Another erotic tale from the team that brought you Stirred Up, NYT, USA Today Best Selling authors Angela Graham and S.E.Hall One lonely woman One mysterious man Not all secret admirers write poetry.As intrigued and aroused as she is frightened and appalled by the continuous stream of profound yet perverse letters arriving in her office mailbox, shy wallfloAnother erotic tale from the team that brought you Stirred Up, NYT, USA Today Best Selling authors Angela Graham and S.E.Hall One lonely woman One mysterious man Not all secret admirers write poetry.As intrigued and aroused as she is frightened and appalled by the continuous stream of profound yet perverse letters arriving in her office mailbox, shy wallflower Amelia Hill, thinks she s going insane Notes turn to text messages, luring her to meet the elusive stranger in a room as dark and hidden as his intentions Once there, Amelia realizes gut instincts should be heard louder than the deceptive call of temptation Will one night be enough, or too much Erotic stand alone No cliffy 32,000 Words
Packaged Another erotic tale from the team that brought you Stirred Up NYT USA Today Best Selling authors Angela Graham and S E Hall One lonely woman One mysterious man Not all secret admirers write poetry A

  • Title: Packaged
  • Author: AngelaGraham S.E. Hall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. No sé ni que nota darle. La historia empezó bien aunque "siniestra". Era pasable incluso interesante, original y diferente pero empezó a llegar a un punto que era SINIESTRA estilo "me estás dando un yuyu que se me están poniendo los pelos como escarpias". Adiviné rápidamente quién era el acosador, las autoras dieron pistas sutiles pero fáciles de entender pero ese final con Mabry siendo una perra cabrona no tenía mucho sentido tampoco. El final-final como digo yo, también fue soso y r [...]

    2. So, you see that vague synopsis up above. I am pretty sure that it is vague because the lovely ladies who wrote this crazy good erotic short do not want to spoil it for you. So, I will not be telling you much about what this book is about because even if I told you the smallest detail it might ruin it for you. I have read every single S.E. Hall book and Angela Graham book including their two part novella, Stirred Up, (which I loved hard) but nothing quite prepared me for Packaged.I was certainly [...]

    3. Packaged is a new erotic short by Se Hall and Angela Graham and boy was it HOT and Sexy! I absolutely loved their previous collaboration of Stirred Up and knew that I would just as much enjoy this one too! "The man's considerate, hot as hell . . . and I'm two drinks and one sip in. And let's not forget I'm closing in on fifteen months." Without giving anything away (cause boy do you want to be surprised)I will say that this was not what I was expecting but I went into this story completely blind [...]

    4. 6-WELL-DELIVERED STARS! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐PACKAGED WELL DELIVERED from SE Hall and Angela Graham! quick·ie \ˈkwi-kē\noun : something that is done very quickly: an act of sexual intercourse that is done in a very short amount of timean·tic·i·pa·tion \(ˌ)an-ˌti-sə-ˈpā-shən\noun: a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen: the act of preparing for something—this is the definition of quickie and anticipation from Merriam-Webster whic [...]

    5. Whoa! Excuse me while I finish fanning myself, it's still a bit hot in here. 5 stars!S.E. Hall is on my list of "I will read anything she writes" authors and I have definitely enjoyed Angela's books before as well. However, novellas make me nervous because I'm not always a fan. You don't get the same character or story development which means an author doesn't have much time to hook you, keep your interest and then satisfy you with the ending.I am very happy to give this novella 5 stars. I was i [...]

    6. I was given a ARC in exchange for my honest review.Well well well. Angela and Steph have done it AGAIN. These bitches are amazing. Seriously. Together they are the Batman and Robin of writing. The dynamic duo for sure. Stirred Up was AMAZING and hot. But Packaged was even hotter and had even more twists and turns and surprises around every corner. It was hot and intriguing from the start. Amelia is getting these love/stalker notes and she starts to reply and then she realizes maybe he isn't all [...]

    7. SE Hall and Angela Graham have done it AGAIN!!!! This book had me hooked from beginning to end, and i had to read ALL OF IT in one sitting!These two authors should write more together, because it was that great. If you read Stirred Up 1 & 2 by these two, you will know what i am talking about, and for me, Packaged was on another level again! Add this book to your TBR and when it comes out. ONE CLICK IT! you will NOT be disappointedC given for honest review and review given on behalf of D& [...]

    8. I was so excited to read this book and it did not let me down. I loved everything about it. The mysterious letters and who could the person be. It was Hot and i could not put it down. SE Hall and Angela Graham did a fantastic job. I can not wait to read the next book from these two. Go one click this baby tomorrow. You will not be disappointed

    9. Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.Wow, S.E. Hall and Angela Graham have done it again with Packaged! This book is a short quick, but super hot read! I was so excited to see this one appear on my Kindle and dove right in. I loved this book and could not put it down!Packaged is HOT and will have you guessing through out the entire book on who this mystery man is, and once you find out, OMG! I did not want this story to end, and even though I loved it, I want more!If you’ [...]

    10. I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review.Once again, SE Hall and Angela Graham have teamed up to give us another steamy short read. I love how the storyline unfolds and you are kept guessing, right up until the very end. In the first few chapters, I was wondering where the heck this plot was taking me. If you've read anything by either of these authors, you know it's best to just hold on and enjoy the ride (and holy bananas, what a ride!). There is one scene in particular. woah HOT d [...]

    11. SE Hall and Angela Graham teaming up again? Don't mind if I do. And I'm so happy I did. They "packaged" this one quite lovely. This book was so hot and panty melting, I read it in one sitting. Elliott said and did some very noteworthy things that would make any woman with a pulse, squirm in her panties. This is a quick, hot, erotic, sexy definite must read. I would have loved to keep reading all the different ways he played with Amelia. Now, let's see if I can find myself an Elliott.

    12. "This isn't romance. It's f**king, and it's incredible."That quote. Right there, is how I feel about this Erotic Quickie. Angela Graham & S.E Hall are amazing as individuals, but writing as a duo? Blows my freaking mind!This novella was HOT and DEFINITELY got the feels flowing! *wink*I loved seeing the gang from Stirred Up in here and can not wait for HANDLED!!! Girls, I bow downLEGENDS!!

    13. Angela Graham & SE Hall did it again. this is one of my top reads this year. I got sucked in wanting to know more and who ''yours" is? The mystery behind it all was great!

    14. Eeeek, I have been waiting to read this ever since I found out S.E Hall and Angela Graham were writing another novella together. And it did NOT disappoint! Angela and Steph have done it AGAIN. I was hooked by the storyline as soon as I read it. Packaged was hot and intriguing. Amelia is getting these love/stalker notes at work. They were funny, sweet and sexy. She doesn't know whether to be creeped out or turned on. I felt the same way she did because some of the notes were HOT but then again sh [...]

    15. SE Hall and Angela Graham have definitely delivered on their co-writing capabilities once again! Packaged, notated as an Erotic Quickie is just that, quick and erotic! This story line brings you a touch of mystery, entertaining and witty character banter, and the erotic scenes fuel you continue cover to cover! This lil' novella is PACKED with heat and makes you want more and more! "This isn't romance. It's f**king, and it's incredible." That is the downright honest straight to the point review o [...]

    16. What can I say bout this book? Well it's brilliant! The whole storyline is very unique, unlike any I've read before. These 2 authors have done it again coming together and creating amazing work!

    17. Hot damn, these are just getting better! Review to come**FULL REVIEW**“My heart is in fact racing, and like the masochistic degenerate I feel, my panties are drenched. Does he want to hurt me? Am I an unhealthy obsession for a crazed, still-lives-with-his-mother lunatic, or a sexy, shy, and obviously linguistically advanced professional?”Everyone loves a romantic letter…the jury is still out on the anonymous part. Amelia is the not only the object of a secret admirer’s affection, but als [...]

    18. Two fantastic authors, SE Hall and Angela Graham, collaborate together again and deliver us one heck of a package with this quick but hot read full of steamy yumminess and hot damn moments. "The things I long to do to you, for you, over and again. One day, it will be my name you scream until your throat burns and your voice goes hoarse""No Escape, Beauty""You're mine and I don't share""Is he the most callous bastard on the planet or simply perpetuating the allure in his enthralling game of slow [...]

    19. First I loved that I honestly really had no clue what this book was about going into it. The synopsis is so mysterious and I love that! Too many times we read a book with so many teasers and spoilers going into it that there's no element of surprise. Well, this one surprised me. For sure. It's panty-melting, heart racing, wild and crazy ride is one that I got sucked into and couldn't stop reading. Be prepared to fall in love and swoon because this erotic quickie is definitely erotic and oh so yu [...]

    20. When I heard these two amazing authors were doing another novella, I couldn't wait! After reading Stirred Up and Stirred Up 2, this was another hit!This book is hot and I was drawn in from that first note. Throughout the book, you want to know who this guy is. I thought I knew and turns out I was wrong! Totally didn't see that twist, but I LOVED it!! When everything started to unfold, by the time I got to the end, I was so happy. Hopefully we'll get a little follow up down the line :)If you read [...]

    21. Genre: erotic novellaSensuality: RCliffy? (view spoiler)[ No. HFN.(hide spoiler)]I don't feel like writing a review but since there doesn't seem to be any non-fangirl reviews of this, I'll say a few words. . . . WTF with the bookblurb? It's about a creepy secret admirer. Intriguing but I thought the execution of the idea was just . . . . eh.This seems to be an off-shoot of the authors' previous collaboration (Stirred Up: Volumes 1 and 2) which I did not read. It can be read standalone but I can [...]

    22. I think it is a requirement to be a HOT Fed Ex Guy or Doctor. I was able to read this book in one sitting. It is hot. I think my favorite quote of the whole book is " Forgive me, Amelia. I believed if body won, no one would get hurt. But you have my mind completely." I think I found my new book boyfriend for the time being. S.E. Hall and Angela Graham are dynamic when they put their minds together. This is an excellent read and I want more!! I was happy to see a glimpse of Addison, Brady, and Dy [...]

    23. 5.0 Star Review - PackagedLove this story. Quick read that pulls you in from the first page and keeps you hooked until the very end. This is an erotic read with a little bit of mystery thrown in. You will learn all about Elliott and Amelia via this panty melting story!Can't wait for the next book Handled!!!!When you get these two author's together you know the book is going to be freaking awesome!!!

    24. Once again this team packs a punch in the steamy qiuck read category!!I thought it was predictable then i double guessed myself throught the entire book!!! Absolutely love the angst of the entire story and can not wait to read more from team Hall/Graham Kudos ladies!! I was gifted a copy of Packaged from a friend!!

    25. There is nothing quickie about this novel. Angela Graham and S.E. Hall should team up more often. This PACKAGE was delivered suspenseful, and most definitely erotic. The suspense alone killed me, but erotism (is this a even a word?) made up for all that. Loved this book. 5 stars all the way. I highly recommend you try it.

    26. There hasn't been a better combo than SE Hall and Angela Graham since peanut butter and jellynce salt and peppernce Laverne and Shirley! You get where I'm going here? I love every single one of SE Hall's books and I have thoroughly enjoyed the books that this author team has written. Stirred Up 1 & 2 had me riveted and glued to my Kindle so obviously I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Packaged and I have to say I was most definitely NOT disappointed! These two authors have found t [...]

    27. Given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Amelia Hill is a plain girl. She works at a hospital in the administration department, she keeps to herself, has few friends, and her idea of a good night is curling up with a glass of wine and a good book. So imagine her surprise when she starts receiving letters in her mail box at work, ones that start off creepy and stalker-like, but turn into little pieces of paper that turn her on, that make her crave the feeling of having someone inside her… [...]

    28. I have been so excited for this one since reading Stirred up 1 and 2. When S.E Hall and Angela Graham team up for an erotic quickie it is going to be sexy, funny and unique. Since this is quickie book it will be a quickie reviewn't want to spoil anything. Amelia has been sought out by an admirer and she has no clue who he could be except he might work in the same building. She is not sure if the letters she is receiving if she should be flattered or scared about but she is intrigued. This myster [...]

    29. Mmmmmmmmmmm. How do you sum up the Erotic Quickie, Packaged by Angela Graham and S.E. Hall? The hot, steamy, mysterious, have a spare pair of panties waiting novella from these two authors who are quickly becoming a duo to reckon with. As quiet, reserved Amelia is trying to go about her busy but rather boring work day she begins to receive these intriguing yet mysterious letters. They start off short and sweet and then pick up in both length and steam and get sexier and creepier? Hmmmm…Amelia [...]

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