Stolen Course

Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone I fell in love with Manda Baker eight years ago, and I loved her to the core of her soul We were supposed to have that elusive happily ever after and spend a lifetime together But that was all before she was STOLEN from me Her best friend, Sarah Erickson, killed her It wasn t intentional It was far worse Ever Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone I fell in love with Manda Baker eight years ago, and I loved her to the core of her soul We were supposed to have that elusive happily ever after and spend a lifetime together But that was all before she was STOLEN from me Her best friend, Sarah Erickson, killed her It wasn t intentional It was far worse Everyone claims it was just an accident, but I can see through the lies Even if it s with my dying breath, I will make her pay for what she did Fate hates me It robbed me of my first love and left me to navigate through this world emotionless and numb Then, one day, spiteful fate gave me a woman to fill my shattered soul and make me feel again It gave me Emma Jane Erickson Now I spend my days searching for the answers that will ruin Sarah and my nights falling in love with her sister the one person who is bound and determined to save her But what happens when everything you know to be true explodes around you Who will be left to pick up the pieces, and who will need to be saved from the wreckage
Stolen Course Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone I fell in love with Manda Baker eight years ago and I loved her to the core of her soul We were supposed to have that elusive happily ever after

  • Title: Stolen Course
  • Author: Aly Martinez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. 4 stars! Oh my damaged Caleb! When I listened to Changing Course last week and met Caleb Jones, I knew I needed his book asap. And when I heard it was with Sarah’s sister, Emma- I about died. Who would have thought a pairing like this would have worked? Not me… at least not at first. Somehow, Aly knew better and worked her magic. Now I think Emma is the only one for Caleb and the only one who could have ever pulled him from the life of despair he was living.I loved harder than any person sho [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars”Love me more than you hate her.”After just finishing the first book of this series I was excited to jump into Caleb’s story. Caleb lost his fiancée, Manda in the fatal crash that occurred in book one of this story. Years later he is still investigating the accident to put Sarah Erickson behind bars and he hasn’t let go of his anger one bit. “It’s been almost five years and Manda Baker still owns my heart. But that’s before I was robbed.”Sarah’s sister, Emma comes to [...]

    3. "Hold on to the headboard, baby."“I don’t know the what, when, where, or why about my life, but… I suddenly know the who.”This series has been an addictive ride from the start!! Both books have deep emotions, beautiful second chances, and hot swoon-filled romances with unique twists and gorgeous Alpha male heroes!!While this story can be read on it’s own, it’s closely interconnected with the first book so I strongly recommend reading them in order because this one picks up right afte [...]

    4. I'm pretty let down with this book. It had potential to be great. I really loved book 1 but this one just was pretty annoying.Caleb was a huge dick 80% of the book. He inability to let Manda go even after knocking Emma up and declaring his love for her was a huge turn off for me. Emma was a doormat and needed some balls.The twist was actually pretty decent. I was hoping for more of the Epi. I needed Caleb to cover up his tattoo of Manda and he didn't. I just don't see any woman ever being ok wit [...]

    5. I am too possessive over my "HEROES" to like this bookHero carried his ex-lover's tattoo on his heart and heroine on the back and would not remove the ex-tattoo for the heroineYeah screams second best? because she was accepting of his past? How convenient for the Hero! he visits his ex-grave like 5 times a week and after 5 years he's still hang up on her? and all this time he treat the heroine like crap calling her names! Why would she settle to be second best? Why would she allow to be less fav [...]

    6. **5 Butternut Squash Stars!!!**"Like rain from the sky, a million emotions randomly fall over me. I’m down, done for, lost, and ensnared. There is no going back from Emmy."This series is amazing! I don't even know what more I can say about it. I love every book more than the last (with the exception of Fighting Silence. That's still my ultimate fave.) CALEB is AMAZING!!! OMG! I actually wasn't quite sure how I was going to feel about Caleb. He's super broody and is holding a major grudge on li [...]

    7. Dnf at 35%This isn't the Caleb I pictured in Book 1 and I disliked the heroine, Emma. She is too forward and pushy. She just threw herself at him! Everything begins in such an ordinary way that I have no enthusiasm to read further.Oh and a trusted friend of mine who has just finished reading this book told me not to read it because there is one of my triggers in it (view spoiler)[unplanned pregnancy plot twist (hide spoiler)]And I also read one more spoiler in a friend's review and I cannot get [...]

    8. Yup, Caleb's story was amazing. He finally met his match with Emma who was feisty and a wonderful woman. Together they could set the sheets on fire. Their chemistry was blazing hot and off the charts.What I liked about Caleb's story was how he tried and wanted to let go, move on from Manda's death but he was so stuck in the past and his time with Manda. All he wanted was to love Emma and be with her and when something didn't go according to his plan he got scared and ran. Emma was fantastic in h [...]

    9. 3.5 starsAs with the first book in the series, I have some issues with the heroes. Caleb just came across as being a bit too immature at times. He was 33, not fucking 3. Yes, what happened was tragic but you have to let go sometime."Damn it, Caleb. Grow up.".Forgiveness is a very abstract term. It doesn't erase the past.Will I read the next book? Originally I didn't intend to as to me Sarah has no real redeeming features. Even with what went down in this book. Yep, I guess that twist I did not s [...]

    10. This book took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions; joy, pain, despair, arousal, etc. And that twist!! Wow, I did not see that one coming. I'm wondering how that plays into the lives of not only Caleb and Emmy but Brett and Jesse as well. What's clear though is Aly Martinez can definitely tell a story and I know I've said this before but it bears repeating: I'll definitely be on a lookout for this author's other books.

    11. 5 Stars is not enough! This book was awesome! I would really love to know why the book I love more are the hardest to review. Anyone have an answer for me? No? Ok. Here we go… If you couldn’t tell from my mini rant/question above, I loved this book. No, love isn’t the right word for what I felt for this book. I'll be honest and say that I didn't read the first book in the series prior to reading this. I deeply regret that. Don't misunderstand me, this is definitely a stand alone, but I rea [...]

    12. ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Caleb Jones Has Stole My Heart Stars ☆ ☆☆☆☆OMG!!! I am absolutely in love with Stolen Course by Aly Martinez. Hands down Stolen Course is in my top favorites of 2014. This book was AH-MAZZZZING!!! I’m completely smitten and in love with Caleb Jones and Emma Erickson’s story. From the prologue to the very last page of this book, I was captivated by this emotional, moving, heartfelt journey of forgiveness, healing, second chances, and love. Caleb Jones hatred of Sar [...]

    13. You know what I love about Aly Martinez? I love the fact that her stories are real. They are made up of real issues, real feelings, real emotions, and most of all…real struggle. InChanging Course,we learned of the accident that changed the life of so many people. We watched Brett struggle with letting go of Sarah and finding love again with Jesse. We learned of Sarah’s self-destruction and her new found hatred towards her family and friends. Then we watched Caleb struggle with the acceptance [...]

    14. 5 Stars for ripping my heart out over and over again while I was sitting on a rollercoaster ride!Aly never disappoints on delivering a unique and original story. It's why I will always read her books. Kicking myself for not reading it sooner.Beautiful writing and amazing story.

    15. 5 sexy, heart-felt starsThis book follows on from Changing Course and tells the story of Caleb, the best friend of Brett (hero of book 1), and the other man whose life was shattered following a car crash which took the life of his fiancée, Manda. Make sure you read that book first to get the full set up of the characters!I adored Caleb in the last book, and completely fell in love with him in this one! Just like his best friend, he is a man who loves deeply and completely, and he was (and actua [...]

    16. MY RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆ "STOLEN COURSE (WRECKED AND RUINED #2" by Aly Martinez5 Tatted-up Butternut Squash stars!!☆ Complimentary copy provided by the author "Aly Martinez" in exchange for an honest review ☆~ THANK YOU ~Remember all those niggling questions in book 1 surrounding the accident, well all will be revealed in this book!! And OMG!! It will blow you away!! A total twist to the story that I did NOT see coming!!Genius!!Even though it states that this book can be read as a stand al [...]

    17. I am speechless right now. This book was absolutely amazing. Talk about a roller coaster ride! I really don't even know where to start. I just don't think I can even eloquently state how much I loved this book. I laughed my ass off 97% through. I teared up, I got angry and I swooned. Caleb was an ass but he was so heartbroken I couldn't even blame him. His story was heart wrenching and it sucked me in from page one. I have not read book one, which as this is a standalone wasn't totally necessary [...]

    18. For the life of me I will NEVER understand the need to belittle and shame female characters in order to portray so called strong alpha males!! This story had me roll my eyes so many times I gave myself a headache ;) !! Thank you A.Martinez for writing about ludicrous heroines who loves being emotional punching bags that is really what us readers look for in a romance novel !! #sarcasmistheanswerHow is it any good to write about a woman who accepts to be the second best to her man and demand noth [...]

    19. really total disappointment you can see how a strong character "Caleb" is wasted, how a sentence that promising future is wasted

    20. 3.5 starsSo I really wanted to love this as much if not more than Changing Course (which was a 5 star read for me) but ugh! Caleb was such a major tool for most of the book. He treated Emmy worse than crap, was totally unsupportive and spent his time sitting at Manda's grave when Emmy needed him. He was surly most of the time and needed his arse kicked, like on repeat!!!I had hoped he would at least redeem himself by getting Manda's tattoo over his heart changed, I was so bummed he didn't. I don [...]

    21. Update - so I was lucky enough to beta read stolen course and OMFG, Aly has done it again. I was so taken with Caleb from the beginning and loved hearing his story. There was a constant feeling of dread, bc honestly you just know the shit is gonna hit the fan (and in a HUGE way, the only way Aly knows how to do it) this book has a perfect mixture of romance and drama, with some excellent twist and turns.*************Yeesh, here we go again, and I totally.Cant.Wait that makes me a masochist doesn [...]

    22. 3.5 Stars. I think that I felt the same as book 1, the first half is fantastic but then I lose interest in the second half. Still a great read though.

    23. ****** 5 Forgiveness Stars ****** “Forgiveness is a very abstract term. It doesn’t erase the past. It’s not a magical switch you can flip or a stained rug you can just turn over. It’s merely a scar that covers the deep, dark gash that hate carved in your soul.”Book 2 of the Wrecked and Ruined Series is FREAKING AMAZING. This book is filled with hot steamy sexy, drama, pissed-offness and emotional fabulousness.We meet Caleb Jones in Book 1: Changing Course. Caleb loses the true love of [...]

    24. "My eyes never leave the body that used to house my soulmate."4 1/2 Stars! I loved this book. I loved the plot, the twists, the heartache, the FEELS, and the character's. There is a lot packed into this gem. This is the follow up to , while it could be read as a standalone, it probably shouldn't. Read Changing Course first. Detective Caleb Jones, is a tortured soul. He lost his girlfriend, Manda Baker to a car accident. One, where who caused the accident is in question in everyone's mind, except [...]

    25. 5 ‘Gorgeous’ Stars!ARC received for an honest reviewCaptivating, touching, thrilling, and heartwarming -- these are some of the emotions that Aly Martinez got out of me from Stolen Course. After reading Changing Course, I honestly didn’t know how the other half of the story would go. I had a feeling that it would be at least a tad more tearjerker and boy was I right. The overwhelming sadness and pain from the first book were in a different level from Caleb and Em’s story. Suffering from [...]

    26. DNF at 32%. I thought I was going to feel bad about not finishing this one since I actully liked the first in this series. Well, I don't. I didn't like this one. At all. I didn't like the characters, the writing, the story, nothing. Oh, well

    27. Lindsay: Nikki, I have a confession to make…Nikki: Uh oh What did you do now?!Lindsay: Nothing! Why do you always assume I did something!? You’re the one that’s always up to something! I’m the angel. Anyway, I really regret not reading Changing Course before this reading this. Because this book was FREAKING AWESOME! And you just know that if this was a billion stars worthy, that has to be out of this world!Nikki: OMG! I was just thinking THE SAME THING!!!!! Lindsay: OMG! We're Nikki: LMA [...]

    28. ARC provided by Kitty Kats Crazy About Book Blog!!!I am extremely grateful that I was able to get an ARC for this book. I loved the first one so much and there was so much unanswered in book one I read this thinking it was going to be another one of those sequels You know the ones! Where they suck? Yup. I was totally freaking wrong. So wrong because not only did I cry, but I was so emotionally involved with this story that I finished it in 2 hours. My kindle told me it was supposed to take 31/2 [...]

    29. 3.5 stars.i must be in the minority with this one because i enjoyed the first book much more, both H/h and story wise yet this one has the higher rating. it was a good read, it kept me interested until the end and this author is damn good with her words, don't get me wrong but there was just too many serious plot points swept under the rug and delt with far to easy for me to find it believable. (view spoiler)[i can't get behind sarah or the others forgive/forget/moving forward from casey and her [...]

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