The Butterfly Club

Tina is a triplet, but she s always been the odd one out Her sisters Phil and Maddie are bigger and stronger and better at just about everything Luckily, they look after teeny tiny Tina wherever they go but when the girls start in scary, super strict Miss Lovejoy s class, they re split up, and Tina has to fend for herself for the first time.Tina is horrified when she sTina is a triplet, but she s always been the odd one out Her sisters Phil and Maddie are bigger and stronger and better at just about everything Luckily, they look after teeny tiny Tina wherever they go but when the girls start in scary, super strict Miss Lovejoy s class, they re split up, and Tina has to fend for herself for the first time.Tina is horrified when she s paired up with angry bully Selma, who nobody wants to be friends with But when Miss Lovejoy asks them to help her create a butterfly garden in the school playground, Tina discovers she doesn t always need her sisters and that there s a lot to Selma than first meets the eye.A beautiful, heartwarming story about friendship, confidence and becoming your own person, from the mega bestselling author of Tracy Beaker, Hetty Feather and Sleepovers.
The Butterfly Club Tina is a triplet but she s always been the odd one out Her sisters Phil and Maddie are bigger and stronger and better at just about everything Luckily they look after teeny tiny Tina wherever they

  • Title: The Butterfly Club
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson Nick Sharratt
  • ISBN: 9780857533173
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Jacqueline Wilson is a best-selling author for children, though that is no guarantee of an enjoyable reading experience. Since I’ve noticed girls enjoying her books, I decided to give one a shot. This one turned out to be a great read aloud choice for me and my daughter, who is going into second grade.It’s a quiet story. From the start, my daughter was completely absorbed by the simple, everyday intricacies of Tina’s life, because the writing is detailed and full of voice. I was sometimes [...]

    2. Almost 20 and I still love Jacqueline's books! This one is just as brilliant as the others, especially the cameo from a certain other book of hers ;)

    3. I have literally read every single one of Jacqueline's books. I have loved her writing since I was in primary school and I am now 26. This book did not have an appropriate ending. Wilson usually writes excellent books for children that contain serious issues such as parents going through divorce or children being neglected. Because of this her books can be read and enjoyed by adults also. The endings are always very real and there is always some hope that any children involved with bad circumsta [...]

    4. Let me say first This was from first reads.What great book , the cover is beautiful you can get it as present for little girl, the pics are funny and very nicely done. When the book arrived my two boys fought over it, one read couple chapters ,then the other read some. but my younger one stopped reading because he is more into action and he is fussy about what to read( and I think it was longer than he can handle, he is 6). But my 8 year old loved it , he said it was funny and great read.I read [...]

    5. Imagine being a triplet but being a lot smaller than your two siblings - this is Tina. She always has her sisters to look out for her so when they move into a new class and are sat separately she doesn't know how she will cope especially when the class bully has to sit next to her. But the teacher is resolute and won't let the triplets sit together and she encourages Tina and the bully to work with her on building a butterfly garden & they begin to enjoy the time they spend together

    6. I received this book as part of a giveaway.As a lifelong fan of Jacqueline Wilson, I was absolutely starstruck to win a copy of The Butterfly Club for reviewing. I've been reading her books since I was six years old!The Butterfly Club is yet another Wilson masterpiece; brilliantly written, very accessible, just a joy to read.The book deals with issues such as family, friendship, illness, confidence, school, bullying, socio-economic issues, abuse the list goes on, but Wilson knits the story toge [...]

    7. Picked this up at a train station charity shelf in Liverpool for 50p! Unfortunately, this is one of Wilson's books that doesn't translate well to US culture. Selma's bullying of Tina goes unpunished, and they become friends. Selma's mother and step father are abusive in ways that would call for the intervention of children's services here, especially once Tina's mother knows about it and her teacher suspects it. Also, Tina is a very immature 3rd grader, but the book is very long. For third grade [...]

    8. Butterfly ClubI chose this rating for a very good reason. It is a fantastic book with ups and downs all along the road. I would recommend such a book cause of its great impact to any kid between 9-14

    9. It's been a while since I read one of Jacqueline Wilson's books. I went through a phase of them when I got access to a new library (I say that like I was a burglar, but trust me I was legitimate and had a ticket and everything). They had shelves and shelves full of Jacqueline Wilson's work, and it was a heady rush to get to read them all. Wilson is one of the great dames of British children's literature and one that exists in a curious absence. It is an absence that characterises both her and si [...]

    10. Tina es la más pequeña de sus hermanas, aunque sean trillizas. Esto, a causa de una enfermedad del corazón que padece que le ha impedido alcanzar la talla de sus hermanas, así como participar en actividades extenuantes, al mismo tiempo que le ha confinado en cama varias veces en su vida, por lo que es sobreprotegida por su familia, especialmente su madre y hermanas. Pero cuando cumple siete años y entra a otro año escolar, su nueva profesora la obliga a separarse de sus hermanas y sentarse [...]

    11. I have always loved reading Jaqueline Wilson books and although I am now an adult I still enjoy reading her books. The Butterfly Club is now one of my favourite books of hers as I think it was a lovely story and I'm sure completely relatable for so many children. The story is about Tina who is a triplet with her sisters Phil and Maddie. She has always had them by her side to look out for her and help her but when they move up a year at school their new teachers Miss Lovejoy wants Tina to become [...]

    12. ReviewThe Butterfly Club is a really good book and a really good story on making new friends. With some nice and mean characters. It is a really good animal story too with lots of illustrations. But will small Tina be able to cope with mean Selma and Kay-Leigh, will Mrs Lovejoy easy down on Tina or will she just have to fend for herself for the next year.My personal favourite part is when Bully Selma takes a rough turn, will it stay permanently that way. Another part is when her Mum gets a bit w [...]

    13. This is a book for little kids, maybe for around 7-9 year olds. It's more for girls than for boys. Although it is intended for younger children, it is quite a big book - 300+ pages. It has easy text and lots of pictures though, so it should still be pretty easy. The Butterfly Club is about a girl called Tina who is a triplet. Her two sisters are called Phil and Maddie (short for Philippa and Madeleine). Tina is asked to create a butterfly garden in the school grounds by her teacher, Miss Lovejoy [...]

    14. I was lucky enough to receive this in a giveaway. I'm addicted to Jacqueline Wilson but usually sneak a read in bookshops or pick her books up in charity shops. (At 37, paying full price for a hardback I'll finish in an hour seems a little self-indulgent.)The Butterfly Club is aimed at younger readers - protagonist Tina has just turned 7, along with her triplet siblings Philippa and Madeleine - but is satisfyingly chunky. Unlike some of Wilson's works for slightly older children, nothing too te [...]

    15. I was lucky enough to win a copy of The Butterfly Club through First Reads.I grew up on Jaqueline Wilson books, and even had the joy of meeting her a few times as a child, so when I saw this book up for giveaway I couldn't help my inner 8 year old applying to win; especially when I saw Ruby and Garnet from Double Act were making a cameo appearance!The book is aimed for primary school children, the protagonists are 7, so I would say that's the sort of age readers would be best able to appreciate [...]

    16. This book is probably my favourite children's standalone of the year. Before I started reading it I thought ,"Being inside a 7 year old's head?". Now here's the thing: Whenever I read to my little 4 year old cousin she always fidgets and runs away and just acts like she's got worms in her knickers. I read her the first chapter and she sat perfectly still listening and looking at the illustrations. I had to leave my auntie's house and she literally started crying because I couldn't continue on wi [...]

    17. *spoiler warning*OHHHH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF THAT CAMEO AT THE END EEEEEP I'M ALMOST IN TEARS!!!!!!!!!For someone who has grown up reading Jacqueline Wilson books, that cameo was honestly the most moving, spine-tingling thing ever and it means so much to me and wow I'm finding it hard to write properly just now!!Selma is perhaps one of my most favourite Jacqueline Wilson characters yet. I wish her story had been resolved a little more as I'm feeling a little w [...]

    18. It only took me four days to read this book because I was so addicted to the book. Its a lovely story about some triplets named Tina, Madeleine and Phillipa (Maddie and Phil for short) Tina was ill when she was born and she had to have a new heart so she's smaller and weaker than her sisters. She's not allowed to do any contact sports. But when its her first day at junior school, the new teacher who is called Miss Lovejoy, sits Tina's sister on completely different tables but she puts next to a [...]

    19. I'd say ths is one of my preferred books by Jacqueline Wilson as most of her others fit into set categories and can seem a bit samey. This book however, despite being told from the pont of view of a seven-year-old, is more original and she has never written a book like this before.I especially enjoy how her characters flourish throughout the book and Tina learns to live slightly further away from her siisters, Maddie and phil.So yeah, I thought ths book was very enjoyable and made a change from [...]

    20. WonderfulI chose five stars because I loved this book. It was very amazing, different topics at different times, surprises and I have learned a lot even though I am currently learning about butterflies at school. I would recommend this book to anyone who is aged 0-100 (for anyone) Why are you still reading this GO BUY THE BOOK worth the money!By Lauren, age 9 (Jessica is my mum

    21. You can't beat a good Jacqueline Wilson book. I'm way past the age demographic for this book but I thought it was brilliant. I loved the way friendship was described and the issue of bullying. I even teared up at one bit.

    22. I've been reading Jacqueline Wilson's books since I was 9 years old, now I'm double that age, and I enjoyed this book as much as any of her other stories! I just loved Tina and Selma and all the characters. And the butterflies of course! Also, the Ruby and Garnet bit was such a lovely surprise!

    23. This was a good book. The reason I only gave it two stars was because the plot was good, the dialogue was good and everything was good. There was nothing that stood out different or better than all the other books. Other books that I have read by her were much better, they grabbed my attention.

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