The Kiss of the Unborn and Other Stories

The Kiss of the Unborn and Other Stories None

  • Title: The Kiss of the Unborn and Other Stories
  • Author: Fyodor Sologub
  • ISBN: 9780870492020
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • 1 thought on “The Kiss of the Unborn and Other Stories”

    1. i can't believe i just gave this as many stars as i gave proust2, but me and this book have come a long way. for the first few stories, i was unimpressed. maybe it's just because greg gave it five stars and i wanted to be all cool or whatever, but i found it less mellifluous right after proust. which is totally unfair. but its pretty clunkily written in parts, and maybe this is just a translation thing, or maybe whatever i read directly after proust was bound to suffer by comparison. but i thoug [...]

    2. Fedor Sologub's books being out of print is a crime. At least if the others are anywhere near as good as this collection of short stories. They are so good, I don't know how to explain how good they are. If Russia's other 19th century Fydor could be thought of as say David Foster Wallace (i.e awesome, dense and wordy), then this other Fedor can be thought of as a really creepy and gothic version Raymond Carver (maybe equally great in the short story department, but sparse and concise). Maybe tha [...]

    3. A beautiful collection of short stories ranging from gothic, to fairy tale, to psychological thrillers. I was hooked from the first few pages. Each story is completely different so you are never bored. Sologub is truly a hidden gem and I'm left wanting more.

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