One of of romance s brightest stars ROMANCE REVIEWS TODAY shows off her dark side Forever cursed Forever FALLEN.New Orleans, 1840s Sent to watch over the decadent city, the angel Gabriel loses himself in the liquid pleasure of absinthe So when his mistress, Anne, is murdered and all evidence points to him a foggy Gabriel cannot be sure he didn t do it His pe One of of romance s brightest stars ROMANCE REVIEWS TODAY shows off her dark side Forever cursed Forever FALLEN.New Orleans, 1840s Sent to watch over the decadent city, the angel Gabriel loses himself in the liquid pleasure of absinthe So when his mistress, Anne, is murdered and all evidence points to him a foggy Gabriel cannot be sure he didn t do it His penance to be forever denied love Then in modern day New Orleans he meets forensic scientist Sara Michaels
Fallen One of of romance s brightest stars ROMANCE REVIEWS TODAY shows off her dark side Forever cursed Forever FALLEN New Orleans s Sent to watch over the decadent city the angel Gabriel loses himself

  • Title: Fallen
  • Author: Erin McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9780515144628
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. WOW! I just finished this book. I had to take a few minutes to absorb the story, the ending, and come back to the real world. This is a weighty story. It's about love, murder, revenge, power, lust, forgiveness, innocence, and absolution. All this in 302 pages of engrossing reading. I couldn't put it downtely another for my keeper shelf.This is book two in the Seven Deadly Sins series by Erin McCarthy. DON'T pick up this book if you're looking for a light-hearted, humorous romance like her Vegas [...]

    2. This is the first book i read of this author,and im always a little nervious getting invested in a book by a author iv never read before. i didnt want to be disapointed. i love angels and all this history and lore that goes with them. this book was wonderful. i love charecters with real issues, and both main chartecters have enough to keep this story going. i would love to see this book have a sequel. maybe made into a series of itself. you could tell research was put into this book,with its kno [...]

    3. I really enjoyed the story between Gabriel and Sara and was glad with how things worked out between them. The murder mysteries were a little intense at times and I wasnt sure how they would work out but I dont think the story wouldve been as good without them.The sex scenes were HOT. Probably some of the most intense that I have read. It might have had something to do with Gabriel being a fallen angel whos touch would cause you to become obsessed with him!

    4. Second in the Seven Deadly Sins paranormal-romance series. This story is set in New Orleans, Louisiana with Gabriel Saint John as the angel who has Fallen. The StoryOverwhelmed by the misery humans endure, Gabriel, assigned as a Watcher over humanity, attempts to drown the despair with absinthe and opium becoming addicted to avoidance. As a consequence, God tosses him from Heaven sentencing him to an everlasting demonhood, part of which Gabriel assuages by taking a mistress, Anne, in 1849. When [...]

    5. Gabriel was an angel sent to Earth to guard humans but what he never thought was that he would be sucked in by the despair and sadness humans are capable of feeling. He ended up falling victim to that same despair and the only thing that could make it go away temporarily was absinthe. That was 150 years ago. Now it's modern New Orleans and he, of course, is still around. Immortal, but a fallen angel. He's kicked his absinthe addiction and has been cleaned for years now. But something he can't es [...]

    6. Fallen3 StarsSeries note: Fallen can be read as a standalone as aside from the setting of New Orleans and the reappearance of a secondary character from book #1, there is no connection between the books. The romance has potential but never really gets going and the characters, while interesting in terms of their struggles with addiction, ultimately fail to evoke any emotion or caring. The mystery is interesting and the excerpts from newspapers, police reports and trial excerpts add a realistic t [...]

    7. Gabriel and Sara are seriously damaged people who seem to share a connection although each on hides that connection. As they work together on a book they start to see each other as the person they can't see themselves and the secrets come out. While each one tries to deal with them an old enemy comes backs, one neither knew they had. Once they deal with the trouble they find just exactly what they are looking for.

    8. Well it wasn't what I expected. It was so slow in the begining and it almost made me want to give up on it. But I pushed through and yes it turned out okay. I did like the murder mystery part of it. By the end I really wanted to know who did it and i didn't expect the outcome to be what it was. Overall it's not something i would read again but I love Erin McCarthy so I will read the next one.

    9. It took me a little longer to get through. There were a few slower segments in the middle of the book. At two-thirds of the way through it picked up and kept me interested.

    10. I only made it through about 150 pages of this book, then started skimming, then gave up altogether. This book moves very, very slow and I was just plain bored.In 1849 Gabriel (a fallen angel) was accused of the murder of a prostitute, Anne, who died while he was drunk/high from opium and absinth. Gabriel doesn't know whether he committed the murder or not because the drugs caused him to forget many events. In the modern day, the now sober immortal writes true crime novels and continues to pursu [...]

    11. Ok, this was a really strange book.The premise was intresting and it started off really well, but then it just seemed to slide downhill slowly, till it reached a pretty average ending.The characters were intresting and i was really invested in their journey, but it got to a point I lost intrest. and when that happens you know its bad!The story is about Gabriel, a fallen angel who is unsure if he killed his lover about a 160 years ago. Since then he has been condemend to life on earth and that ev [...]

    12. This book marks Ms. McCarthy's second foray into more serious, 'darker' paranormals, on the theme of the seven deadly sins (cool!). I didn't read the first one (lust), titled My Immortal, but this second title (gluttony/addiction) is a stand alone story.So - let's see here: We have a fallen angel, recovering addict piano player-slash-painter who hasn't had sex for eighty years. And a self-conscious young heroine fleeing the tragedies of her past while trying to unlock the mystery of a family cur [...]

    13. Gabriel St. John is a demon, trapped in the city of New Orleans, cursed by his own sins. Sent as an angel to help humanity, he fell under the influence of alcohol addiction, and now if he is with a woman, she becomes hopelessly addicted to him. He hasn't touched alcohol or a woman in 75 years, but a new temptation enters his life.Gabriel writes true crime novels, and this time, he has decided to tackle a crime he believes he may have committed in 1849. He wants to find out he didn't, but he isn' [...]

    14. Dulu, di abad ke-19, Anne Donovan dibunuh. Gabriel St. John dituduh membunuhnya. Meskipun sudah seratus tahun berlalu, Gabriel masih bertekad untuk menemukan siapa pembunuh sebenarnya. Dia kembali ke New Orleans dan menjadi penulis novel misteri. Sang Malaikat Jatuh ini kemudian tertarik dengan pembunuhan ibu Sara Michaels, seorang investigator, yang mirip dengan pembunuhan Anne Donovan.Sara Michaels, seorang ahli forensik, meninggalkan Florida dan pergi ke New Orleans untuk membantu Gabriel mem [...]

    15. I'm such a sap. Bought this mostly because the cover intrigued me. Such judgment has burned me before, so we'll seeFinished this one last night. Is this part of a series? I really hope there's a first book that explains this whole "fallen angel" thing a little more in detail. Because the explanation here was pretty much "we're angels, we fell, so now we're demons and immortal." Um, okay?The premise of the romance is that the fallen angel/demon Gabriel can't touch women, because doing so makes th [...]

    16. This is my second book in the "Fallen Angel" genre. This concept is a little different to me in contrast to vampire books. Fallen kept me reading because I wanted to know who killed Anne and Sara's mom. I also wanted to see if Gabriel was capable of killing Anne based on how his character was described.There is definitely struggle within the trust and relationship between Sara and Gabriel. I wanted to see if a relationship would eventually develop. The passion and ferocity (i.e. relationship bet [...]

    17. j'ai vraiment bien aimé ce tome, je n'ai pas lu le premier mais cela ne m'a pas du tout dérangé dans le déroulement de l'histoire.Alors j'avais un peu peur avant de commencer en lisant le résumé je savais que c'était de la romance paranormale et j'esperais que l'histoire allait aussi suivre que ce ne soit pas que baser sur la romance. Et finalement j'ai été agréablement surprise (vous me direz en partant pessimiste ça aide aussi).La mère de Sara a été assassinée d'une manière ass [...]

    18. Sara's mother is murdered in a horrible stabbing. Sara, a forensic scientist is determined to solve her unsolved murder. Contacted by Gabrial, a true crime author who would like her assistance in showing the forensic differences between Sara's mother's murder and the murder of Anne Donovan in the late 1800's whose murder was uncanny in the simularities. Sara relocates to New Orleans to help Gabrial and escape her own grief. Unknown to either of them, yet, they both have personal interest & r [...]

    19. I'm not a lover of angles in love stories. The few that I've attempted to read have been sappy or just plain silly. That being said, this book is AMAZING! At it's heart it's a whodunit & Ms. McCarthy skillfully weaves the past and the present murders together without confusion or distraction.Gabriel (former angel) & Sara both recovering from addiction come together on the pretense of investigation. What you get is the slow and page turning evolution of love and redemption. From the 1st I [...]

    20. This is the second book in her series of the 7 Deadly Sins. This book focuses on Gabriel the fallen angel and bascially his redemption. He meets Sara who is the decendent of someone he lost via a henious murder in the 1800's, they meet to work on a real crime novel Gabriel is writing about that murder and the murder of Sara's mother which is similar but over a 100 years later with a focus on forensics and Sara is in the forensic's field.Totally unrealistic but very fun, action packed supernatura [...]

    21. A paranormal romance about finding the truth, overcoming addition, self-forgiveness, and justice. Much of the investigation is told through news reports. Gabriel’s punishment isn’t fair – it punishes innocent women. There is explicit sex and platonic love, and good character development for Gabriel, who learns to enjoy life again. Sara’s character is less developed, though she chooses platonic love rather than trying to live without Gabriel.

    22. Shallow and obvious, but also sexy and fast-paced. In other words, exactly what I expected when I picked it up. Definitely your standard angsty supernatural romance novel, with a couple of nicely steamy sex scenes. (There was one 'on absinthe' that I found particulary arresting, even if the author's ideas on altered states is clearly inexperienced and cliched). A decent beach book, if you are into this genre.

    23. This book had the same effect on me as My Immortal,the 1st in the series,I wanted more of the historical parts and less of current day.I liked the book and liked that some parts of MyImmortal were taken care of also.But I wish that more time was spent on the 1st love story. Paranormal Historicals should be a catagorylol

    24. This book left me a bit confused, possible cause was from how slow this started.? I must have missed some key info! This was more a murder mystery whodunnit with fallen angels as the male characters, hardly using any immortal skills aside from well Being immortal. LOL Basically if you can make it through the first 150 pages you'll get some action. :)

    25. Fallen Angels. Murder. Mystery. Redemption. Love. Sex. How could you say no?? I love that this book blends the past and the present. That it is part murder mystery and part paranormal romance. And boy do those love scenes make your toes curl. But I would expect no less from Erin McCarthy. I have read several of her books. Heiress for Hire is another great one.

    26. This was a long, long looong, almost endless book!It was just so boring!, nothing really interesting happened, the murders weren't overly interesting, the characters bleh!I usually enjoy Erin McCarthy's books but this one was so plain, I didn't really care about Gabriel or Sara and I got bored with the plot I didn't really care what would happen.

    27. Being 2nd in the series really was good for this story. It surpassed the first in the series and was a "Can't put it down" book from the first chapter. As always, McCarthy's characters could almost step out of the book and take a seat on your couch to read over your shoulder.Love the character Gabriel and I'd keep him if I could.

    28. Like many others, I was fascinated by the murder mysteries. The mystery aspect of the story is interesting and expertly handled.Surprisingly, the characters, the paranormal element and the love story was not so good.

    29. I would give this book a million stars if it were possible. I had to buy another copy since this one kept bursting into flames. I have never wanted a piano so badly in my life. Erin captured the core of this sin!

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