Caught in the Act

Catherine Davenport Carlton needs a break After dedicating her life to her political minded family, shocking scandals from the past have shaken her to her core Summer in the quiet town of Dyersport, Maine, is just what she needs, especially with a super hot neighbor right next door who s none other than Brody Hollister, the boy she fell in love with as a teen Cat wantsCatherine Davenport Carlton needs a break After dedicating her life to her political minded family, shocking scandals from the past have shaken her to her core Summer in the quiet town of Dyersport, Maine, is just what she needs, especially with a super hot neighbor right next door who s none other than Brody Hollister, the boy she fell in love with as a teen Cat wants nothing than to pick up right where they left off eighteen years ago, but she s still haunted by a terrible secret that could devastate Brody.Brody Hollister spent years pining over Cat Davenport They met young and loved passionately until she disappeared from his life Now she s back, as spirited and beautiful as ever But while Brody is determined to help Cat free herself from her family s drama, his own family may be hiding something that could ruin their rekindled romance for good.In Book Two of the Davenports romance series, sex and politics collide with passionate results.
Caught in the Act Catherine Davenport Carlton needs a break After dedicating her life to her political minded family shocking scandals from the past have shaken her to her core Summer in the quiet town of Dyersport M

  • Title: Caught in the Act
  • Author: Kim Law
  • ISBN: 9781477821220
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This being the second book in the Davenport series, I was a little concerned that I would feel lost going into it but thankfully the author did a pretty good job relating facts from the first book pretty quickly in the first few chapters without making it too detail oriented or feeling like too much of a recap. Oh gosh, I don't think I was quite ready for the craziness that is the Davenport's way of life. A life of politics, scandal (or covering up scandals), lies, deceit, and anything else you [...]

    2. My MusingsWow, I could not stop reading this book! It's fantastic. It has a great cast of characters from the hero and heroine to the delightful children, even has a awesome villain. The mother is just evil. So glad I read this one, but I wAnt Bennett's story!!!! Happy reading!

    3. 4 House of Cards Stars!!Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of AuthorHere, we have a political Romeo and Juliet type story. There are two political rivaling families the Davenports and the Harrisons. This is the second book in this series but I read it as a standalone. This family is like a house of cards with all their secrets. From the gist of it we find that Cat Davenport needs a break from her family after finding out some doozy family secrets. So, she runs to a place that means more to [...]

    4. This is the first book that I have read by Kim Law and it will not be my last as I loved it.The story is about Catherine Davenport Carlton and Brody Hollister and a second chance at getting things right, they met when they where teenagers and both fell in love with each other, one night things got heated and Cat lost her virginity to Brody, then she disappeared and never returned the next summer as promised. Cat is a 'Davenport' the daughter of a very influential family and her mother is running [...]

    5. These people are NUTBALLS! LOL We all know that with politics comes a life of hiding and secrets and deceit and cover-ups and drama drama drama! But even knowing all that, it does not prepare you for the crazy that is The Davenports!Catherine and Brodie met when they were teenagers. They were in love :) She gave him her virginity. And then she disappeared. Never to be heard from again. Until now.OK, so present day . Catherine needs a break from the family drama. She goes off and rents a little [...]

    6. FANTASTIC!!! The perfect blend of politics and romance. This may've been the second book, but you really don't need the first one to get through the series I loved the romance, writing, main character (she was such a kind, intelligent individual, and she really developed throughout the story, and just the plot in general. But man did Cat go through a lot in this one. She went through heart-break, shocking secrets, paparazzi, steamy love, and so much drama, it made me dizzy. She had so many obsta [...]

    7. Sometimes life handed you crap. And when you got a second chance, would you redo your actions or made new mistakes?Ah well, never mind my wise summarization. Basically this was soap-opera-like story of two political families, a modern political Romeo and Juliet. With the twist. There were discreet love liaisons, illegitimate off-springs, SECRETS!!! And in the end, true love conquered them all.Pretty cliche, huh. :DBut what got me good were:- A bespectacled gorgeous hunk of history professor. He' [...]

    8. I'm quickly becoming a Kim Law fan. She has interesting stories with great characters and romances. This was no exception. This was the second in the Davenports series. In the first, we learned some of the secrets of this Davenport family. Secrets that the Davenport matriarch doesn't want coming to light, considering she expects the Davenports to keep their seat in state government. In this one, Cat has gone to Maine for vacation, to distance herself from her family. The family secrets in the pr [...]

    9. Kim Law swept me off my feet with The Davenports. This particular book in this series reminded me a little of the TV shows Dallas/Dynasty tv series or the Kennedy’s. There are a lot of intrigue, twists and drama to the story. Of course, lots of family expectations, obligations, betrayals but what I love most is the story of second chance. Caught in the Act is funny, sweet and definitely romantic.Catherine Davenport Carlton has dedicated her life to her family’s public reputation. She is the [...]

    10. I received a copy of Caught in the Act from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Kim Law continues with the Davenport family and politics in this second installment. This book however, is about Catherine Davenport Carlton and her need to get away from everything including her family and just be herself for a change. She has always believed in her family but now shocking scandals from the past have shaken her to her core. So she decides to spend the summer in the quiet to [...]

    11. Received from NetGalleyCaught in the Act (The Davenports #2) was second in a series but I didn't know that when I requested it. Book #1 follows Catherine's brother I believe so I'm not sure it's needed unless you want a fuller background picture. If you like contemporary romance and second chances at love, then I highly suggest you pick this one up. It was a fast read and though I didn't read #1, I followed most of the book with no issues. Catherine Davenport has always played by the rules laid [...]

    12. Loved this one! It's a wonderful second chance story filled with all the lies and webs of deceit political families deal with. At the core of the story though is Cat and Brody. Once teenage loves, torn apart when youth, circumstance, and family take over. Now reunited in a sleepy little town in Maine, can they put the past behind them to look to the future or will the pull of politics and family keep them apart once again. This is a great read that everyone should have on their must read list. I [...]

    13. 5 of 5 stars!!!Simply put FANTASTIC!!! I was able to get this book from the Giveaways in exchange for an honest review. Even though this was book two, there is no need for number 1. I loved it! The romance, the writing style, the development of the main character as the story progressed and the story itself; the plot development. Heart break, secrets, dramaDoes Cat have an opportunity for happily ever after? Read on to find out!

    14. One of the best books I've read this year. Kim Law has a way of captivating you to the point, that you feel like your in the story. Her characters are refreshing and the details used in the book, are awesome.

    15. Wow what a book The twists and turns off that book just go on and on. Please read this because I just could not put it down , Cat and Brody are really a nice paring one minute its lovers paradise and the next you want to bash there heads together.

    16. I really like Kim Law she's a very good author.Kim keeps the storyline interesting and moving. This was a good plot and an interesting story line. I like to read her books. Pete L.

    17. Great readI loved this second book in the series as much as the first. I am glad that Brody and Cat got back together. Really nice story.

    18. O. M. G.So much happens in this book, SO many lies told, SO many truths withheldd the SECRETSWOW!! However you know what they say'Everything comes out in the wash'!! Well, that it did!! With non-stop action (so to speak) the book was difficult to put down!! I loved it!! How could you notCat and Brody were excellent characters and by the end of the story I felt like I knew them and I cheered for them through every page! Her mother and a few others were something else entirely!! WOW!! It is a must [...]

    19. This book was really great. I couldn't put it down. The story had so many secrets popping up; some of them I saw coming, yet a few shocked me. I love books like this.Catherine Davenport Carlton, widower, daughter of large political family, who's Mother is currently running for reelection for a seat in the Senate. Which means that ALL the Davenport's needs to be on their best behavior at all times, in case the media is around. Catherine needs a break from her family, so she flies to Maine for a q [...]

    20. Review can be read at It's About The Book4.5 starsWhat an amazing story! There were so many twists and turns that it was hard to keep up at times… All I can say is that workshop with Cherry Adair paid off! Congrats! I loved the plot twist at the end and I was so hoping that would happen.Cat Davenport Carlton has always lived up to the Davenport name. Only once did she falter, and she’s spent the rest of her life paying for that mistake. When she was sixteen, she met and fell in love with 15- [...]

    21. Let me start by saying that this is the first book I've read by Kim Law. Although this is the second book in a series, I have absolutely no problem following along and feel that it is just fine as a stand alone. This book could well have been a soap opera with all the drama happening. Don't get me wrong, I loved it ! Grab your bowl of popcorn and settle down to enjoy it! It's full of lost love, second chances, teenage mistakes, lots of lies, political scandals you name it, this book seems to ha [...]

    22. Thanks to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for making this book available for an honest review.Let's be honest, there are only so many plot lines available in the Contemporary Romance genre. When tapping into one of those plot lines, as Kim Law does in "Caught in the Act," the characters have to be well defined, interesting enough to hold the reader's attention, and, most of all, likeable. Law gives us the story of Cat and Brody's second chance at love. Cat, Brody and the rest of the cast of chara [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book of love, lies, loyalty and political intrigue. Poor Catherine! She spends half the book running around trying to fix everyone else’s mistakes, and the other half reeling from secrets that have been kept from her. Not that she doesn’t have a pretty hefty secret of her own to keep, but still, she has excellent reasons for not sharing it around. It seems like she spends her whole life looking after everyone but herself, and mostly her horrible, selfish mother. Thank g [...]

    24. I was very excited to be reviewing Caught in the Act! I was giving this book to read and review from Netgalley.Caught in the Act is the ultimate second chance romance I rated it five stars. I have read this book and it kept me up reading it. I could have read it and did read it again and again.I am really trying to not give away the storyline, but I will say there were some major fireworks between Cat and Brody and its not the bad kind. Brody and Cat spend the summer together as teenagers which [...]

    25. ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review.3.5 stars. Review to come.*************************************Caught in the Act was a enjoyable read melting, romance, politics and of course a lot of secrets.Catherine Davenport is used to politics since her childhood and it definitely runs in the family, but when she needed a break from all of them, scandals and everything about politics, she escaped to the quiet town of Dyersport and her neighbor was her first and only love, after eighteen years [...]

    26. I haven't been reading a lot of contemporary romance lately but I'm glad I read this one. It is the second book in the Davenports series, but this is more a family romance type of series, so reading in order isn't necessary.Cat is a daughter of a powerful political family. The neighbor that she's got her eye on is none other than the Brody who she loved and lost as a teenager. So not only is this a fantastic novel with political doings, but it is also a great novel of second chances.Like all pow [...]

    27. After her family allowed her to learn of its secret, Cat decided she needed a break - from politics, from her family, from everyone. She wanted time for herself, a time to relax, and perhaps ogle the man that jogs in front of her rental in Maine.Her whole life has been about her family but the scandal has been the last straw. She finally decided to take the much-needed reprieve. What she didn't expect was to come across once again with Brody Hollister - the boy she fell in love with when she was [...]

    28. Kim Law swept me off my feet with The Davenports. This particular book in this series reminded me of the TV show Dallas and the Dynasty tv series. There are a lot of intrigue to the story. Ms. Law infused it with a lot of family expectations, obligations, betrayals and most of all, a second chance at childhood love.Catherine Davenport Carlton has dedicated her life to her family’s public reputation. She is the face of the Davenports and in charge of ironing out any issues they may have. Brody, [...]

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