Exiled: Kenly's Story

Kenly Baker is on the run As one of the Created, a new subset of Talents whose powers were exponentially increased with a synthetic substance, she is being hunted by the government.Kenly travels across the Atlantic Ocean to the slums of London, where she finds tentative acceptance among a group of outcasts The Talented are second class citizens outside of America, so herKenly Baker is on the run As one of the Created, a new subset of Talents whose powers were exponentially increased with a synthetic substance, she is being hunted by the government.Kenly travels across the Atlantic Ocean to the slums of London, where she finds tentative acceptance among a group of outcasts The Talented are second class citizens outside of America, so her new friends have spent their lives hiding their abilities, dodging shadows and barely staying alive Kenly must quickly learn their ways if she is to have any hope for survival.Because the government is not alone in hunting the Created Kenly thought she knew what horrors haunt the night, but she soon learns of predators far terrifying than anything she s ever faced Suddenly, she is brutally aware of humanity s dark side.It is aware of Kenly, as well And it s coming for her.
Exiled Kenly s Story Kenly Baker is on the run As one of the Created a new subset of Talents whose powers were exponentially increased with a synthetic substance she is being hunted by the government Kenly travels acros

  • Title: Exiled: Kenly's Story
  • Author: SophieDavis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 244
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Remember Kenly?Talia's protégé she was teaching? The one that Donovan helped train? Ring any bells?She's on the run. When DC and TOXIC was brought down she ran just like Eric told her to. She hopped a plane and landed in soggy England. It's not the England that we know though, it much worse. If running from UNITED was bad, the dangers on the other side of pond are fierce. Being "Created" makes her bad ass though, right? Hmmybe not as much as she thought.After meeting a band of chromes, aka tal [...]

    2. I LOVED the latest book in this great series by Sophie Davis! And I was terribly dismayed when I completed the last page, I literally yelled out "NO!" upon realizing the book was finished (and scared my husband, LOL!) I don't know how I will be able to wait for the next installment! As usual, this book is full of rich detail and colorful descriptions, the author really pulls you into the story. I wasn't sure I would like it as much as the previous books, as the main character, Kenly, was not my [...]

    3. I received this book to give an honest review. So when when I was offered this book I knew I had to read it. I have enjoyed all the Talented books. The story line and the characters are just awesome. I started reading and the first thing that came to my mind was umm who is Kenly? I kept racking my brain as to who this character was. And finally within the story I got my answer. She was the protege of Talia. With Exiled we follow Kenly and how is she on the run from UNITED. If you remember from b [...]

    4. I loved Exiled!! I loved it more than any other in this series, and it's tied for my favorite Sophie Davis book with Pawn (another great read, if you haven't checked it out yet you totally should!). I reread the first 4 books of the Talented Saga before I read Exiled, just so I would be "caught up" in my head (in case I forgot a few things). Exiled starts pretty soon after Created left off, with Kenly having traveled to London to try to escape from UNITED because they are hunting the Created. On [...]

    5. Sophie has really outdone herself with this incredible addition to this series. Kenly has developed into such a strong character that it amazed me how much she has grown.I loved this story right from the beginning. It is one of those beginnings that is written in a way that captures your attention. Sophie did just that with Exiled. I am looking forward to many more installments to the Talented Saga.

    6. I have to admit, EVERYTHING these girls write is awesome! Kenly's story was no exception. This was a fabulous tie-in to the talented series. I loved the addition of new characters to the Talented world. Then there was James. Le-sigh . . .(queue swoon) . . . what a fantastic love interest! The end of this book was the perfect way I could have even imagined it to possibly be. This is a must read in the Talented series. Five glittery stars because there aren't ten glittery stars allowed!

    7. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.Having been hooked on the previous books in this series, I was excited to see this world from a new perspective. I was definitely not disappointed. There’s still the random typos and grammar mistakes scattered throughout, but those are easily ignored once you get pulled into the story. The book’s pacing is great; the author establishes the London setting and gets right into the action and introducing new characters. This is a story that will pull [...]

    8. I have loved all of the Talented Books and this one was no different!!! This is all Kenly, I enjoyed to be able to see her as Talia must have when she took her under wing!!Kenly’s character at first is adrift and just trying to make it another day free. ( if you have read the other books in this series, it is after Created-book #4 right). I love that the beginning of the book was spent on Kenly’s thoughts about everything that happened since escaping the events in DC and being the run from U [...]

    9. Exiled was a great read. Kenly is in London trying to lie low and not attract the attention of any united agents. She spends her time in a bar where she met Willa and Tug. Willa has been keeping an eye on Kenley without her realizing it because there’s more to Willa than Kenly knows. Willa, Riley, James and Honora save Kenly from the poachers who capture anyone with talents and sell them to the highest bidder for personal use. They all have special talents so they know how to stay hidden from [...]

    10. Kenly has left The McDonough School for the Talented and is on the run. She is in hiding in London. This is a fast paced and well-written book. I have read two books by Sophie Davis, the original Talented with Talia and Pawn. Talented wasn't my favorite book by Sophie Davis, I gave it three stars and I gave Pawn four. I was liking this book and I feel like Davis' writing style has improved since the original Talented. UNITED is hunting Kenly and others of the Created, who they have labeled terro [...]

    11. Kenly's Story (A Talented Novel) written by author Sophie Davis, the lasted part in her Talented series, tells the story of a character named Kenly. I found myself actually enjoying Kenly's story and it's characters as the story progressed. Overall I considered this an interesting, unique novel and well worth the five stars I'm rating it. Now it's time to re-read Talented, and begin on the rest of the series.

    12. Awesome Sophie Davis doesn't disappoint. This Talented saga installment is filled with the same suspense, action, and love that the first four novels are. I highly recommend this book.

    13. Exiled is a really cool "Break Book." The first 4 (and a half) books of the series are a perfect pacing of story, action, and mystery. Before starting the series, I was already curious about this Kenly person, given she had an entire book reserved for "her story." I got excited when I was finally introduced to Kenly, and even more intrigued that Talia just took to her for "some reason" making me feel that Kenly was a different type of "special" than I'd seen in the series so far because of Talia [...]

    14. 3.5 StarsOn the one hand, I liked the book. On the other hand, it wasn't my favorite and the reason for that is Kenly. Like others who have left reviews have said, make sure you read the books in order and timely. If you're like me and you read the other books before this one came out and it has been months and many other series between those books and this one, you may find yourself working really hard to pull up details from the previous books. Especially since this one is from Kenly's perspec [...]

    15. Overall: Great new storyline intertwining well loved characters with new ones!Characters: Kenly, Willa, James, Honora, RileyPage Turner: SometimesSeries Cont.? YesBook Boyfriend: James?Genre: Sci-Paranormal Romance with slight dystopian feelSex Scenes: Nopeblog- beautysinbreakdownOverall-This book, like all the others is pretty fast paced with lots of action and twists and turns. I loved having the original team of characters mentioned and involved, (hopefully bringing together a final book in a [...]

    16. Annoying main character.This book is told from a different perspective than the rest of the series thus far. Kenly is supposed to be a "Brain" but this entire book is about her making one idiotic decision after another. Can't stand her!! Also, be aware that this book is filled with grammatical errors. Makes it difficult to read at times.

    17. Interesting divergence from the series I enjoyed the different perspective this book offers. It does contain several typos though, which is distracting. Overall, an interesting read.

    18. Love it Can't wait to read the rest of the series they are so good can't wait to see what happens next

    19. I wasn’t sure about Kenly at first. I wanted to jump right into what was going on with Talia and Erik but it turned out good.

    20. Great bookGreat book. Love this series. Even tho this was from a different character. The story was great. Strong willed characters. Ready for the next one

    21. Awesome need too read the nextWant to read the next. Keep going. I need to know what happens next. So much suspense. Keeps a person wanting more.

    22. Full review posted at: itsabooksession.weebly/homImagine, looking through my twitter feed and a new tweet appears onto my timeline. Sophie Davis tweeted that the next book in the Talented series was officially released on . Excitement and anticipation immediately flooded me. I absolutely adored the first four books of the series and the novella. Thus, I was really excited to see how Talia and Erik's relationship continued in this book, because let's be honest they had a really cute relationship [...]

    23. I gave this book 3.5-4 out of 5 starsFirst things first. Thank you so much to Sophie Davis/Barbara for sending me a free ebook copy in exchange for an honest review!I first fell in love with the Talented Saga since first being introduced to it and Sophie Davis when I attended BookCon 2014. Originally, Exiled: Kenly’s Story was set to just be a short novella, but instead was made into a 200+ page book.So here’s my honest review:I did take me awhile to truly get into this story (sad face). At [...]

    24. *I received this book in exchange for an honest review*Okay. A review. Right. I honestly really really liked this story. The further development of Kenly's character, the introductions of so many more bloody amazing blokes. Oh, and did I mention that it's placed in London, England so we get to see the Talented/Contamination version of the other side of the pond, and enjoy a shite-load of British-isms. In this continuation and side-story between Created and Talented #5, the story takes a differen [...]

    25. I got hooked on the Talented series at the beginning of the year. At the time I had never heard of Sophie Davis or any of her books. I just happened to cross paths with Talented and then I couldn’t put it down. The latest installment in the series, Exiled, was also a page turner for me. I found myself completed distracted at times while doing my homework because I wanted to go finish the book. This is always a sign of book with a storyline that has hooked me. I will say that I HIGHLY recommend [...]

    26. **I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review**5 HUGE stars!Sophie Davis has done it again…pulled us into the world of the Talented and the entire atypical world that they encompass. Though this time around, we get to hear the story of another of the Created – someone that was supposed to be Talia’s protégé back when they were both in TOXIC together…Kenly Baker. And she is a world she is no longer she’s familiar with…London, England – at a time that is instrum [...]

    27. Excellent!I was surprised to see the story from kenly's point of view. It was refreshing and answered a few questions I had. I'm glad I got to see things from kenly. To see her story and what she went through. Although I didn't share her opinions about TOXIC and Talia I still respected them. I was hopeful when she figured out that she was manipulated and her views were wrong.After the attack on D.C. kenly was made to run, get out of there and try to make it. She did escape, but has been in hidin [...]

    28. This was an ok book, definitely not up to par with the rest of the series, in my opinion. Kenly is in England hiding out from UNITED after TOXIC is dissolved. The first 6-7 chapters are complete fluff that are not necessary. If you can make it past that, the book gets better, but still moves slow. The love interest for Kenly is completely obvious right from the start. It annoyed me that Kenly is an above average created talent (nothing like Talia though), and she thinks she is the best thing on [...]

    29. Kenly is on the run. She's a stranger in a strange land. No one must know who or what she is. She is being hunted both by United agents and tracked by the poachers who want to sell her. London is a dangerous place until she is rescued by new friends who are outcasts. Can she trust them? Kenly is a Higher Reasoning Talent who is now isolated from her previous life. I was caught up in Kenly's struggle to survive as she faces new dangers. Her new friends have special talents that helps them evade c [...]

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