Slightly Single

For every girl who s ever endured a long, hot urban summer on her own, Slightly Single is the summer breeze you ve been waiting for A heat wave in Manhattan is enough to drive a girl crazy, and for Tracey Spadolini, a 24 year old New York transplant who s been left behind for the summer, there s even to sweat about Her Slightly Significant Other, Will, will be reFor every girl who s ever endured a long, hot urban summer on her own, Slightly Single is the summer breeze you ve been waiting for A heat wave in Manhattan is enough to drive a girl crazy, and for Tracey Spadolini, a 24 year old New York transplant who s been left behind for the summer, there s even to sweat about Her Slightly Significant Other, Will, will be returning from summer stock in September, to pick up where they left off Or will he But, in the days after Will s departure, Tracey decides it s time for a reality check Her un air conditioned East Village apartment is a dump, her entry level ad job sucks, her thighs don t seem to be getting any thinner, and Will seems to have dropped off the face of the earth So, Tracey, with the help of her friends and one very attentive guy, decides to spend her summer reinventing herself and taking a chance on liking the new woman she becomes A refreshingly honest account of universal female dilemmas, Slightly Single is an engaging story of one young woman s search for happiness.
Slightly Single For every girl who s ever endured a long hot urban summer on her own Slightly Single is the summer breeze you ve been waiting for A heat wave in Manhattan is enough to drive a girl crazy and for Tr

  • Title: Slightly Single
  • Author: Wendy Markham
  • ISBN: 9780373810796
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I couldn't quite get into this book. Maybe it's because I've recently read a lot of books that have been hard to put down. But this is yet ANOTHER chick lit book set in New York City and the main character is insecure and sort of desperate. When her boyfriend is getting ready to leave on his trip it is almost painful to read her comments. I'm sure she has a personal makeover but I just can't find it in me to keep reading to find out. I've got so many other books I'd rather spend my time reading. [...]

    2. Slightly Single by Wendy Markham is an example of why I love the Chick-Lit genre. My reading tastes vary far and wide but when I want a heroine who is intelligent, funny, witty, and manages to rise above whatever life throws at her, I turn to this genre. As with everything, there have been disappointments, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this treasure buried in my “to be read mountain”. Surprised, also, to see how long it has been languishing there.Tracey is a very likeable character. [...]

    3. I read this book shortly after it first came out and I didn't like the book itself very much but that didn't mean that I couldn't relate to it. So let me explainWhy I didn't like it:-Tracey has really, really low self-confidence and self-esteem! A lot of women can probably relate to this, but I was tired of reading about how unattractive she thought she was. -She was totally dependent on men for happiness which is pretty pathetic. -She doesn't seem to have any personal goals or plans or desire t [...]

    4. ‘Slightly Single’ is about Tracey who finds herself increasingly worried about her estranged relationship with Will after he leaves for summer stock. Besides missing him, Tracey soon realizes she has other problems such as being overweight, hating her job and hating her boss.The relationship between Tracey and Will was very well-written indeed. It shows how someone who’s really cold and distant (Will) can deeply affect someone who’s clingy and needs a lot of attention (Tracey). Although [...]

    5. I have to say, after reading other's reviews of the negativity and self-depreciating of the main character in this book, I was a little hesitant about reading it. However, meeting the character and seeing her life, I think this is a real depiction of how many women (people) live. While some people are completely comfortable in their own skin, you find many that have daily struggles with 'liking' themselves. And people in this situation tend to 'settle' for less than the best, thinking they can't [...]

    6. So when I went to college all my books went into storage because dorms just don't have the space for all that. By the time I got them out the boxes had grown exponentially thanks to my mother adding her books to the stack. I'm now on a mission to get through these books to make my next move easieror at least lighter. Just reading the blurb made me skeptical but I thought I at least owed it a chance before getting rid of it. I didn't even make it through the second chapter before having to quit b [...]

    7. Bo-ring. I really enjoyed Mike, Mike and Me and thought this would be a good, quick read. It was boring. A couple of beefs:-at one point Tracey is at Buckley's and says that Will must have covered her up. No one proofreading it caught that? Get the name right!-so one of the main characters of the book is named Will. So why would you name another guy in the book Billy? There aren't a million other names out there? -Wade. Was he or was he not gay? At first, it says that he goes after anything that [...]

    8. This book is great. Not amazing. But certainly a fun chick lit piece. It's a great representation of living in NYC in your early twenties. And totally relatable. Anyone who thinks Tracey is obsessed must have never been a young woman in NYC over a size 8. Is she stupid? Yes. Is she silly? Yes. Is Will absolutely awful? Yes. But overall. It's super fun and amusing. The rest if the series is a bit repetitive though.

    9. Really wanted to like this book but it was just to boring. The main character was annoyingly pathetic - she talked about two things- 1. her horrible boyfriend and 2. How she thought she was fat throughout the entire book. Couldn't get into it but maybe that is because I've read some pretty excellent books lately that I didn't want to end.

    10. I just read this a few months ago and I honestly couldn't tell you anything about it. I don't know if my memory just sucks that bad or it just didn't leave an impression on me. I remember that I liked it when I read it. I remember that it was a pretty quick read. Probably good for travel or beach.

    11. This book was a comfort to me after a break-up. It was just silly chick-lit, but I felt I could relate to the main character. It was a nice, warm and cozy light read. I had to buy it again because a friend borrowed it and never returned, (don't you hate that?). That being said, this is the only book I like in the series. I read the next two and lost interest.

    12. I honestly don't get why this series is so popular. The main character was unlikable, annoying, and "slightly" pathetic. And nothing really happens to redeem her. Maybe the books get better further along in the series, but I will not be finding out.

    13. I was not happy with the ending of this book. It was a slow read and at the end, the girl doesn't get the guy or the guy she should have. Bummer.

    14. I'll be honest, I didn't read the whole book. This review is based on the first few pages, not even an entire chapter. The first scene where the main character is in Will's apartment made me put the book down almost immediately. I don't mind imperfect characters, we are all imperfect people and imperfections are natural, they create depth, they make a character relatable, they make them real. But Tracey is not just an imperfect character - she's a lazy, inept, and selfish character within the fi [...]

    15. This book was supposed to help me find my happy place. I wanted cute and funny with the right touch of emotion Instead I got a trainwreck of an MC who I just couldn't warm to and a sub-par plot teeming with underdeveloped storylines. There's a sequel In fact there are apparently five books in this series. Will I be reading any more of them??That would be a firm noone star

    16. I just wished that there was a little more to the book besides the main character's low self esteem I wanted to give it a higher rating because I did like the writing, but I wished there was more to it. It was almost Bridget Jones feeling without her charisma.

    17. Light and fluffy. A good beach. Only real anoyance was the huge amount of smoking the character did. You could tell it was written a while ago.

    18. I liked the main character and the story was just good, quick fun to read. Yeah, it was predictable but who cares when you're just looking for something frivolous?

    19. Overall rating: 2 starsGenre: Chick LitPlot: 5/10Ending: 1/10Writing: 6/10Heroine: 3/10Humour: 5/10Feels: 5/10HEA: (view spoiler)[no, more like a failed attempt at fulfilment (hide spoiler)]

    20. The reason I gave this two stars was because there really wasn't much of a story in it. I understand it is the first book of a series, but the writing was subpar. However, I did find humor in some parts of the story.

    21. Gah for the lack of half stars! Honestly, can we start a petition to get half stars? Please?I wanted to give this 3.5 stars but as I had to round, I decided to round down.I felt like this book delivered exactly what I thought it would. It wasn't awesome, it didn't blow me away, but it was a good, decent chick lit with likeable characters, just very much exactly what I was thinking when I picked this book. It was good.Tracey annoyed me at times, at times I wanted to strangle her and I rolled my e [...]

    22. The writing is good actually (well set aside the wrong name or the outdated tech anyway) but the story frustating at some points, not mention the dissapointed ending. (view spoiler)[Although i do understand that Tracey is crazy in love with Will (she's so worship him!), it still frustating that she keep ignoring the bad sign of their relationship. She can see clearly Vinnie as an egomaniac that need to be fed by her sister, but can't see the same thing with Will. I'm so hoping she actually gonna [...]

    23. I liked this young woman Tracey. She left her family and friends in the small country town she grew up in to go to New York City because her boyfriend 'Will' had dreams of becoming an actor. BUT Will is one of those guys that keeps a woman around just to keep her dangling on a string indefinitely. He is not a very nice person, but she is totally head over heels in love with him and delights in any crumb of attention he gives to her. Tracey is really a very nice person has lots of friends. When W [...]

    24. I have read this book before probably around 8 years ago. I remember really liking it and always wondering what happened to Tracey, so I decided to reread the first book with the idea of reading the rest of the series some time next year.This book is not your general chick lit. Tracey is a chubby heroine who is very down on herself, this alone may be the reason I like the book so much. Will is a complete dick and deserves to be kicked to the curb, which Tracey has trouble doing. The story has so [...]

    25. This was a super cute book. I really enjoyed it--it's definitely your typical chick lit and there are definitely times when you want to shake Tracey (the main character) and tell her to wake the hell up, but overall, it was a great read. Totally reminded me of myself in my early 20s living in the city (minus the incredibly shabby apartment--although mine was no great shakes, it was, at least, in a safe part of town--and minus the cigarette habit) and her relationship with Will totally reminds me [...]

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