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  1. Bit too much repetition. Why would you pick essays that say the exact same point (in the exact same words more or less!) and put them in an anthology? Doesn't make sense to me.But apart from that, it's always an entertaining read. Seems like she's not so comfortable wish writing short essays though, because it felt as though most were just about to spring off and go somewhere interesting when you turn the page aaaaaaand it's finished.Probably more interesting for interpreters and translators tha [...]

  2. 最初の数ページは、広い読者層から「面白い」と思われるような事が書かれているのですが、ページが進むにつれ、話の中心が著者の職業である翻訳へと移ります。翻訳、外国語、そして日本語・日本文化の再認識などに興味が浅い人にはつまらないかもしれません。読み進む中で興味をひかれた章は「浮気のすすめ」と「鎖国癖」。英語もほどほどにしかできないのに [...]

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