Styling Wellywood

28 year old Jessica Banks does not want to be back in her New Zealand hometown one little bit Goodbye exciting London, hello old fashioned boredom And she s got a lot to deal with There s her overbearing mother, her new fashion career, not to mention the sudden disappearance of her best friend Thank goodness for Ben, her reliable, cute friend who always has a broad sho28 year old Jessica Banks does not want to be back in her New Zealand hometown one little bit Goodbye exciting London, hello old fashioned boredom And she s got a lot to deal with There s her overbearing mother, her new fashion career, not to mention the sudden disappearance of her best friend Thank goodness for Ben, her reliable, cute friend who always has a broad shoulder to cry on at least when his gorgeous girlfriend isn t around Then sexy tennis pro, Scott bursts into her life, serving up a hot and steamy love match But off the court Scott is running a different racket one that might just open Jessica s eyes and heart With everything she ever wanted and feared in front of her, will Jessica finally find her way home A fun, well written masterpiece Readers Favorite , chick lit romp for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes Part Bridget Jones s Diary and part Eat, Pray, Love Chick Lit Central , escape to beautiful New Zealand in this sexy, feel good romantic comedy This is the second edition Books in The Wellywood Romantic Comedy Series Wedding Bubbles short story 1 Styling Wellywood 2 Miss Perfect Meets Her Match 3 Falling for Grace
Styling Wellywood year old Jessica Banks does not want to be back in her New Zealand hometown one little bit Goodbye exciting London hello old fashioned boredom And she s got a lot to deal with There s her overbear

  • Title: Styling Wellywood
  • Author: Kate O'Keeffe
  • ISBN: 9781500376895
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Four and a half stars, rounded up.Plain and simple, this book is a great example of women's fiction. The comparisons say that this book is in the same vein as Sophie Kinsella. I love her, so I read this, but with caution since I love Kinsella's books and I've been burned by the "if you like ____, you'll love ____" comparisons before. I'm happy to say that that comparison is totally accurate.A large part of what made this book so lovely to enjoy was the setting. I don't often read books set in Ne [...]

    2. Styling Wellywood chronicles a transitional time in the life of twentysomething Kiwi Jessica Banks. She's at loose ends after her work visa in London expires and she has to return home to live in her childhood bedroom at her mother's house. Her best friend, Morgan, offers her a job as a personal stylist-in-training, but Jessica doesn't even get a chance to acclimate herself to her new career before Morgs takes a powder, leaving Jess to keep the business afloat in her friend's absence. Talk about [...]

    3. Reviewed by Katherine Williams for Readers' FavoriteStyling Wellywood by Kate O’Keeffe is a classic chick lit novel, the first in its series. After spending four years in London, Jessica never even thought of returning home. She loves the glamour that comes with being in England, and she vows she wouldn’t trade it for the world. But due to the fact that her visa expired, she must move back into her childhood home with her mother in Wellington, New Zealand. When she returns home, the only thi [...]

    4. Styling Wellywood is one of those books where I love the premise, but ultimately the characters ruined it for me. Jessica has just returned to her childhood home after four years in London. Her Visa has expired, and she has nowhere else to go, so she's back with her mom. Luckily, her best friend has invited her to take part in her personal styling business, so things are looking up. At least until Morgan takes off, leaving Jessica to run the business on her own after just one day on the job, not [...]

    5. I love a good chick lit book from time to time and this was one I found myself thoroughly enjoying. What I loved most was the fact it takes place in New Zealand, somewhere I’ve never been, but would love to venture to one of these days. It just sounds so beautiful there!After spending several years in London, Jessica returns home to New Zealand, somewhere she never thought she’d return to. After all, London had all of the glamour that she adored and had a faster pace than her hometown in New [...]

    6. 3.5 StarsWhat attracted me to Styling Wellywood, was the setting of Wellington, New Zealand's capital city. If you have ever wondered what Wellington is really like, then I feel this book probably gives a fairly accurate representation of the place, or at least the version that is in Styling Wellywood has made me a lot more curious about visiting New Zealand, and to see the contrasts between London and Wellington. However apart from the lovely setting, I found Styling Wellywood a typical chick l [...]

    7. Awkward situation. This book was written by a friend from my school days whom I had not seen for many years. If I didn't like it, how could I admit it? If I did like it, how could I be taken as genuine given I had shared school yard antics with Kate?I did like it! I genuinely did like it. Finally a romantic comedy that had a great story line that was complimented by romance. No waffle, just laughs, love and reality. Kate made the central character, Jess, a friend that I think we can all relate t [...]

    8. This book is what a chic lit book should be about. The main character Jessica starts off weak but definitely becomes a strong women. There are a couple of characters that just make you say yuck. But you see how each and everyone of them play a part in the book and with out them it wouldn't be the same. It has splashes of comedy with huge a does fashion. I just realized there is book in front of this one that is basically like part one to the story but this is very much a standalone. Full review [...]

    9. I love chick lit, and Styling Wellywood is classic chick lit. It was a light, feel-good read with a good mix of LOL moments, cringe moments, and some more serious issues as well. Jess annoyed me a bit to start with, but I loved the way she developed through the book into a better version of herself. I reckon she'd make a good friend! Kate O'Keeffe did a great job of making me want to shake Jess and tell her, come on, work it out and kiss him already! Very nicely done, with great tension between [...]

    10. Totally LOVED it! Given that this is Kate O'Keefe's first novel I wasn't expecting anything amazing but boy was I wrong! The book was well written, very easy to read and the story kept me interested and wanting to go back for more. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a light-hearted, easy-to-read, romantic fiction!

    11. 3.5/5.0“Styling Wellywood” is a light-hearted romp centered on a young woman coming into her own, both personally and professionally. Read full review in the 2015 Holiday issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    12. Fun ReadDelightful read with likeable and relatable characters and really enjoyed learning about Wellington through the eyes of the characters. I'll be reading more from this author.

    13. Styling Wellywood is fun, funny, and emotionally honest. O'Keeffe finds the perfect balance between the lightness of a rom com and the substance of literature. I can't wait to read the rest of her novels.

    14. It was a bit predictable, but a fun read. Some grammar issues but not to many. It was a bit slow for me in spots but I did enjoy the book. Reading about the city was interesting, does make one want to visit.

    15. Good easy summer readIt was an enjoyable read… Easy story to follow with a few predictable but amusing twists and turns. Something great for a rainy summer evening light and enjoyable.

    16. It was ok, had a trouble finding anything common with the main character, she annoyed me too much and side characters.

    17. Disappointing!Too light & breezy for my taste, featuring a whirlwind of vapid, nonessential details, despite the novel's inspirational New Zealand location.

    18. Funny The story is good. I felt it was a little slow in some parts. Too many details in other parts. But interesting enough to entice me to continue to the end

    19. This is a very easy enjoyable read. I am not usually into light romance/comedy but this has that extra depth to it. You can empathise with Jessie as she tries to fit back into life living with her mother back in New Zealand, having split from her boyfriend and recently lost a good friend as well. It is easy to see some of the characters and the lives they lead, from the mundane to the glamorous. Jessica’s relationship with her mother is written well and you can see the change as the book progr [...]

    20. I wouldn't rate this as a romance or a comedy. It's more about a stylish single girl finding her way as she starts a fashion consulting business. Nearly all that's written in this book is about her struggles in the business world, and fretting about her flakey friends and equally flakey dates.This book started off well and maintained it's comedy up until around a quarter of the way through when it just fell flat. I continued reading in hopes that it would pick back up again but it never did. The [...]

    21. I like the lessons it shares with the readers - opening up, embracing grief, sharing things with friends, making people feel good about themselves with the way they dress. I just felt that there was too much drama/suspense about Morgs' absence. The character I hated the most is Jess' self-righteous and prim and proper mom and Laura, the self-righteous friend. I also didn't get this- her self-righteous mom asked her to move out of the house because her boyfie was going to move in with her without [...]

    22. Enjoyed , funny, sad parts and not your typical chit romance - finished in a couple of days and didn't want to put down - when Jessica friend disappeared - and was left on her own - and I didn't expect the explanation to be what it was - I was thinking I might have been to do with their clients husband !

    23. Cute story. Loved that it was set in New Zealand - always like getting a perspective from somewhere else.I think this was more realistic than a lot of chick lit I've read. Poor girl seems to be getting it from all angles, which is a lot like my own life at times.I will probably read the rest of the books in the series.

    24. Good readI really enjoyed this book. When I read the reviews for your next book you suggested that Jessica would or could find her love at the next wedding. I thought she already did in book one that through me off.

    25. This is light but entertaining chick lit set in New Zealand, which provides a bit of a different feel. The main character is a somewhat of a light-weight but grows during the course of the story.

    26. I liked the story but the main character was a bit annoying. I understand that was a part of her coming around and all, but it made it hard to read.

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