Against the splendor and savagery of medieval times, Hannah Howell spins breathtaking stories of impassioned lovers caught up in a world of intrigue and desperate desire Now, she brings us a tale of conquest and lover as a beautiful Englishwoman loses her heart to a man who is her enemy and her destinyUNCONQUEREDLeft a bequest by a woman with rare psychic powers, EadaAgainst the splendor and savagery of medieval times, Hannah Howell spins breathtaking stories of impassioned lovers caught up in a world of intrigue and desperate desire Now, she brings us a tale of conquest and lover as a beautiful Englishwoman loses her heart to a man who is her enemy and her destinyUNCONQUEREDLeft a bequest by a woman with rare psychic powers, Eada of Pevensey suddenly finds herself in possession of a box containing a mysterious documentd something even extraordinary the gift of second sight Nowshe can actually see her chilling fate a Norman invader with sea dark eyes riding across the fields to claim her landsd her love.A reluctant soldier for William the Conqueror, Drogo de Toulan seizes the Pevensey lands as a right of conquestd meets a woman who defies him at every turn and arouses uncontrollable desire Yet now, as war rages across a divided England, the two lovers must find the bond that joins body and soul they chart a course through battle and betrayal that could breaktheir hearts or seal their passion for all time.
Unconquered Against the splendor and savagery of medieval times Hannah Howell spins breathtaking stories of impassioned lovers caught up in a world of intrigue and desperate desire Now she brings us a tale of c

  • Title: Unconquered
  • Author: Hannah Howell
  • ISBN: 9780821780886
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Unconquered”

    1. I started out really interested in the time period and the concept, H.H. is one of my favorite historical romance writers.I could not get past the insipid heroine. A little realism in how she acted and was treated would have kept me from wanting to through this book across the room.

    2. I really didn't care for this book too much. I thought it would be a book about war and battle and action only to find that it was mostly love making with a little drama throughout a war. The actual battle that it seemed the story was leading up to was all written on a page out of the whole book. It took me months to get through this because it bored me so much that I could only read two pages at a time for most of the book. I finally pushed through the rest of it.

    3. Posted on Romancing the Book's blogReviewed by RobinReview Copy Provided by the PublisherIn 1066 William the Conqueror lead a Norman invasion on the Saxons. During this time villages were plundered, women and children were raped and left for dead while the men were off fighting.However, in this medieval love story Eada of Pevensey is somehow left unharmed. Eada knowing that the invasion is upon them visit with Old Edith a very dear friend who has the sight. Edith proceeds to tell Eada that her f [...]

    4. It's foretold by her friend the seer, that the heroine will be mated to the Norman invader. She instantly doubts this prediction but seeing the man in the flesh, eliminates any doubt. She gives a half hearted defiance but only as to not appear too eager. The hero instantly craves her from the jump but he's not possessive and defiantly not a he-man. Though he holds all the power he makes it clear to her that she'll be safe with him and he'll protect her even from herself. He's strong, powerful an [...]

    5. A Romance story you cannot help but love!Hannah Howell delivers a definitely classic romance story even though it is coming to us for the second time! The re-release of Unconquered keeps you turning the pages with a smile on your face in this historical romance set in 1066 England during the time of William the (Bastard) Conqueror. Eada, the daughter of Lord Waltheof and Lady Vedette of Pevensey has no idea that life, as she knows it will soon come to an abrupt halt. Eada, running with her dogs [...]

    6. UNCONQUERED by Hannah Howell is another exciting Medieval historical romance set in 1066 England. A battle between England’s Saxons and Normandy/France’s Normans. A complex and compelling story of the struggle between the Saxons of England and the Normans.It is the story of secrets,the lost of innocence,love,treachery,jealousy,the fight for a way of life for England,and who would rule England,Harold or William the Conqueror.A compelling cast of characters with a touch of paranormal. A Saxon [...]

    7. After reading a bunch of Howell's Highlander stories, I stumbled onto this one, which is a departure, but hits one of my favorite periods in history--the Norman conquest.When the Normans came, Eada of Pevensey was away from home, visiting a dear old lady whose visions of the future made her an outcast. Eada's mother made the hard choice to save her two younger children by fleeing, leaving Eada to fend for herself. Eada's old friend is killed and leaves her with the unwanted legacy of those stran [...]

    8. I've read pretty much all of Hannah Howell's books now. Unconquered is set in a much earlier period than I normally have read in the past. Set in 1066 when William has invaded England from Normandy, ready to claim his place on the throne. I've always been interested in the tale of the Normans taking reign from the Saxons and I believe this is the first novel I've read based around the invasion of the Normans so I was really looking forward to it.Whilst I really enjoyed the characters in the nove [...]

    9. Not my favorite HH. Norman's come into and attack Saxon territory over a fight for the crown, of course. Eada's family leaves her in an attempt to safe themselves, considering she is no where to be found. She "finds" Drogo and after he has just taken the one thing she loves most in the world. But she does not blame him or his men. Along the long road to the battle, Eada ends up collecting people and enemies. Things get much complicated with her new gift. Must accept Old Edith's gift and secrets. [...]

    10. Drogo captures Eada and then hawls her around for many battles. This one dragged for me. This author has her own writing style that I find I have to be in the mood for. After reading so many of her books, I found they all follow a similar plot line: the men are particually low on the evolutionary scale, there's a Cruella De Vil character and strong lead females who pull everything together because the men are too in-ept to think on their own. This was no different.

    11. The premise I hated so much that the main character was a warrior who raided her village, and decided this girl Eada was going to be his personal whore. He was going to sleep with her the first night, and she went along with it. She was supposed to be innocent & left behind by her family. He wasn't some charming guy who was coming to sweep her off her feet. She was his prisoner. Just me. Otherwise, the story was great. The base element was terrible.

    12. Wooden writing. Repetitive (same thoughts or plans 3-5 times). No suspense. 2-dimensional, non-threatening "villain" who only appears during the middle third of the book and is easily dispensed with. The heroine keeps back her vital piece of information for no reason except that the author needed a "reveal". I made myself finish the book, thinking I might pick up some information about the Norman invasion, but there was nothing you couldn't pick up in a entry.

    13. My husband bought this book for me while wandering a book store looking for a sci-fi book. he loving thought to buy me a book too. I was a little unsure I would enjoy it as I have never read this author before and he thought he was getting me a book in the series I was reading (which it wasn't) However I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed this book. It is a pretty easy read good weekend read.

    14. This was a good story, but I didn't like all the violence that comes with war. Not only war, but this had an evil villain making trouble for our hero as well. Too much death. It was just to angst for me to enjoy the romance mixed in the plot.

    15. Enjoyed it. Was historial i.e battle of hastings etc but enjoyed the story too. Read over christmas 2012, couldn;t put it down once read. Cryed alittle a old edith's death but good overall.

    16. wonderful read, gentle love story with deep thought provkeing ideals that could apply to each and everyone of us.

    17. This is a good, easy read. The only part I couldn't get into is the paranormal factor of "second sight" coming from a box given to the heroine.

    18. Love how it is about the Norman conquest!!And I love how opinionated, outspoken, adventurous, headstrong, and brave she is!!

    19. England and the warriors of William the Conqueter. Eada is the possession of Droga a warrior for William the Conquerer. A fun read.

    20. Loved it a little different but I love this time in our history and this was well written I liked that she was a little different and he never minded well worth a read .

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