The Dress Thief: a tale of fashion and forbidden love

A love story set in the gloriously chic world of 1930s Parisian haute couture Perfect for fans of Lucinda Riley, Amy Snow by Tracy Rees and Dinah Jefferies The Tea Planter s Wife Alix Gower has a dream to join the ranks of Coco Chanel to become a designer in the high stakes world of Parisian haute couture But Alix also has a secret she supports her family by stealinA love story set in the gloriously chic world of 1930s Parisian haute couture Perfect for fans of Lucinda Riley, Amy Snow by Tracy Rees and Dinah Jefferies The Tea Planter s Wife.Alix Gower has a dream to join the ranks of Coco Chanel to become a designer in the high stakes world of Parisian haute couture But Alix also has a secret she supports her family by stealing designs to create bootlegs for the foreign market A hidden sketchbook and two minutes inside Herm s is all she needs to create a perfect replica, to be whisked off to production in New York Then Alix is given her big break a chance to finally realize her dream in one of the most prominent Parisian fashion houses but at the price of copying the breakthrough Spring Collection Knowing this could be her only opportunity, Alix accepts the arrangement But when a mystery from her past resurfaces and a chance meeting has her falling into the arms of a handsome English war reporter, Alix learns that the slightest misstep or misplaced trust could be all it takes for her life to begin falling apart at the seams.
The Dress Thief a tale of fashion and forbidden love A love story set in the gloriously chic world of s Parisian haute couture Perfect for fans of Lucinda Riley Amy Snow by Tracy Rees and Dinah Jefferies The Tea Planter s Wife Alix Gower has a drea

  • Title: The Dress Thief: a tale of fashion and forbidden love
  • Author: Natalie Meg Evans
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. In theory, this book should be everything I love about historical fiction but sadly the author author failed to capture my attention for the duration of this read. Although it begins rather promisingly, the book is much too long at six hundred plus pages (it could have been chopped by at least a hundred and fifty if the author hadn't included so much irrelevant detail) and as such, I found myself skim reading the last few chapters. Although I loved the setting of the story, none of the character [...]

    2. An absolute treat of a book. A multi-layered, carefully constructed, beautifully written book, each layer peeled delicately and evocatively to reveal the treasure within. The sense of time and place is spot on. I did not want it to end even as I kept turning the pages, enjoying every stunning word. A masterpiece. Loved it.

    3. This review was originally posted on [Between My Lines]Twitteresque reviews are for books where I don’t feel like writing a full review but I want to give you a flavour of how I felt during the book.  All in 140 characters or less!   ***************************************************************************************  The Dress Thief by Natalie Meg Evans  Refreshingly different, full of Parisienne haute couture, fashion spies and a heroine that is perfectly imperfect.****************** [...]

    4. Concept was good.Elegant haute coutures' salons in Paris from one side and Facism's ferocity in Spain from the other side A groomed talented in fashion young lady and a handsome but wounded -in many ways-war reporter.BUT something was always missing to me as chapters were getting along.Dialogues were fading and seemed weak where they should be tense and passionateAlix and Verrian didn't convince me about their feelings nor their choicesWhole story, layed down, looked predictable and rather naive [...]

    5. I received this book as part of Good Reads First ReadsThis story is set in Paris ion the 1930s - a decade of fancy coutureThe author sets the scene of exquisite dresses and dangerous secrets - all in the life of AlixShe dreams of becoming a designer in the fashion house of Coco Chanel - but the cost is high. She has to provide for her family by stealing designs - will she get caught - or won't she ?A novel to get to embraced in the Parisian life and drown yourself in the ambiance of the settings [...]

    6. It seems I'm going to have to be in the minority here, but this book seemed like a missed chance. The set up was interesting, as was the story background, again I gave the stars for excellent research, but the characters fell flat. I wanted to relate to them but I could not. I don't know what it was, maybe it was a bad translation of the book, maybe there was too much detail to clutter the plot or a rambling on about backstory when it was unnecessary, but it just all got in the way.

    7. Loved the story and the characters. I just wish we heard more about the future before the story ended. Glad to know it is a series and I can move on to book 2. Only issue I have is some of the language but can't help that if you are reading a foreign novel. The reader must learn the language! So not the authors problem. Loved this and can't wait to read " The Milliner's Secret".

    8. Ükski jõulupüha ei möödu ilma uute raamatuteta ning minu kingikotti sattus Natalie Meg Evansi debüütromaan "Kleidivaras". Rõõmustasin, sest teadsin, mis raamatuga täita väljakutse punkti 27. Raamat kirjastuse Varrak sarjast „Varraku ajaviiteromaan“. Rääkides sarjast, siis sellega ma eriti tuttav pole. Ainuke loetud raamat on Daphne du Maurier "Rebecca".1937, Pariis. Telefonijaamas töötav noor neiu Alix Gower saab võimaluse hakata tööle mainekas Javieri moemajas, kuid selleg [...]


    10. I really liked this book. I actually learned a lot about the fashion industry as well. However, this book was not only about the fashion industry. There were so many other things going on. Hitler was up and coming, war was being raged in Spain and most of Europe was on the brink of turmoil. There was also mystery, blackmail, secrets, lies, counterfeiting, love, vulnerability, friendship, backstabbing, poverty and all along the greedy get greedier.This was an absolute lovely story which I thoroug [...]

    11. Received this as a giveaway from First Reads.This book is a real gem! The story is set in 1930s Paris and centres around the character of Alix Gower and her attempts to make her way in the world of haute couture. From the first few pages, I was gripped. The plot is never predictable, there are mysteries to be unravelled and the descriptions of fabrics, styles and colours are breathtaking. The historical setting really comes alive, with the feel of excitement and hedonism among the rich as the i [...]

    12. Because I like historical fiction, and sewing, and the fashion industry of the 1920's and 1930's, I very much enjoyed this book. Evans obviously did her research, so it was educational as well as entertaining.

    13. Also on chicklitpadThe Dress Thief reviewImagine This: It’s 1930s, Germany is waging war over Spain and Paris is still the heart of haute couture on the globe. Think Chanel, Think Hermes. And think you, with dreams of establishing your own successful fashion brand.You might not have the income, or a lover as in Coco Chanel’s case, but you sure do have talent. And you are looking for that one little break to shoot through the ranks of fashion’s elite. But dreams and talents do not put break [...]

    14. I really wanted to like this book. It seemed so in my wheelhouse: I love the era, and fashion, and the premise was intriguing. Unfortunately, that interesting premise was buried underneath a lot of nonsense: the main character's tiresome and fanciful love life, a cliched blackmail plot, and a 30-year-old murder mystery so uninteresting even she didn't really care about it. The characters are nothing new--the rebellious aristocrat, the kindly mentor, the high-society bitch, the jealous prima-donn [...]

    15. Who would have thought a book about couture would also inform me about the Spanish civil war that was raging before the start of World War II? Not this reader and so as much as I was looking forward to learning about the world of fashion I’m pleased to report there was far more on offer in The Dress Thief.As the title suggests the book looks at the business of copying designer fashion and our heroine is caught up in this dubious business. Designers were alert to the problem and employed differ [...]

    16. Wir lesen hier die Geschichte von Alix, einem jungen Mädchen, die in Paris als Telefonistin arbeitet, aber nicht wirklich glücklich ist. Sie träumt nämlich von der schönen Welt der Haut Couture und allem was dazu gehört. Paul, ein Freund, verschafft ihr einen Job bei einem großen Designer, hat aber einen Hintergedanken und zwar soll sie die Frühjahrskollektion klauen und die Dinge nehmen ihren Lauf….Ich bin durch das Cover auf dieses Buch aufmerksam geworden, weil ich das einfach reize [...]

    17. The Dress Thief sweeps readers into the heart of Paris during the rise of the fashion industry - from the fashion designers to the manufacturing to the runway. From the very beginning, one cannot feel anything but sympathy for the plight of Alix who lives in poverty with her ailing grandmother, Meme, but who possesses powerful dreams to one day become a fashion designer. She is befriended by a young man named Paul, also poor who cares for his younger sisters. It is Paul who entices her into beco [...]

    18. Decepcionante.Mientras lo leía, no me convencía. Una vez terminado puedo decir que no merece la pena.La autora de este libro fue incapaz de introducirme en el mundo de Alix. Lo intentaba con descripciones aquí y allá pero eran insuficientes. Aparte de eso las actitudes de los personajes son de pena, sobre todo la pareja protagonista.

    19. This is not great literature, but if you are interested in fashion and couture, Paris, the 1930s with its rumblings of politics and war, it's vastly entertaining. It's well-written, and the author's afterwords on women and fashion are thought-provoking.

    20. WaitingAt the beginning I was waiting for the story to get going. Halfway through still nothing . At 80 percent through I just saw topped reading. Not much of a story e character's were not interesting and lacking depth.

    21. Takes place war time (WW2) Paris. Young girl who copies dress designs at high fashion house. Character overlap with The Millener's Secret.

    22. A very enjoyable and entertaining novel and revealing - to me at least as someone who does not know the topic - about the world of the great fashion houses, albeit in a historical context.

    23. WE devoured the audio version in a trip down to Cornwall. Good yarn with interesting diversions to reflect the times - 1935-1938 ish. Looking forward to the next book

    24. Vahel mulle tundub, et miski ei ole juhuslik siin ilmas. Ma ei ole Varraku ajaviiteromaane eriti lugenud, kuid kuna FB lugemisväljakutse üks punkt on just raamat sellest sarjast, siis otsustasin Madridi sõidu ajaks valida lugemiseks"Kleidivarga". Madridis käisin Reina Sofia muuseumis vaatamas Picasso Guernica näitust. Suur oli minu üllatus, kui raamatu üks peategelastest hakkas Guernica pommitamisest rääkima. Tõepoolest, raamatu tegevus toimub samal ajal, nii et vastavad ajaloolised s [...]

    25. I finally finished reading this book. It took me almost three weeks to finish it but that was not because of the book, the book was AMAZING it was because of the stupid reading slump. Am glad am finally out of the slump. I enjoyed reading The Dress Thiefi would recommend it to anyone especially if you love designing dresses.

    26. I wanted to love it and the beginning was promising but somewhere along the line it all got a bit too complicated. Too many characters and too many themes. If Alix designed a dress with every single technique she knew how to sew featured in it, the result would be a bit like this story.

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