Provocation: a lesson in trust

Grace was quietsweeta seemingly gentle flower Boy did she have everyone fooled Inside the petite lovely figure was a force to be reckoned with Her quiet strength was just what Ryker Jensen needed His seemingly narcissistic behavior melts with her humble presence in his life And secrets left under wrap.ear Provocation is an action that demands a reactionGrace was quietsweeta seemingly gentle flower Boy did she have everyone fooled Inside the petite lovely figure was a force to be reckoned with Her quiet strength was just what Ryker Jensen needed His seemingly narcissistic behavior melts with her humble presence in his life And secrets left under wrap.ear Provocation is an action that demands a reactiond Grace is full of it Is she ready for the reaction she invokes in Ryker Provocation is a story of new love and emotional reckoning A push and pull of trust and hope
Provocation a lesson in trust Grace was quietsweeta seemingly gentle flower Boy did she have everyone fooled Inside the petite lovely figure was a force to be reckoned with Her quiet strength was just what Ryker Jensen needed His

  • Title: Provocation: a lesson in trust
  • Author: Sarah Brocious
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I am not ashamed to admit that there were a lot of tears as I wrote this story. There were happy points as wellI had the most fun creating a world and circumstances for Ryker and Grace. But there were tears.I struggled with the content of this story, but only because I wanted to write the dark matter in a way that would make you lovet shy away from the circumstances. This is a story of grace. This is a story about redeeming loveeven when those monsters come out of the closet. There will always b [...]

    2. I loved this book right from the very first page. Take Provocation: A Lesson in Trust off your “to read” list if you’re looking for a sweet summer romance read! Grace and Ryker’s story is beautifully told. You want this to be a match made in heaven, but life isn’t always that simple…Ryker’s past brings trust issues into this romance. The story line is well written and holds your attention right to the very end.My favorite thought provoking line in the book - “How did you show som [...]

    3. Provocation is a lovely, sweet & charming story. Grace Love is the luckiest "little mouse" on the planet. Though content with her Kindle and book boyfriends, she ended up being Ryker Jansen's muse.Ryker, a talented celebrity author, is gorgeous, hot, sensitive and caring. Did I mention hot? LOL. He also has beautiful blue eyes. ; )Despite insecurities, trust issues and some drama concerning Ryker's past, their budding friendship quickly turned to love. And they both clung to their feelings f [...]

    4. Very sweet story! While certain aspects of the story dealt with a dark subject matter, the overall tone was light, I didn't feel overwhelmed. There was also a wonderful cast of supporting characters, the writer friend (Peter) and the sister (Alma). The star of the book is Ryker! He starts off as a brooding, reclusive type writer but Grace brings out another side of him. I loved how Grace was able to connect with Ryker when no one else could. The story is told from Grace's POV but we get to see a [...]

    5. Whenever I'm in a mood to read something fluffy and romantic and charming, I look at Sarah Brocious. I wasn't disappointed. There are days when you just want to get cozy in a couch with a drink in hand and an uncomplicated love story to unwind. Today was that day. How quickly the characters wove into my heart - Grace, Ryker, Alma, and Peter. Grace and Ryker's 'courtship' was slow in building, which I absolutely appreciated, and when they finally came together, it was gentle and sweet. * * * * *

    6. A gentle love story.It had some surprising revelations and those revelations were handle with care. This book was very much about the healing of a heart. We think of guys as tough and unfeeling, but in this story, Ryker felt deeply. Most of that was because of the sweet and unassuming heroine, Grace.I wanted more at the end and I hope to see more about Ryker and Grace! I have so many questions!

    7. I couldn't put this down but I didn't want it to end either. There were moments where I felt I would almost cry and then suddenly I was laughing. Grace is so sweet and petite, but plucky. She's not Ryker's type (or so he thinks because she is just his type!)Ryker is successful and gorgeous, with blue blue blue blue eyes. He can also be a jerk, but there is a reason behind that. It was heartbreaking to find out why.This was all about someone so wounded, allowing love to slowly creep in and do som [...]

    8. Provocation PG13Lots of growling - Needs To Be Edited - super distracting, but power on!Violence: noneLanguage: 50+ swears, including deity (omg)Sex: lots of kissing, some "fade to black" intimacy, our H was very promiscuous. Some of the subject matter gets pretty intense. The h is Grace and she teaches the H about true grace. It's a lovely story, and the H is smokin' hot, so the chemistry is off the charts without gratuitous details. Steamy, but not sex-filled. 5 stars

    9. GoodThis was a good book. I didn't want to put it down. Many twists and turns and you just want to keep reading to see what happens to the characters. One of the best free books I have read in a long time. A few grammatical errors but nothing you can't overlook. I will be looking for more from this author.

    10. Let me just say, when I think of a hot guy, I picture manliness and that draw. Ryker has that draw physically. He is that man you want to fix and to heal. Not to get the upper hand but because there is something about him that makes you want to protect him. RYKER JENSEN.This was a very touching romance.

    11. I was touched by this story. There were some ugly moments that were handled by the author with grace and beauty! The heroine Grace was soft in manner, but she had that inner strength and that was what the hero Ryker needed! Love isn't perfect but it is healing and in the right hands (Grace's) it was just what Ryker needed,Need a sweet uncomplicated story? This book is perfect!

    12. This story bordered on the dark side. The way it was handled was beautifully done with a nice HEA. I would like to see more from these characters in future books.

    13. Beautiful. This story was simply beautiful. Past abuse that can only be healed by the softest of hearts. This story made me weep.

    14. I loved this book! I read it in 2 days and couldn't put it down. I really related Grace.All the characters were wonderful and really felt what the author was writing. I loved that even without long drawn out sex scenes you felt the emotional connection between Grace and Ryker. The story had all the makings of a great story. You know you are reading a great book when you are torn between reading and spending time with the kids and husband. Sarah had a different writing style than I have read and [...]

    15. Grammar, where are you? This would have been such a GREAT book! The story is engaging, the characters are well constructed, the writing is engaging. But WHY did nobody edit this book? Where are the commas? You need commas to make sense of certain sentences! You can't really fully enjoy a book is you need to re-read passages to see which way you need to read certain sentences. What a pity. I usually don't finish books that have such bad grammer but I did finish this one - a testament of how great [...]

    16. I picked this book up shortly after finishing Sarah's book and I was not disappointed. It was witty and sweet and completely romantic. The way Ryker's past came to light and was handled was wonderful! And the romance? STEAMY.

    17. Intoxicating!This was a very driven story. The chemistry between the two of them was palatable. The tension built and built. Thank goodness the author took pity and did not prolong it too long, or with tedium!

    18. ****Absolutely loved this sweet book. A few editing issues, but nothing that made me stop reading it. Loved the ending! Overall was just a wonderful read!

    19. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! One of my favorites by far!! Sarah did a great job, again! :) Can't wait to see what new things she comes out with in the future!

    20. Okay, just finished this one. Like her other book, More than Scars, it needs a good editor. This one more so than the other. The story was good, tension galore, but there were quite a few repeated phrases. The hero's eyes were described as "warm like whiskey," or some version of that, over 43 times! There were also lots of disjointed, awkward sentences, jumpy ones that you had to go back to figure out what the context was.

    21. This book is sickly sweet that almost made me gag.The book missed punctuation marksThe book cover does not represent Ryker and Grace for he was tall and Grace was petite.The book never mentioned about Grace's parents at all, which was odd since people usually relate to their own parents when facing with other people's parents.

    22. Excellent except for 1 item. See spoiler below.What his mother did was inexcusable and unforgivable. His sister should not have put him in the position for care or contact. He needed therapy but not any with mother other than to tell her to go to h#//!

    23. The story had potential but just fell flat at every turn. It is what it is. Simple. Tame and for me boring. I gave it one star because at 50% I started skimming. At 70% I gave up. Just not my cup of tea.

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