The Half Brother

A passionate, provocative story of complex family bonds and the search for identity set within the ivy covered walls of a New England boarding schoolWhen Charlie Garrett arrives as a young teacher at the shabby yet genteel Abbott School, he finds a world steeped in privilege and tradition Fresh out of college and barely older than the students he teaches, Charlie longs tA passionate, provocative story of complex family bonds and the search for identity set within the ivy covered walls of a New England boarding schoolWhen Charlie Garrett arrives as a young teacher at the shabby yet genteel Abbott School, he finds a world steeped in privilege and tradition Fresh out of college and barely older than the students he teaches, Charlie longs to leave his complicated southern childhood behind and find his place in the rarefied world of Abbottsford Before long he is drawn to May Bankhead, the daughter of the legendary school chaplain, but when he discovers he cannot be with her, he forces himself to break her heart, and she leaves Abbott he believes forever He hunkers down in his house in the foothills of Massachusetts, thinking his sacrifice has contained the damage and controlled their fates.Nearly a decade later, his peace is shattered when his golden boy half brother, Nick, comes to Abbott to teach, and May returns as a teacher as well Students and teachers alike are drawn by Nick s magnetism, and even May falls under his spell When Charlie pushes his brother and his first love together, with what he believes are the best of intentions, a love triangle ensues that is haunted by desire, regret, and a long buried mystery.With wisdom and emotional generosity, LeCraw takes us through a year that transforms both the teachers and students of Abbott forever Page turning, lyrical, and ambitious, The Half Brother is a powerful examination of family, loyalty, and love.
The Half Brother A passionate provocative story of complex family bonds and the search for identity set within the ivy covered walls of a New England boarding schoolWhen Charlie Garrett arrives as a young teacher at

  • Title: The Half Brother
  • Author: Holly LeCraw
  • ISBN: 9780385531955
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. "Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero".----Marc Brown, an American author and illustrator of children's books Holly LeCraw, an American author, created a heart-touching tale, The Half Brother, about two brothers who had different fathers and how their complex relationship and some dark family secrets fills them up with loss and regret.Synopsis:When Charlie Garrett arrives as a young teacher at the shabby-yet-genteel Abbott School, he finds a world steeped in privilege [...]

    2. The book starts off strongly. LeCraw is a good writer and has a talent for creating a sense of place that's delightful. Charlie, a young teacher at a prep school in Massachusetts, has waited patiently for May, a student at the school, to grow up so he can tell her how he feels about her. LeCraw crafts the details of their relationship with warmth and tenderness as they begin to fall in love once she returns from college. But then on page 79 she pulls the plug on the two of them by having Charlie [...]

    3. Just finished this and I loved it!Think 'A Separate Peace,' or 'Death Be Not Proud,' because this book has that sort of flavor. It's a tale of a young man with secrets, and though we all have secrets, it's this which make great books. Charlie Garrett returns to his high school alma mater, an exclusive boarding school in Massachusetts, to teach English. In later years his half-brother Nick joins him, but it's the relationships these two have with their students; other faculty; and the girl they b [...]

    4. I read this whole book on a flight from Los Angeles to New York. Never done that before!Like many others, I love a good prep school novel. Something about it feels so naughty. It took me a moment to settle into what kind of book this would be, but once I did, I was glued. LeCraw has an engaging, intelligent, but easy-to-read voice that I would definitely return to in another book. Of particular interest to me was the complexity of many of her characters (mostly the supporting ones). The book spa [...]

    5. This is a book that you read slowly and carefully to enjoy the well-crafted writing and imagery. It's so nice to have a story told to you rather than thrown at you. The descriptions and references make it so easy to identify with the characters even if you don't like them. Rather than pulling the parents and teachers off their pedestals in a wartime plunder, the author allows them to gently descend maintaining their dignity in spite of their flaws.

    6. The Half BrotherByHolly LeCrawWhat it's all aboutCharlie Garrett is a young teacher at Abbott School. He falls in love with May Bankheada studentbut doesn't really act on it until May is in college. May's father is the chaplain at Abbott School and also has a connection to Charlie. Charlie has a half brotherNickwho also gets involved in Charlie's school life. That's sort of a short report on these characters but their personalities unfold so slowly that each page was a gentle surprise. This book [...]

    7. I continue to read prep school novels, apparently in the hope that they will break out and do something different than the normal prep school novel. The normal prep school novel, if you aren't well versed, is set against a picturesque background, with well-bred and well-off students, where there is intellect and thought, and inevitably tragedy of some sort occurs.This wasn't a book to break that formula. It had moments of real beauty, chapters of brilliance, but overall it didn't come together t [...]

    8. This review originally appeared in this blog post:ivoryowlreviews/2I loved/hated the stream of consciousness writing and masculine tone but was intrigued throughout the novel with the detailed dynamics of the narrator's family, friends, and students. The academic setting made me wish I would have read this in the autumn but I really can't stop thinking about the prose. I will probably be dissecting this one in my mind for quite a while.

    9. This is one of those books that slowly, methodically worked its way into my head and took root.Charlie Garrett, fresh out of Harvard, gets a job as an English teacher in a small private New England school. His first day, he meets several people who will become integral to his future. Among them are Preston Bankhead, the school's chaplain, and his preteen daughter May. He begins a friendship of sorts with the two of them, occasionally playing chess with Preston and watching May grow up.Her senior [...]

    10. A special thank you to Doubleday and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. THE HALF BROTHER by Holly LeCraw, a complex tale an exploration of family bonds, loyalty, love, and dark family secrets--from southern Atlanta to prestigious New England. After Harvard, Charlie Garrett, longs to leave his complicated southern childhood in Atlanta, behind and find his place in the world. When he arrives as a young teacher at the Abbott School in north –central Massachusetts near the Verm [...]

    11. "I'm a total sucker for novels set at private boarding schools in Holly LeCraw's The Half Brother appeals to adult readers who loved the ivy lined setting but crave the complexities of adult relationships. LeCraw's book is a literary coup and examines the complexities of love and loss with the perfect scenic backdrop." - Lauren, Digital Marketing

    12. A beautifully written novel that drew me in from the first pAgesep school setting a love that has to end.Ten years later when history starts to repeat itself we are drawn into the emotional world of siblings past love & ,a haunting love triangle this perfect campus setting.

    13. Physical and spiritual love – a psychological novel (Massachusetts, 1990s to post 9/11; Atlanta, earlier in backstories): Put on your thinking cap! You’ll be lulled by the elegiac prose and the Currier & Ives imagery, but like our sensitive narrator who grew up in Atlanta suspecting “something easily missed, a golden egg hidden in the deepest underbrush,” you will too in this emotionally suspenseful, nuanced novel. Yes, there are secrets and ah-ha moments, thoughtfully plotted, revea [...]

    14. This review originally appeared on Everyday eBookThe Teacher's Life: The Half Brother by Holly LeCrawBy Jennifer RidgwayPrep school novels are their own category of books, and they always seem to enthrall people, exposing to them a side of life that many don't experience. Usually, though, the books center on the students (think Prep, The Tragedy Paper); Holly LeCraw turns this story on its head in her new novel, The Half Brother.Charlie Garrett has just graduated from Harvard when he begins teac [...]

    15. Prior to reading this book, I had a definite idea in my mind that I like books set in academia. When I did read it, I realized that there are really only two books that I remember reading that are set in non fantastic schools - Donna Tartt's The Secret History and Marisha Pessl's Special Topics in Calamity Physics. I liked both, but there's an undeniable similarity between the broad outlines of the two. Similarly, this book. The Half Brother is different in that its the teachers we focus on inst [...]

    16. What I liked about this novel and carried me through is the feelings Charlie Garret struggles with having been embraced by his step-father into a wealthy life full of old money and open doors only for the privileged. He thinks he has struck out on his own, but someone with well intentions may have pushed him on the path the teach at Abbot for an important reason. The relationship with his stepfather isn't the core of the novel, but it certainly seemed to shape Charlie in many different ways. Nev [...]

    17. When I think about fiction, boarding school settings, and particularly schools in New England, have always been high on my list for perfect settings. The Half Brother, by Holly LeCraw does have that perfect setting.In this story the protagonist, Charlie Garrett is just out of Harvard when he is hired as an English teacher at the Abbott School in Massachusetts. Growing up in Georgia, Charlie lived with his mother, Anita, wealthy step-father, Hugh and younger half-brother Nicky, 12 years his junio [...]

    18. Charlie is a twenty two year old college professor who is leery about starting a new job. Being raised in upper class, he always was privileged among his peers. Going to Harvard was a worthy accomplishment, but he does not gloat in his success. Teaching is the least thing of his concern when he meets May, a very attractive girl who lures him to kiss her. The consequences surrounding their relationship has terrible effects, yet they cannot stay away from each other. Charlie makes a drastic decisi [...]

    19. As a teacher one of my secret desires is to teach in a New England prep school - to feel the crisp fall New England air as I kick magenta and orange leaves on the way to the school’s homecoming football game and have all my students fan over me because I am their brilliant and adored history teacher. Because of this I tend to gravitate towards books with prep school setting. With The Half Brother LeCraw has captured life in a small prep school with its richness and quirkiness, so the setting d [...]

    20. After graduating Harvard, Charlie Garrett makes his way to a small private school in New England that is as quaint as a storybook. He is offered a teaching position in the English department and even though he still resembles a student himself, decides it's as good a place as any to start adult life. His love of literature and rapport with the students is a huge success and Charlie becomes a beloved part of the Abbott family. But Charlie's real family is complicated. His search for a father figu [...]

    21. Family secrets can change the course of a life. This story is set in a boarding school in Massachusetts. Charlie is already teaching at Abbott School when his half brother, Nick, also joins the staff as a teacher. Nick is a charismatic charmer and is immediately enveloped in adulation from the students and staff at Abbott. Charlie and Nick are both in love with the same woman although Charlie finds out a family secret that convinces him he must not pursue his love. The book takes place over the [...]

    22. 4 stars. I loved reading this moody novel, and I think it would make an excellent book club selection. There's plenty to think about and discuss, what with the Southerner-in-the-north theme and the literary classics Charlie is teaching at his boarding school and the potential ick factors with the family drama, but I wonder if Holly LeCraw is even on anyone's radar as being an author to watch. I'll certainly put this one on my staff picks shelves in the library and am happy to recommend to anyone [...]

    23. A masterfully told tale filled with secrets and shame and deception. The journey that LeCraw takes you on is viewed through the eyes of the self loathing Charlie Garrett, a southern gentleman and a high school English teacher. It quickly becomes apparent that Charlie lives a life which is as equally heartbreaking as it is joyous. The Half Brother begs the question - what are we each willing to give up for true love? The novel unfolds in unexpected twists and turns before reaching its very satisf [...]

    24. A 2.5 star read: Meh, take it or leave it. This will be published in February 2015 and I'm hoping it's not a repeat of things to come in 2015 reading as it was in 2014. I felt it was underdeveloped in many parts and where time would zip through in a matter of a few sentences and then drone on in other parts. A major secret is revealed in one sentence and then moves on as though this little bomb wasn't even dropped. I would say skip it.

    25. Thank you to first reads and the publisher for the advanced copy.I liked this book, but didn't love it. The writing is full of detail and the characters are quite complex; however, the story itself isn't very original and reminded me of other books I've read before. I'd be very interested to read more from the author in the future, to watch her literary journey.

    26. An initially classy and intelligent prep school-set read that perplexingly devolves into soap opera territory by the end, pushing the bounds of credibility. Still, enjoyed 75% of it enough to warrant a 4 star rating I suppose.

    27. A wonderfully written book about secrets and decisions made in the past that affect Charlie's life in the future.

    28. I liked the second half of this book a lot better than the first, but still struggled to finish it. Writing was beautiful at times but florid at others.

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