Absolutely, Positively

Molly Abberwick, trustee of her father s foundation and owner of Seattle s Abberwick Tea Spice Company, has every intention of firing her new consultant True, he s brilliant, sexy, and fascinating, but he s also arrogant, over bearing and impossible Dr Harry Stratton Trevelyan has his own plans To Molly s shock, he proposes a no strings attached affair Molly canMolly Abberwick, trustee of her father s foundation and owner of Seattle s Abberwick Tea Spice Company, has every intention of firing her new consultant True, he s brilliant, sexy, and fascinating, but he s also arrogant, over bearing and impossible Dr Harry Stratton Trevelyan has his own plans To Molly s shock, he proposes a no strings attached affair Molly can t believe that he thinks there is any such thing as a simple, no commitment relationship But there is this strange attraction between them Turns out Harry Trevelyan has a secret side It involves paranormal premonitions and his family of composed of carnival illusionists, daredevils and psychics Before Harry and Molly can find a way to overcome their personal issues, violence and a mysterious stalker crash into their lives Now these two mis matched people will have to find a way to work together to survive.
Absolutely Positively Molly Abberwick trustee of her father s foundation and owner of Seattle s Abberwick Tea Spice Company has every intention of firing her new consultant True he s brilliant sexy and fascinating bu

  • Title: Absolutely, Positively
  • Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Molly's probably my favorite heroine of my recent Krentz binge. She's tough and insightful and courageous and able to strike that balance between helping somebody and trying to take over their life.I'm not as sanguine about Harry. Oh, I liked his personality a lot. He's single minded and determined and obsessively rational, but also kind and deeply committed to helping other people, even when he gets nothing in return. Indeed, it's only through Molly's intervention that the people around him rea [...]

    2. Charming. Fantastic. Not what I expected at all. If you've never read Krentz, this isn't a bad place to start.

    3. I really enjoyed this book. Its one of her earlier works and she starts to get into the psychic paranormal topic. The storyline is quite good.

    4. Story was ok but had some weak parts. The audiobook narrator was awful.It’s been a while since I read a Krentz book, but this book reminded me that she frequently writes similar things. I’m not complaining, just noticing.1. The importance of family. And using family names as character descriptions, as if all family members have the same abilities. You hear a lot of he’s a Trevelyan, or The Trevelyans this, The Trevelyans that.2. Paranormal/psychic ability. Harry has this, but he refuses to [...]

    5. I was skeptical about it when I started the inventions the theories the business talk it sounded a little boring at the beginning but then I got to know the characters and before I knew it I found myself enjoying everything about them. Molly was E.P.I.C , I laughed out loud at her quirky ways like really really laughed the way she handled Harry's family was hilarius and I especially loved the faith she had in herself and in Harry , awesome heroine. Harry was a very strange character he's [...]

    6. Absolutely a Great Book!I loved Harry and Molly! Hope the author has a sequel in store, because I want to meet their daughter! Loved the way both sides of Harry's family were so opposite but really the same. What a great book!

    7. This has to be the most straight-forward "romance" I've ever read. A no-nonsense writing style combined with two very down-to-earth characters - even if one was kind of psychicMatter-of-fact Harry consults with people about how to spend philanthropically. Fiery Molly has dollars to burn. Molly wants to fire Harry because he's too by-the-book. Harry wants to date Molly because she meets his odd qualifications - except she really doesn't. What Harry denies is that Molly appeals to the wild inside [...]

    8. This is the book most JAK fans cite as their favorite. I personally prefer Grand Passions (Max and his suitcase have a very special place in my heart), but this is definitely one of her best. My major problem with this story is a personal one: the book starts after Harry and Molly have met. I understand the reasoning, and it works well, but I feel like we missed out on something since there is no first meet in the book. And let's be honest, this isn't really a big problem, just a quirk.There are [...]

    9. Full disclosure -- Jayne Ann Krentz is one of my favorite authors and I'm predisposed to liking everything she writes. This includes her alter egos Amanda Quick (historical) and Jayne Castle (futuristic). Krentz has a signature style: feisty, intelligent heroine and a broody/taciturn (yet compelling!) hero must work together to solve a mystery or accomplish some task wrought with suspense. It's a style I like. It works for me.That being said, Absolutely, Positively is one of Krentz's best. It is [...]

    10. 3.5* but I'm rounding up this time for . I sometimes round down, it just depends on how the book felt overall. Sometimes it doesn't do to over-analyze why I enjoy some books more than the writing and plot dictates I should, but there you go. I enjoyed this book, really loved the main characters even though Harry was a bit too uptight. ;-) I generally hate obnoxious, manipulative relatives, but I have to say, Krentz pulled it off here because of the great way Molly and Harry handled them. I also [...]

    11. "Weird."That's the first thing that came to mind when I started reading 'Absolutely, Positively'. It's a contemporary romance that borders on the paranormal level. There's a Sherlock type hero with a dysfunctional family and a heroine from a line of inventors. There'sweird products and gadgets.I found it delightfully weird, but it's weirdness isn't enough to warrant a 5 star review from me.

    12. Aranyos, pont nekem való pihentető történet, és nincs benne túl-túl a para. Végre ismét valami igazi JAK-ceset olvashattam. Kár, hogy még egy olyan kiváló fordító, mint PÁ sem tudja, hogy a French toast továbbra sem francia pirítós, és T-t tegezzük, de dr. T-t már magázzuk. Szomorú, hogy kikopik a magyar nyelv eme finom árnyalata, és lassan (de biztosan) hozzásilányulunk az angolhoz. :(

    13. O carte care imbina paranormalul, romantismul, suspansul, tenta politista, carte plina de aventuriO recomand

    14. I hated this book.Okay, "hated" is a very strong word, and I did finish the book, so obviously I didn't hate it that much, but I haaaaaated this book. And then I felt bad because I'm sure the author is a lovely person and I know she's quite popular.It was actually pretty funny that this is the book that I randomly decided to read as my break from history of science stuff because the male love interest is an historian/philosopher of history. (I laughed and laughed and laughed when I got to that p [...]

    15. Author: Jayne Ann KrentzFirst published: 1996Length: 358 pages, 6756 kindle locationsSetting: Contemporary, Seattle.Sex: Explicit. Reasonably frequent.Hero: Tech consultant.Heroine: Owner of Tea&Spice company.Very similar to later, historical, Krentz/Castle/Quick books:- wind up toys (which have evil connotations in her Looking Glass trilogy.- light paranormal (Arcane Series and various contemporaries (Hidden Talents, Dark Legacy series).- with heroine feels the Hero feels more than he claim [...]

    16. There was so much I loved about this book. Molly and Harry were amazing characters. They both had eccentric families and had worked to overcome that part of their history. Molly's father was an inventor and the robots and gadgets were so well described that I wanted to have some of them in my home. Molly's father had left her in charge of the foundation that granted funds to up and coming inventors. She wanted to make the best decisions possible so she hired Harry as the investment consultant. H [...]

    17. Another of my top five favorites by Ms. Krentz, this book is entertaining while showplacing her ability to create great characters and smooth dialogue. The suspense isn't bad either, although since I re-read all her books annually, plot has begun to take second place to meeting old friends. I already know what is going to happen, after all. My only complaint - Ms. Krentz doesn't publish fast enough to keep up with my ability to read her books.

    18. The novel was a predictably joyous read, a romantic suspense from one of my favorite writers.The plot revolves around the two protagonists: Molly and Harry. A successful businesswoman, Molly owns her own tea shop. She also manages a Foundation – her inventor father’s legacy – with a mandate to give out grants to young and poor inventors. Here comes Harry, a technical consultant Molly hires to check up applications for Foundation grants. Romance ensues despite the differences between the he [...]

    19. “Absolutely Positively” by Jayne Krentz is a modern romance with a slight hint of paranormal possibilities and the house created by the heroine’s father, who could have been described as a mad scientist/inventor. Many of his inventions worked well but were not ideal for the marketplace. Molly Abberwick owns a tea & spice store and manages a large trust fund named for her late father. The purpose of the trust is to fund likely inventions, as her father frequently could not find the fina [...]

    20. I absolutely, positively love this story. It is one of my very favorite JAK stories and never fails to bring a smile to my face. I find intelligence very sexy and here you have 2 very smart people who each have a little something extra. Molly Abberwick runs a Tea and Spice Shop and comes from a family of eccentric inventors. She lives in a house full of useful gadgets including a food assembly machine and has a basement full of robotic toys.Dr. Harry Stratton Trevelyan is a true renaissance man [...]

    21. A classic JAK novel.I felt that this one got off to a slow start, but did pick up after a while.The 'mystery' was a bit unnecessary here, I think these two people would have worked better with more internal dialogue, but it was a cute read anyway.I will say though that the secondary characters here (family and friends) were all complete jerks. I realize it's a romance novel and there needs to be tension, but all of these people were unbelievably patronizing and rude. After all the two main chara [...]

    22. Molly Abberwick is frustrated with the consultant she hired to approve grants through her late father's foundation. Dr. Harry Stratton Trevelyn has read hundreds of proposals and has rejected every one. Molly finds him impossible to work with, except for the fact that he is brilliant, sexy, and has asked her on a date. Harry has his own problems. He is caught between the two sides of his familyying to keep the family feud from getting out of control. As Molly and Harry get to know each other bet [...]

    23. I re-read this book every couple of years because I like the relationship development between Harry and Molly. They already have a little bit of a relationship because Molly has hired Harry as an advisor to help her decide which projects to fund with the trust that she has been given. There has always been a spark of attraction between the two of them and Harry is ready to take it to the next level. They discover many commonalities, both raised teenagers after parents had died, both are committe [...]

    24. Love this book and it holds up well on a re-read.Molly hires Harry to look over invention proposals for the foundation she is in charge of, but is disappointed as he hasn't approved any yet.What I enjoyed:* Molly. She has made her own way and is very positive and all about helping others. She has plenty of confidence in her decisions (view spoiler)[She proposes to Harry and I love how she took on his families and made them play nice. (hide spoiler)]* Harry. He is very brooding. He is trying to u [...]

    25. I've read this author's books under her Amanda Quick pen name, and I really enjoyed those. This was my first JAK penned novel, and my opinions were kind of all over the place with it. The dialogue felt a little stilted to me, some of the scenes seemed redundant, and the heroine was sometimes likable and sometimes just annoying. It felt like the author couldn't get a good feel for her female lead. But then there were parts that I loved. I loved the male lead. I loved the first erotic scene betwee [...]

    26. I did not think I'd like both Harry and Molly as much as I did by the end of the book. Absolutely love how Molly took charge of the family feud and protected Harry. Wanted to hate the shrink ex-fiancée but in the end we knew her back story and all in all come to like the secondary cast too. I read lots of JAK back in school days and can't help but feel the author has a set template for her h/H and no matter which era they live in they maintain their quirky characteristics and make them distinct [...]

    27. I kept reading this book because the setting is Seattle near I lived for a couple of years. I have fond memories of things mentioned in the book such as the electric eel at the aquarium and fried clams at waterfront bars. I have walked up the steps where her Tea Shop is located from the waterfront to the Pike Place Market many times. That said, the characters are shallow, the writing is generic,and the story line is uninspired. I would not have bothered finishing this book if I hadn't been homes [...]

    28. 3.5 starsGreat book if you don't read the last chapter. The end of chapter 22 finishes book nicely - if you take my advice & finish it there you'll go away happy.This was a great book with likable characters, good story line, romance & mystery.The Audible sample audio put me off initially - but this sample does not reflect book but takes a situation out of context.Last chapter wrecked book for me - but as I'd really only took of 1.5 stars due to it.

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