose and Sherry at a romance book club well the romances they read the they re convinced they can d

  • Title: Apollo's Curse
  • Author: Brad Vance
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Another BR with my soulmate, Mishy!This was a frustrating read for me. I loved parts of it, but some of it didn't work for me at all. There was some very good stuff here concerning the writing process, although I felt it got a bit too detailed.There was some very good stuff here concerning the MC getting writing superpowers via a hot-beef injection from his muse, this was definitely original (and I would love it if my muse would) Anyway, the rest would be spoilers so, that's all I'm saying.I thi [...]

    2. Do you recognize these men Most Overused Cover Models? If you spend any time on or browsing the shelves of your favorite ebook seller you’ve probably seen them. Ever wonder why “guy in wife beater” or “gray t-shirt guy” grace so many covers? Sure they are good looking and the images can easily be used to convey any number of professions, but what if there was more to it? What if that muse was actually the key to an author's overnight success? In Apollo's Curse, serious writer Dane, wh [...]

    3. Have you ever opened a book and been completely broadsided by it in a positive way? Well, this definitely was the case for me when I started to read Apollo’s Curse by Brad Vance.It was seriously not what I was expecting in any shape or form, especially going by the cover (more about that later), but it caught my interest from the word go, drew me in deeper and deeper, until I couldn’t put my Kindle aside for five minutes. I was addicted to this book, a magical read that took me to romantic p [...]

    4. ** I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I was expecting sex no I was expecting HOT sex and what I got is a honest to god romance novel. There is something about Brad Vance's books that just after few sentences get me hook into the story. Nothing felt drag on and everything that happened had a purpose. This story was thought out and it showed. I want to say congratulation to you, Mr.Vance and whatever light bulb went off in your head to come up with this story and for simply beg [...]

    5. This book was chosen for me in a challenge this month. I made it through about 120 pages before I gave up. The main character felt very disingenuous and was an asshole for a lot of the story. He was really unlikeable and because there was no counterpoint of seeing him through his love interests eyes, that is all we got to see. And by page 120, there was still no discernable plot surrounding his love interest. It was like a 120 page treatise on how to succeed at publishing eBooks without trying. [...]

    6. Different. Unique. OK.No on page smexy times.I liked the mythology part a lot. It has a very long and at times dragging beginning but around 50% it's becoming better.

    7. Haha! This book was soooo not what I expected! I went through so many internal conflicts while reading it, its kind of mind-boggling! Because here's the deal: I started out thinking it was m/m romance! Which, to be fair, was my own fault. I should have paid closer attention to the description. *sheepish wince* Anyhoo, once i got passed the initial "Wait where's all the lovin?" stage and allowed myself to simply immerse my brain in the exquisite fantabulousness that is BRAD FREAKING VANCE, I was [...]

    8. Apollo’s Curse is a light-hearted poke in the ribs of art, romance, and real life — a book that can be appreciated rather wryly by authors who’ve found themselves caught in the same infuriating crossroads Dane finds himself in. The problem of creating art and living off it is an issue that dogs our hero, a writer who’s absolutely passionate about his dreams and works extremely hard to fulfill them. Unfortunately, mainstream tastes don’t necessarily align with what he considers to be se [...]

    9. This was an odd book. Not really what I expected, in that it was a romance novel that didn't have much in the way of romance in it and there was no sex. But, I really enjoyed reading it. A lot.Dane is a writer that has a dream of writing something really worthy. Something that will stand the test of time. Trouble is, though his book is good, no one is reading it. On the advice of a publisher rep, he joins a book club and they're reading romance novels. He figures, why not? One thing leads to ano [...]

    10. This was a book of very different parts, yet they all added up to a whole.I think some readers don't know what to make of this story because it is not your typical romance. Underneath Man meets Man and falls in love is a book about writing: the love of writing, the frustrations of writing, the underlying desire for recognition as a writer, both in critical praise and sales. It is also about inspiration and the hard work that goes into creating the finished product.As such it's possibly better ap [...]

    11. I've been making my way through Brad Vance's books when I saw his offer of receiving this book for free in return for a review. I really did enjoy this book very much, the humor especially, poking fun at the entire ebook industry. But humor aside, there are some interesting issues that get brought up. When we start out in the working world, we have such lofty dreams about what we want to be doing. Then the reality of making a living forces us to compromise and do things that make us feel like we [...]

    12. This was not my cup of tea, it lost me at 45% it got to winding for my taste. I got the idea of it but it took too long and It drag way to much for my taste, I felt like I was reading two different storys. Any way it was interesting but Not great.And it was not sexy at all. It has a HEA.

    13. The blurb for this book covers about the first 15%, then the plot takes off: becoming romance, mystery, adventure, and travelogue with just a dash of magical realism.I was wowed and touched by the deep feelings the author evokes: all while pretending to be tongue-in-cheek.This book covers a lot of territory, from the meaning of love to the obsession for creativity. With a generous heart, the MC goes gayly spreading HEA's around the world before he finally realizes he must grasp his own or lose i [...]

    14. Book has no sexParts 1 & 2 were awesome and part 3 it just lost me completely.Okay, read this yesterday and it just occurred to me why I had such issues It isn't the third went paranorm on me It was the whole Greek methology who's who And TOO much story in a story filler. Way too much."Oh right, sorry to get your hopes up. No, he’s not a fireman. He’s a fire inspector. Yeah, not quite as glamorous, I know. He gets to wear a uniform, though."

    15. what a beautifully refreshing piece of work. this is undoubtedly one of the most unique and special books I've ever read. it touched me in a special spot (shut up) regarding the protagonists writing process and his love of the craft. the plot and premise are genius and perfectly executed. I have tried to locate one objective critique but literally cannot. I love this story.

    16. What a nice and delicious twist on a romance book.Brad Vance surprised me with this wonderful tale.Thanks Brad!

    17. Dane is a "serious writer" who focuses on authenticity and character development and tends to look down on the authors who write what he considers to be fluffy stories that are written to catch the eye of the popular market. The problem? His story isn't selling. In a moment of desperation he agrees to join a romance book club in an effort to promote himself and his book. The other two members of the club are completely unexpected; he finds himself enjoying their company and intelligent yet snark [...]

    18. What an unexpected pleasure this book was! Mr. Vance was a new author to me, and I picked this book up either free or very cheap, but I will definitely be looking for others by himThis book did not feel like a "romance", though there is romance in it. It's part journey of self-awareness, with a hefty dose of myth and magic thrown in. There really is only one MC, Dane, a writer who dreams of writing a critically acclaimed and successful novel while so he can quit his day job slaving away in a lip [...]

    19. Review of APOLLO’S CURSE, by Brad VanceReview by Jaycee for BOOKS ‘N COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS, Talonps(purchased at )I had a slow start with this book. Not because I didn’t like it; I knew I was going to like it just fine. I also knew, when it was all over, that I was going to have a difficult time writing the review. And here I sit, just as in English Comp classes of yore, praying for a way to analyse the author’s work in as intelligent a fashion as he wrote. If I get it wrong, as I did [...]

    20. I don't like book report reviews. I like to talk about the work. From the get-go, I'd like to establish one thing: Brad's work is quality work. He's never disappointed. Come up short a bit (Best Worst Luck (BWL))? Sure. But he's never failed to entertain, or provide an interesting angle where plot lines are concerned. Apollo's Curse (AC) is such an example. What I loved most about this book is the inner angst a writer goes through to produce material that they hope will find an audience. That's [...]

    21. 4.5 starsApollo’s Curse by Brad Vance is a wonderful tale. As in all tales, there is magic and a curse, a tormented hero and a Prince Charming waiting at the end. The quest to find happiness is a tricky one, with many a test and unexpected surprises. But unlike most fairy tales, here the real test comes at the end. And so the HEA becomes a brand new beginning.Dane Gale wants to be a writer, but after self-publishing his first novel and experiencing the dismay of unsuccessful sales, he joins a [...]

    22. August 30th to August 31, 2014This was a dramatically different kind of story. It tells the story of a writer who doesn't want to be known as a romance writer but an author. So he joined a book club that only had two other members Rose and Sherry. They in turn start writing together under one name and their luck changes. Dane meets Paul who has been the book cover model for all of their books. This causes him to go on a journey that lasts almost a year, until the ladies make him realize what is [...]

    23. Apollo’s Curse was my very first ebook to read. I read it all on my Galaxy S4, and just as I was getting ready to publish my very own ebook, I started to read about Dane Gale and the book club he joined that brought him through so many adventures. I was with him as he started to go through the motions of becoming a selfpub author with his new friends, Sherry and Rose. They discover a cover model named Paul Musegetes and for Dane, a single gay man with a NBBFAFB (Dane loves acronyms, and this o [...]

    24. 4 StarsThis reminded me very much of a Grimm-style fairy tale (the only ones I like) with a bit of a soul-seeking allegory. Which made it into a pretty fucking smart book, actually. Especially that ending; I saw it coming - but still, brilliantly concluded.It took a while to get comfortable with BV's writing style but once I did I really enjoyed this book! So much shade thrown at the industry while still being enamored of the whole writing, editing & publishing process. I also appreciated th [...]

    25. Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5For my full review, visit wp/p220KL-2vZFrom my review: "What a great concept for a story! The idea that a popular cover model, you know, the ones you see over and over again, is actually a Greek Muse, who with one night of supernatural sex, anoints an author to become the world's most prolific and successful writer? I love it! And it works beautifully here as a means to explain the writing process and as a raison de etre for Dane , who has to travel not only to Venice [...]

    26. Wow, I could not put it down. Have read several other works by this author and all have been worth it for different reasons. To me this was about love, not the usual sex, something happens, sex, someone dies and some more sex (which don't get me wrong I read those too). It was a pleasure to read something original/different. Some stuff went over my head but without taking me out of the story (except when I really wanted to know what it/who were and stopped to look it up) which I liked as I feel [...]

    27. Very different style of writing for Brad in comparison to his other books and stories that I've read. Very creative and insightful. It gave me a whole new perspective on what a writer goes through to write books for a living and to be recognized for good work or creativity. I'd never thought about having to self promote or how different authors can collaborate to create a book. The story was very enjoyable but i did miss Brad's sex scenes that are in his other romances.

    28. This book just proves how smart and rounded Brad Vance is as an author. i was expecting instant gratification: hot, hardcore, violent, raunchy sex scenes. But this, instead, was an experience, a journey. I was mesmerized from start to finish, couldn't stop reading. And, at some point, I stopped expecting anything, and I just followed the white rabbit. The amount of research that went into this book is phenomenal. The quality of the writing is a beauty to behold. I loved every word of it.

    29. Definitely not what I was expecting, but I did love the story. I really wish there would have been more regarding Dane & Jackson once he finished the story, but I get the idea of ending where he did. I was hoping for a little more "action" with regard to THE scene with Paul & also with Jackson, but overall it was great and I loved all the Greek Mythology!

    30. This was a very unusual story which was nice. I liked all the parts about Dane writing books that sell. I thought that part was really clever and interesting. Then I enjoyed the stories he wrote under his "curse". I thought the final part dragged a bit. Overall a good story.

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