Avengers West Coast: Darker than Scarlet

The shocking truth about her children revealed, the Scarlet Witch suffers a nervous breakdown and descends into madness Manipulated by her father, the mutant terrorist Magneto, Wanda faces her teammates and her brother, Quicksilver Can they rescue her from the clutches of Immortus and save her very sanity
Avengers West Coast Darker than Scarlet The shocking truth about her children revealed the Scarlet Witch suffers a nervous breakdown and descends into madness Manipulated by her father the mutant terrorist Magneto Wanda faces her teammat

  • Title: Avengers West Coast: Darker than Scarlet
  • Author: John Byrne Roy Thomas Dann Thomas PaulRyan
  • ISBN: 9780785130277
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Pro: Storia e disegni eccellenti, a parte gli ultimi numeri non scritti e disegnati da Byrne, e la presenza nella Legione Letale di Iron Man 2020, da sempre uno dei miei personaggi Marvel preferiti (prima dello scempio ai danni di Arno Stark da parte di Gillen no comment). Contro: i dialoghi agghiaccianti e lo sviluppo e redenzione di Magneto ad opera di Chris Claremont nell'arco di un decennio gettato completamente giù per lo sciacquone Bendis ha scopiazzato alla grande questa saga durante la [...]

    2. The one where people find out the truth behind Scarlet witch's children. This is a fun book with lots of different villains. Some really disturbing imagery. If you have read House of M then this is a very important read. A very good read.

    3. John Byrne really screwed the pooch--and Marvel didn't bother to unscrew it. And I mean screwed the pooch _affectionately_.His run on the WCA--sorry, I prefer the original name--was really good, especially for this period of Marvel Comics, the early 1990s, which could be really bad. He managed to juggle a number of characters; he managed the ebullient tone that was the house-style; he managed to make reference to stories on-going in the characters' own books without letting those overwhelm the s [...]

    4. After learning her twin sons weren’t real, followed by the Vision’s departure and other traumas, the Scarlet Witch broke bad. She turned on her teammates and allied with Magneto (then believed to be her father). A big Avengers cross-over was an early mention of the Superhuman Registration Act, which would be the basis of Civil War years later. Iron Man and Hawkeye returned for a climactic battle with Immortus, who revealed he’d been manipulating the Scarlet Witch for years, basically to tu [...]

    5. This volume collects Avengers West Coast # 51–57 and # 60–62, and features the remainder of John Byrne's run on the title (stopping at # 57). I truly enjoyed the previous volume The Vision Quest, but I have to admit that this volume leaves me a bit torn. Don't get me wrong, Byrne's seven issues including a confrontation with Master Pandemonium, three masterful installments of the Acts of Vengeance crossover (including the villainy of the U-Foes, the Mole Man and Loki), and a very interesting [...]

    6. This is the volume where the Scarlet Witch supposedly 'turns evil'. I was mostly confused by the different characters in the West Coast Avengers: USagent (Captain America, but not Captain America?), Iron Man (but not Tony Stark?), Human Torch (but not the one from Fantastic Four?). The Vision was gone (dead, turned off or disassembled?) and the Scarlet Witch was having some personality issues. These avengers are fighting all sorts of enemies that never seem to be a real threat. The only interest [...]

    7. Raggiunge il culmine il periodo di Byrne su West Coast Avengers, rinominata Avengers West Coast durante la sua gestione. Una gestione più che buona, con idee così forti da essere riprese, diciamo pure ricopiate, a vent'anni di distanza da Bendis. Ma Scarlet Nera in fondo non è che una variante, ben fatta, di Fenice Nera a cui lo stesso Byrne aveva contribuito fortemente quasi un decennio prima. Come a dire: se ci fossero stati i Vendicatori al posto degli X-Men in quella situazione, come se l [...]

    8. 3.5 Just as good as the one prior, but it got a bit confusing with cross-overs and a random chunk of issues missing from this one. But the downward spiral of the Scarlet Witch makes for great reading, and you can't help but feel terrible at the big pile of suck that is dumped on her issue after issue. Like all the other older stuff I've read, the villains are cliche and their plans foiled in one or two panels, the dialogue is forced and sometimes doesn't sound real, but the read is worth it for [...]

    9. This is one of my favorite stories because it directly ties into a story that happened several years ago called "Avengers: Disassembled". There was this great use of history in that particular series that stemmed from this book. This book really explores well what happens to Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) when she discovers that her children are not real. If you are a Scarlet Witch fan then this is one of the defining moments for this particular character and will help you understand where she i [...]

    10. I wish I could say this is as good as VisionQuest. Really I do. But it isn't. This collection is so butchered and fragmented that it reads like Swiss cheese. It's not so much plot holes, as missing pieces since there were several crossovers and mega-events missing which leave the reader befuddled. And the ending, not by the same creative team, is terribly written and rushed together. Very disappointing. 

    11. A sub-plot that had been running through Byrne's run on AWC finally comes to a head, as the Scarlet Witch goes dark.The problem is this was the period where Byrne was having troubles with Marvel editorial and was on the verge of leaving for DC comics, so he left in mid-story and the resolution was weak.A decent idea that dragged on too long and got finished on the run by a couple writers, so it will never be seen as epic it could have been.Shame, as Byrne's run on AWC was pretty solid.

    12. I enjoyed it. but, I do wish that Marvel would collect storylines, with tie-ins, together, to make it more cohesive. Still a good view of the Scarlet Witch's story, as a prelude to the House of M, storyline.

    13. Wanda goes out control and threatens the world. A good story that includes her father and brother (Magneto and Quicksilver).

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