A Dance of Chaos

FEAR COMES IN THE HANDS OF PROPHETSThe final installment of the Shadowdance series finds Haern the Watcher returning to his beloved city of Veldaren, only to find it has collapsed into chaos The Sun Guild has conquered the former thief guilds, destroying the peace Haern fought so hard to obtain The Trifect is their next target, and Alyssa Gemcroft must reach out to whFEAR COMES IN THE HANDS OF PROPHETSThe final installment of the Shadowdance series finds Haern the Watcher returning to his beloved city of Veldaren, only to find it has collapsed into chaos The Sun Guild has conquered the former thief guilds, destroying the peace Haern fought so hard to obtain The Trifect is their next target, and Alyssa Gemcroft must reach out to whatever allies she can obtain, even if it means casting aside longtime friends As the chaos grows, so does the power of the dark god Karak who lays siege to Veldaren If the city falls, the world will suffer greatly The legendary Thren Felhorn, broken, guileless, and rejected by his own son, holds the fate of the entire city in his hands Unless Haern can stop his father, Thren will at last have the legacy of fire and destruction he has always desired Father or son some choices must be made in blood Fantasy author David Dalglish spins a tale of retribution and darkness, and an underworld reaching for ultimate power Chronological OrderA Dance of CloaksA Dance of BladesA Dance of MirrorsA Dance of ShadowsA Dance of GhostsA Dance of Chaos
A Dance of Chaos FEAR COMES IN THE HANDS OF PROPHETSThe final installment of the Shadowdance series finds Haern the Watcher returning to his beloved city of Veldaren only to find it has collapsed into chaos The Sun G

  • Title: A Dance of Chaos
  • Author: David Dalglish
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I am so sad this series is over. I loved loved Haern and Thren as well as Tar and Brug, all of them really. I finished the book a few days ago but couldn't think of how to review. David is an incredible author and that's really an understatement. But to have the talent and creativity to connect his books the way he does is amazing. You read the Orcs or Gods War and you know the surnames of some characters, the Gods and cities in the Shadowdance series. And he has you turning the pages as fast as [...]

    2. That's one of my favorite series!Besides the all violence, it's really a worthy reading. I didn't give it five stars to this book, because some things couldn't make sense to me.Nathaniel, I know he is a kid but, honestly, how could he open ways to Karak's prophet, after all the horrible things he saw and the fear he felt with him?! Nathaniel knew he was pure evil, but he would side with him to "protect" his mother and he even couldn't feel that with him?! Well that totally didn't make sense for [...]

    3. "Watcher, alone you conquered this city. Thren, alone you built the Spider Guild into an empire. Alone, I will outshine you all. This will be the crown upon my legacy, forged with your bones and painted with your blood." - MuzienThis is it the 6th and final book in David Dalglish's Shadowdance Series. Muzien have controlled all of Veldaren, most of the thief guilds have pledged their allegiance to the Sun Guild. Unfortunately for Muzien, there are those who still deny the Guild and will stop at [...]

    4. Not QUITE as good as book 5, but still a worthwhile read. The biggest issue is that everything is moving along nicely, with the big fight against Muzien taking shape and - some Prophet guy shows up and starts attacking the city? Okay, I guess He's been mentioned a couple of times before as a vision of future destruction, but the way otherwise just shows up out of nowhere is just weird. Then everyone murders some orcs, and the Prophet apparently dies off-screen or something. It's apparently relat [...]

    5. What a fabulous ending to the series! Book 4 was my favorite, but this book neatly tied up everything. It was full of action, and symbolism, and everything I love about fantasy novels.Still with the unnecessary addition of elves and orcs. Sigh. I just don't think this world needed them. But oh well. The characters, plot, setting, the exciting fight sequences mirrored by excellent characterization made for a nearly-perfect reading experience!I especially love the development of Haern throughout t [...]

    6. I'm actually a little underwhelmed with this as a series conclusion. The book itself is great. It's more of the same action-packed antics of the crew you come to know and love. The ending just left quite a lot to be desired for me. I have read that he left it a bit open ended so he could add more to this story in the future but there was too much left unmentioned in my opinion. The more I'm thinking about it, the more I'm getting a bit annoyed haha.*spoiler* I'm also a little bothered that every [...]

    7. Overall, an amazing series specifically for its action sequences and excellent pacing. I was very impressed with the final two books and Mr. Dalgish hit all the right notes to settle things in an excellent way.

    8. Fantastic!David Dalgish has been writing great fantasy for some time now! I want to thank him for letting us share his amazing imagination with all of his readers! Keep it up, David!

    9. Thrilling I love the character development and the adventure lurking around every page a great read and very much worth the coin.

    10. This is a review of this book as much as it is a review of the entire series. I'll hide the spoilers inside spoiler tags so anyone can read this.WHO THIS BOOK IS FORFans of shonen animes, D&D (especially shadow jumpers from 3.0), dark assassins, assassin hero with just enough darkness to not hate him, assassin thugs, assassin henchmen, assassins assassins and more assassins. Also fans of generic D&D magic. Oh, and RA Salvatore fans. If you even remotely like any of the above, you will ab [...]

    11. Overall, this book is a strong 4 stars and a solid conclusion to the series. Though I do have some minor problems throughout this book, it can be overlooked.Now, the overall plot is that this skilled elf named Muzien has basically taken over Haren's city of Valderen and it's up to him, Thren and their assassin equivalent of Dumbledore's Army (Including a Zachariah) to stop him. With that said, this was Haren's book; his culminating moment that has been building up for five books, previously, to [...]

    12. I really liked this book, right from the start. It was really fast-paced with a lot of things going on, I did not want to put it down. I just wanted to know what would happen next. Since it was the last book in the series it also had the feeling of nearing the end of the story, which created a problem for me. Because I wanted to know how it would all end but at the same time I did not want the story to end, so I nearing the end I became a slow reader.The story took some turns I had not expected [...]

    13. This series kept me interested until the very end, which is saying a lot. Books can be a little like TV shows sometimes. The more seasons there are, the less quality the content. But with Shadowdance, they just seemed to get better as I went along and this was the grand finale. There was so much great build up to the final battle, but the actual conflict lasted only a couple of chapters and was rather anti-climactic. I wanted more physical interaction with the prophet/necromancer especially. Tho [...]

    14. Okay Ive only read the Orbit additions of these books and I'm glade for it cause I don't think I would have enjoyed a "Dance With Death" it would have pissed me off that David killed off Zusa, I really enjoyed her character so yea for A "Dance of Mirrors", and I only know this cause I read the authors note at the back of the books. The fluidity of the fighting scenes were so beautifully executed so co dose to that. It had everything I wanted from an assassins series. The only thing I felt the au [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book thoroughly. While there was more fighting in this book than in the previous ones, this does not mean that advancing the storyline is abandoned. A Dance of Chaos is really well written and has a perfect ending. I usually ache for more, need more of the author, but David Dalglish leaves me fully satisfied. A perfect end to a great series. I can't wait to read more of David Dalglish.

    16. Wow. Justwow. Very fast paced, same quality as the rest of the series, and definitely a gripping climax. Everything I've come to expect from the Shadowdance series has just been cumulated into one book, and it is definitely worth the read. Great open ending, though now I need to read the rest of his books to know what happens nextAll the forces and characters were very well handled, and even the multiple villains interacted in really interesting and fun ways. The scenes between Thren and Haern i [...]

    17. A disappointing finish to the series. There's so much going on that nothing gets any of the attention it deserves. Almost nothing is truly resolved by the end. There are a couple of notable exceptions, but not nearly enough to satisfy. I read the Wheel of Time, and other lengthy fantasy series, where it seems like the plot moves at a glacial pace at times, and you want to scream at the characters to get over themselves, finally LEARN something, and move on. At least in those series, they eventua [...]

    18. 4.5 stars.What a great ending to the series. Fast paced and very thorough. Loose ends are tied up and some openings are created for the possible future.Hearn, Delsyia, Tarlak, Zusa, Alyssa Antonil, and Pelarak all make appearances here. As does Muzien of course. Excellent battle scenes and the tie ins to the half orcs series are amazing. Ashur and Karak are mentioned as well. They seem to be explained or presented in greater detail in the half orcs series, but hey, it is all one world apparently [...]

    19. This book was very well written. I do have a question though. This is going to be a spoiler for those of you I finished it, you can respond. Towards the end of the book, you find out that Zusah is pregnant by Harin's child. What I don't understand is the fact that her pregnancy is not being shown as she's fighting through out the other series that she appears in. Also, we all know that harin is killed during the half orc series. That is what is so confusing. He never finds out, and she never tol [...]

    20. *Spoiler Alert*It was a Great book like the last 5 books of the Shadow dance series. Just one thing that the author did that threw me for a loop. Did the prophet just give up? He has this massive army of orcs and only attacks one time? I will reread the book to make sure I did not miss anythingjust feels like there was no closure in my opinion. The evil lord Karak who wants to wipe out humanity just gives up because 2 people stop his army, the author should have wrote another 100 pages about how [...]

    21. This was great, especially the confrontation between Haern and Thren, though it was very tragic. I didn't expect Haern and Zusa to have a son though, and I hope that if Dalglish ever continues the series the son won't be held against Hearn -after all he didn't know. And knowing his character he certainly would have helped Zusa with the burden, even if he didn't want a son. Overall the book was really good though, and a nice end to the series.

    22. A fitting end to an amazing series. I loved the build up and tension throughout leading to the captivating climax. The only negatives I have are for some of the sub plots being a bit rough or slap-dash towards the end. (Nathaniel and Deathmask's mainly)I haven't read any of Dalglish's other series so there may be tie-ins that clean up some of these minor gripes. but over all I loved this book and the series as a whole.

    23. The whole series is phenomenal from start to finish, there is a familiar Brent Week's flair but this is a darker beast that set in the heart of the underworld. Despite some repeated sections, I feel as though they add to the story rather than take-away. The character's were fully fleshed out and kitted out with all the equipment necessary. I love this series and it's a brilliant read. I would highly recommend it.

    24. Good but things missingI found this book very entertaining as well as the rest but I did find the ending a little weak. I would of rate 4.5 stars. The profit? Their was so much story put into him but didn't deliver! But with Thren and the watcher was just awesome. Anyways very fun worthwhile read.

    25. 3.5A Dance of Chaos is a satisfying finale for the series but it feels like some storylines remain open. Very fast paced, well paced but too much action cumulated on end spoiled climax for me. Maybe I need to read the rest of his books to know what happens next

    26. Wow! This series is spectacular. Every time you open a book you are taken on a massive rollercoaster ride, twist and turning. I couldn't put it down and what a way to end the series. Bravo Mr Dalglish bravo!!!

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