Slightly Settled

Remember Tracey Spadolini from Wendy Markham s hit SLIGHTLY SINGLE Well, she s back and looking and feeling fabulous Only, this time she isn t slightly single, she is slightly settled don t worry, we soon discover that it suits her But first, Tracey will ignore her top two Don ts for the office party and land herself a hot new boyfriend, who happens to live with heRemember Tracey Spadolini from Wendy Markham s hit SLIGHTLY SINGLE Well, she s back and looking and feeling fabulous Only, this time she isn t slightly single, she is slightly settled don t worry, we soon discover that it suits her But first, Tracey will ignore her top two Don ts for the office party and land herself a hot new boyfriend, who happens to live with her new boss Did we mention that Tracey is hoping to get a promotion Hmm, this could get interesting And second, Tracey will find herself the object of desire of not one her current boyfriend , not two her ex boyfriend , but three men someone she used to think was Mr Right When did life for Tracey get so complicated
Slightly Settled Remember Tracey Spadolini from Wendy Markham s hit SLIGHTLY SINGLE Well she s back and looking and feeling fabulous Only this time she isn t slightly single she is slightly settled don t worry we

  • Title: Slightly Settled
  • Author: Wendy Markham
  • ISBN: 9780373250479
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Initial Impressions 4/15/12: Well, at first I was a little put-off by Tracey's naiveté, but I think she started growing up in this book. I really enjoyed seeing how she handled a new relationship and finally managed to make things all okay in her life. Great job wrapping up the end there! It wrapped up quite nicely and I'm looking forward to reading the next installment. Full review as originally posted on The Book Addict's Guide: Whew, after a couple of serious book reviews, this was a nice li [...]

    2. For sure liked this book better than the first in the series, but the main character is still driving me a bit nuts. I'm hoping that, as the series progresses, she grows up a bit more. Plot is definitely on the thin side, but I'm interested enough to keep reading. Quick read.

    3. Another good book! I'm on a roll lately. I enjoyed this just as much as the first book and am looking forward to the third installment, Slightly Engaged, which I now have coming through interlibrary loan. I also read Mike, Mike and Me from the same author. Just as enjoyable as this series.

    4. I loved this book when I was in my 20's but re-reading it at 37 makes me cringe. The main character is so self involved bordering on neurotic.

    5. This was a fun (and funny) book! Tracey wears a sexy low cut gown (that she only recently trimmed down to fit into) to her company Christmas party—Mistake 1. She has too much to drink—Mistake 2. She makes out with a cute guy she's never met before, in front of everyone—Mistake 3. He turn out to be her boss's roommate—Mistakes keep piling up! But maybe this guy Mike can get her over her ex—who suddenly seems to want her back. Oh, and her best guy friend that she's always had a bit of a [...]

    6. In ‘Slightly Settled’, Tracey dates a colleague Jack and instantly begins to envision a happily-ever-after scenario. Meanwhile, she’s still confused about her close friend Buckley and has to deal with her ex, Will who’s contacting her more regularly than he ever did.In the previous book, I found myself feeling sorry for Tracey despite her being a pathetic doormat, mainly because Will’s arrogance was truly intolerable. However, in this book, I became increasingly irritated with Tracey. [...]

    7. This is also book two in a series I am reading. I know, I'm reading a lot of series right now. This series for some reason just speaks to me. Possibly because I am an Italian, clueless single in my twenties? Who knows? I am always excited to pick up one of these books because I just find Tracey so genuine and real. She has body issues and from all descriptions, is not perfect looking, which makes her an even better heroine to me. I mean, in general, we get it, pretty, skinny girls always get the [...]

    8. This is the second book in the 'Slightly' series. Its not often in the chick lit world that as the series continues, the books stay good. It wasn't as great as the first one, but was still pretty decent. The main character stayed the same, as did her friends. It takes place a few months after the first book ended, and Tracey meets a cute guy at the office Christmas party who turns out to be her boss's roommate. Her friend Buckley who she's had a bit of a crush on since the first book breaks up w [...]

    9. This is currently my favourite chick lit series! Besides the characters, what I enjoy most is how the books are set in New York City. Each time I pick it up to start reading it is like I have stepped off a plane into New York. And so with that said, I am afraid to say that I am not looking forward to reading Slightly SuburbanTracey Spadolini has made my top 5 favourite characters list. She's funny and sarcastic and sometimes reminds me of myself. Much like Delilah Darling from 20 Times a Lady wh [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book! It was a fun, easy, beachy, chick lit kind of book. In fact, I read it in less than 12 hours. I didn't like it as much as the first book in the series (Slightly Single), but that definitely doesn't mean that I didn't like it at all! Tracey was still fun, funny and easy to relate to. I mean, which one of us hasn't been dating a new guy, wondering if it's too good to be true, holding our breath waiting for the other shoe to drop? Which one of us hasn't thought we were in love [...]

    11. I actually read this a couple of weeks ago as I couldn't sleep and didn't want to read my much heavier book so jumped into this one and read it in a night.This series is weird for me.I like it. They're fun, light reads and I find myself laughing and feeling for the characters, who are all pretty well developed and entertaining. It's a good story and I loved the romantic plot in this one. I just feel likeI don't like it as much as I want to. I don't know how to explain it, I can't even explain wh [...]

    12. I fell upon this series and so far I have found that I can not put it down. As you know, all I require from a book is entertainment. I found this series so entertaining. Tracey is so insecure but I find her relatable if not a little too paranoid. But this is why we read Amelia Bedelia and Shopaholic, right? We sort of are attracted to the underdog. To women who make us feel good about ourselves. I am proud of Tracey for getting away from her boyfriend, Will. This novel is about Tracey finding a [...]

    13. ****** 2.5 stars **********There were several times were I had to put this book down and come back to it because I could not stand the main character most of the time. I could not appreciate her indecisiveness or immaturity or co-dependent-ness. The only way I was able to complete this book was from the humor - it's saving grace. I laughed out loud so many times and that good laugh is what kept me coming back and ultimately finish it. I did not realize this was the second book or that it was a f [...]

    14. Not a great follow up novel, but I'm invested in the series so I'll force myself to read the rest. Hopefully they'll get better. I found Tracey to be really annoying in this book. One minute she is talking about how great she looks but the next minute she has the worst case of low self-esteem. I also don't think her friendship with Bentley is very realistic. I'm curious to see what his role will be as the books progress. I found the plot to be non-existent and I was rushing to get to the end. I [...]

    15. Slightly Settled is book 2 in the "Slightly" series by Wendy Markham. It is your typical chick-lit: part romance, part life-journey, all fluff. Tracey Spadolini finally dumped her loser boyfriend and is working to make positive changes in her life. Until said ex wants her back, her best guy friend kisses her, and she meets a new guy at the company Christmas party whom she spends the entire evening making out with. And said "new guy" turns out to be her boss's roommate. Everything is tied up (alm [...]

    16. I was going to wait and read the first one in the series, but I really wanted to read this. I'm glad I didn't wait, this was funny, romantic, frustrating but good. Tracy seems to go with the "when it rains it pours" idea. She has no man and then she seems to have three. The one part I was a little upset about was with Buckley, she may have been upset with Jack but I guess it had to happen because in the end she chose Jack because she realized even though she was attracted to Buckley it wasn't me [...]

    17. This is seriously THE BEST SERIES I have ever read! I highly recommend it to everyone! I love the characters, especially Tracey. I could relate to her on so many levels it was scary, at some points I was convinced author Wendy Markham had somehow gotten into my brain and wrote about my life! I breezed through the book and was eager to start the next, and the next - by the time Suburban ended I was so sad to have to say goodbye to the storyline and characters! I still say there needs to be a fina [...]

    18. This was a fun read; it's chick-lit after all. This book is a sequel to Slightly Single which I did not read, but you get the idea of what happened in the first book. The story revolves around the newly single and svelte Tracey who finds herself confused by the world of dating in New York. The author was very funny and I identified with her humor. It's a good book for the beach or a rainy day.

    19. After Slightly Single this one was a no-brainer. It's good, but a bit of stating the obvious. As my daughter read the first and wanted to continue the series I had to pick this up sooner rather than later to make sure it's appropriate for her age So now I can give it the green light. I have the next and see there's also "slightly suburban" but don't know I'll feel up to that one. I've been rather disappointed by subsequent books in series recently

    20. I am pretty sure this was one of the first kind of adult books I read when I was younger. It has nothing on some of the more risqué books but for a twelve year old it was pretty steamy. Very good book about a woman who's getting to that point in her life when she wants to get settled with someone but there are still all the mistakes she goes through before she realizes what she wants is right there

    21. Should I, shouldn't Iover and over and overabout EVERYTHING! If I knew this character in real life, I'd just have to start laughing in her face because she can't make an independent decision!I have nothing else on my to-read list, so I will finish the series, but that is the only reason. These are a fast read, and "cutsie", but never something I would spend money on.

    22. I was really hooked into this book at first, I knew it was going to be a light read and the story was somewhat interesting. But it quickly went down hill. So cliche I was annoyed. I found myself getting so irritated with the main character and how artificial she was. So insecure and the whole relationship with her and the guy she was seeing was so unrealistic. Don't waste your time.

    23. Boy, this was a much smoother read than the first one. I don't know if it was because I was already familiar with the characters, or if it was just written better. Whatever the reason, I enjoyed this one much more. I'm glad to see that Tracey isn't such a wishy-washy wimp with Jack as she was with that jerk Will. And gotta love Raphael! It's cool to think I have a friend just like that. :)

    24. I don't know why I got so hooked to this series because there isn't really anything special to it, but I love it. I had Slightly Single for 3 years before I finally read it - finished in two weeks and immediately bought the next one and also finished in two weeks. I don't like how it ended, but am hoping things change in the next one.

    25. This is a really fun series! I enjoyed reading this second installment. Sometimes I feel it gets overly wordy to the point where it seems like the author is trying to fill up pages, but that is really the only negative I have for this fun, lighthearted series. The main character, Tracey, is very relatable and adorable. I recommend reading this whole series!

    26. I really enjoyed this book. I liked the characters and it did make me laugh. One of the reasons I really liked it, I was able to get through it pretty fast, so it didn't take out too much of my time. So, all in all, a nice quick read, very funny and lighthearted romance. Main character is easy to identify with during her recent break-up and later search for new love.

    27. All of the "Slightly" books are hysterical. Their cutesy and girly but sometimes you need an easy read. These books really try to encompass the crazy thoughts that go through our twenty somthing minds when we're single/engaged/married. If you're looking for a great read on the beach, this one's it.

    28. I loved this one even more then the first oneTracey is the perfect example of how all of us females feel trying to find that perfect oneI laughed out loud so much with this one and I couldn't put it down, loved it!!! Now onto the 3rd book :)

    29. Easy no brainer, perfect reading for being in the middle of a move across the country. Some great laugh out loud moments. I think the main character could get annoying if reading the series all at once.

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