Throw Like a Woman

Forty years old, divorced, with two sons on the verge of adolescence and an ex husband who considers visitation to be optional, Brenda Haversham isn t having a whole lot of fun She s also no longer qualified for the work she loves, so she s working in a cubicle instead while trying to make ends meet.Brenda is short on money, short on connection with her kids, and short onForty years old, divorced, with two sons on the verge of adolescence and an ex husband who considers visitation to be optional, Brenda Haversham isn t having a whole lot of fun She s also no longer qualified for the work she loves, so she s working in a cubicle instead while trying to make ends meet.Brenda is short on money, short on connection with her kids, and short on any kind of social life The only thing Brenda has in abundance is her anger And that turns out to be her greatest asset.When she was a kid, Brenda s father taught her how to throw a good fastball That wasn t of much use to a girl, but it is enough to astound onlookers at a test your speed pitching cage before a Cleveland Indians game The Brenda pictures her ex husband s face on the other end, the harder she throws And when someone tapes her performance and puts it up online, Brenda becomes an Internet sensation and then than that.Soon, the Indians come calling and Brenda finds her life taking a turn in a new direction She finds herself standing on the mound as the first woman player in Major League history and dealing with everything that comes with it The money is great and the endorsement deals are even better The fury of traditionalists, not so much And the conflicting emotions of her teammates are even harder to manage.Meanwhile, Brenda s home life is evolving faster than she can keep up, redefining her role as a mother, a friend, and even a lover.As the season winds down Brenda will find out if she has what it takes to be a winner at both baseball and life.A funny, poignant, and endearing debut from a writer of rare warmth and humanity, Throw like a Woman is a 95 mile an hour heater of a novel.
Throw Like a Woman Forty years old divorced with two sons on the verge of adolescence and an ex husband who considers visitation to be optional Brenda Haversham isn t having a whole lot of fun She s also no longer qu

  • Title: Throw Like a Woman
  • Author: Susan Petrone
  • ISBN: 9781611881998
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Throw Like a Woman”

    1. I picked up this book to read because the title intrigued me. It still does. What would happen if a woman became a pitcher in a major league baseball team? What a great idea for a novel! It may never happen, but who knows? The story was perfect - a lot of baseball, some family, some romance and lots of action! The character, Brenda, was a woman I could admire for taking so much on. And the baseball talk, particularly in the middle of winter, made me wish for spring and going to a KC Royals game [...]

    2. If one were to write a novel about a warrior who somehow entered a walled and fortified city, and sought to function within that city, the first question the writer would have to answer is: How did the hero manage to enter the fortress? A fortress which for nearly two centuries was closed to the hero’s tribe. A fortress whose defenders perhaps catapulted boulders down upon the hero’s tribe if it drew too near. If not boulders, then vats of boiling oil.The seriousness with which a writer atte [...]

    3. I had no idea until I read this that women were actually banned from baseball in 1952 by a Ford Frick. What a fricker. ;) I had realized there were no women in MLB and had wondered why and thought it was because of body types/strength, but it's really just men have irrational fears about women. Don't they always?This is by far the best woman-in-baseball novel I've read and I have attempted to read a few others. It's fun, funny, full of realism, features a heroine every woman can relate to, has a [...]

    4. Full disclosure: Susan is a friend, so I was prepared to like the book. But within two chapters I was way past that and immersed in Brenda's world and struggles. Susan knows baseball well, and that knowledgermeates every scene. The characters are full-bodied, the pace sharp, and the ending resonant.

    5. Review originally posted on my blog livinglifewithjoyLiving in Southern California, this feels like one of the most appropriate books you could pick up right now. There’s a ripple of excitement all around me as baseball season kicks off. I’ll be completely honest and let you know straight off the bat that I’m not the biggest baseball fan. I don’t have anything against it really, more along the lines of not being a major fan. I’m more of a hockey girl. Regardless if you’re a baseball [...]

    6. I’ll admit that I decided to give this one a go because I was that girl many, many, many moons ago who played softball and daydreamed just tiny bit about what it would be like to play in the MLB so my curiosity was piqued to see how this particular story would play out and I wasn’t disappointed at all. Throw Like a Woman isn’t your typical Cinderella type story, while there is a happy ending, the book gives you what I think is a realistic and honest look at what could possibly happen if a [...]

    7. XXX I received this book as a Giveaway from Susan Petrone I began reading it after I watched the Ticker Tape Parade in New York for the World Champ Women's Soccer Team - YEAH! Within a page or two, I was hooked. Thank you for sharing this novel with me, Ms. Petrone. Brenda Haversham is Everymom. And EverySingleMom. She is every woman out there who buried their childhood dreams and chose to be a parent instead. For a whole lot of us, it was a choice - and not always an easy one. I loved this sto [...]

    8. I was fortunate enough to get an ARC of this book. I loved it! I'm not a baseball fan in particular, but you don't have to be to thoroughly enjoy this story. It's not a story about baseball really but the story of a woman of middle age coming to terms with where she is at in her life (divorced, mother of 2), what she wants and also re-discovering a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. It is a struggle that many women share, myself included. It would make a great movie!!Throw Like a Woman

    9. This is a great story! The baseline story is about a middle age woman that is drafted by a Major League Baseball team as a pitcher. The book follows her victory as well as every defeat - be it by her own family or fellow team members. This book if full of poignant stories about what the experience does to her life (and those around her). It also addresses her anger and the feeling of inadequacy that she feels as a mother.A good read!

    10. My husband reads to me in the car each weekday during our commute. I honestly could not wait to get behind the wheel so I could listen to Brenda Haversham's story. She's quite the heroine. On the surface, it's a story about a woman pitching in the major leagues, but it's really about Brenda appreciating her strength and her gifts--wherever they take her. The scenes in the clubhouse and on the fields with her mostly disgusting male teammates are hilarious. I can't wait for the movie!

    11. A woman a 40 year old woman drafted to pitch in baseball majors after her utube video of her pitching noticedyes stand up & cheer Delicious book for baseball fans for all women with dreams add a touch of romance .Anyone looking for a good read a book that will stay on your mind after you finish grab this book

    12. A Whole New Level of BraveOne of my favorite sports is baseball. I’m not a die-hard fanatic of the sport, but thoroughly enjoyed reading “Throw like A Woman,” because of the realistic angle it portrayed. It featured Brenda Haversham as a strong female who reached for a goal not many people would have the guts to pursue: a career in Major League Baseball.Brenda isn’t any female lead character. She’s motivated, intelligent, and older, with two rambunctious boys and an ex who chooses not [...]

    13. 4.5 stars! Loved it. Read it in one sitting. Review:This is not my usual genre, but I’m a sports and Ohio fan, so thought I'd give it a try, and I’m so glad I did.It was funny—loved the sports zingers—with a little bit of romance, and painted what I think is an accurate portrayal of what would happen if a woman not only tried out for a major league baseball franchise but actually made the team.I couldn't put it down and ended up unintentionally reading it in one sitting—all night long, [...]

    14. Brenda Haversham is a forty-year-old divorced mother of two boys who is struggling to make ends meet. She's working in an insurance company, having abandoned her art and her graphic design career when she married. She's never played baseball except with her sons and, long ago, with her late father.But her father taught her to throw a mean fastball. And curveball. And sinker. And a few other pitches.On a Little League outing with her sons to a Cleveland Indians game, she takes a turn in the pitch [...]

    15. I love sports stories, baseball, romance and a well resolved story with problems. I got it all with Susan Petrone's novel, Throw Like a Woman.This was women's fiction at it's finest. It was easy to relate and empathize with a hard working single mom -- her anger over a cheating husband, an ended marriage, and trying to re-establish a family of three from four. Anger was Brenda Haversham's defining word.This story was told in a realistic fashion upset would the world of baseball and men only spor [...]

    16. This book wouldn't have been my first choice to read since I usually read historically based fiction and romance, but I'm glad I read it. The concept of a woman pitching in the major leagues is a novel idea. I found the characters very engaging and highly recommend reading it.Brenda Haversham is a divorced 40 year old mother of 2 boys.When she was a kid, Brenda's father taught her how to throw a good fastball. That wasn't of much use to a girl, but it is enough to astound onlookers at a "test yo [...]

    17. A true-feeling story about an improbable series of events that breaks the gender barrier in professional baseball. If you like baseball you'll find much to like here. If you love baseball (even if you are a guy) you will love the inside baseball accuracy and deep heart of this novel by someone who knows the game as well as anyone - but who also has lived a life. Susan Petrone achieves an unassisted triple play of great story, enough spot-on sports data and lingo to satisfy, and a diverse cast of [...]

    18. This was an amazing adventure about breaking the gender barrier in baseball. About how when you are first (just ask Jackie Robinson), you are almost expected to fail. The only way to shut up your haters is to do your job (iehitting or pitching the ball). I love how when Brenda finally loses her control freak tendencies, is when she actually finds she is in more control. A great book, not just for Cleveland Indians fans, and not just for women. For anyone who thinks if you are a great athlete, yo [...]

    19. I have just finished reading this book and it is one of the funniest books I have read!!!! I just couldn't stop laughing especially when she plays pranks on the guys like a thanks for the joke you played on me!!!!! Pretty cool for a girl to be playing Major League Baseball!!!

    20. The whole book, from premise to conclusion, is fresh and believable. Susan has really hit a home run with this book! The bits where the sportscasters are talking are particularly true-to-life. I completely recommend this book.

    21. I am a 55 year old male. I thoroughly enjoyed Throw Like a Woman by Susan Petrone and recommend it anyone who enjoys a well-written story of triumph. If you like baseball, you’ll love it even more, but you can enjoy this book even if you’re not a fan of the national past time. The book explores themes of feminism, and they’re handled well, without a sledge hammer. The trials of Petrone’s hero, Brenda Haversham, are quite believable. You will yourself empathizing with Brenda, whether you [...]

    22. Susan Petrone hits a grand slam with this fast, real and fascinating novel. Baseball provides the background as she tells the tale of Brenda Haversham, a single mom struggling to raise two boys after separating from her disaffected husband Ed. Oh, did I mention she can pitch a baseball from the mound at 82 MPH? This novel is a treat for baseball lovers and newbies alike. "Discovered" by baseball pros when a YouTube videos surfaces of her practice pitching as a lark in the baseball cage at a Clev [...]

    23. How cool would it be to be in the stands cheering for 40-something, single-mom Brenda Haversham who's on the pitcher's mound for her beloved Cleveland Indians?Pretty cool, I have to say.But even better was cozying up on the couch and immersing myself in the imperfect, messy life of that same woman. From between the covers of Susan Petrone's novel, Throw Like a Woman, you will discover the whole drama which encompasses Brenda's sudden rise from mom-who-pitches-to-her-sons-in-the-yard towell a pit [...]

    24. While you're waiting for the season opener, join Brenda Haversham, a recently divorced mother who is lives in an inner ring Cleveland suburb. Her graphic art skills are outdated and she works in data entry, barely making ends meet. She's rich in anger though, mostly for her cheating ex who may or may not show up for his bi-weekly afternoons with his two sons. When Brenda throws an impressive 82 mph pitch at a Cleveland Indians ballpark concourse game, she's filmed by bystanders and soon becomes [...]

    25. I absolutely loved this book, and I didn't expect to, which is maybe why I gave it 5 stars. It's one that I have had for awhile, and put off reading because, to be honest, I am not a baseball fan. And I figured I would need to be to really love this book. But that is not a prerequisite at all! I loved the main character, and I felt like her struggles were real. I love the relationship with her kids and her mother. The whole book just felt kind of like an old pair of jeans- comfortable to slip in [...]

    26. All first novelists are told to write about what they know best. This is Susan Petrone's debut novel, and these are the things she seems to know a lot about: writing, because this is an amazing first novel; baseball, because she writes with insight about the game; family, because her insights into raising two boys as a single mom add dimension to her main character, Brenda Haversham; relationships, dealing with a horse's ass of an ex-husband, and a budding romance with a sports commentator.Most [...]

    27. Truly enjoyed this novel! Brenda is recently divorced, trying to support herself and 2 boys, after having been out of the workforce since she became a mother. Working a clerical type job pays the bills, but not much else. When she attends an Indians game with her boys and their baseball team, she's challenged by her younger son to throw a pitch at the test your speed cage. When she hits 82 mph, everyone is amazed and unbeknownst to Brenda, someone is videotaping it. That ends up going viral and [...]

    28. The combination of baseball and a strong, independent woman drew me into this book. Although, I like going to baseball games, I don't enjoy reading all the details of the game. Each time the baseball part of the story started to drag for me, Susan Petrone would bring in more about Brenda's personal life, which kept me reading.The cast of characters ( and there are many ) in this book, reacted to a woman playing baseball as I would expect them to.Even though there was not an abundance of foul lan [...]

    29. Ms. Petrone has written a gem of a novel, one sure to please baseball fans in general and those who think women belong in organized baseball in particular. Her heroine discovers a hidden talent for throwing a fastball with uncommon speed and accuracy, which leads her down a path to sudden fame and eventual romance.I'd recommend this novel without reservation to any baseball fan. It would make a very good gift for a young woman just starting to make her way in the world. It will help her understa [...]

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