Death Embraces

Alternative cover edition of ASIN B00D55EGFMNatalie Pierce awakens to find herself not only buried in a box but also missing her body from the neck down After some initial confusion she remembers that she has become a member of a very exclusive club the living dead.While Luc, her closest companion, was responsible for beheading her, he had simply obeyed an order that hadAlternative cover edition of ASIN B00D55EGFMNatalie Pierce awakens to find herself not only buried in a box but also missing her body from the neck down After some initial confusion she remembers that she has become a member of a very exclusive club the living dead.While Luc, her closest companion, was responsible for beheading her, he had simply obeyed an order that had been impossible for him to resist The Comtesse, ruler of the European vampire nation, can be blamed for Nat s current uncomfortable incarceration.Natalie has three important tasks ahead of her Her first objective is to escape from her underground prison The second goal is to hunt down the Comtesse and introduce her to the holy marks on Nat s palms The third task is the most daunting she must discover who or what is behind the cause of the sentient shadows that only she can see.As the long awaited and highly unanticipated Mortis, Nat has abilities that no other vampire has ever possessed before She must utilize the strangeness that sets her apart from her new kin to fulfil the prophecy that was written over two thousand years ago The ancient prophecy predicts that it is her destiny to wipe out the vast bulk of her own kind.Natalie has learned one undeniable fact since becoming a vampire, despite all of the weird and wacky powers that she has gained, not even Mortis can avoid her fate.Size Approximately 83,000 words
Death Embraces Alternative cover edition of ASIN B D EGFMNatalie Pierce awakens to find herself not only buried in a box but also missing her body from the neck down After some initial confusion she remembers that

  • Title: Death Embraces
  • Author: J.C. Diem
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Once again the story ends in the middle of the action.Natalie is now a badass heroine Mortis having spent 4 months in Japan learning how to fight. The Firsts' plans are slowly being revealed in dreams, which actually affect Natalie as if she is actually standing there in front of him. Luc, meanwhile is a prisoner of the Comtesse, his maker, and ruler of the European Court. She is also one of the damned.Natalie sets out to rescue Luc, despite him having beheaded her in the previous book.

    2. Another ending that sucked. Not as badly as the previous but I still wasn't particularly impressed. It was sudden and things had been kind of lame lately too and I like Luc (somewhat) but his absence in this book certainly didn't make my heart grow fonder. He's kind of a huge blank for me. I don't get him. I don't know him. And if he hadn't existed I can't say I'd be sorry. He does absolutely nothing for me. His purpose in this book was only to have sex with Nat and provide her with some sexy ti [...]

    3. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsDeath Embraces kicks off with Natalie waking up to find out she's been buried and in pieces. She knows now what her true purpose is and she has to make it out of this before more bad things happen and in order for her to fight the evil out there. That's a lot easier said then done. Especially when she finds out the man who she's crushing on, Luc, is in danger. She must do everything she can to get him back to safety and take out the horrible woman who is [...]

    4. Natalie awakens after having her head cut off and her body chopped up. She must find a way out of her situation, which happens to be her remains in several boxes. She learns to control her body parts with her conscious, something very few has ever been able to do.Once free, Natalie wants to learn how to fight, like the one who had been posing as her. She goes to her Japanese Vampire Kin for help. Sadly, the Japanese and European vampires don't get along. The Japanese try to kill Natalie, but the [...]

    5. Great bookCouldn't put first one down an was free! Since first book / I got 2nd spent day reading second now buyin 3rd. Different spin on vampire romance an a must-read series

    6. Very little happened in this book. I mean a lot happened but it took forever. The author is long winded so she just keeps going on and on. The book could have been like 100+ pages less with a little bit more editing. All that said I enjoyed reading the book.

    7. I am enjoying the series quite a bit. For anyone considering this series, understand it's over the top, far fetched and very odd. Be no means realistic and kind of morbid. However, I happen to really enjoy the author's style. It's fun, slightly dorky, (which is most endearing to me) and has a soap opera type addiction. Each book ends with a CH so if that's not your thing, you've been warned. Nat gets herself dismembered, and there is a lot of time spent putting her back together. I'll agree othe [...]

    8. Spoiler !!Ladybug is a bad Ass. shes a Doom to vampires. but not all just the damned. meaning those vampires thats shadow take over their body. Ladybug(Natalie) along side luc and others will be unstoppable. i absolutely loved her time in japan. she felt at home and became close to the leader. her body can reattach like magic. the book was well written and very funny with Luc, Geogie and the child leader from japan. a must read.

    9. Death Beckons finished on such an unexpected cliffhanger, and DE did not disappoint! Picking up almost right where DB ended, it is fast-paced, amusing, gripping, and deserves to be up there with the bestsellers. This is a vampire tale with a difference, and in my opinion one of the best new series on the market. Loving it.

    10. Entertaining and full of everythingI wasn't too keen on the first couple chapters rehashing what happened in the first novel but after those chapters the story picks up. Nat's experience with the Japanese vampires was a really captivating section. The storyline continues to intrigue and keep you wanting to know more. Yes I would recommend this as a series to read.

    11. this book is weird the whole series is actually weird the main character is impossible to kill, there is lot of action and lot of drama, but it is addictive read the kind of book you can't put away at 2:30 AM :)

    12. The first book of the Mortis series was interesting and fun. This book was awful. I hated everything about it. Chapters 1 thru 6 was about Nat's dismembered body. It took six chapters to resolve that conflict. I was so disappointed and won't be reading anymore books from this series.

    13. I was certainly not disappointed with #2. I love Natalies character. Although a vampire, I feel she does have morals and compassion. Amazing book!!

    14. This is a continuation of Nat and Luc's story. it is equally as good as the first book however I did not buy the third book.

    15. This series is addicting!! Natalie went thru so much in this book and it is only beginning, war is not to farexcited to jump into the next one!!

    16. I love this series! Cannot put it down. Love the characters, the crazy story line and the excitement and suspense. Looking forward to the next book.

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