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  1. Admittedly, I'm biased, because I published this book, but I spent the time and energy to get this in print for a very good reason: it's a really great collection of plays. The title play, Huebener, is based on an incredible but not very well known story about Helmuth Hübener (the author, Tom Rogers, decided on a variant spelling to avoid the use of the umlaut), a young German Mormon who wrote and distributed anti-Nazi leaflets within Germany while the Nazis were in power. At the time, the Morm [...]

  2. Confession: I didn't read all the other plays in this book. I just read Huebner. I intend to get to them another time. However, Huebner needs more recognition. Why had I never heard about this hero until recently, when the story took place, like, 4 American Wars ago? Why don't we reference him in church? Is it because we who are members of the church shy away from stories where church leaders are wrong? Where did he get the courage to do what he did, and why am I not more like this brave kid? Th [...]

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