Doctor Who: Lights Out

A Doctor Who short story featuring the Twelfth Doctor It follows in the tradition of the series of short stories published last year by Puffin featuring each Doctor.
Doctor Who Lights Out A Doctor Who short story featuring the Twelfth Doctor It follows in the tradition of the series of short stories published last year by Puffin featuring each Doctor

  • Title: Doctor Who: Lights Out
  • Author: Holly Black
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 347
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Enjoyable short storyThis is an additional short story to be part of the short stories written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of "Doctor Who", where there were eleven stories then, but now it's published another one to include in the event to the current doctor, the Twelfth.WHOThe Doctor:The Twelfth DoctorCompanion:78351 a.k.a. "Fifty-One"WHERE & WHENICRS station, deep space, somewhere in the far future.WHATThis is very likely a short story between Episode 1: "Deep Breath" and Episode 2: [...]

    2. The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who was widely celebrated last year and the Beeb teamed up with Penguin to release 11 short stories celebrating 11 Doctors. A year later and a Doctor later they have teamed up again to provide a new short story featuring the Twelfth Doctor.22845900The authors of these stories were a selection of high profile childrens authors and the latest is written by Holly Black who has written The Spiderwick Chronicles which I hear is quite well-loved. To tell the truth I did [...]

    3. "All around me, everything is light and bright. And, for the first time I can remember, no part of me is afraid."First of all, I just want to start out by saying that I love the 12th Doctor. His grumpiness and sassiness knows no bounds!That being said, I also love Holly Black. So what better combination than a Holly Black novella featuring the 12th Doctor!?!?I really loved this story! It was fast paced and interesting and unique and despite it's short length I felt like the story did a great job [...]

    4. I received this story from Netgalley for an honest review.Black just didn’t get twelve’s feel right. I think could do ten or eleven better, they are more manic and she does manic well. The mystery wasn’t much, and just not odd or creepy enough for it to mesh with the overall emotions of season eight. I just expect more from Black, and have a high expectations for a Doctor Who story with the writers of the show doing it so well.

    5. Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes This short story featuring the twelfth Doctor has been added to the anniversary E-short collection that was published in 2013. And even though I still have to watch season 8 with the new Doctor, I've been enjoying the stories I've read so far with the 12th Doctor.When the Doctor stops at a far-away planet notorious for its coffee to get himself and Clara a cup disaster strikes not once but twice. Not only does the coffee run out, every time the lights [...]

    6. I read the first eleven of this series of Doctor Who shorts last year (2014), when they were released month by month in honour of the 50th anniversary year of the programme, one book per doctor. I thought they were done with, but unsurprisingly this last one has not long been released to go with this year's new doctor, Peter Capaldi.Alas, I've not really watched a great deal of Doctor Who since he started his run, not so much because of him, but more Clara that I can't abide. Fortunately in this [...]

    7. My only real complaint about this short story is that it was, well, short. :DI enjoyed Lights Out a lot - it's a really nice little self-contained story which fits right into the "three missing weeks" between Deep Breath and Into the Dalek in Series 8. In other words, this is the story that shows us what happened after Clara sent the Doctor off to get coffee, in Glasgow, in the end of Deep Breath, and why and how the Doctor got so distracted he only turned up (with the coffee) three weeks later [...]

    8. For the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who, Puffin gave readers a series of novellas by popular young adult authors, each one focusing on a different incarnation of our favorite Time Lord. With the dawn of the Peter Capaldi era, Puffin has given fans a complete set of Doctors with Holly Black's "Lights Out" story.And yet as I read the novella, I couldn't help but feel this was less a Doctor Who story than one that Holly Black might tell with the Doctor inserted into it. In many ways, this story [...]

    9. "It's amazing how we hide from that, isn't it? How much of the violence of the universe comes from the unwillingness to say those two little words: "I'm scared.""

    10. Holly Black was asked to write this story of the Twelfth Doctor before Series Eight had started and had to rely upon scripts with some parts redacted. She chose to set this story in between Episodes One and Two of Season Eight and explains where the Doctor went for the coffee he presented to Clara. Far in the future coffee is roasted at the Intergalactic Coffee Roasting Station (ICRS, pronounced ICARUS). While there the Doctor turns detective when a series of murders occur.This story did remind [...]

    11. In some ways better than Capaldi's first season. Good story, capturing the tug your heartstrings tone of new Who. Really very good and worth reading.

    12. Out of all of the Doctors, I haven't got to watch that many episodes of Doctor Who that feature the twelfth doctor. It isn't on Netflix yet, and I don't have cable. I did watch five or six episodes of the twelfth doctor at my mother-in-law's house though. From what I've seen, I enjoy him, but not as much as the previous doctors. I did enjoy Lights Out.I already knew that Holly Black is a fabulous storyteller from reading her other books, so my expectations were high. She definitely met them. The [...]

    13. An e-short was published last year, one for each Doctor so now that we have a Twelfth Doctor played by the wonderful Peter Capaldi there's an e-short for him too. This one is written by Spiderwick Chronicles author Holly Black. The story is set between the first two episodes of Series 8, Deep Breath and Into the Dalek and sees the recently re-generated Twelfth Doctor go to an intergalactic coffee house to get some coffee for Clara. When bodies start appearing he grabs the story's narrator "Fifty [...]

    14. It’s a shame we don’t have Clara, but we do have an elegantly captured Twelfth Doctor. Here he is on his own, investigating a series of murders in an intergalactic coffee house. This is a slight tale, but an undeniably entertaining one which fully understands its lead character, and for a story with no humans in it’s a remarkably human tale.I’ve enjoyed my little run of female authored ancillary Doctor Who fiction. In the books I’ve read there have been no wildly feminist takes on the [...]

    15. The fact that this short is only 39 pages long, basically means that there simply isn't enough there to rate it more than 3 stars, even if it was phenomenal. I picked this because I really like Holly Black as an author, but I really don't like the 12th Doctor, and that kind of ruined it for me. I did like the setting of this short, being in a space station, but obviously there wasn't a lot of time for the setting, or anything else, to be developed.

    16. A fast-paced, quick-witted tale set between the events of 'Deep Breath' and 'Into The Dalek' detailing the Doctor getting caught up in a spot of trouble while grabbing some coffee for Clara. With so little known about Capaldi's Doctor at the time this story was written, Black does a great job of keying in on the 12th Doctor's characterization to elevate a simple story into something that fits right at home alongside the episodes it sit between.

    17. Meh, I guess? I mean, the second half was pretty good, I guess. She sort of got Twelve's voice and demeanor right. Not sure when this was written? The twist was pretty cool, I will admit. Definitely didn't see it coming. I didn't really care for the first person POV, though, and the tone felt slightly . . . off. Like, not bad, just not Doctor Who. The thing about the coffee space station was pretty great, though. All in all, just meh.

    18. Fell a little behind with booktubeathon so I picked up a book I knew I could finish in an hour. My favorite author will always be Holly Black and the 13th doctor with all ways be in my top 13 of doctors!

    19. I'm not a huge fan of the 12th doctor, but I think Holly Black did a good job of writing him. However the story could be longer, it just felt too short.

    20. Doctor Who Lights Out is the last volume in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 12 Doctors 12 Books set of mini-books. GoodReads describes these as "e-books" and they may have been first published that way, but my set consists of 12 little mini-books the size of your hand, plus 12 postcards in a slip case. I bought the set from either or Barnes & Noble (I don't remember which).This particular story features the Twelfth Doctor as played by Peter Capaldi. Clara is mentioned but is not actually pr [...]

    21. Read this review and more on my blog October Tune.Last year, Doctor Who celebrated its 50th birthday. And for that, eleven of authors were asked to write short stories the Doctor. I read all the eleven stories this year and reviewed them in this post. But a while ago, a twelfth story was released, featuring (of course) the Twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi. This story was written by Holly Black who you all know from books such as The Coldest Girl in Coldtown and recently The Iron Trial [...]

    22. Read more reviews like this at: Polkadot's Book BlogI received this copy in return for an honest review through Publishers and NetGalleyThis man's frown deepens. His eyebrows do things I didn't even know eyebrows could do.I am a massive Doctor Who fan, I can't get enough of the TV Series so when I saw this title on NetGalley I immediately requested it. Now I haven't read the previous short stories of Doctor Who so I went into this completely unaware and open-minded and just hoping that it would [...]

    23. READ THE ORIGINAL REVIEW ON MY BLOG: thebookaddictsblogI got this ebook from Netgalley in return of an honest review. As someone who is only now barely scraping the surface of the Doctor Who fandom, I would say reading short stories and books of this sort are a great thing.I must admit I am kind of afraid of the idea of Doctor Who, but it's that kind of fear that is born from admiration, respect and fascination. I have always been so intrigued by it since I was very young and I always felt kind [...]

    24. I received a digital copy of this title from the publisher via Netgalley.Ten Second Synopsis:An alien with an unfortunate past finds itself next to the Doctor in the queue for the third-best coffee in the universe. Unfortunately, a number of their fellow queue-ers (queueees?) don't survive to get a stamp on their loyalty cards.This was a brief, fun interlude in the Doctor's world and I was hoping it was going to be a good chance to get to know the new Doctor a little better, albeit in a limited [...]

    25. Originally posted at redheatherduff/Thank You to Penguin/Puffin for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest reviewSo what have we all thought of Peter Capaldi as the legendary Doctor? I for one have really enjoyed his portrayal of my favourite Time Lord, and his magnificent eyebrows and expressive face!, now over the year I have dipped in to various books written by several famous authors that have provided me with even more adventures with the Doctor and chums but to be honest not al [...]

    26. Holly Black is possibly the best. Author. Ever. Who wrote the best. Book. Ever. Which is this book. This book is the best. Book. Ever. Why, you say? She managed to make a book about galactic space coffee, a winged Godzilla, and the Doctor. I rest my case.Lights Out is about a person cough alien cough named 78351. He used to be a miner. He has a deadly fear of the dark, which he got when a mine collapsed with him in it. After that he bought a rundown ship and fixed it until it could fly again. Th [...]

    27. This was a very short story, and it was cool reading a Doctor Who story. I just love that show, and I was hoping it would also translate to the page, but that didn’t happen. The story was too rushed.My biggest complaint was that the main character was absolutely boring. He was an alien, and there was nothing special about his POV. It also didn’t help that I figured the whole thing out almost immediately, so there was just total ambivalence once I reached the end. The plot was absolutely wort [...]

    28. It takes a while for this story to start making sense, but when it does, its originality shines through like a sun going nova against the infinite blackness of space. In LIGHTS OUT, we find The Doctor on a space station, standing in a queue for coffee (of all things) when the station’s lights go out. When they return, there is a corpse on the floor. And so the duty of determining whodunit falls into the lap of one of the greatest scientific minds the universe (or any universe, for that matter) [...]

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