Sidney Chambers and The Forgiveness of Sins

The loveable full time priest and part time detective, Canon Sidney Chambers, continues his sleuthing adventures in 1960 s Cambridge On a snowy Thursday morning in Lent 1964, a stranger seeks sanctuary in Grantchester s church, convinced he has murdered his wife Sidney and his wife Hildegard go for a shooting weekend in the country and find their hostess has a sinister bThe loveable full time priest and part time detective, Canon Sidney Chambers, continues his sleuthing adventures in 1960 s Cambridge On a snowy Thursday morning in Lent 1964, a stranger seeks sanctuary in Grantchester s church, convinced he has murdered his wife Sidney and his wife Hildegard go for a shooting weekend in the country and find their hostess has a sinister burn on her neck Sidney s friend Amanda receives poison pen letters when at last she appears to be approaching matrimony A firm of removal men accidentally drop a Steinway piano on a musician s head outside a Cambridge college During a cricket match, a group of schoolboys blow up their school Science Block On a family holiday in Florence, Sidney is accused of the theft of a priceless painting.Meanwhile, on the home front, Sidney s new curate Malcolm seems set to become rather irritatingly popular with the parish his baby girl Anna learns to walk and talk Hildegard longs to get an au pair and Sidney is offered a promotion.Entertaining, suspenseful, thoughtful, moving and deeply humane, these six new stories are bound to delight the clerical detective s many fans.
Sidney Chambers and The Forgiveness of Sins The loveable full time priest and part time detective Canon Sidney Chambers continues his sleuthing adventures in s Cambridge On a snowy Thursday morning in Lent a stranger seeks sanctuar

  • Title: Sidney Chambers and The Forgiveness of Sins
  • Author: James Runcie
  • ISBN: 9781632861030
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I am an ordained minister with a penchant for reading mystery novels. It is not entirely surprising, then, that I so thoroughly enjoy The Grantchester Mysteries, which narrate the exploits of Sidney Chambers, a priest in the Church of England and an amateur sleuth. Sidney Chambers and the Forgiveness of Sins is the fourth installment in James Runcie’s series, and in my opinion, the best. (All of them are good, however.)Set in Grantchester, a village near Cambridge, The Grantchester Mysteries b [...]

    2. enjoyed this in the latest adventures of Sidney chambers in the grantchester mysteries, this one was a bit slower than the rest so far in the series but as the character gets older and a new environment as well in this book to Ely. the development of Sidney's family I enjoyed as assume these will come more into play in later books

    3. Honestly, there were a few stories I didn't really care that much about. Those ones were saved by the presence of precious Anna. But the others, wow! I was especially blown away by Prize Day (the fifth of six stories). It was infuriating and disappointing, the way certain characters behaved. I wanted to reach into the book and grab them so I could lay down a good smack. But as a whole, it was a great collection. Sidney is pretty amazing. And Hildegard, I am so sorry for underestimating your char [...]

    4. Becoming even lighter on the mystery aspect. there was only one story that was close to being a traditional mystery. This book is really about the chronicles of Cannon Chambers and how he tries and usually fails to reconcile his domestic life with his sleuthing and his relious vocation. you really have no chance to put yourself in his shoes. All of his internal dialogue is not available. you are just an observer to the story. which are nice, but not really mysteries. With the move to Ely, don't [...]

    5. Had I not seen the Grantchester Mysteries on PBS, I would surely have rated this book higher and would have liked it more. One is so vested in the love of Sidney's life being Amanda, that Hildegard, as nice as she is, is just plain vanilla. I read Perils of the Night and thought that perhaps Amanda might get the role of Sidney's wife, but it was not to be and, consequently, the series has lacked interest for me. Just thought I would try one more.

    6. This is a lovely sunny Sunday summer reading. I love the Tv series based on these books and always think of the actors when reading the characters in the stories. The book is a series of short stories that run smoothly like chapters. I didn't enjoy the last story as much as all the others due to the amount of art history knowledge and Italian references but all in all a great read.

    7. I've been a fan of this series but this one dragged on. I don't know if it was the stories that weren't captivating but something felt off and slow. Either way it was nice to read about Sidney growing up and tackling parenthood. Also, I like his perspective on how to pastor and juggle life.

    8. A book that seems to have been rushed so as to meet publisher deadlines, with plots less developed than previously. Started to pick up towards the end, but overall lacked depth, perhaps the price of fame.

    9. I was so excited about this - it was promising with its clever mysteries and quirky characters. But honestly, it bored me to tears.

    10. I definitely enjoy the PBS series, Grantchester, based on Runcie's novels. This is the first I have read, and I'm sorry to say that it did not measure up to the televised programs. The book is composed of a series of cases (episodes?), some of which are more interesting than others. I thought that the very first one was quite poorly constructed. The dialogue was stiff and unrealistic. Furthermore, I later found two instances in which a page of uninterrupted conversation, without identification o [...]

    11. Love the stories, but it seemed to include more foreign language than the 3 previous in the series, and most without further text to help figure it out. Still, charming characters, locations, and intriguing situations. I highly recommend the entire series! Peace!

    12. The stories here were about more difficult subjects and most did not have the tidy satisfying conclusions one generally finds in mystery stories. This makes this entry in the series more true to life, but less fun to read.

    13. This is the fourth book of short stories featuring Sidney Chambers - full time clergyman and part time detective. In my opinion it is the best book so far in the series and I enjoyed reading it. I think this series is a good example of how crime stories can still be interesting and entertaining even if they don't always involve murder. Each of the stories in this volume is connected with sin and the forgiveness of it.I particularly liked the story, Prize Day, set in a school which was handled wi [...]

    14. Like a lot of us, I first got acquainted with clergyman-sleuth in "Grantchester" on PBS. Which is excellent, and I've enjoyed the books now as well, even though after the first volume, the 2 story lines have diverged quite a bit. The series is great for TV; the books are great for a cozy, thoughtful read. I don't think the quality has dropped at all in this series, but for some reason I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the previous installments. I got stuck somewhere in the late middle and [...]

    15. I am giving this fourth book in the series three stars because it is better than the third one. This novel has six cases to ponder along with Sidney who has gotten a promotion. He is a pleasant companion for your quiet Sunday afternoons. Note to readers: The Sidney Chambers of these novels is different than the alternative universe Sidney that you watch on BBC/PBS.

    16. These stories are the basis for the "Grantchester Mysteries" produced by PBS and BBC television. There are four to six novellas in each book. Fun easy read.

    17. This one was darker than the previous three in the series, but I enjoyed it very much. I love the characters!

    18. Almost perfect ! Only one story disappointed me Anyway Sidney Chambers is the best vicar-archideacon in the world.

    19. "'To love means loving the unlovable. To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable. Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.'" ~G.K. Chesterton"'I want to talk to you this morning about proportional penitence. Any request for forgiveness is not the property of the perpetrator alone' he continued. 'It must be freely given & freely received. The confession & the appeal must allow room for the victim- if he or she were still alive- to forgive [...]

    20. Sidney Chambers and the Forgiveness of Sins is the second book that I have read in the Granchester Mystery series. The books are entertaining, suspenseful, thoughtful, moving and deeply humane; just good reading. The fourth volume offers six new stories and adventures for Sidney Chambers and his family and friends. Below is a brief plot synopsis:The loveable full-time priest and part-time detective, Canon Sidney Chambers, continues his sleuthing adventures in 1960's Cambridge. On a snowy Thursda [...]

    21. You know its a good book when a) you find out if you can watch the TV series, and b) want to own all the books! What a wonderful balance of humor, mystery, and pure English beauty. I accidentally picked up book four from the library and just went with it. I kind of know what to expect now that we're watching season 1, in so far as knowing Sydney's life, but this is a book review-- not the TV series. I love feeling like I'm reading a bit of Agatha Christie, G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown, and may [...]

    22. Sydney Chambers is a great character, and I enjoyed spending time in his world again with this installment in the series. It has been, however, my least favorite so far. The stories weren't as engaging this time, and the tension with Hildegard was really odd and uneven. Actually, I felt like the conflict wasn't well resolved in other situations/stories either. When I read a mystery, I like to feel that there aren't a lot of loose ends when it's over. It makes for an unsatisfying read when parts [...]

    23. Sidney Chambers is a vicar in 1960s Cambridge with a penchant for investigating. The cases in this book are not really mysteries as such, they are more problems where Sidney knows or suspects what is going on, but needs to find the proof and bring things out in the open. They are charming episodes on the whole, sometimes with a darker undertone, but with more light than shade.Sidney is a likeable character, with a disarming tendency to recognise his (quite minor) faults and good intentions. Ther [...]

    24. I truly enjoy my adventures with Sidney & company. I find that this addition to the series shows that the crimes that Sidney investigates are becoming a bit darker. I also liked that Runcie changes the setting from Cambridge to Ely as Sidney's career and family evolve. I appreciated that he does not leave his old home behind, but continues his friendship with Inspector Keating. In fact, Ely may become a sanctuary to Geordie now that his three girls have become teenagers in the age of the Bea [...]

    25. Entertaining characters in this series, now dramatized on the BBC. I find Seymour quite annoying at times, but I like his side kick (amusingly, my husband feels exactly the opposite about these two.) I do, however, wish the BBC series did not replace Seymour's lovely german wife, Hildegard, with his flaky old girlfriend, Amanda. I think it's a better story line with Amanda playing a background role in various mysteries, with her up and down romances, while Sydney's strong no nonsense wife, Hilde [...]

    26. I really enjoy this series of reading and the clever stories Runcie offers. Sidney continues to grow and struggle with the challenge of being a Vicar, Husband, Friend, and Father. This is, of course, compounded by the fact that he loves and feels compelled to solve the mysteries that surround him. Other characters are equally fascinating. Hildegard's love and loyalty for Sidney, her husband, is impressive and often challenged. Amanda, Sidney's best friend, continues to find ways to implicate and [...]

    27. Cozy mysteries in the genre sense and the mood/feeling of reading them sense. I'm still getting used to Sidney Chambers' married family life (I get the sense he is, too). I appreciate the way these show the constant shifting balance between his work with the church, his faith, his family, and his mystery solving, and how he has to grapple with letting parts of his identity slip loose from his grasp as others clamor for attention. I think that's actually an important, deeper story about faith pra [...]

    28. This book was a bit different from the other books. It seemed to be more about his relationship with his wife and how his sleuthing impacted on it. It's almost like a modern day relationship where the husband is expected to pull his weight with child minding and home life. The character of Sidney also seems to be becoming more opinionated about the issues of the day. The books really are quite good and show how a relationship can change over time.

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