The Ghosts of Heaven

Timeless, beautiful, and haunting, spirals connect the four episodes of The Ghosts of Heaven, the mesmerizing new novel from Printz Award winner Marcus Sedgwick They are there in prehistory, when a girl picks up a charred stick and makes the first written signs there tens of centuries later, hiding in the treacherous waters of Golden Beck that take Anna, who people callTimeless, beautiful, and haunting, spirals connect the four episodes of The Ghosts of Heaven, the mesmerizing new novel from Printz Award winner Marcus Sedgwick They are there in prehistory, when a girl picks up a charred stick and makes the first written signs there tens of centuries later, hiding in the treacherous waters of Golden Beck that take Anna, who people call a witch there in the halls of a Long Island hospital at the beginning of the 20th century, where a mad poet watches the oceans and knows the horrors it hides and there in the far future, as an astronaut faces his destiny on the first spaceship sent from earth to colonize another world Each of the characters in these mysterious linked stories embarks on a journey of discovery and survival carried forward through the spiral of time, none will return to the same place.
The Ghosts of Heaven Timeless beautiful and haunting spirals connect the four episodes of The Ghosts of Heaven the mesmerizing new novel from Printz Award winner Marcus Sedgwick They are there in prehistory when a gi

  • Title: The Ghosts of Heaven
  • Author: Marcus Sedgwick
  • ISBN: 9781626721265
  • Page: 195
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Marcus Sedgwick is nuts. I love him.I can see already why this book won't be for everyone. It's like a Cloud Atlas for young adults. Complex, mind-bending and thought-provoking. I don't even know how to classify this book. It is essentially four very different short stories wound together with the strangest of links. A link that is never-ending, that has been with us since the dawn of time and will continue long after we are gone.Are you intrigued? Oh, you should be.Imagine• A story of the Pal [...]

    2. This book is made up of 4 stories, all supposedly interconnected by the mystical symbol of the spiral [spooky voice:] ”Oooooooooooh.” The problem is that it connects the stories in the same way that Karen Black played a different role in each vignette of Trilogy of Terror. This premise is both too vague and pretentious to be used as a link.Further, most of the book is tedious. The first story, Whispers in the Dark is told in verse and it’s about a cavewoman drawing spirals on a cave wall a [...]

    3. SPIRALS. SPIRALS EVERYWHERE.I'M A SPIRAL. YOU'RE A SPIRAL.FUCKING SPIRALS, MAN.((Sorry guys, I'm still in a weird, screwed up state of mind right now, courtesy of this book's awesomeness.))

    4. Spirals. They're everywhere. I just didn't notice that until I read this book. You see them in art, in nature, in men's creations - in everything. And they're infinite - just like all the unexplainable things in life. I think I might just develop a phobia for them, or at least an obsession.I always thought they were fascinating, but now I might just think they're maddening. And boy, didn't this book just mess with my mind because of spirals?Four short stories (that can be read in any order) is w [...]

    5. See more reviews at YA Midnight ReadsI wouldn't really call this a review, because this is more like me spilling everything that is going on in my head in relation to this book. Celine will be doing a proper review of it on the blog sometime soon, so keep an eye out for that. Spoiler: she loved it.So here is my first taste of Marcus Sedgwick's writing. And my thoughts on it? I like his writing style verrah much. I've heard that this style it distinct from most other YA authors, and I must agree. [...]

    6. If I am asked to describe this book in one word it will be 'WOW'The book consists of 4 stories, each very different from the other but each has a tiny sliver of link which I could not co-relate at first very clearly. There is a note that the stories can be read in any order and still the overall plot will be the same. I read this in the simple given order and still loved it.Each story is set in a different time era, the first is stone age- takes us back to tribes, magic and cannibalism, the seco [...]

    7. I don't even know how to review this. I wish to say an Intelligent Thing, but you'll just have to bear with me while I struggle. And drown most likely. Because, a) This book was intelligent and deep and amazing.b) I totally didn't get it.I have a little teeny tiny problem, you see? I appreciate the book to the thousand percent, but I just didn't get it. So much of it I was squinting and thinking, "Yeah, but what does that even matter?" I'm a reader with a shorter attention span and I find it dif [...]

    8. Marcus Sedgwick likes messing with people's heads. That's my thesis statement. You want evidence? Can't. I think you should just read whatever the fuck this book is. Okay, okay, okay, I'll try to review this. The Ghosts of Heaven is a composition of plot twists and intrigue. I'd compare it most closely to Parker Peevyhouse's masterful Where Futures End, or to a faster paced version of some of those what-the-fuck-am-i-reading magical realism books. The writing exists. The plot is one endless spoi [...]

    9. Review first posted on my blogWhat an epic journey throughout time and space and the ages! I could not put this one down and that ending… that ENDING oh that definitely had me reeling and quite frankly left me with more questions than answers, but I didn’t mind as this book and its themes were so well portrayed and executed that for the first time ever, I like that the author has left me to come up with theories and conclusions myself.This book is told in 4 parts and the order they are set i [...]

    10. Cuatro relatos que parecen independientes, pero que obviamente guardan una relación. No tenía ni idea de por dónde podía ir la cosa, y cuando se desvela todo, te deja tocado.

    11. Need to sell my house, get some permits for my kitties, pack my bags, get a plane ticket and hire a boat that will take me to the middle of nowhere and spend my whole life thinking about spirals.Full review to come.

    12. 4.5 rating! So brilliant!!!!! This is my first time reading a Marcus Sedgwick book and it definitely won't be my last! The way this man can write is incredible. The stories were clever, very interesting, and thought provoking. Even the style of writing and how the stories fit together had to do with the plot (spirals). Sedgwick is an artist who paints words. I was truly mesmerized.

    13. This book was practically perfect! I loved everything about. It was chilling and gripping and everything in between. The more and more I read the more it took my breath away. I needed it to be longer, I needed moreee! But it was still incredible, and I loved every bit of it.

    14. New Sedgwick!! We hosted the cover reveal today, and we're giving away two ARCs of the book: themidnightgarden/2014I would ask if you were as excited about this as I am, but I know that is impossible, so I won't even bother. :D

    15. This wasn't what I was expecting at all from my very first Sedwig book and in fact is probably not the best place to start to taking the plunge into his work.While profound and deep this read more like the inner ranting and ravings from the diary of a madman. A brilliant madman, maybe even a genius, but a madman all the same.Broken up into four separate books (quarters) this gave you a taste of something different, something unique and more often than not, strange, with each new foray into the s [...]

    16. 4.5 starsThe Ghosts of Heaven is as mystifying, riveting, brilliant, unsettling and complicated as you can expect from Marcus Sedgwick. What Sedgwick accomplished with this novel transcends genres and breaks down barriers. He gives us four completely different and yet eerily similar stories that go deep into the mysteries of the universe, of life and the human mind, all within the short amount of pages given to each story. This is a gorgeous work of fiction, but also of philosophy, psychology an [...]

    17. So this book went a little over my head. It's a smart book, and it's for smart people. I felt symbolism shooting out all over the place, motifs were everywhere, everything was done for a reason. It was all a bit overwhelming to me. This book is something different, something unique, and something just plain strange. The Ghosts of Heaven is a collection of four short stories which take place in different time periods. Story 1 takes place in the cave-man era and is written in verse. I read this on [...]

    18. 4.5 starsYou know what I think? This is easily one of the best books I have read this year.It's really hard to describe the nature and plot of this book because it's a very sophisticated piece of literature that I'll be forever in awe of. Marcus Sedgwick is a GENIUS, the ghosts of heaven is a brilliant work filled with highly intelligent ideas, theories, philosophies and other thought-provoking musings about the complexities of life. This will not be everyone's cup of tea though because some rea [...]

    19. “It is their soul, crying for peace. It appears in their eyes, like a ghost resurfacing, crying for help. And then, when I stop reading, the mad waters rush in, and wash it away once more.”- The Ghost Of Heaven (Quarter 3), Marcus Sedgwick. WritingThe writing style was crisp, epigrammatic and very well-seasoned. Marcus described the things around the characters in the book perfectly. Even though the first story in the book is not my favourite, the others definitely made up to it!The plot for [...]

    20. UPDATEI'm still dead but my ghost is trapped on the earth and will not go to heaven until all of you give this book a try. So please do me a favour and ___________________my mind is spiralling're spiralling.we all are spiralling.everybody is insaneis book is insane're insane just GAH idont know what thefugod whatshappening spiralling out of control.what whaaa(view spoiler)[DEAD (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    21. The spiral is the ultimate symbol of life. It is infinite. It copies itself and builds on itself, forever, like life.The Ghosts of Heaven is a clever book about madness, life, death and above all, spirals. Four stories separated by time. The first takes place during the prehistoric era and the last in the future. The order of the stories is just a suggestion, it can be read in any order.This book is an experience and even if you don't like a story you can go ahead and read the next. I admit this [...]

    22. melissa413readsalotOk, that was one strange book. I'm not even sure what I want to rate it. I thought two of the four stories were ok. My favorite being the lunatic asylum and the astronaut. I finally saw how all of the stories weave together, but I'm still not sure how the spirals bring them together. Anyway, this was just a strange little journey that I did enjoy even though there were some bad things happen in each of them. And the lunatic asylum sounds so familiar, it's like I read it before [...]

    23. What a weird little book. Full thoughts and review to come, once I sort out all the unfathomable weirdness.

    24. Review of The Ghosts of Heaven I've never read a collection of short stories before. Especially one that links them all together. The cover was so beautiful and so electric. I'd read many reviews about how bonkers this story was but also how amazing it was. I was so interested to read each of the stories and to discover the magical weirdness of Marcus Sedgwick. And I was so not disappointed. Wow. Just wow. I wasn't really enjoying the first two stories, but the last twowow. Let's start things of [...]

    25. 2.5 stars - It was alright, an average book. A very mixed bag that is compiled of 4 loosely related short stories, which the author refers to as quarters. All of the stories focus, in varying degrees, on spirals and eventually the Fibonacci ratio represented in them in nature.Each quarter had a variance in it's chapter delineations which I thought was a nice touch. Quarter 1 was roman numerals, quarter 2 was numbered and titled, quarter 3 was dated journal entries, and quarter 4 was simply numbe [...]

    26. Read reviews, see awesome GIFS and experience my rambling thoughts at my blog, The Loony Teen WriterThis book went way over my head.But I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s actually a work of genius that I can’t comprehend.Okay, so basically, we have four stories.First we have cave girl.Cave girl discovers writing, which is pretty cool.Then we have witch girl.Poor thing. She doesn’t get the most happy ending, I’ll just say that.After that there’s crazy guy.Except it’s not NARRATED b [...]

    27. There is a note at the beginning of The Ghosts of Heaven with instructions from Mr. Sedgwick on the reading order and the fact that there really is no particular order in which the individual stories need to be read. This may appear an odd statement at first because the stories do connect. It is upon finishing all four quarters though in which the instructions and Mr. Sedgwick’s intent not only make sense but reveal themselves to be master strokes of writing, not only within the connectivity o [...]

    28. My emotions towards this book are quite mixed and confusing. However I am almost positive that Marcus Sedgwick was fucking high when he wrote that first story. I'm sorry but that was the incoherent mumbling of a man tripping balls. Review to Come.

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