Remember the Past: ...only as it gives you pleasure

Elizabeth Bennet s father, Admiral Thomas Bennet, assures his daughters that his retirement from His Majesty s Navy will be the start of a new life for them all Little does he know his family s battles have only just begun Well connected and in possession of a good fortune, their entry into society should have been a triumph However, their long awaited first season in LElizabeth Bennet s father, Admiral Thomas Bennet, assures his daughters that his retirement from His Majesty s Navy will be the start of a new life for them all Little does he know his family s battles have only just begun Well connected and in possession of a good fortune, their entry into society should have been a triumph However, their long awaited first season in London proves a disaster, and the resulting scandal sends the Bennets fleeing to the wilds of Derbyshire Widower Fitzwilliam Darcy, the master of Pemberley, wants for nothing, most especially not a wife From the moment the Bennets arrive in Derbyshire, Darcy s neatly ordered life turns upside down His sons beg to keep company with their new playmates, the young Bennet twins His mother in law sets her cap for Admiral Bennet Worst of all, Darcy cannot get his mind off a certain bewitching Miss Elizabeth Bennet, but she has sworn never to let another gentleman near her heart Darcy s best efforts to befriend and assist the Bennet family go horribly awry, alienating first Miss Elizabeth, then her father, and finally endangering what both men hold most dear Can the two men Elizabeth loves most set aside their pride to prevent catastrophe for their families and win the love they seek
Remember the Past only as it gives you pleasure Elizabeth Bennet s father Admiral Thomas Bennet assures his daughters that his retirement from His Majesty s Navy will be the start of a new life for them all Little does he know his family s battle

  • Title: Remember the Past: ...only as it gives you pleasure
  • Author: Maria Grace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Shiver me timbers; guilt trip and obligations: 3.5 starsThis novella is off canon, way off canon and has a reduced cast of characters. This is not Austen in any form or fashion. Let’s face it. It is a story with characters that have the same name. If you can come to grips with that, then read on for an entertaining story. If you try to mesh Austen’s P&P with this story you will have a difficult time. When Austen’s characters are used in a story, there are certain expectations and chara [...]

    2. In her latest retelling of Pride and Prejudice, author Maria Grace gives readers a refreshingly different Darcy and Elizabeth tale to enjoy. Similar to Ms. Grace’s Given Good Principles series, Remember the Past does not follow the Pride and Prejudice canon – there are altered personalities, new characters, different situations, and less focus on pride, prejudice, and first impressions. These novels are perfect for readers who want something that stands out and is dissimilar to many of the J [...]

    3. This is not a P&P variation. This is a whole other story told with P&P characters who sometimes and somewhat have things in common with their canon originals. It's practically P&P opposite day. The situation of the Bennet family, their relationship with the Darcys, the role of Wickham, Lady Catherine--all so very different from usual.And I LOVED it. :-)When I realized just how different it would be, I honestly didn't expected to enjoy it so much, but it was just such a well-done stor [...]

    4. I read this story as a WIP on a blog and truly enjoyed it so purchased it when it was published. BUT I didn't want to write a review until I read the newer version so as to make sure I had a sense of the story in its final edition as well as after it was read front to back in its entirety.If you don't like to read versions in which the variation is completely different from canon, be warned: this story has few similarities to Pride and Prejudice. Oh, the names of most of the principle characters [...]

    5. Review originally appeared on Austenprose: austenprose/2014/09/25/remComplete re-imaginings of Jane Austen’s novels are always interesting fan-fiction works to read. There are essentially no rules or paths that the characters must follow. One of my favorites has been Darcy’s Voyage by Kara Louise. I enjoy how creative some authors get in the trials and tribulations they make their characters endure. With that being said, I was excited to read a new re-imagining of Pride and Prejudice entitle [...]

    6. Oh boy what to say!! I loved this book. I first read it on a JAFF website and thoroughly enjoyed it then, but with some of the little tweaks Maria Grace did to it to publish it were great!!! The scene where Mr Bennet comforted Elizabeth after her first run in with Wickham while she is setting up Mr Bennet's office. This story is a fresh aspect and creative. You either like or really dislike Mr Bennet in this story, he has some similar traits as the original, but they are generally more exaggerat [...]

    7. We are proud to announce that REMMEBER THE PAST by Maria Grace is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

    8. In Jane Austen’s original classic, Pride and Prejudice, we are introduced to the Bennet family with Mr. Bennet, his wife and their five daughters. Austen also presents us with the formidable, wealthy, prideful yet dashing Mr. Darcy, his sister and their relations, both familiar and social. When Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet meet for the first time, it certainly isn’t love at first sight, and they go endure many challenges to ultimately become one of the most beloved couples in all o [...]

    9. I’ve usually never attempted to read a P&P fan fiction as I have a feeling that I would end up not liking it. Though this book seems like a P&P fanfic except for the names I didn’t find any similarities, either story wise or character wise. The author has given an entirely new makeover to the story as well as for all the characters and I quite liked it (only if I stop comparing this to JA’s P&P)Admiral Bennet has two daughters Jane and Lizzy and twin sons and is quite a strict [...]

    10. I absolutely loved the premise of this novel. It was so very different. Mr. Bennet is now an Admiral. He has two daughters and two sons. Mr. Darcy did indeed marry Anne and have a couple children. She died in childbirth as one would probably expect. Lady Catherine is very different. The Colonel is much his old self. Even though some of the characters personalities are different some are similar. It's rather fun trying to picture the characters we think we know in different circumstances. Had Dar [...]

    11. In this variation it is an Admiral Thomas Bennet, with Jane, Elizabeth and twin sons who are travelling to their new estate in Derbyshire. Moving themselves from a life at sea, London and Longbourne.They met with Darcy, and his two sons from a marriage with Anne deBourgh, Pemberley also hosts the Colonel and Lady Catherine.How will they all get on, how will Wickham, friend to Darcy behave.Not to canon - new characters and new situations unfold.

    12. Great story!!!An original plot with our beloved characters. I really enjoyed the changes that the circumstances depicted in this tale inflicted on them.It made me a fan of Piper and I fell in love with the children.A truly unique narrative.

    13. And they All got their HEA! I love variations on Jane Austen’s books, and this had to be one of the best! I even love that though the story was so different, the essence of each person was pretty close to the original. I would definitely recommend this anyone that enjoys these spin-offs, as well as anyone who enjoys regency romances with strong, intelligent women!

    14. This was such a separation from Canon! And it was fantastic! I really liked all the characters and the differences in them. Mr. Bennet is now Admiral Bennet and is a widower. He moves his family to Derbyshire, not too far from Pemberley and the fun then ensues!Mr. Darcy is also a widower and living at Pemberely with his Mother-In-Law, Lady Catherine!There are still misunderstandings and vexation, but it was a wonderful what if. Inventive and fresh! One of my favorite authors, I highly recommend! [...]

    15. really enjoyable variation of P&P with characters playing very different roles. Hard to imagine rooting along with Lady Catherine but in this version of the story she uses her skills for good. Another fun story with good play between the main characaters.

    16. 3.5/5.0There is a poised tranquility expressed in the sweet rhythm of the day-to-day life of this historical piece.Read full review in the 2015 February issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    17. I really do not understand how anyone can call it a sequal to pride and prejudice. The only similarities beeing theire names. I do not recognize theire caracters. Lizzy is strong and independent and then in the next moment she is sentimental and overly sensitive. Darcy seems dimwitted, not my ide of him. The plot is weak and poorly executed

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