Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer

A stirring collection of poems and spirituals, accompanied by stunning collage illustrations, recollects the life of Fannie Lou Hamer, a champion of equal voting rights I am sick and tired of being sick and tired Despite fierce prejudice and abuse, even being beaten to within an inch of her life, Fannie Lou Hamer was a champion of civil rights from the 1950s until her deA stirring collection of poems and spirituals, accompanied by stunning collage illustrations, recollects the life of Fannie Lou Hamer, a champion of equal voting rights I am sick and tired of being sick and tired Despite fierce prejudice and abuse, even being beaten to within an inch of her life, Fannie Lou Hamer was a champion of civil rights from the 1950s until her death in 1977 Integral to the Freedom Summer of 1964, Ms Hamer gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention that, despite President Johnson s interference, aired on national TV news and spurred the nation to support the Freedom Democrats Featuring luminous mixed media art both vibrant and full of intricate detail, Singing for Freedom celebrates Fannie Lou Hamer s life and legacy with an inspiring message of hope, determination, and strength.
Voice of Freedom Fannie Lou Hamer A stirring collection of poems and spirituals accompanied by stunning collage illustrations recollects the life of Fannie Lou Hamer a champion of equal voting rights I am sick and tired of being si

  • Title: Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer
  • Author: Carole Boston Weatherford Ekua Holmes
  • ISBN: 9780763665319
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. **** Caldecott Honor (2016) ****I suspect that despite all the numerous and well deserved awards and accolades for it, Voice of Freedom, will be a regularly challenged for exclusion in schools and libraries. Not because of the message it sends, but because of the language it uses. "e police told me to shut up They just kept beating me, the jailers telling me, You nigger bitch, we're gonna make you wish you were dead. Through the pain, I quoted Scripture." -pp.21 The Beating The two expletive wor [...]

    2. Powerful verse biography of Fannie Lou Hamer, a Civil Rights activist - beautifully illustrated. Must read/ must purchase!

    3. Outstanding biography of singer and civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer. With bold collage illustrations, her story is told through a series of deeply moving free verse poems that chronicles her life as well as gives insight to the struggles of the civil rights movement. The poems are deeply moving, honest, and authentic, capturing the brutality of the time period. A powerful picture book about a tumultuous period in American history.

    4. I'm usually not a fan of biographies with the subject speaking in first person, but this story of the Civil Rights Movement hero from Mississippi is excellent enough to negate that complaint. Weatherford's thoroughly documented narrative is told in verse and beautifully complemented with superb collage illustrations by Ekua Holmes.

    5. This biographical picture book is written in verse, singing the life of Fannie Lou Hamer, a woman who was at the heart of the civil rights movement. The book begins with Hamer’s childhood in Mississippi as the youngest of twenty children in a sharecropper family. She grew up working in the cotton fields, seeing it for the slavery that it was. School was only held for four months a year, because the children needed to work in the fields in order for their family to survive. Even in the early pa [...]

    6. This inspiring and much-needed account of the life of civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer is filled with details that will make readers' mouths drop open while also heightening their respect for those who fought so hard for civil rights decades ago. Born in 1917 to sharecroppers, Hamer was the youngest child in a family of 20 children. In a series of moving poems, the author takes readers back in time so that they can learn some of the lessons Hamer learned important life lessons from her mot [...]

    7. • How would you feel if you did not have a say in your life? Personal rights were stolen from you and decisions were made for you. Fannie Lou Hamer would not allow anyone to steal her voice. This book uses poetry to capture your heart and real life situations.• Teachers may use this for history, Reading lesson, English• Grades 4-7• Individual students will enjoy reading this book because it gives them poetry from real life situations• Small groups may work together to form a poem relat [...]

    8. In first person poetry, Fannie Lou Hamer tells her life story. The details are vivid and haunting, and she does a nice job of incorporating historical facts alongside her personal reflections.Collage illustrations are amaaaaaazing; this book is truly a treasure. An author's note, timeline, source notes, selected bibliography, audio recording, and online resources make up the back matter.I learned so much from reading Fannie Lou Hamer's story. Even readers who are well read in juvenile titles on [...]

    9. This is a great picturebook and, since it is written in first person, reads like an autobiography. The book outlines the life of Fannie Lou Hammer, from her birth as a sharecropper all the way to her contributions to the civil rights movement. Beautiful illustrations accompany the thorough text, which appears to be written in free verse.

    10. A perfect read for Martin Luther King Daye story of Fannie Lou Hammer's life and dedication to the civil rights movement. The illustrations are truly stunning and worthy of the 2016 Caldecott Honor recently bestowed upon it.

    11. This much-awarded book is told in the voice of Fannie Lou Hamer herself in a free verse format that includes many actual quotes from Hamer. Most of these quotations come from “An Oral History With Fannie Lou Hamer;” her biography; and her speeches. [The text of many of her speeches can be found here.] As the author explains in a Note at the end of the book, Fannie Lou Hamer was considered “the spirit, or the voice, of the civil rights movement.”Fannie Lou Hamer (nee Townsend) was born in [...]

    12. Wow! How is it that we haven't heard of this woman before?? or maybe it is that my age group of white people hasn't heard of her she was such a force to be reckoned with listened to and followed that her story should be told to many - and maybe it already is even though in a picture book format this is not a book for the very young graphic in description with beautiful illustrations

    13. There is a scope in this book that I hadn't imagined. From six years to death, Fannie Lou Hamer worked hard, first for the landowner where her family sharecropped, and then, defying danger, perhaps death, she worked for equal rights, for everyone's rightful place in the world. Those small things shared don't need expansion, but one could by reading more of the books given in the bibliography, or by looking through Carole Weatherford's timeline. Here are some lines that say much in only a few wor [...]

    14. A perfectly vivid portrayal of another women who we can't hold a candle to in terms of determination and drive to see things through. Fannie Lou Hamer endured heartbreak when she was sterilized, she fought back through the injustice of the voter registration process, continued to run for office when it was denied to her, and cultivated beautiful relationships with her husband, children, lawmakers, religious change-makers among others to affect change when it was denied to her so many times. This [...]

    15. Fannie Lou Hamer is a true hero of the Civil Rights Movement and her story can't be told enough. She endured more hardship and heartache than any one person should go through, but she did it all with spirit, conviction, and hope for a better future. Carole Boston Weatherford's poetry is lovely and Ekua Holmes's artwork is divine. For older picture book readers, say 10+.

    16. This book is about the life of Fannie Lou Hamer a civil rights activist. She lived this awful life full of trials, but she never stopped working.This book was very good, very sad but good. She lived a truly inspiring life.I would use this book in class when talking about tolerance and history.

    17. Not only was this book educational friendly, but the use of artwork was so vibrant! According to Russel chapter three, "children identify with characters like themselves" (106). This book is about Fannie Lou Hammer's life and legacy. She dropped out of school to help her family support themselves, she was very knowledgable, and was apart of the civil rights movement. She worked very hard for racial equality and sometimes children might feel they can relate to Fannie or feel inspired by her coura [...]

    18. It's hard for me to say I loved this book when there's so much injustice. I did not LOVE the oppression. I was inspired by how men and women despite oppression and inequality do NOT give up on fighting for freedom. They did not the oppressors tell them this was all there was. They knew there was something more. Educators: Be aware of racial slurs and derogatory language towards women.

    19. 2016 Reading ChallengePoetry3.25 starsI am going to put this in my reading challenge under poetry. I could also use it asFamous Personbut reading books about famous people is easy. Poetry can be tougher. This isn't a poetry book but it is written in poetry form. It doesn't rhyme but it has all the elements!I like the information about Fannie Lou Hamer. It is important to learn about these amazing people-willing to stand up for what is right! Especially during MLK Month! Honoring our Black Brothe [...]

    20. 1) This book is filled with poems and illustrations that portray the triumphs and trials of Fannie Lou Hamer's upbringing and also a celebration for her being the champion of equal voting rights. Fannie Lou Hamer is not near as well known as Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks, but she is still very important. Hamer grew up as the 20th child of Mississippi sharecroppers, and worked in the fields all day. However she wanted to find a way for black people to have something to show for how they al [...]

    21. It was neat to read this right about the same time I read March: Book Three as Fannie Lou Hamer was part of the Civil Rights Movement and was featured in March. This contains poetry that introduce us to Hamer's life and her fight for civil rights. She was brave and eloquent and able to overcome some heartbreaking situations! The illustrations are amazing! And I enjoyed the poetry.I was especially touched by the poem Africa. She had never seen a black pilot before going to Africa and was saddened [...]

    22. “(Mama) told me, ‘I want you to respect yourself as a Black child, as you get older, you respect yourself as a Black woman. If you respect yourself enough, other people will have to respect you.’” (Page 5). These words are on the one of the first few pages in the book, “Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer,” and they set the tone and message for the rest of the book. This is a multiple award winning text, and was recommended through the ALCS webpage, as a 2016 Caldecott Honors winner. [...]

    23. Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer is an informational, non fiction, and biography that follows the life of Fannie Lou Hamer, a civil rights activist. This book is composed of free versed poems that details the hardships Fannie faced as a child until she was an adult. Voice of Freedom allows the reader to see slavery, segregation and the civil rights movement through a female perspective, as she had to fight even harder to gain the rights that black men had. Although she had to face many pitfall [...]

    24. Voice of Freedom is a great upper level (grades 3-5) picture book in the informational or biographical genre. The book tells the story of Fannie Lou Hamer and her role in the civil rights movement, as the "voice of freedom." Written in the dialect she spoke from her perspective, the powerful picture book tells her story. Starting with her humble beginnings and telling the story of her life and involvement in the civil rights movement, the book gives the reader a personal perspective of an import [...]

    25. 1) Book summary, in your own words (3 pts)-This book is about the life of Fannie Lou Hamer, a civil rights activist who fought for freedom, justice, and equal rights for African Americans. She also worked to improve the life of poverty students and opened a Head Start to help students get ahead by receiving an education. This book is through the eyes of Fannie, but it is not an autobiography. Through the book, students will learn about the injustices that African Americans faced and the Jim Crow [...]

    26. Source: alaVoice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer is given the Caldecott Honor and the Coretta Scott King Award. Carole Boston Weatherford presents Fannie Lou Hamer's life as told by Fannie. The language used within the text as if Hamer were telling the story. The Weatherford's careful craft to give Hamer a voice, in the proper dialect, throughout the book furthers the authenticity. Hamer tells the story of her life in chronological order. She shares what her life was like growing up and how the opp [...]

    27. I picked this up on the heels of the youth media announcements yesterday, which included nods from the Coretta Scott King, Sibert, and Caldecott committees, and each honor was much deserved. The story of Hamer's life comes through beautifully in verse that frankly addresses the struggles of her life, including sharecropping, poverty, and fighting for voting and civil rights. Many of these topics require sensitivity, but the short episodic poems mixed with the collage style illustrations create a [...]

    28. Text: 5 starsIllustrations: 5 starsA moving picture book biography of civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, told in poetry. Full of determination, grit, and inspiration. Direct quotes from Fannie Lou Hamer are deftly woven into the poems using italicized text, and cited in the back of the book. Many real-life historical events are woven into the text, making this an excellent classroom resource. Powerful collage illustrations complement the text beautifully. Because the poems really speak the [...]

    29. Oh do I love a story about fairness. My first thought reading was "What a wonderful book to tell the story of the Civil Rights Movement!" Perfect for middle school students. And there in lies the rub. Who is this book for? I want it for everyone, but everyone is not going to read it. The illustrations are profound. The language is brilliant, yet who will read it. It's not a quick read. My first thought was that eighth grade social studies teachers could read it to put the Civil Right Movement in [...]

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