Masada: Herod's Fortress and the Zealots' Last Stand

This is the account of Yadin s excavation of the hill fort of Masada What he found there confirmed Josephus account of the siege The spectacular discoveries included Herod s 3 tiered palace, the earliest known manuscript of Ecclesiasticus potsherds that may have been suicide lots used in 73 C.E.The challengeThe task Getting to workThe site The northern palace villThis is the account of Yadin s excavation of the hill fort of Masada What he found there confirmed Josephus account of the siege The spectacular discoveries included Herod s 3 tiered palace, the earliest known manuscript of Ecclesiasticus potsherds that may have been suicide lots used in 73 C.E.The challengeThe task Getting to workThe site The northern palace villaThe large bath houseThe storehouses The apartment or garrison buildingThe byzantine chapelThe western placeThe casemate wallThe ritual bathThe scrolls The synagogue its scrolls The remains of the last defenders Masada s history in the light of the finds The otherside of the hillThe dramatic endThe pioneers The volunteers
Masada Herod s Fortress and the Zealots Last Stand This is the account of Yadin s excavation of the hill fort of Masada What he found there confirmed Josephus account of the siege The spectacular discoveries included Herod s tiered palace the earli

  • Title: Masada: Herod's Fortress and the Zealots' Last Stand
  • Author: Yigael Yadin
  • ISBN: 9781566490337
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Masada Desert Fortress Jewish Virtual Library Masada Hebrew for fortress is a place of gaunt and majestic beauty that has become one of the Jewish people s greatestsymbols as the place where the last Jewish stronghold against Roman invasion stood.Next to Jerusalem, it is the most popular destination of tourists visiting Israel. Masada Masada Hebrew metsada, fortress is an ancient fortification in the Southern District of Israel situated on top of an isolated rock plateau, akin to a mesa.It is located on the eastern edge of the Judaean Desert, overlooking the Dead Sea km mi east of Arad. Herod the Great built two palaces for himself on the mountain and fortified Masada between and BCE. Masada ancient fortress, Israel Britannica Masada Masada, ancient mountaintop fortress in southeastern Israel, site of the Jews last stand against the Romans after the fall of Jerusalem in ce It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in Masada occupies the entire top of an isolated Masada, tragic fortress in the sky The Times of Israel Masada, tragic fortress in the sky For three brave years, the freedom fighters on this rocky plateau known as the Zealots managed to hold back , Roman troops armed with every Siege of Masada Masada has been described as a lozenge shaped table mountain that is lofty, isolated, and to all appearance impregnable Historically, the fortress could be reached only by a single pathway that was too narrow for men to walk abreast. Herod Jewish Virtual Library Rome had been growing and strengthening during the Hasmonean Period.In BCE, near the beginning of the Hasmonean Period, Judah the Maccabee had made a treaty with Rome. Corruption within the Hasmonean family speeded the fall of the Hasmonean Empire Aristoboulos, a typical Hasmonean loving son, declared himself High Priest King thirty minutes before the death of his Exciting Dead Sea Tour Includes Ein Gedi and Masada Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea Tour Just half an hour from Jerusalem another world awaits you An awe inspiring drive through the Judean Desert brings us to the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth Masada and Dead Sea Tour Bein Harim Tours The wonder of the Dead sea and the historical Masada are two of the most popular sites to visit in In Israel Join for one day tour with a local guide. Banias Waterfall Tourist Israel The Banias Nature Reserve and iconic Banias Waterfall located within it provide some of Israel s most beautifully tranquil spots In the Golan, the Banias is a spring which rises from the base of Mount Hermon, Israel s tallest mountain, flowing for about through a gorge, eventually coming to the impressive waterfall, the largest in Israel. God our Fortress and Protector Names and Titles of God Perhaps the ultimate fortress in Israel is Herod s fortress in Masada from metsd , a symbol of Jewish resistance to Roman oppression.

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    1. This is a popular, illustrated summation of the findings made by archaeological teams led by Yadin at the Masada fortress of Herod the Great, the last refuge of Jews in rebellion during the First Roman War. The text describes not only the excavations and the interpretation of data but also, with substantial reference to Josephus, attempts to reconstruct the events of 73 C.E.

    2. 00 - thorough review and pictography of the archeological excavation of Masada 1963-65. Quite interesting as it reveals the life lived then, Herod's feats of engineering, the accuracy of Flavius Josephus' "Jewish Antiquities" and "The Jewish War" in describing the place, the seige and the demise of the Jewish Zealots. The discoveries of Scrolls of scripture which verified such texts as Ecclesiasties, Ezekiel, Leviticus & Psalms is quite fascinating. I had no idea the place was so fully devel [...]

    3. This book was recommended by a friend while on a visit to Masada in Israel. I added the book to my list and finally checked it out from the library, a year after my trip. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this read and looked like a textbook, detailing the initial archeological dig of Masada several decades ago. There are many fantastic photos, and all major discoveries of the dig are highlighted, such as scrolls, coins, building structures, etc. It was also very interesting to read of the [...]

    4. This book recounts the archaeological excavation of the Judean rock fortress of Masada that took place in 1963-1965, and I found it interesting on many levels. The archaeological staff was joined by thousands of volunteers who endured primitive conditions and a lot of heat to help uncover the foundations of the palatial fortress built by King Herod the Great as well as traces of the Jewish Zealots who defied Rome from this spot from 66 to 73 AD. The story of the archaeologists and volunteers lif [...]

    5. Masada. En bog der rammer forbi, det jeg plejer at læse, det er en meget detaljeret beskrivelse, af udgravningerne, der igennem tiden er blevet fortaget på Masada.Meget lang og til tider temmelig tør.En god bog for den der har en særligt interesse i Arkæologi.Det bedste kapitel efter min mening er det sidste.En hyldest til de frivillige.Så det kan kun blive til en stjerne fra min side.Masada. A book that hits past, what I usually read, it is a very detailed description of the excavations, [...]

    6. I have been intrigued by Masada for quite some time but this is the first book I've read about the subject. The story of the excavation is first and foremost, and where appropriate Yadin includes excerpts of Josephus' account of the Zealots and the Roman siege. The text is well-written for it's intentions, which Yadin makes clear from the start. This is not a scientific, scholarly work, but a record of the excavations, the finds, and what he interpreted them to mean.I liked the inclusion of the [...]

    7. Early on in this book Yigael Yadin shares his purpose. He did not wish to write a boring scholarly book on the excavation of Masada, but a book that would allow readers to understand the thrill of discovery. It seems he accomplished his goal.This book is not about the history of Masada as much as the archeology, although Yadin does quote from Josephus and other authors. The book has many pictures, maps and building plans to aid in understanding the excavations.The excavation occured in 1963-1965 [...]

    8. After the Roman siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE, Judea fell to the Romans. Most Jews were either killed, sold to slavery, or forced to flee their land. Of course, some few remained to rebel against the new rulers, but these were few in number.One such group took the Herodian fortress, Masada, and conducted raids on the Roman occupied land for almost three years. Finally, after a long and amazing seige, 10,000 Romans broke into the fortress only to find that the nigh [...]

    9. This was actually entertaining and an important work - but, and it's not surprising having read it, it was not scientific, and maybe somewhere around completely unprofessional. I just started a book called Sacrificing Truth, which is not debunking Yadin's work here, but a study into what led Yadin to publish such an unscientific work as science other words it apparently begins with the assumption that it's already been proven that Yadin's work is bunk.

    10. Ordered the book prior to going to Masada, but it wasn't delivered until after my trip. I actually think reading it after was a better way to do it because I understood the geography better. Amazing place.

    11. If you are going to Israel, have been, will be, or just interested inis is a great book on Masada & one of the very first archaeological digs (includes fascinating "before" pics). Great tales for the Indiana Jones in all of usokay, maybe just me, but humor me.

    12. I enjoyed this book, though it's not a history book as much as it's a book about the early Masada excavation. The pictures are stunning and the description of the early conditions for the excavation team are endearing. It's a gift book, really, but a good gift book.

    13. You can feel a connection to something that happened two thousand years ago.Some of this book achieves that connection through time, most of it is academic and insightful.

    14. A very basic primer on Masada (Israel) and the 60s archaeological dig that uncovered most of what is now known of the last Jewish holdout to the Roman occupation.

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