Auschwitz: A Short History

What was Auschwitz like It was like Dante s Inferno, that was what it was like Only it was worse much worse Antoni Dobrowolski, Auschwitz survivor 1904 2012.An overview of one of Nazi Germany s most notorious death camps From the author of THE NAZI MURDER MACHINE TEN PORTRAITS IN EVIL THE WHISTLER A MURDERER S TALE
Auschwitz A Short History What was Auschwitz like It was like Dante s Inferno that was what it was like Only it was worse much worse Antoni Dobrowolski Auschwitz survivor An overview of one of Nazi Germany s most n

  • Title: Auschwitz: A Short History
  • Author: Ben Stevens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Considering the short length of this ebook, it is packed with detailed infromation and pictures. If you have read longer works about Auschwitz, then there really isn't anything new, but if someone who hasn't, this would be helpful.

    2. Auschwitz: A Short History by Ben Stevens Auschwitz: A Short History by Ben Stevens is a documentary style story. I gave it four stars because it was a straightforward account of history. It is sad to remember the atrocities that took place. There were the "Einsatzgruppen - paramilitary 'death squads' who followed the regular German army into occupied territory before 'cleansing' it of anyone deemed racially or politically 'undesirable'. Previously, this had consisted chiefly of Einsatzgruppen [...]

    3. A very short and illustrated history of the Nazi death camp, this works if you're looking to review familiar material or to get a general understanding of Auschwitz. Those looking for greater depth should look elsewhere.

    4. Pretty good introduction.A good overview of the history of the Auschwitz death camp, although I would have preferred a more chronological recounting, a timeline and a bibliography.

    5. Many black and white photos included; several color photos. HORRIBLE and HORRIFIC descriptions of the Nazi murders of millions of Jews. Atrocious fact of history that needs never to be forgotten.

    6. Interesting.i found this to have a lot of detail and very informative but a very easy read. Good book layout.

    7. An eye opener.Shock and horror at this preplanned treatment of war prisoners whatever their backgrounds or beliefs. Amazing courage of individuals trying to help.

    8. Enough detail in a short bookThis was just enough information to get an idea of the terrible things that happened at Auschwitz. I would recommend to anyone wanting a quick red.

    9. For a short history of book this is jam packed with detail. Its a compact book that crams in a lot of the detail about what actually went on within the cap and how this progressed and expanded throughout WWII to become the site that we have all heard from. For anyone interested in this period of time, this is a very good read, even if you just want to refresh yourself.

    10. Pretty good. Just wish it was longerOK. Would of been nice if it was longer and some more survivors accounts would of been more interesting. Otherwise not bad

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