Reaper's Deliverance

When Ryder dies in a horrific motorbike accident, he s left facing a choice Go onto his next life, terrible than his last, or become a Reaper.Ryder s life has little meaning to him A violent hedonist who left his broken childhood behind, he would rather spend his time chasing women and smashing up bars than consider his future But when it all comes to an abrupt endWhen Ryder dies in a horrific motorbike accident, he s left facing a choice Go onto his next life, terrible than his last, or become a Reaper.Ryder s life has little meaning to him A violent hedonist who left his broken childhood behind, he would rather spend his time chasing women and smashing up bars than consider his future But when it all comes to an abrupt end, he s forced to make a decision that changes everything.Elizabeth is a single mother, and the light of her life, her son Thomas, is terminally ill With no time for a job, a normal social life, and definitely not a relationship, her world is turned upside down when Ryder strides in with his biker boots She s always known there was something to the universe than what she can see But when she learns the real reason for him being in their lives, she has to do something she hasn t done for a long time Trust someone.When little Thomas is threatened by an evil that would misuse his special gift, they must work together, along with a troubled but caring group of reapers Time is running out to get him back, and Helheim beckons with its black jaws All of them must fight, and be prepared for the centuries waiting battle they will kick off.And will Ryder finally gain his redemption
Reaper s Deliverance When Ryder dies in a horrific motorbike accident he s left facing a choice Go onto his next life terrible than his last or become a Reaper Ryder s life has little meaning to him A violent hedonist

  • Title: Reaper's Deliverance
  • Author: Miranda Stork
  • ISBN: 9781909816695
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This is the first book I have read by Miranda Stork and I was highly impressed by the descriptive writing and creative storyline. She is an amazing paranormal author. Reaper’s Deliverance is well written and flows beautifully.I am huge paranormal fan and I love how this book differs from other books about reapers. She puts a different twist to the reapers in her story. This book DOES NOT take you on an emotional coaster & DOES NOT have hot sex scenes, but this story DOES NOT need either on [...]

    2. Reaper’s DeliveranceBy Miranda Stork After a tragic motorcycle accident Ryder finds himself in the Hall of Rest and is forced to make a death changing decision for his afterlife. Following orders has never been easy for Ryder and now because of it he has created a situation that has caused an innocent to be taken. Ryder has to figure out how to go into the dark world and get the innocents soul back before it is to late. Once again with her magic in writing Miranda Stork made it impossible for [...]

    3. Started reading this story and was instantly sucked in.The characters and plot are great. Ryder dies and is presented a choice either be reborn into a life that reflects his horrible choices or become a reaper for a hundred years to try and make up for them.He chooses to become a reaper and that's how he meets Elizabeth who is struggling to stay strong when her son Michael falls into a coma due to his terminal illness.They are instantly drawn each other, but evil threatens everything when Michae [...]

    4. Little Thomas so sick. No one has any idea how to cure him. His mom, Elizabeth, always there, waiting for her little boy to wake up. Stuck in the hospital walls with a child who is sick and only doctors and nurses to talk to. All they can/will talk about is the sick little boy and give her looks of pity. Then one day Ryder strolls in and gives this poor mom some peace. Rough and tumble Ryder doesn't know what to do when Elizabeth strikes up a conversation with him. When a rough biker meets a swe [...]

    5. Ryder clearly doesn’t always make the best choices in life; soon we are treated to the opportunity to find out whether or not this pattern keeps up in death. Action is pretty constant from the beginning as we are given a glimpse into both his life and after-life. Reaper’s Deliverance provides an interesting and new perspective into what happens when we die while remaining comedic thanks to witty characters and fun pop-culture references.This book is like nothing I’ve read before and manage [...]

    6. First off I loved this book so much! Ryder dies in a crash and has to make a choice. Should he be reborn and have to deal with the consequences of his actions? Or become the reaper? Miranda makes all of the characters in this story really come to life! You can't help but fall for Ryder and grieve with Elizabeth. I was hooked from the first chapter, and my attention never strayed. The plot is smooth and cohesive. I highly recommend this book.

    7. This book was just beautifully thought out! Ryder is such a relatable character that can really sweep you off your feet. :) And the rest of the group are too funny! Maranda did a fantastic job with this series start. If you're a person of sarcasm and heartfelt moments, please buy this book<3

    8. I was given this book as a gift from the author. What a fantastic read!!! Miranda sucks you in from the first paragraph and keeps you going until the very last paragraph!!!! Ryder is a wonderful character and his character evolves throughout the book. The other characters are also great and you can see how Miranda is setting up for the series. Can't wait until the series continues!!!! Another hit for Mirandaep 'em coming!!!!

    9. All in all: it was packed with some heavy feelings and bad guys, but it slowly grew on me and I love, love, LOVED it!The book starts off with a bang, or rather a motorcycle accident caused by the main characters drinking and running from the cops. The introduction to Ryder is all but kind he's a guy with no morals, or should I say: not any normal morals everybody else has. In short: he's a total douchebag.But, as every good story (and trust me, this is a good story!) it doesn't end there even th [...]

    10. Here I was thinking I was hooked on Miranda Stork's Scarlet Rain series. I still am but I am even more hooked on her Grim Alliance Series! I was literally hooked from the first paragraph. I was fascinated from the beginning in Ryder and his life choices. When he dies and is given the choice to either be reborn into a hard life that is a consequence for his life of sin or become a Grim Reaper for one hundred years as repayment I literally could not put the book down. Well, I did but only after re [...]

    11. This is such a fun concept, and the book is quite well-written. The story right off the bat reminded me of one of my favorites shows that got canceled - Dead Like Me. Similar to that series, the main character dies right at the beginning and gets the opportunity to "come back," so to speak, as a reaper. If that concept doesn't suck you in immediately, the writing and story will. Then it gets better. There are a few minor flaws in the story, but it didn't take away from my enjoyment.One of the be [...]

    12. The story concept is wonderful, the characters are mostly likeable, butRiddled with spelling and grammar (not including the differences between British and American English) problems. What a shame. Hopefully there will be an update and I'll be able to complete the read and fix this review to all positive comments.

    13. EnjoyableThis was a enjoyable twist on the reaper genre. The characters are well formed and the world the author has built is very unique with marvelousconcepts behind them that I found quite enjoyable. The adventure the characters embark on involve very creative writing. Overall this is a good start to a series. I am looking forward to seeing where the storyline takes us.

    14. Review from website Escapology ReviewsescapologyreviewsThis one had me from the first page. Ryder is not a good man. He is a biker who has seen his fair share of trouble. We meet Ryder just as he dies which is where he sees what the deeds of his life have earned him. He is given the choice to move on to somewhere worse or become a reaper. He chooses the latter.Things seem to be going as well as expected in this new position, that is until he is called to reap a young boy named Thomas and meets h [...]

    15. Review at the Book Nympho:thebooknympho/2015/06/reapI went into Reaper’s Deliverance thinking it was a paranormal version of a motorcycle club romance or something. Throughout reading, I kept waiting for my emotions to fire and to care about something. It never really happened.I didn’t connect with any characters or feel like I got to know them really. So much of the story was in Ryder’s head, thoughts and feelings, no one else got much time. I couldn’t understand who they were or much a [...]

    16. Ryder was a biker, addicted to action, alcohol, and not very concerned with others. When he died in a horrific motorcycle accident, he was given a choice; go on to his next life which would probably be worse than what he left, or become a Reaper. He somewhat reluctantly decides that being a Reaper would be the better choice; a decision that is validated when he meets Elizabeth, a single mother whose son, Thomas, has a terminal illness.When Thomas’ soul is taken by evil forces who want him for [...]

    17. Ryder Thompson is a self-absorbed hoodlum who's killed one night in a motorcycle accident. In the Hall of Judgment, he is given a choice: move on to another life, even worse than his current one, or become a Reaper, a collector of Souls. Ryder's choice for Reaperhood leads him to meet a young, terminally ill boy named Thomas, and his mother, Elizabeth, to whom he is emotionally drawn. Ryder is forced to make some serious decisions regarding Thomas, Elizabeth, and himself, and his choices lead hi [...]

    18. Angles protect,demons destroy and the grim reaper collects souls. So how do you become a reaper? You are given a choice by the gatekeepers. Become a reaper for 100 years and repent for your past mistakes or move on to your next life with the cycle continuing. There are rules to being a reaper, don't contact anyone you knew when you were alive, don't talk to humans and protect the souls from the warders. Sounds easy enough, until you are sent to get the soul of a child and the parent can see you. [...]

    19. What a jam-packed rollercoaster of a story!!! It had thrills, tension, horror, humour and romance.I wasn't enamoured with our main character to begin with but I'm glad I kept reading. Ryder's journey; both physically and emotionally was well worth it!I found the writing style easy to read and the story easy to follow. The world building, plot and character development was well paced and believable and I found myself hooked throughout.This book is the first of Miranda Stork's The Grim Alliance se [...]

    20. excellent book! i like the different take on "heaven and hell" and reapers and what happens to souls when the body dies. there were a few grammatical snags (not language differences couple of those, but not a big deal, and definitely not a hindrance to the story), and because the rest of the book is so well-written, they stood out. but all in all, a good and interesting and fun read. i like that story one ends, but it leaves a tie-in for the next book for whenever i want to pick it up i'm not fo [...]

    21. Heart stoppingExciting. It's not everyday you get a second chance at life and chance falling in love. What would you risk and give up to save a life of the ones who mean the world to you? Anything? At any cost? This book will bring you on a journey of one's self discovery and development of self sacrifice. Great read, well written characters and can't wait to read more especially after the last page! Chills to say the least.

    22. I really don't understand how this book has so many good reviews! I found it tedious, unimaginative, and one dimensional. It felt like a story written by a teenager. There was nothing about this book that carried me away to another place, there was nothing in the writing that made me care about any of the characters. Cannot recommend. At all. Ever.

    23. ReapersI almost stopped reading this a couple of chapters in. It was very hard to follow because of language differences. I still have no idea what an alchopop is. But it had lots of good reviews so I kept on. It turned out to be a really good story. I am glad I stuck with it.

    24. Really well written. Good story. Ryder is a new reaper and when he goes after a soul he finds he can't do it. Talks to a relative and slowly falls for them and when someone else take the soul he and other dealers with the relative goes after them. Nice read a good book for a change.

    25. Not really sure what I was expecting, but I enjoyed this book very much. always glad to find a new Author to read

    26. Pretty goodI enjoyed that this book moved along at a pretty good clip. It was well written. A great book to grab if you want a quick read.

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