Your Heart Within Me

SterekDerek thought all he lost were memories.He didn t know he lost than that.Words 10452 complete
Your Heart Within Me SterekDerek thought all he lost were memories He didn t know he lost than that Words complete

  • Title: Your Heart Within Me
  • Author: howl-to-the-wind
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “Your Heart Within Me”

    1. Derek can't remember the past few years (which includes his relationship with Stiles) and Stiles is a self-sacrificing IDIOT who refuses to remind him. It's fucking painful. Yes, there's an HEA but it comes way, way, way at the end. I need some cuteness.

    2. This was hard to read. It's sad and the happiness is only at the very end, which made it even harder.But I love Sterek and this was really lovely.

    3. This book broke my heart into tiny itty bitty pieces. I cried (well one or two tears slipped out) twice! I basically teary-eyed through out the whole thing. It's just SO HEARTWRENCHING. Loved it though.

    4. Oh, angst and amnesia and self-sacrifice, you lovely things you. Hits the sweet spot in places, but also a bit unpolished with some serious ooc-ness.

    5. not 5 stars, just maybe 4,5. this was really sad and heartbreaking. like 50% time i cried, but the ending was worth it.

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