Reave the Just and Other Tales

Stephen R Donaldson s unique talents have placed his work alongside that of J.R.R Tolkien and established him as a writer with the rare ability to expand readers imaginations Now he presents a magnificent new collection of eight stories and novellas three of which have never before been published.This outstanding volume commences with the fablelike title story, ReaveStephen R Donaldson s unique talents have placed his work alongside that of J.R.R Tolkien and established him as a writer with the rare ability to expand readers imaginations Now he presents a magnificent new collection of eight stories and novellas three of which have never before been published.This outstanding volume commences with the fablelike title story, Reave the Just, which highlights one of Donaldson s favorite themes the individual s power to overcome adversity This collection also introduces the morbid, soul taking hero of Penance, the mysterious beggar woman in the dark fairy tale The Woman Who Loved Pigs, and the pampered antihero forced to make a choice between virtue and vice in The Djinn Who Watches Over the Accursed Boasting exotic settings and suspense fueled by sudden plot twists, Reave the Just and Other Tales is a testament to Stephen R Donaldson s talent to spin unforgettably spellbinding stories, and the astonishing scope of his mastery of magic and myth.
Reave the Just and Other Tales Stephen R Donaldson s unique talents have placed his work alongside that of J R R Tolkien and established him as a writer with the rare ability to expand readers imaginations Now he presents a magnifi

  • Title: Reave the Just and Other Tales
  • Author: Stephen R. Donaldson
  • ISBN: 9780553580143
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1 thought on “Reave the Just and Other Tales”

    1. Donaldson was a power-force in the late 70s, 80s and early 90s. He brought a dark edge to the fantasy genre. I admired his uniquely verbose style. At times he was Kafkaesque, at other times like Chekov, and at the time he held his own in the shorter form against most other writers. His detailed descriptions weren't be for everyone's liking, but I enjoyed the fact that you were not on a roller coaster ride with turns on every single page. This is an excellent collection. But the fact does remain. [...]

    2. I'm a Donaldson fan, so there really wasn't any doubt that I'd enjoy this collection of novellas and short stories, but I didn't realize that it would be as good as it was. Honestly, Mr. Donaldson did a wonderful job mixing classic fantasy and grimdark-esque themes with some memorable characters to produce a great fantasy work. Just my initial thoughts. I'll write a proper review later.

    3. Donaldson absolutely refuses to absolve characters of their own responsibility. Which is really rather refreshing.

    4. By Any Other Name • (1998) • novella by Stephen R. DonaldsonIntroduction (Reave the Just and Other Tales) • (1998) • essay by Stephen R. DonaldsonPenance • (1998) • novella by Stephen R. DonaldsonReave the Just • (1992) • novelette by Stephen R. DonaldsonThe Djinn Who Watches Over the Accursed • (1989) • shortstory by Stephen R. DonaldsonThe Killing Stroke • (1998) • novella by Stephen R. DonaldsonThe Kings of Tarshish Shall Bring Gifts • (1995) • novelette by Stephen [...]

    5. This took me a long time to finish but that isn't a bad thing. Each story is long, often a bit cerebral but is set in such a fully-realized and developed setting that completing one felt the same as completing a novel. One 40-page story offers more character, more history and more interest in its setting than I ever had from 2.3 Game of Thrones novels. And while there is the escapism and imaginative wonder in the tales, they also have a literary edge to them and a fairy-tale or Chekhov-esque ton [...]

    6. I enjoyed the Thomas Covenant Chronicles by this author when I was much younger, so when I came across a book of his short stories, I was intrigued. His verbosity made one or two of the stories almost unreadable: he likes to use ten of fifteen paragraphs when a sentence or two might do. But his writing is lovely, and his imagination rich. Many of the parables had a dessert-nomadic-ancient middle-eastern feel to them, complete in some cases with harems, genies, and camel caravans. One sci fi stor [...]

    7. Originally published on my blog here in May 2000.After enjoying the Thomas Covenant and Mordant's Need novels, and then finding the Gap series unreadable, I wasn't quite sure whether Reave the Just would be worth reading or not. Having read it, I now feel that some of the stories were worth reading, others not, much like Donaldson's only other collection of short stories, Daughter of Regals.All the stories, written over a fourteen year period, pick up on the major theme of Donaldson's writing - [...]

    8. I feel like this is one of Donaldson's weakest books. I liked a lot of these short stores, especially "The Woman Who Loved Pigs" and "What Makes Us Human." However, a lot of the stories were slow in getting to the point, or seemed over long for the story they were trying to tell. I especially disliked "Penance," which seemed to me just an excuse to detail a horrific torture. The rest of the story was so cheesy and conventional that I didn't bother to finish it. I actually bought this book when i [...]

    9. It's hard to come up with an overall rating for a collection of short stories, but I'll rate it a solid 4, as several shorts were superb:Reave the Just - 5 starsThe Djinn Who Watches over the Accursed - 5 stars The Killing Stroke - 3 stars - plot draggedThe Kings of Tarshish Shall Bring Gifts - 4 starsPenance - 3 stars - Had to deduct a star because there's no way a vampire who is shunned by society is eloquent enough to hold a ballroom of nobles enraptured for hours with his tale of woe.The Wom [...]

    10. Interesting short stories that serve as precusors to Donaldson's later fantasy/adventure masterpieces, especially The Chronicles of Thomas Convenant, Unbeliever, which he has been writing for almost 20 years (one book to go). Lot's of kings, princes, princesses and wizards, but also an intersting way (in some of his work) of merging the present and the past -- and despite the adventure aspects, his goals are not so much about good vs evil, but about the human condition and the struggle to recogn [...]

    11. A great collection of short stories for Donaldson fans. A intriguing departures from his usual Donaldsonian (yeah, I just made that up) conventions, showing some fantastic talent outside of his usual box. Highly recommended for Donaldson fans. (However, the story from which the collection gets its name — Reave the Just — is the worst, or second worst, of the bunch. I think it was chosen because it was the most intriguing title.)

    12. Honestly? Meh, I am not that huge a fan of the short story form but since I really enjoy SRD's writing style and loved most of his work, I thought i would read this collection. I did like a few stories more than others but in general I only thought it was okay. I will give it to hime though, I rarely get through one of his novels/stories without having to use my dictionary. Something that I am never averse to doing.

    13. This is one of my all time favorite books. It's a collection of short stories, each one a tasty piece that can be read in one sitting. As is typical of Donaldson, each story has some moral statement to it but he doesn't beat you over the head with it. The endings of all of them are quite satisfying and in some cases worth a good chuckle. I wish the rating scale was on 10 points because this would be one of the very few that would get 10.

    14. Donaldson is one of my absolute favorite authors. That said, I didn't really care for most of these stories. Too many of them seemed to drag on or get repetitive within them. They weren't bad necessarily, but they weren't really all that good either. Just made it almost hard to read. I'll have to dig out the Covenant series again someday soon just to get back to what I loved about him.

    15. I very much enjoyed these stories. My favorites are Penance, The Killing Stroke and By Any Other Name which was clever in the surprise tie in to another story in this book. What Makes Us Human just didn't fit in this book. Threw me off my game. Lol. I love Donaldson! Recently finished my 20 yr. romance with Thomas Covenant, it was worth it.

    16. 2 of the 8 stories were very enjoyable. 2 were entertaining until the end eventually disappointed. 4 weren't worth the time it took to read them. Between my disappointment in the one Thomas Covenant novel I read and this mixed (but mostly poor) experience, I think I give up on Stephen Donaldson.

    17. Donaldson does not write short fiction (which he admits in the forward). But, this is a good collection of some of his good SHORTER fiction. His usual attention to character made each of the stories engaging. Well worth the read.

    18. Great storiesLots to like in this classic. Only complaint is that the period language gets a touch heavy at times. Recommended for anyone interested in a good read and a dip into fantasy fictions roots.

    19. best story of the book was the last "By Any Other Name." Like a lot of Donaldson's work (I'm speaking of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant) these are not "feel good" stories. They are interesting though, as long as you like his style.

    20. I liked some of the stories: ""Reave the Just and "By Any Other Name" were my favorites. The others were still well written but I didn't like them as much. It was neat to see fantasy short stories though - I normally only see sci-fi ones.

    21. Best (only) set of short stories I've read for a while, set with a fantasy theme. Reave the Just is really one of the most interesting of Donaldson's varied characters.

    22. I borrowed this book to read just one story, "Reave the Just," recommended by a friend. It was a good story but as collections go, this is really not my usual read.

    23. A collection of short stories of varying quality. Not as good as the Thomas Covenant books, but definitely better than the Gap Cycle

    24. This was the first collection of fantasy short stories I had encountered. I wasn't overly enamoured with it, but it was pretty good on the whole.

    25. It was decent. Basically a filler book for me while I waited for the next book in the Last Chronicles series (#2).

    26. An excellent collection of fantastical short stories. Contains one of my favourite stories ever, The Killing Stroke. If you like fantasy and quirky tales, you will like this.

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