Jack: The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack has always been told that giants are not real But if that s the case, how do you explain the huge, foot shaped pond in the yard, or the occurrence of strange and sudden storms in which the earth quakes and dirt rains from the sky When his father is carried away in such a storm, Jack gives chase in the only logical way by trading the family cow for some magic beansJack has always been told that giants are not real But if that s the case, how do you explain the huge, foot shaped pond in the yard, or the occurrence of strange and sudden storms in which the earth quakes and dirt rains from the sky When his father is carried away in such a storm, Jack gives chase in the only logical way by trading the family cow for some magic beans that will give him access to a land beyond the clouds He arrives to find that the giants themselves have giant sized troubles With the help of an overachieving little sister, a magic goose and a chatty cook who is not interested in grinding human bones into bread, thank you very much Jack sets out to save his dad and save the day.
Jack The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk Jack has always been told that giants are not real But if that s the case how do you explain the huge foot shaped pond in the yard or the occurrence of strange and sudden storms in which the earth

  • Title: Jack: The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Author: Liesl Shurtliff
  • ISBN: 9780385755795
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Jos jedno zabavno prepricavanje poznate bajke. Na momente strasno, na momente srecno, puno avanture prava bajka.Plus iako nije sa strane price vazno da ste citali Rump, odlican nacin povezivanja ove dve knjige.Znaci ista preporuka ko i za Rump, odlicno stivo sve jedno dal ste sete ili odrasli. Slobodno procitajte.

    2. 3.5 stars, adorable! :) thedailyprophecy/2Last year I read Rump and I enjoyed it, so when I saw this book on Netgalley I knew I had to request it. I thought this book was even better, because there was more action and adventure. Jack is, like his mother always calls him, a ‘naughty little boy’ and I thought it was a perfect portrayal of a young boy. Add pixies, elves, giants, magic, mystery and a quest for his lost father and you’ve found yourself an engaging Middle Grade story.And don’t [...]

    3. This is a companion to Rump, so it's not necessary to read Rump first. But it might be helpful because Rump introduces some of the characters in Jack. The cover art is perfect! It portrays Jack's personality amazingly well. He's mischievous and lively, and great fun to read about. He's a typical older brother to his sister, so there are lots of bumps and spats in their relationship. It's handled really well, is funny, and has plenty of growth by the end. The world is incredibly vivid. I clearly [...]

    4. This was just as good as Shurtliff's first bookRump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin, maybe better. Full of adventure, family love and the loyalty of friends, it's a fast paced page turner. I read this to my three daughters and it was a hit all around. Fantastic new author for the middle-school aged kidsd their fiction loving parents.

    5. Maybe I should give middle-grade level books a bit of a rest for a while. Sometimes I feel overloaded with a particular age range and have to read something completely different in order to shake everything back into place.Jack: The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk is by no means a bad book. It's a very competent book. But I didn't feel like it was something extraordinary.Caveat: I have not read Rump by the same author, but it's been on my radar ever since I saw Liesl Shurtliff on a panel at [...]

    6. Too superficial and light, too Disney for me. Engaging enough: I did get past 1/3 before realizing that I had better things to read on my pile. But I just don't care for MG adventure unless it also has soul.

    7. Thank you so much to Random House for allowing me the awesome opportunity to be on the blog tour for Jack! I absolutely loved this book, it was such a refreshing and engaging retelling that readers of all ages will love. YOU need this book in your life![book-info]Jack by Liesl Shurtliff is one of the best fairy retellings I've ever read and it's an extremely engaging, adventurous take on the classic tale. Everything about this one screamed read me and I had to stop myself from flying through thi [...]

    8. Another fractured fairy tale from Liesl Shurtliff. I enjoyed it, though not as much as her Bluebonnet book Rump. The first half was a little slow for me, and Jack's thoughts and behaviors felt a little contrived. I wondered if Liesl was trying too hard to capture the naughty boy-like qualities that her Jack had. Once again, if you read closely, you can spot other nursery rhymes and fairy tales within this one. I did enjoy the story, and think that the intended audience will like it even more. Wo [...]

    9. If Jack and the Beanstalk is your fairy tale of choice then this is the retelling for you. My only problem with the story is that I kept comparing it to the author's first book Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin which I LOVED. Jack just didn't appeal to me the way that Rump did. I look forward to reading future books by this author.I requested and received a digital galley of this title from the publisher through edelweiss.

    10. I love the way Liesl Shurtliff takes us into the fairy tale worlds. She developed another great character for us in Jack. While the story is moved forward through a quick plot, it's the character development I liked the most. I loved Jack's spunk and determination and the internal conflict he constantly battles when trying to decide what's expected of him and what's right. This is a book that I will happily reread!

    11. I think the title pretty much speaks for itself, but just in case Jack's village has been decimated by giants. They have stolen crops, animals, people, even whole homes and businesses. A peddler sells Jack a giant bean that grows into a giant beanstalk, and that's when the fun begins. I thought this book was very clever, and I liked how Shurtliff tied it into her previous novel, Rump. It was a lot of fun.

    12. 4.5Reader thoughts: I kept comparing this book to Half Upon a Time because they were so similar.Both were set in a fairytale world and were a Jack and the Beanstalk retelling (mostly). Both's MCs were a mischievous and clever boy Jack (12 years old in both, I think) named after his many-times-great grandfather. Both were marketed to the same group (Middle-Grade fantasy) and funny. Half Upon a Time was funnier and wittier, but both books ended very well.I loved the growing relationship between Ja [...]

    13. 3.5The walls of the giant castle rose above me like endless mountains and cliffs.As with Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin, this was a very cute, very easy to read, and very MIDDLE GRADE book. I think if I'd read this six years ago I would have loved it, but now that I'm a bit older, I find the writing and plot too simple for my taste.That's not to say this book was bad—it had quite a few delightfully funny scenes and some great messages about being worth enough even if you're small, but [...]

    14. *This review was completed by my 12 year-old daughter for the website Mother Daughter Book Reviews.*This book tells the true story of Jack and the beanstalk. Jack always craves for adventure. One day the giants come down to his world wrecking his town and stealing food and farm animals. However, the giants have taken something very important to Jack. He finds himself and his little sister Annabella in the world of the giants where everything is massive, trying to take back what is his.The main c [...]

    15. Ellie is reading for the Pizza Hut reading challenge in Novemberb 11/3/17Ellie is looking forward to Grump coming out near her birthdayb 12/12/17

    16. I'll admit I was skeptical that the fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk could be expanded into a full length book. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Shurtliff has done a great job of fleshing out Jack's story. He builds a detailed world for both Jack and his family on the ground and for the giants in the sky. He gives the legend an original back-story - why did Jack really sell the cow? Why do the giants really want to catch people? I was amazed that a middle grade book could draw me in [...]

    17. I loved Rump and Jack is a great follow-up. I especially enjoyed the connection made between the 2 stories, although Rump himself does not appear in Jack I love how Liesl Shurtliff reimagines these classic tales and makes the characters relatable to the modern reader. The giant definitely lived up to his reputation of being heartless and violent at times but I cheered on Jack the small as he defeated the odds in a big way!

    18. This is another fun retelling of a fairy tale, expanding on the world created in Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin, with many characters reprising roles from that story, and characters introduced that could be in new stories.

    19. I read this book out loud to my boys. We read RUMP together so we were eager to get our hands on JACK. And what a fun read! My boys love humor, adventure and magic so this was right up their alley. But it's not just a kid's book, I loved it too. Highly recommend it for schools or those who love a well written book with high action, fantastic characters, and a creative spin on the classic tale.

    20. I had a really weird twist. I actually liked how the author tied the story in with Rump. It was really interesting to find out that the people in the first book were actually the giants and I was not expecting it. It also raised some questions for me. So is Jack an elf or normal sized? I really enjoyed this story and I hope others also check it out.

    21. This book is a twist on a classic fairytale, it's funny and enjoyable, if you like fairytales you'll like this book! It's around a U. Jack is supposed to be great because his seven greats grandfather was Jack the giant killer, he isn't though, but once his dad is stolen by a giant, he turns great!!

    22. This was action-packed! At first I was missing all of the humor from Rump but then I couldn't stop reading. Perfect length and lots of fun… Can't wait to hand it to all of my fractured fairy tale lovers! And can't wait for Red to come out in a few weeks!!!

    23. This was a wonderful adventure! I love how Shurtliff has opened herself up to the option to pen us a whole host of retellings all based in this world she has created. Well done!

    24. Very cute! Combined several fairytales into one story. Mentions of Rumpelstiltskin, Thumbelina and The Woman Who Lived in the Shoe.

    25. Another winner from Liesl Shurtliff!Jack has always known that he was named after an ancient ancestor--Jack the Giant Killer--and as such, there are great expectations on him as well. People in his day and age don't really believe in giants anymore, though. Jack's not sure what to believe. Until the day the sky rains dirt and 2 giants come down, completely wreaking havoc of his family's farm. They take his father with them when they go, along with the entire rest of the village, buildings and al [...]

    26. In some ways, I think I enjoyed this story the best of the bunch so far. It probably stayed truer to the original tales than the others as well. I love how Shurtliff weaves elements from other fairy tale lore into each story (Tom Thumb and Thumbelina in this case). She is also skilled at overlapping elements from the other stories while keeping each book a stand alone. I also liked that there was not nearly as much "potty" humor in this one. Readers don't need crass language and descriptions to [...]

    27. For me, this book was a 3 star. But as a grown adult reading a middle grade novel, I think the middle grade me would have loved this. I love this world that Liesl Shurtliff has built. I read Rump and it is still my favorite so far this year (out of 20 others I know it's January early to say favbut I've read a lot). I was so curious when I started reading to figure out how Rump's world fit into this one and I LOVED it. (view spoiler)[ The way the Giants are the people of Rump's world and they are [...]

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