The Regent's Gamble

Addison never asked to become a king among the mages in his society Now he protects the fragile balance between the mundane and supernatural realms The job is easier said than done, even with the aid of a sultry half dryad who possesses unique talents of her own Crumbling truces test boundaries of the new ruler and his elite wizards as they are swept into a treacherousAddison never asked to become a king among the mages in his society Now he protects the fragile balance between the mundane and supernatural realms The job is easier said than done, even with the aid of a sultry half dryad who possesses unique talents of her own Crumbling truces test boundaries of the new ruler and his elite wizards as they are swept into a treacherous game of loyalty and betrayal A sinister enemy forges deadly plans for the city of New York, and it will stop at nothing to achieve its wicked desires In a world where demons whisper seductions into mortal ears and fae prey upon the desperate with underhanded deals, fate thrusts an ordinary young woman and her child into the center of a building storm In Manhattan, trolls lurk under than bridges, gentle nature spirits become killers overnight, and necromancers raise the dead to benefit their insidious plots To save New York City from ruin, the lives of four strangers must intertwine If they cannot defeat their own inner demons, then all is lost and the forces of Hell will triumph.WARNINGAdult content and mature situations Not recommended for readers under 18.
The Regent s Gamble Addison never asked to become a king among the mages in his society Now he protects the fragile balance between the mundane and supernatural realms The job is easier said than done even with the aid

  • Title: The Regent's Gamble
  • Author: A. Payne N.D. Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.I received this eCopy from the authors in exchange for an honest review.4 Fun, Fantastical, Fabulous Stars!An Enjoyable Read With Adventure, Magic, Mythology and Great Characters!The Review:I'm a big lover of urban fantasy with its wonderful world of magic and unique and interesting characters, story lines and the situations it can inspire. This was very much that kind of read.Right from the start we are thrown into a dangerous and almost tragic si [...]

    2. I came back because some people thought I had put some spoilers in here. I'm not really sure which are the spoilers and which aren't so I'm just gonna say: SPOILERS!!!!Ok folks so I just finished this 29 chapter book and I must say I have all sorts of feelings about it.It starts off with this amazing prologue that sets up an epic battle between a male witch (or mage) and a Lich. Right off the bat I was very excited because how often do you get to read a book where the magical character is a man? [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this story. It is very well written. The story is complex and follows many characters but it never feels overwhelming because of that. The world was extremely well written and felt very real. It is a long story but it never feels like it drags on. There is plenty of action and twists that keep the reader engaged. The characters were well written. You get to know a lot of characters and the secondary characters are vibrant and complex just like the main characters. There were tim [...]

    4. **I was given an ARC of Regents Gamble for a review**This book was pretty good but I am giving it a 4 stars because parts of the book were a little confusing. At the very beginning of the book (prologue) I was a little lost because it just jumped right into the story. I had no idea what was going on. By the second chapter I knew pretty much what was going on. I was able to move along with the story and I really enjoyed it. I really liked the main characters Addison (Magi-magic user) and Saraia ( [...]

    5. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was thoroughly intrigued by the synopsis for this book. It sounded like something that I would enjoy immensely and I did. It is a fantasy of sorts in that there are a lot of creatures in this book. The story is also very complicated so it takes a lot for it to be told (560+ pages!!). There is back story that needs to be told, but it needs to happen in a way that is not confusing and is pertinent to the story. I think the authors [...]

    6. I was drawn in to purchase this book because it sounded so Dresden like and that is a series I really enjoy. This one turned out to be so much more. Great character detail and world building, this book has everything I enjoy. I usually avoid books of this length because I like to be able to finish a good book in just a day or two. I may have to rethink that after reading this one. Magic, mystery, intrigue, and romance. The magic scenes were awesome in detail and imagination and the action was te [...]

    7. There’s nothing quite like reading a big book, getting hold of something one can really get themselves immersed and involved in, and in this day and age where the short work, the novella, the pieces to cater for short attention spans are all the rage, it’s always refreshing to encounter something like The Regents Gamble (A Spellbound Consortium).By the same token, lengthy books can be on the other end of the spectrum, if they don’t captivate and enthrall or manage to hold the attention of [...]

    8. This book has it ALL!!! :-)From an exciting story line, to well developed characters, to wonderful descriptions and a beautiful story telling this book is a winner all the way around! Magic, paranormal creatures, great plot truly an epic adventure. The sexy scenes were hot, the fight scenes fast and furious great pacing.I don't read to much urban fantasy, although I like fantasy and I love paranormal romances. This book just hooked me from the start. I think if you love a well written story t [...]

    9. ***Received from Mad In Wonderland Reviews for an honest review***Magic, mystery, and mayhem. Now, what’s not to like about that combination?Urban fantasy isn’t exactly my cup of tea, and I’ll be the first to admit the length of this story was a bit intimidating, but I’m glad I took a chance and read it. It’s a beautifully written, detail-oriented, action-packed adventure with enough romance to compliment all that without detracting from it. And, truthfully, the more I read, the more I [...]

    10. An interesting mix of high fantasy and paranormal romance. The writing was clean and very detailed.The reader is taken on a wandering journey following Addison Rhydderch on his ascent to Regent of New York and through his trials and tribulations throughout. I found that the storyline was a little extensive. The conflict and story progression is not clearly identified so at points it seemed like the story was drifting a bit. The descriptions of the surroundings and environment were varied and int [...]

    11. Book provided in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book, it's got a lot of PNR elements going on. There are quite a few characters throughout the book and with the various subplots the book can get to be a bit complex, but with the world building and interspersed with all the action that takes place makes this an enjoyable ride. Addison is a great character; smart, brave and stealthy serve him well as he tries to figure out his new role as Regent as well as the mysteries that t [...]

    12. Let me just say wow! I was very, very pleased with this book! When I was messaged about doing a review I jumped on it because it was an urban fantasy. I haven't read many fantasy books before so I found this book fantastic! Let me just say I love Addison! He is a character that you just have to love! It was easy to follow and I was captured from the very first page. Just pointing out it is a very long book 500+ pages so it's definitely not a quick read by any means but it is a wonderful book and [...]

    13. Congratulations ladies. I appreciate you sharing your fantastic imagination with me. I am a little in love with Addison and Noah. This was a mammoth undertaking that I have no idea how you found time for in your busy lives.This book was well thought out and the charters were unique and lovable. I liked the political dynamics and the fanciful characters.I love the world in alternate planes that were created. The detailed descriptions definitely gave me feel for actually roaming through that world [...]

    14. So those would probably be the most accurate GIFs that show my feelings on finishing this. So if you take a gander down there at my status updates you will see this took me awhilert of I marked it as currently reading it when I thought I would have time to read it I did not, I had beta, ARCs, and books to write. So while I haven't technically reading this for two months, I feel like I have because it just took me so long to give it the time it deserved. So personal victory. Now i bet you want to [...]

    15. 4.5 stars. *Warning: This does have spoilers!!*I am in love with the world building and the secret keeping of the magical realms. I've always loved fantasy and the idea of a secret world only a select few know/are allowed to know about. I love the messages and theme that humans are destroying way too much of the planet way too fast for their/our own selfish needs. We humans really are a pestilence to nature. In this world, a new Regent (president) is failing miserably. Magical folk are dying, al [...]

    16. At page 247 I quitWow, wow, wow! I’m only at 28% and I’ll bet you there’ve been 30 or more characters introduced in this book. I have no idea who I should remember and who’s just there for a minute. And it’s really confusing, too. I know there are 2 authors for this story but I don’t think they were together doing the writing. Maybe they emailed their chapters to each other then put the book together. I just hate when I get confused when reading a book AND I really hate when there’ [...]

    17. “The Regent’s Gamble” by A Payne & ND Taylor… What can I say? This is one of the best paranormal books I’ve ever read! I loved everything about it. The book starts out with a kick-butt scene involving Addison, the main character, versus some very scary entities. I knew from that beginning that it would be one hell of a ride in a unique world of magic.Throughout the book, I loved the rich description and the pictures the authors painted for readers. I could visualize each of the cre [...]

    18. The Regent’s Gamble by A. Payne and N. D. Taylor is a fantasy about the twenty-something mage Addison Rhydderch, and his efforts to unravel the magical mysteries infecting New York.Addison is the Regent of a magical police force called the Manhattan Vault. Like its counterparts around the globe, the organization’s job is to protect the city from nefarious magicians and misbehaving fantastical creatures. The confirmed bachelor meets his romantic match with a dryad named Saraia Lewis. They joi [...]

    19. I've never read an urban fantasy, as they are so called. When the story began I was thrown into chaos due to the fast paced action and thought that the hero was going to die on the first couple of pages.The mixture of characters and "race" of different magical beings were fascinating and illuminating. Who knew there were so many of these creatures, good and bad?. The murders and plots with Addison holding on whilst loving a Dryad only added to the huge landscaped story, which was written in a de [...]

    20. I have been waiting on you !!! A story that will taking you places that you can only dream about! I am a lover of Unban fantasy with a mixture of magic. The characters in the story was not going to be left out, I was blown away by each character as their story came to live on paper. From the start of this book the action had me on the edge of my seat, I was floored with emotions. Addison Rhyderch night out on the town turn into something menacing with a foe that wanted to steal his body. And thi [...]

    21. An Exciting Sci-Fi Fantasy!The Regent's Gamble is a fascinating and enthralling book chock full of adventures and interesting characters. From the first page I was hooked. There is a lot more to the story than just sci-fi fantasy. It surprisingly has two love interests going at the same time. The Regent, Addison, is a man of magic, mystery and a roving eye who is in charge of keeping the world safe from evil influences. He falls for a sylvan woman, Saraia, who is more concerned at first about he [...]

    22. An Epic Urban Fantasy.Yes, I said epic. Until I found this book I didn’t think it was possible to combine epic fantasy with urban supernatural adventure and romance. The authors manage it brilliantly. They are masterful story tellers that have created a complex and consistent magical universe with rich language and vivid imagery. Their characters are likable and believable and the sex is steamy. The book is long and complex. It has a number of subplots and themes that are explored. The length [...]

    23. The Regent's Gamble (A Spellbound Consortium Book 1) by A. Payne and N. D. Taylor is an exciting book to read! With non-stop action and adventure this book had me from the first page with Addison and the ensuing battle.Very well written with a great story-line, I just loved the descriptive details that the authors put into this book! The world you are brought into is vivid and creative as the authors take you on a wild ride of fantasy and paranormal romance!I found all the characters exciting an [...]

    24. I thoroughly enjoyed Regent's Gamble. I'm a fan of epic tales with multiple plot lines, so this book was right up my alley. I liked the manner in which the authors weaved the plots together to keep the novel interesting. I thought that the characters were captivating and unique. There were some really cool mystic characters - the use of magic was expertly described throughout the book. I also enjoyed having some sexy spice mixed in occasionally. The book was a fun read, but it still made you thi [...]

    25. Murder - check.Mayhem - checkAnd magic - check.What's not to love?Regent's gamble is a superbly crafted piece of urban fantasy that sucks you in and draws you in an immersive world of treachery, betrayal, and intrigue.Action packed and full of detail, with a shocking love subplot, this made me feel like the first I saw LotRThe Addison is intriguingly flawed hero, and demonstrates all the human principles that we love. Saraia is well described and fleshed out, and the story really takes the time [...]

    26. Addison is a brave, witty, and charismatic leader during a dangerous time for Manhattan. This is an adventurous tale of fantasy, magic and urban mystery all rolled into one. I was drawn into his world, and anticipating the ending to discover how he would actually pull through. Despite the length of the novel, I enjoyed reading the budding romance between him and Saraia. The sweet moments and flaws in their relationship gave the story a realistic feeling. This was one book I didn’t want to end. [...]

    27. This fast paced novel draws you in from page one! The painstaking detail of world building and the amped-up tension had me on edge the entire time. I loved the variety of mythological creatures that were introduced along with their magical abilities and I was amazed at how the plot lines were intertwined throughout the central theme of the story.Rich story telling at its finest!

    28. Fantastic & fantastical! At first, I was hesitant to read this book because of it's length. I love novellas and short stories. However, The Regent's Gamble was well worth the time. Fantastic characters in fantastical settings. I really enjoyed this book. A great start for a new writing team and I highly recommend it if you just wish to disappear into a book for a few days.

    29. This book is beautifully written. Whereas its size does seem a bit daunting to begin with, it is more than worth the time put in to it. Well developed story line and characters that you find yourself attached to. Follow Addison, Saraia, and all the others on this wonderful journey.

    30. had the potential to be a four star, but some of the writing let it down; with characters swinging from being called various names (first, last or describer) it was a bit difficult to follow. The plot lines were good, but could've done with being woven together a bit better.

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