The Sweet Spot: A Novel

From New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Evanovich comes another rollicking, sexy story of just how far a couple will go to find true love and keep it sizzling While restaurateur Amanda Cole can t help noticing Chase Walker the pro baseball player with the Greek god build he doesn t have a chance of getting to first, or any other base, with her A successful entrepFrom New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Evanovich comes another rollicking, sexy story of just how far a couple will go to find true love and keep it sizzling While restaurateur Amanda Cole can t help noticing Chase Walker the pro baseball player with the Greek god build he doesn t have a chance of getting to first, or any other base, with her A successful entrepreneur, Amanda doesn t need a Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet.But Chase has charm and heart, as well as hunky good looks, and he isn t about to strike out in this courtship His hopes rally when Amanda discovers that squeaky clean Chase has a few sexy and very secret pregame rituals that turn the smart, headstrong businesswoman on and into his number one fan Then a tabloid and a hidden camera threaten to turn the love of a lifetime into just another late night punch line Is Amanda ready to let loose and swing for the fences Or will the pressure of Chase s stardom force them to call it quits
The Sweet Spot A Novel From New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Evanovich comes another rollicking sexy story of just how far a couple will go to find true love and keep it sizzling While restaurateur Amanda Cole c

  • Title: The Sweet Spot: A Novel
  • Author: Stephanie Evanovich
  • ISBN: 9780062346681
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/Ai yai yai – where do I even begin? Let’s begin with the fact that my local library is like a drug pusher offering free samples to a heroin addict. Not only do they have a bazillion books on the shelves and a “share” policy with tons of other libraries in the ‘burbs, but they also promote a “new and notable” section which is a first come/first served basis on all the hot new hits . . . and I can’t stop myself from checking something out fr [...]

    2. When Amanda takes a booking for a VIP in her restaurant, she’s nonplussed. Her parents are well known and she’s had famous people in before. But Chase Walker is in a different category all together. He plays baseball in the major league and he’s one of America’s gold pin-up boys. From the moment their eyes meet, there’s a definite spark.For Chase, it’s love at first sight. There’s something about Amanda that he finds irresistable but to his surprise, she turns him down flat. And so [...]

    3. I read less than half the book. When our hero started abusing our heroine in the name of kinky sex, I was totally turned off. I hate authors who write women characters that are pathetic, needy morons. Our moron heroine let this smug, narcissistic hero totally dominate and abuse her. Is this because 50 shades of grey made so much money, this author thinks she will cash in on the trend? Whatever, it was too unpleasant to keep reading so it went back to the library.

    4. A great example of the saying "too many books, so little time". I made it halfway and just couldn't take these two idiots any longer. This book started out with the promise of a fun romance. The name "Evanovich" and the tag "humorous romance" pulled me in. This is not a humorous romance and compares nothing to Janet. At first I liked Amanda, a successful, well educated and respected business woman who has an admirer, a hot happening pro baseball player named Chase. Amanda believes all men have f [...]

    5. I had to stop reading at the 32% mark; I didn't finish the book.I noticed pretty early on that The Sweet Spot was like 100% telling and 0% showing. The sequence of events is just laid out with no emotion, no "moments", no personality—nothing real. It's literally like:Amanda meets Chase. He's so charming. He comes by every day for a week. He sits in this specific spot and orders this meal. He's so friendly. The staff love him. Amanda finally agrees to date him. He's really charming, but surely [...]

    6. I think that the description for this book is a little misleading. When I picked it up I was imagining a cute little romance book - hardworking girl meets handsome baseball superstar, falls in love and then has to learn to cope with his fame and busy schedule. Done before a million times and you know the couple will get a happy ending but not every book has to be a classic to be readable, right?Initially "The Sweet Spot" seems to deliver that. Amanda Cole is a busy restaurant owner with well off [...]

    7. I hate writing bad reviews but this book really made me angry. When I saw The Sweet Spot on the shelf of the library and read the inside cover and loved that the hero was a pro baseball player. I love baseball so I thought I'd check it out. Bad move. *Spoilers*The first few chapters were nice while Chase pursues Amanda. He is sweet and kind and seemed like a dream guy. Then from out of the blue, she gets mad at him and he end up throwing her over his knee and spanks her. The next morning she is [...]

    8. "Chase," [Amanda] began steadily, but her voice cracked as soon as she said his name, "you seemed like you really knew what you were doing there.""I do," he stated, very matter of fact, seemingly engrossed in [his paper], but with the corners of his mouth starting to turn up."Like you've done that sort of thing before.""I have." He grinned, turning the page and scanning it."And that if we keep seeing each other, it's something you'll want to do again?""I will." He nodded, still grinning.His two- [...]

    9. **I received this book as the result of an early copy sweepstakes from William Morrow Books. My review is in no way bias because I'm a winner, in life and the contest lol*So, this book started off really cute to me: I can appreciate a dude going out of his way to woo a woman, and Chase just went all out for Amanda. I enjoyed the cuteness between them. Then, they get into relationship and my good opinion kind of went a little south. First of all, the whole alpha male thing is fine, as long as the [...]

    10. Book provided by Netgalley for an honest reviewI will fully confess that I put in a request to read this book because of the last name of the author yes I thought I was going to read a Janet Evanovich bookThe Sweet Spot sounds good on paper - a famous sexy sporting start meets an independent sassy woman and sparks ensueThe dialogue was fast paced and snappy and I enjoyed Chase's slightly OTT pursuit of Amanda. I was sufficiently connected with the characters to want to see how the book would end [...]

    11. I recognize that there are some pretty problematic themes going on in this book, but I still enjoyed it all the same. Why? Because I recognize them for what they are. I know when trash is trash, and yet I still enjoy wallowing in the dirt for the day.But it's interesting, because I think the mainstream nature of the author (the niece of Janet Evanovich? c'mone name alone was going to grant her an audience) and the pretty misleading, benign cover puts this book in a realm of readers that it shoul [...]

    12. I really wanted to like this book as much as Big Girl Panties, but The Sweet Spot has one major flaw: the spanking part and all the annoying talk about dominance. While BGP was an amusing romantic comedy with an interesting premise (can the model dating personal trainer get over himself and love a girl who is far from model looks), this book's premise is more about can the nice and proper girl date the guy who is into dominance stuff? Not exactly on my wavelength. The book reads like a nice roma [...]

    13. I had not read stories by Stephanie Evanovich before, but she is coming to my local library this month so I thought I would take the time to check out The Sweet Spot. I figured if I liked it I would then purchase a new copy and ask her to sign. I did enjoy the first few chapters and knew this would be a sweet sexy romantic story reflecting difficulties and joys in a relationship between a famous baseball star and a strong restaurant owner. I was SO surprised to see the path the author decided to [...]

    14. I was excited to be chosen to read this new summer romance novel. I couldn't wait to read it but as I got into it I realized that it was actually the second book in a series. I could easily follow it and I liked the characters. I also enjoyed the spunk of Amanda. She was a really strong, self sufficient girl. I didn't even mind the darker side and the possible play on another popular series about dominance,(though this was better written by far).However I was a little disappointed to learn there [...]

    15. I just wanted a fluffy, no brainer, read. Why is that so difficult lately? First off I was not paying attention and thought that this was a Stephanie Plum novel or something of that sort. Nope. Not the same author. Grrrrr. Then I'm assaulted by the heroine of the story who simply put makes me feel bad to be female. Come on now, couldn't we make this a little more BDSM and not some male chauvinistic thing. The author seemed scared to actually take this subject on which to me means don't write a b [...]

    16. OMG I loved this story! I was doing my meal prep for the week while listening to this book and I was laughing so many times in my kitchen! I liked it from start to ending, (view spoiler)[ I also liked that their "issues" didn't take up most of the story time (hide spoiler)] I really enjoy Stephanie Evanovich's style of writing, and have liked everything that she has written thus far that I have been able to get my hands on. Also, Great Cover! Great Read!

    17. This is loaded with spoilers, so consider yourself warned.2.5 starsI was so taken with The Sweet Spot, by Stephanie Evanovich, when the book began. Chase was entirely charming, genuine and patient and exceptionally persistent given his life as a major league baseball player. Amanda was a strong, independent, witty woman who knew what she wanted and had a great, realistic perspective. I thoroughly delighted in Chase’s wooing. I suspected that the plot was going to take the turn it did—Chase l [...]

    18. I don’t really know what to say about Stephanie Evanovich’s THE SWEET SPOT.I suppose I’ll start with the cover. It was misleading. There’s a woman smiling behind a feather. It’s very pleasing to the eye and very benign. Suffice it to say, even though I read the promo blurb that made me enter the giveaway – ableit awhile before I got the book, I was startled to discover it was a book essentially about sexualized spanking.I do remember reading the blurb and thinking it wasn’t somethi [...]

    19. For me, liking a book means that I remember what happens in the plot weeks after I have read it. And so when I go to write a review of a book that I read a few weeks ago and don't remember much about the plot means that I probably didn't like it as much as others, and unfortunately The Sweet Spot is one of those books.Although I don't remember this book is detail, I do remember certain things I did and did not like. For example I remember I did like the overall conflict of the book and how real [...]

    20. Honestly, this book really disgusted me. Amanda is a restaurant owner who meets chase, a famous baseball player. Blah blah blah he is infatuated with her and stops at nothing to get her, despite her resistance at first. She soon finds out that chase is obsessed with sexualized spanking and will spank her whether she likes it or not, because she swore, and he wanted her to be a lady (wait, there's literally nothing different about this than 50 shades of gray). It was this scene that upset me and [...]

    21. I couldn't even finish this book. It's almost as if the author wanted to write a cute fluffy romance, but also wanted to write erotica and S&M at the same time. There wasn't any graphic scenes to give it the true erotica vibe, just suggestive hints, and there wasn't any good interactions between the main characters that gave me the warm fuzzies that could see them as a true romance novel couple.

    22. I purchased the book & met the author at a book fair in Belmar, N.J. I saw a review that an author I am acquainted with had left. So after speaking with her, I decided to put down what I was reading & read " The Sweet Spot."I was born & raised in Asbury Park N.J. & still live in N.J. The author is from Asbury & the book takes place in N.Y./N.J. areas. Already I felt a connection. I enjoy books that take place in N.J I can relate to where the author is writing about. It makes [...]

    23. This the first novel that I've read by Stephanie Evanovich. My daughter owned the book, but I couldn't wait for her to give it to me,so I could read it. I luckily was able purchase one of the last hardcovers with the original cover photography on . (Love this cover more than the new one)The story takes place in and around NJ and NY. Being a full-fledged Jersey Girl; born and raised and still living here, made me smile.The story is about an restauranteur Amanda Cole and Pro- Athlete, "golden boy" [...]

    24. 1/2 starThis is by far one of the worse book I have ever read. It was love at first sight for the guy (Chase Walker) and Amanda Cole was playing hard to get for the first few months - just to go on a date with this Walker dude who is a pro baseball player. These 2 characters are the most self absorbed, whinny people ever written!!!! I rolled my eyes so many times and thought to myself why am I listening to this garbage. Chase's secret is that he likes to spank ladies bottom and Amanda just sort [...]

    25. Warning: do not Read.Janet evanovich's daughter tries writing romantic comedies. Mostly she writes funnier versions of 50 Shades of Grey. Great intro, great ending horrific middle with endless physical and mental abuse sexual abuse.

    26. It’s been a long time since I read an entertaining chick lit. A little dirt but not too racy. I love the romance genre but sometimes with too much sex in the mix with little dialogue, zero chemistry between characters, and jam packed drama, that usually ends up in my Not-To-Be-Read-Ever-Again Shelf. So, a little detour to chick lit town is the vacation I deserve, and Stephanie Evanovich’s The Sweet Spot is my ticket to a well-deserve break!In ‘The Sweet Spot’, you will meet Chase Walker, [...]

    27. In Stephanie Evanovich’s first book, Big Girl Panties, we met Chase and Amanda Walker. So, if you’ve read that book then you know what their relationship status is. But in this book, Stephanie shows us how they met and how their relationship evolved. As with the first book, the author infuses the perfect amount of humor and wit throughout the book making it a fun, laugh out loud read.Amanda is an independent, modern woman. She doesn’t need a man to hold her hand through life. With hard wor [...]

    28. The Sweet Spot actually take place before Big Girl Panties (my review). We first met Chase and Amanda in Big Girl Panties. They were a fun couple and this is the story of how they got together. Amanda is an independent, strong willed restaurant owner. Chase, a famous baseball player, is smitten the minute he meets her. There are a couple of things that I loved about this book. I loved the way Chase sets out to woo Amanda and prove to her he is all in. I also loved the open communication between [...]

    29. I got this book from the publishers out of the blue, with the hopes that I would leave a review. I read the description of the book and I thought it sounded like a fun summer read and got started on it right away. I initially liked the characters, our leading lady was a strong independent women and our leading man a hot baseball player. I made it about half way through the book and just could not get back into it. I started to read some reviews to see if other readers had the same problem as me, [...]

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