Zen of Seeing: Seeing/Drawing as Meditation

A Dutch artist offers his concept of seeing and drawing as a discipline by which the world may be rediscovered, a way of experiencing Zen.
Zen of Seeing Seeing Drawing as Meditation A Dutch artist offers his concept of seeing and drawing as a discipline by which the world may be rediscovered a way of experiencing Zen

  • Title: Zen of Seeing: Seeing/Drawing as Meditation
  • Author: Frederick Franck
  • ISBN: 9780394719689
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing Meditation in Action Well written book, supports my fledging attempts with water color pencils to stay in the present moment during my day The authors story is well told, along with his breathtaking sketches. The Zen of Seeing Frederick Franck The Zen of Seeing Frederick Franck on FREE shipping on qualifying offers LIGHT SMUDGES ON THE OUTER PAGES, AND THERE IS WRITING ON SOME OF THE PAGES. Frederick Franck Pacem in Terris Books by Frederick Franck Franck wrote than books His classic The Zen of Seeing is going strong with over , copies in print Books are available Zen Zen Chinese pinyin Chn Korean , translit Seon is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that originated in China during the Tang dynasty as Chan Buddhism.It was strongly influenced by Taoism, and developed as a distinct school of Chinese Buddhism.From China, Chan Buddhism spread south to Vietnam which became Vietnamese Thi n, northeast to Korea and east to Japan, where it became CSS Zen Garden The Beauty of CSS Design So What is This About There is a continuing need to show the power of CSS.The Zen Garden aims to excite, inspire, and encourage participation To begin, view some of the existing designs in the list. Zen Southampton Zen Japanese Bar and Restaurant in Zen Contemporary Japanese Bar, Restaurant and Takeaway in Southampton, Book a table online or place takeaway orders instantly at this excellent resturant, which caters for large parties Presentation Zen Embed from Getty Images Bill Murray is a wonderful storyteller A couple of years ago, I linked to this wonderful interview with Bill Murray by Howard Stern In this radio interview, Murray said the key to being funny was being able to tell stories. The Magic of Seeing Everything as Sacred zen habits When we wake up in the morning, many of us automatically go on our phones or computers and start reading, checking messages, responding to things, and moving through our online world on autopilot We go through our day like this as well, managing as best we can, dealing with stress and being K an In Chinese Chn and Korean Seon, the primary form of Koan study is kanhua, reflection on the koan, also called Hua Tou, word head In this practice, a fragment of the koan, such as mu, or a what is question is used by focusing on this fragment and repeating it over and over again Who is it who now repeats the Buddha s name Zen and the Art of Divebombing, or The Dark Side of the Tao Zen and the Art of Divebombing, or The Dark Side of the Tao Whoever is called a great minister, when he finds that he cannot morally serve his prince, he resigns.

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    1. ذن یعنی زندگی که می داند دارد زندگی می کندوقتی این کتاب را می خوانیم، متوجه شباهت های بعضی حرف های «فردریک فرانک» که از آیین ذن برگفته شده با شعرهای لطیف و عمیق سهراب می شویمو دلیل آن هم اینست که سهراب تحت تاثیر عرفان هند بوده و ذن هم از هند به ژاپن رفته موضوعاتی مثه زندگی در لحظ [...]

    2. This book shows us how racticing an Art is a form of meditation. The author introduces us to Seeing/Drawing as an experiential approach to reality. Seeing as an exercise of mindfulness. As an act of letting experince wash over us without reacting to it with desire or aversion. A really good book i would recommend to anyone and not just an artist.

    3. I had read one other book by Franck. His words always seem to settle me on creating art, not out of angst, but out of a place of wonder and praise, appreciation and real seeing. Seeing/Drawing is a term he came up with for a medatative excercise to trust the eye/mind/hand relationship and to cultivate it while letting go of other distractions. This work speaks much about movement and form, of study and of nature. A good read for any artist. Perhaps a bit too autobiographical attimes for my likin [...]

    4. I am not a Zen person. I am not a "spiritual" person. I was, however, a college drawing teacher for many years. This is an excellent book. It teaches you to pay attention and to truly see, which is half the battle in drawing. Even if you never pick up a pencil, this book will lead you to look at the world in a different way.

    5. 3.5 stars. I don't know that this book will teach you how to see like an artist, but it explores the thought process behind seeing, and explores the idea of seeing like an artist/drawing as meditation. Having done both, I definitely feel the link between the two. Attention is so focused when drawing that it becomes as meditative as yoga, which I think of as meditation in motion. If you're looking to refill your peace tank, I don't see how you can go wrong with yoga, meditation and/or drawing. Ju [...]

    6. "We do a lot of looking: we look through lenses, telescopes, tubes Our looking is perfected every day - but we see less and less."I probably should have read The Zen of Seeing when it was written in 1973. It has the look of my old well-loved Vegetarian epicure, a sort of buff paper covered book with pen and ink sketches and hand writing. It's fast and easy, and the point is that if one draws the everyday objects in his or her world, the world slows down becomes more sane and recognizable. It's g [...]

    7. It's a nifty book; and has a lot to say although there's not a lot of text--and also all the text which is present is written out calligraphy-style in longhand by the author. Impressive. Then of course, (since it is an art book) at least half of the volume is taken up with some very startling ink wash and line drawings. Every other page is visual; totally illustrating what the author is commenting on. He has some great stuff to say about teaching art; sometimes quotes from zen masters and someti [...]

    8. Honestly, I only read various parts of this book in the back room, waiting to be called out and model for a life drawing class at Mendocino College. It redefines the basic concepts of drawing as I had known them all my life. I was so amazed that I went out and bought art supplies. Ok, that was about it, so far cratively over here, but my children really dug on all those supplies. This book is great tho, truly, for artists and other humans. BTW, I didnt get to finish the book because I fainted do [...]

    9. I've studied many of the how-to draw books out there on the market. And, I must say that this book is quite well written and easy to understand(it is actually handwritten and not typed). It teaches the reader to be more concerned with what he/she is observing than what they are putting down on paper. The author uses many examples to illustrate his points he is trying to get across. However, this book will not be of any aid to those who are searching for actual techniques and drills (such as step [...]

    10. Zen of Seeing is not a how-to book. No drawing lessons here. Instead, pleasant drawings and inspirational messages (hand written) encourage the reader to let go of rules and inhibitions.

    11. Where has this book been? I started drawing and painting a few years back and have bought lots of books, but none like this! I don't think of myself as a Zen person or a mystic, but this book really speaks to me. The drawings are beautiful, but go beyond a superficial beauty. Even if one is not interested in drawing, there is lots in this book to recommend it. It is not just a book about seeing and drawing, it is a book about truly living.

    12. I read excerpts of this book to my art students every semester. Years ago when I was Artist-In-Residence at a federal prison, an inmate brought me his copy of this to look at. He said he thought I would like it. He was SO right! Whether or not you draw, you will find this book full of insight. It's about drawing but more than that it's about SEEING, really SEEING, the world around us.

    13. Disclaimer: I am no trained artist or drawer or someone particularly skilled in Zen.It was an okay book. I liked the concept of doing away with the trappings of "Art" and trying to get to the essence of drawing, but he really couches it in the writing style of someone who "smells their own farts" as my boyfriend put it. There's a lot of fluff here, that I think he was trying to use to get his point across, but it tends to come off as snooty or elitist in it's own way. I recommend reading the fou [...]

    14. I really love this author and his handwritten books about seeing/drawing. They invite the reader to slow down and to see the world with open eyes, to see human vulnerability in people, and to become one with the thing you're drawing. Several aspects of what he shared reminded me of how I felt while drawing as a child/teenager becoming the tree, taking on the facial expression of the person you're drawing. This book certainly makes me want to draw more. This book and "the awakened eye" are two I [...]

    15. Mentions two of my favorite concepts: Sunyata = Emptiness so full of potential that all emerges from it, all is reabsorbed in it.Baso quote: "When tired I sleep, when hungry I eat." Rishi!

    16. I love the idea of seeing and drawing as a meditation and I've read several positive reviews of this book. I wasn't impressed though. The handwritten script is hard to read so it felt like a struggle to absorb meaning from the text and numerous anecdotes and quotes. It's rare for me to decide to sell one of my art books, but I'm eager to get this one off my shelf so I can make room for something else.

    17. Franck recommends drawing as a form of meditation. The book offers no advice on how to draw, other than to concentrate and practice, practice, practice. It does not advocate trying to be creative. The point is to concentrate fully on the object, person, or scene, and try to draw it accurately and experience its essence. Learn to truly "see" the object, not just look at it. This way of seeing is the opposite extreme from the momentary point-and-click experience of most travel photography. If you [...]

    18. Seems pretentious in many places, sneering at commercial or interpretive art. But also offers many insights into what we'd currently call "the zone", and tie-ins with self-actualisation or enlightenment. Near the end, the narrative slips away from its judging tone and offers a perspective on why photography is dismissed by the author, and in that slip a window is revealed into how anyone could use any medium to tap into this experience. But every creator will have a different call inside of them [...]

    19. I love the format of the book. The whole thing is hand-drawn and hand-lettered, and he is a very good artist with very cool handwriting. There were a few good ideas I took away from it.As a Christian, one thing that gets on my nerves is when Eastern religions try to paint Jesus as a great teacher who had reached an advanced level of personal enlightenment. They pick and choose which of his teachings to admire, and paint him as a model Buddhist. Jesus had no such pretense. The author was guilty o [...]

    20. This books seemed a little to full of what could be taken as quotable type drawing dialogue. I don't know. I liked the idea of it, I liked what the author had to say about seeing beyond what is visible with your eyes but it just seemed a bit too much in the seeing through the mists of existence type stuff for me, although I do that at myself sometimes too.

    21. Absolutely lovely, such a delightful read. I was alone with this book and the night sky and it was perfect. It really helped me see my art-making much differently, and I know for sure that from now one I will strive to SEE better - what I'm drawing, what calls to me, my cat's whiskers, my lover's face

    22. A lovely hand-written book with gorgeous pen drawings espousing the art of really looking at something until you see it and then let your hand draw it. Naturally. Bypass the ego and the mind and just allow the flow from eyes to hand to paper. Become the object. Maybe it won't teach you how to draw well, but you'll definitely see things differently.

    23. Wonderful in its prose and illustrations. I started "Seeing/Drawing" and found myself less critical of my drawings and in awe of subtle movements in clouds, flowers and hermit crabs. I also enjoyed the quotes from zen masters. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to discover or rediscover their "inner-artist".

    24. As a child, teaching myself to draw, all i knew was "how to look" at something and draw what I saw. To know that I was doing this at such an early age amazed me after finishing this read. I perfected(?) on this through my teens and then later through college, and to this very day. This book brought it all into perspective for me and helped me understand what it was I was doing all these years.

    25. It is a wonderful book. You can be everything in world,such as tree,bird,other people,pencil and etcBy teaches of Zen you can develop in drawing with your soul,and enjoying from action of drawing

    26. I really liked this book and plan to reread it. It is not so much a book about drawing, though there is a little of that, but a book about living, seeing, Zen. Excellent. Do not expect art lessons, per se. Though there are a few good hints.

    27. Teaches how to look at things and to draw reflectively. The whole 'written in the author's handwriting' thing can make it a little hard to read the words sometimes but it reads like a letter written just for you.

    28. everyone has "an artist within" "for if man is created in god's image, it can only mean he is created creative." this book is a fabulously inspirational book.at makes you think.d see.d drawd want to create

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