Murder Can Kill Your Social Life

Desiree Shapiro, New York P.I is no hard boiled shamus She has dimples in her knees, elbows, and some unmentionable places Desiree is a chubby gumshoe who has a mind as sharp as a Cuisinart and a queen size talent for sleuthing Her heart is pretty big too, which is why she agrees to take the case of the poor grocery kid accused of killing the old lady in apartment 15DDesiree Shapiro, New York P.I is no hard boiled shamus She has dimples in her knees, elbows, and some unmentionable places Desiree is a chubby gumshoe who has a mind as sharp as a Cuisinart and a queen size talent for sleuthing Her heart is pretty big too, which is why she agrees to take the case of the poor grocery kid accused of killing the old lady in apartment 15D for the money stashed in her freezer.Sure, the boy s fingerprints on the refrigerator make the problem sticky, but only until there s yet another murder in the same building Before anyone can say Haagen Dazs, Desiree bets she will be able to finger the real killer.She s detoured by dinner with a bachelor, but he, unfortunately, turns into a suspect So while her love life is chilling out, Desiree cooks up a scheme to trap a lean, mean, decidedly unsavory killer.
Murder Can Kill Your Social Life Desiree Shapiro New York P I is no hard boiled shamus She has dimples in her knees elbows and some unmentionable places Desiree is a chubby gumshoe who has a mind as sharp as a Cuisinart and a quee

  • Title: Murder Can Kill Your Social Life
  • Author: Selma Eichler
  • ISBN: 9780451181398
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Review based on a re-readI read this years ago and remember really liking it, but I think I loved it even more now. Absolutely wonderful and effortlessly amusing, this is a series I’ll definitely be continuing while crossing fingers it stays as good. Seriously the humor is quirky and made me laugh out often. Desiree has a fun outlook on life and she’s not one of those perfect heroines who has stellar IQ. She even admits embarrassment to missing the obvious sometimes. Desiree is a down-to-ear [...]

    2. I still remember seeing this series in the bookstore and being totally infatuated with finding out what it was all about. Having first read one of the latter books in the line up ( #11 to be exact) I just knew that there was no other choice but to start with book # 1 to see what sparked it all. Desiree Shapiro is truly an interesting character, her passion for sleuthing only matches her enthusiasm for good food. It's hard to trust a character that never eats, I mean come on; if they are meant to [...]

    3. I LOVED this book. I'm a sucker for a good cozy mystery and I have been eyeing this one for awhile. I decided to read the first page to see if it got my attention and it was hilarious! I was cracking up several times in just the first couple of pages. While the rest of the book wasn't as funny, it was definitely fast paced and entertaining. The main character, Desiree spent the whole book going around interviewing people about the murder. There were a lot of suspects so the book kept you guessin [...]

    4. This was an ok book, but she didn't finish the story! She ends the book with doubts about who the killer is! Is it continued in the next book? Not cool!

    5. Slow, but picks up around halfway through. The ending made me feel like I am missing some pages though?!

    6. I have read other books in this series. It was fun to read the first book. I was impressed with the mystery. I couldn't guess who the murderer was. It was a fun, fast read.

    7. Murder Can Kill Your social Life by Selma Eichler (a Desiree Shapiro Mystery).Desireee shapiro is our sleuth in this book and this series. She's not what you'd expect for a city P.I. Desiree is "pleasingly plumb" with a fun attitude on life especially her own. The story begins with Desiree going to visit her niece, Ellen, at her new apartment on the 14th floor. That's when the confusion also begins. Desiree discovers that the elevator is out of order and she has to climb up 14 flights of stairso [...]

    8. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this mystery! --it was a highly entertaining, filled with luscious calories as well as witty insight and warm-hearted humor mystery! PLUS, this was the very first book this author had written (so unlike so many of my other mysteries -I didn't start in the middle of a series!) and, am anxiously looking forward to whatever else she has written! It's about a female queen-size Manhattan P.I. who has gotten her first MURDER (double murder) case. Until today she has handle [...]

    9. Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    10. I loved this series! Each and every one was so funny, fresh, and so interestinge main character Desiree is just so much fun, so real, and any reader above a size 12, who has a foodie loving streak in their personality, will relate to her! The mystery is not so easy to figure out, and has a lot of twists and turnsI hated when I read the last one!

    11. Desiree Shapiro, a PI, is asked to clear the grocery boy accused of a murder in her nieces apartment. I liked the character, but the plot was very slow and predictable.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    12. MURDER CAN KILL YOUR SOCIAL LIFE by Selma EichlerRATING: 4.5/B+GENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Mystery, 1994, 249 pgsTIME/PLACE: 1990's/NYCCHARACTERS: Desiree Shapiro/PICOMMENTS: 1st in series. Desiree's cases are usually insurance fraud & divorce. When there is a murder of an elderly reclusive tenant in her nieces's bldg, Desiree is hired to clear the name of the grocery delivery boy.

    13. I certainly enjoyed the characters in this mystery. Desiree ate her way through most of the book but did manage to solve the murder. However,the book had a rather unsatisfactory ending. Seemed a bit like a cop-out; as if the author couldn't decide to go one way or the other.

    14. I love these books.I read them a long time ago and I think I'm going to start over and read them again.Desiree Shapiro is a likable character and I felt like I could relate to her. A really fun read that'll make you want to read the whole series !

    15. Probably closer to 3.75 stars, but I'm not going to quibble. It was cute, and I'm a sucker for this kind of mystery. If a murder book can make me giggle, I'm a happy girl, and this one delivered. I'm looking forward to reading more by Ms. Eichler.

    16. Desiree Shapirois a PI who is hired to help prove a grocery delivery boy didn't murder an old woman in her niece Ellen's apartment building. A week later another tenant of the building is murdered. The solution of the murder was pretty obvious and the end of the book dragged.

    17. Lover all her books. She is very honest & clearly admits she has problems with food & men. It makes her seem genuine & who doesnt cry into ice cream or some dessert? Love her & sorry to see the seriez end. Come back!

    18. She really buries you in minutiae hoping you wont see the simplest and most cliche of murder/mystery tricks. It's such a boring read, I couldn't recommend this to anyone. Actually, now that I think about it, I was being kind by giving it 2 stars.

    19. Murder Can Kill Your Social Life was a light entertainment. But I cannot give it three stars. Desiree Shapiro, for me, is just not that likeable. She is a bit pushy, goes around asking questions and still finds the solution by a chance. Easy read.

    20. 1st in a series--a light mystery about a middle aged private investigator who finds herself in the middle of a murder, much beyond her usual scope of divorce, custody or insurance fraud investigations. This was a fast read, okay for a break from heavier reading.

    21. This was a quick and easy summer read. I've read other(s) in this series, so it was nice to see where it all began.

    22. This one is very very funny and if you're a wingle woman you must read this series. Selma has wit and wisdom that Desiree shows in spadesjust a great series thatr will make you laugh outloud.

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