Highland Barbarian

New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell returns to the Highlands of Scotland for a sensual new series about two twin brothers both tempted and tormented by their passions and driven by the love that will shape their destinies Sir Artan Murray was right when he decided that the dying old man who bid him collect his niece didn t know her at all The furious woNew York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell returns to the Highlands of Scotland for a sensual new series about two twin brothers both tempted and tormented by their passions and driven by the love that will shape their destinies Sir Artan Murray was right when he decided that the dying old man who bid him collect his niece didn t know her at all The furious woman facing him is neither sweet nor biddable She demands the brawny Highlander return her to the wedding party from which he took her But Artan has no intention of allowing so spirited and bewitching a creature to endure a loveless marriage to a ruthless lord for her clan s sake He aims to woo the lass and to show her that true love also yields unforgettable pleasure Cecily Donaldson knows a bond forged by danger and desperation cannot endure But Artan s touch leaves her breathless, and she knows this to be her one chance to experience true passion before an arranged marriage seals her fate Yet once begun, passion cannot be denied r can a love with the promise to change everything.
Highland Barbarian New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell returns to the Highlands of Scotland for a sensual new series about two twin brothers both tempted and tormented by their passions and driven by the lov

  • Title: Highland Barbarian
  • Author: Hannah Howell
  • ISBN: 9780821779989
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. A good read. Could have ended a whole lot quicker and with less drama. Artan had two opportunities to kill the bad guy and didn't so everyone was in preilous danger at the end. Artan was hot and had a great sense of humor. Cecily was ok very niave at times. The bad guys were bad, but it seemed to settle fast without explanation at the end.Good read but not great.Received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley.

    2. This book pleased me very much. Even though Artan is the only one in the series to marry an actual cousin (distant or not and not THAT distant, by the way), they match each other well. Cecily is kind of irritating at times, but I love her fire and 'unladylike' tendencies. Artan has been a favorite character in the series and I was excited to finally get to his. THIS story fit his character very well. (Unlike the one with his brother) He kept his usual arrogance and wildness as well as his sarcas [...]

    3. "A sheltered lass who has been convinced that she is worthkess gets to come to this beautiful spot, in the moonlight, and have the handsomest mon she has e'er seen not only make love to her but steal her away because she is in danger." p.332, loc.4224Author: Hannah HowellFirst published: 2006Length: 351 pages, 4428 locationsSetting: Scotland, 1480. (Lowlands and Highlands)Sex: explicit, reasonably frequent. First (complete) time post handfast.Heroine: Abused from around the age of 10 by guardian [...]

    4. *I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher*I read this book years ago and I loved it then, I can't say if there were any revisions to this re-released version, but I loved it just as much as the first time I read it.Cecily is an orphan living as a poor relation on her late father's estate. She has spent the last 12 years believing that she is a burden to her guardians and has been forgotten by her mother's family. In an attempt to please her guar [...]

    5. What can I say except romance novels are my very favorite type of book to read! I like romance novels placed in the highlands, it sounds like a very fascinating place.

    6. Her books are supernatural in nature and of course, are set within the highland setting. Ranges from Vamps to immorals. Her femal chars tend to be sassy and smart

    7. ООооооооо, тази книга наистина, ама наистника ми хареса <3 <3 <3Артан Мъри е втори син, роден само няколко минути след брат си и все пак, той не е наследникът, и по тази причина, никога не е вярвал, че ще бъде леърд на свой клан. До деня в който не е повикан от леърда, в чийто кл [...]

    8. I received an ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.Artan is summoned to what seems to be the deathbed of his foster father Angus. Angus has asked Artan to go and retrieve his niece Cecily from her father's cousins who took over her guardianship after his death. Angus also tells Artan if he marries Cecily, all Angus has will be left to he and his bride upon his death.Artan is upset because not only is she living in the lowlands of Scotland, he wants a marriage forged from love lik [...]

    9. Entertaining story with at times amusing dialogue, although not dreadfully deep. The hero is a caricature of brawny warrior, who has almost superhuman abilities to defeat the endless stream of assassins sent his way in cartoonish fighting scenes without his kilt going askew. Well, except for the one time when he nearly died fighting ten or so opponents, because the eight sent the previous attack did not do much more than mess up his locks. The heroine is a wee bit muddled about a lot of things, [...]

    10. If you enjoy Highlander historical romances and Cinderella-like tales, you may want to check out Highland Barbarian. Each book in the Murray Family series follows the love life of a different Murray family member and can be read in any order. While this storyline is generally predictable, its feel good message that love can be found in unexpected places, even for individuals who have previously been made to feel less than perfect, makes it a charming tale.Following the death of her father, Cecil [...]

    11. This one's primary protag is Artan Murray, brother of Kiera and Alana of the previous books in the series. This is also one where the back cover doesn't necessarily describe the primary conflict of the story.Artan's old friend and mentor Angus MacRieth asks Artan to go to the Lowlands and retrieve his granddaughter, Cecily Donaldson. Angus needs a suitable heir, and Artan, whom he sponsored, seems far more suitable than his actual next male kin, weaselly Malcolm. To make it work, Artan needs to [...]

    12. Artan reluctantly goes to get his mentor's estranged niece and finds a beautiful woman in the middle of a wedding feast and her wedding two weeks away. Cecily is enchanted with the newcomer and decides she will act carelessly for once in her life and take him for her lover for one night. Artan finds out many secrets about her guardians and her fiance, along with why she has been estranged to her uncle. He kidnaps her and takes her to his home while her fiance follows them and confirms his plans [...]

    13. Artan Murray is sent to rescue Cecily from her greedy relatives' clutches by her uncle Angus, with the promise that he would be able to marry her and be Angus' heir. When he arrives, things are worse than he thought--Cecily is about to be married to an evil, scheming man. What else can he do but kidnap her?Nicely written, but with very strange pacing. Artan and Cecily make a good couple, but the flow of the story (including the final conflict with the betrothed 2/3 into the story) make the final [...]

    14. Continuing the Murray Family Sage, Highland Barbarian focuses on Artan Murrey who was introduced to readers in the previous book. Being slightly dissapointed w/ the last book in this series, I was hoping for that something more from this one, and found it. Overall I found the story sweet and an enjoyable, easy read. I thought the H and H were well matched, and loved watching them succomb to the power of love. I look forward to Lucas's story in the next book. I am still recommending this book and [...]

    15. Artan Murray is one of the more interesting males in the Howell Highlanders series. He is offered the lairdship of Glascreag if he marries the current laird's niece, who lives in the lowlands with her guardians. Artan walks into the commencement of her wedding ceremonies and, of course, is not going to let that happen. he kidnaps his future bride and returns her to the highlands and her uncle. During the trip he finally convinces her that the prospective groom will end her life at a convenient t [...]

    16. This was a most fun novel. I really loved the character of Artan Murray. The rest of the characters were well formed as well. The only real problem I had with the book was the character of Cecily. She was doing well up till the end when she reverted back to her original self. It didn't seem like she really would do that and just seemed like Howell needed another reason for conflict. I really could have done without it. Overall, this was an enjoyable read and I recommend it.

    17. This was a cute read. Another one in the Murray family, but they do not need to be read in order. All the Murray's are raised well and are honorable men and women. The first Murray book is "Highland Promise" with Eric Murray and Bethia. They marry and the rest in the Murray series are about their kids and grandchildren. I enjoyed the Murray books by this author the most. Good characters, but they all seem to have a similar theme/ending.

    18. Sir Artan Murray is on a mission--to possibly find a bride as well as heir to her lands. The 2nd intrigues him enough to go on this mission to the lowlands to collect the neice of his foster father. His fate is sealed almost from the moment he meets Cecily--he knows that she is the one for him. Now he must just convince her of that, while keeping her safe from the guardians who seek to steal her inheritance and steal her away from the evil man they have betrothed her to.

    19. The story of Artan who is sent to collect his clan leader's niece. Her Aunt and Uncle who are controlling her will not let her go. He kidnaps her from her pre-wedding celebration (an arranged marriage that she does not want) and they fall in love. But when she gets to her Uncle, she has to decide if Artan married her for love or to become the next leader of the clan.

    20. I read this a few years ago, but happy to revisit this story.I honestly don't remember my thoughts from the first time I read it, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this time around.Love Cecily's spirit!!!

    21. A nice, fun, easy read. The girl gives him heck but he falls in love anyway, in spite of the reward of being named heir if he marries her which adds to the turmoil.

    22. Book: Highland Barbarianby Hannah HowellSeries: The Murray Family #13Reviewed By: Barb Massabrook of Celtic Barb’s Book Review Blog, Tartan Book Reviews and Purple Tulip Book Reviews.Heat Setting: HotOverall setting: 5 StarsScotlandSummer, 1480This is the story of Artan Murray and Cecily Donaldson. As her sickly aging Uncle wants to make her his heir of Glascreag. Definitely not his worthless spineless nephew Magnus, who would not take care of his lands or the people. Artan was suspicious of t [...]

    23. Highland Barbarian is the thirteenth book in the Murray Family series by Hannah Howell. It was published back in 2006, but I has missed it. The books in the series can all be enjoyed as stand alones, but those that have read one one or more will come in knowing a little more of what to expect. Sir Artan Murray was right when he decided that the dying old man who bid him collect his niece didn't know her at all. The furious woman facing him is neither "sweet" nor "biddable." She demands the brawn [...]

    24. I received this book from net galley for an honest review. Thank you!!This novel was a good read. I enjoyed the author's writing and the plot of the story. This story is a romance novel in the Highlands, but includes some adventure.Sir Artan Murray has trained with Angus MacReith and he is asked to return his niece to Glascreg since Angus is "dying". Artan agrees to bring her back before Angus dies. Angus has ulterior motives for bringing his niece back, which include making Artan his successor [...]

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