Dawn's Wicked Stepsister

Dawn and Mary Anne are finally stepsisters and also roommates When they begin to get on each other s nerves, Dawn comes up with a solution which pleases everyone.
Dawn s Wicked Stepsister Dawn and Mary Anne are finally stepsisters and also roommates When they begin to get on each other s nerves Dawn comes up with a solution which pleases everyone

  • Title: Dawn's Wicked Stepsister
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780590731867
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. the exciting conclusion of mary anne & the great romance! the book opens with all the babysitters, plus logan, hanging out at mary anne's half-packed house, discussing the wedding. eventually everyone leaves, until dawn & mary anne remain alone to spend the night for the last time at mary anne's place. the next morning is moving day. mary anne cries over every person that stops by with a casserole or a platter of brownies, she cries over every stick of furniture as it is shifted into the [...]

    2. this is my first time reading this book!in part two of Mary Anne and the Great Romance, mary anne and richard move into the schafer house and no one can get along. the spiers are too omnivorous, and the schafers are too messy, and mary anne and dawn hate sharing a room because they were stupid to think it was a good idea in the first place (after seeing marilyn and carolyn's fighting resolved once they stopped sharing a room). then dawn plays a horrible prank on mary anne, unbeknownst to mary an [...]

    3. New stepsisters Dawn and Mary Anne's relationship immediately deteriorates.Dawn becomes annoyed with Mary Anne from moment one of their sisterhood when Mary Anne catches her mother’s bouquet. She has no patience for Mary Anne’s sadness at leaving her home, nor for the family’s general growing pains (mostly issues with Richard’s neatness vs. Sharon’s organization and the Spier meat-eating vs. Schafer vegetarianism). It becomes clear to her, too, that the room-sharing arrangement she pro [...]

    4. Ah, the conclusion to Mary Anne and the Great Romance! This one sees Mary Anne and Richard moving out of their house and into Casa de Vegan Assholes. Things immediately start out weird when MA and Dawn decide to shove all their stuff into one room. When is that ever a good idea? The whole thing goes south fast, with Sharon being a twat over Tigger and Richard constantly cleaning up after his slob of a wife. MA and Dawn are constantly bickering, and it finally escalates with a ridiculous homework [...]

    5. This was one of my first BSC books, and I read it before I read Mary Anne and the Great Romance. Because of how Mary Anne is portrayed here, I disliked her for quite awhile as a kid. Upon re-reading this, I understand why I felt that way, because she is truly awful in this book. Dawn's no angel herself here, but MA really takes the cake. Oh, and the "now that we're sisters" continuity fail STILL bugs me to this day. Dawn gave Mary Anne that present in the last book, but suddenly here that's been [...]

    6. First BSC book I ever read! I still remember being about seven or eight, and my mother bringing this home from her school's library (she taught high school at the time). It was the beginning of a great love affair, and my second obsession in life.Looking back, this was an interesting book to be introduced to the series through. It's part two of Mary Anne and the Great Romance, and the book where the Schafer-Spier family first comes together. I think because this was the first BSC book I read, I [...]

    7. This is the sorta-sibling-rivalry book in which Dawn and Mary Anne, the new stepsisters, have to figure out how to live together without killing each other. Dawn's immediately annoyed by Mary Anne's idiosyncrasies: she's emotional, she has too much stuff, she's disgusted by health food for some reason. (I never got why they called the Schafers' food "health food." It's just food, weirdos.) And when they fight over stupid stuff--the usual when you have a new roommate--their parents start taking s [...]

    8. Dawn’s mom got married to one of her friends dad. Dawn’s friends name is Mary Anne. Mary Anne caught Dawn’s moms flowers that she threw at her wedding. Dawn was a little mad/sad because she wanted to catch it because it was her moms wedding. But then she was fine because Mary Anne calls her sis. When she got called sis it made her happy. Her moms name is Sharon. Sharon’s new husbands name is Richard. At first Dawn and Mary Anne liked being sisters. They even shared a room. After that the [...]

    9. Mary Anne and Dawn are stepsisters who must now share a room, and they find themselves at each other's throats. Dawn is so frustrated by Mary Anne being so dramatic and emotional, having so much crap in their room, and complaining about what she likes to eat. Her food isn't gross, it's HEALTHY! And Dawn is surprised to see her own mother taking Mary Anne's side, while she finds an unexpected ally in Mary Anne's dad. But she has an idea--something that might spook her wicked stepsister into getti [...]

    10. I didn't like this book as much as I liked kristy and the snobs. This book was pretty slow and nothing was really going on in this book. The book is about dawns mom and Mary Anne's dad get married. Dawns little brother, Jeff stays for the wedding and leaves to go back to California (since he lives there with dawns dad. There parents are divorced and in the book, dawns mom gets remarried). When dawn drops Jeff off at the air port, Jeff senses the family won't get along, (and boy is Jeff right). M [...]

    11. I read about 20-25 of these books. I read them in fifth and sixth grade. I strongly remember wanting to read these because they seemed cool and my older sister read a few of them. I remember that our library had a little display of them and I also bought a lot of them through the book catalogs we got at school. I remember most strongly the set up of the books; each book started explaining the club and describing each of the members. I also strongly remember the covers.I'm fairly certain that thi [...]

    12. Upon re-reading this book as an adult, I'm kind of WTF at the ending. I always thought despite her Soapbox Sadie tendencies, Dawn was a fairly sensible person, but instead of actually talking to Mary Anne about the problem with them sharing a room, she plays a trick to scare her into the guest room. And it works. And Mary Anne never finds out and she and Dawn start getting along much better and Dawn doesn't feel the least bit guilty for having manipulated one of her best friends.I think the main [...]

    13. This is the second part to Mary Anne & Dawn's Big Day, AKA when they become siiiiisters foreeeeeever. We open back up at the wedding and Mrs. Schafer-Spier tossing the wedding bouquetwhich Mary Anne catches! Dawn is kind of pissed, because she thinks it should have been her, but she covers it up pretty well and hugs her new sis. And Mary Anne starts the crying that lasts approximately 4 chapters ugh. full review here.

    14. Ah, the bliss ends so quickly! Just after moving in with her best friend after their parents get hitched, Dawn is having issues with Mary Anne. Mary Anne is too neat and prissy and demands absolute silence while she does her homework. Also, according to the cover, Mary Anne wears mom jeans. Dawn can't handle that. Dawn is an individual! She's all rock and roll and messiness. So what's a best friend to do? That's right, sneak into your house's secret passageway and scare the crap out of your EX-b [...]

    15. Fantastic books for young girls getting into reading!! Great stories about friendship and life lessons. The characters deal with all sorts of situations and often find responsible solutions to problems.I loved this series growing up and wanted to start my own babysitting business with friends. Great lessons in entrepreneurship for tweens.The books may be dated with out references to modern technology but the story stands and lessons are still relevant.Awesome books that girls will love! And the [...]

    16. Dawn seems a bit OOC in this book, and the dilemma between her and Mary Anne is never sorted out properly - Dawn just scares Mary Anne out of the room. It doesn't seem like a very mature way to deal with the sibling rivalry situation. And you'd think that Sharon and Richard would have thought about how to deal with their cleanliness/messiness meat-loving/vegetarian differences before now. However, it was still an enjoyable book even if it seemed a bit of an unrealistic situation. 7/10

    17. Dawn and Mary Anne's parents dated in high school and now just got married, making best friends stepsisters. They think this is going to be totally awesome and even want to share a room, but tensions flare. Sometimes people who are best friends simply are not meant to be roomates, but Dawn and Mary Anne work it out in the end.

    18. And here's where we see the fun of sticking two typical meat eaters in the same house with two vegetarians. I'm impressed the grown ups didn't see this coming. Then again, Richard keeps making bacon for his new vegetarian wife. The girls realize that sharing a room that's too small for two people is a bad idea.

    19. How did I forget about the secret passage?And Dawn's big speech about honesty after lying about the ghost in the passage?I've never lived in California, but I'm not positive I'm buying the idea of a 13 year old who would rather eat tofu than a burger!This cover is classic! Look at those soccer mom jeans!

    20. For some bizarre reason Richard and Sharon get married without living together first and expect Dawn and Mary Anne to adjust perfectly. Richard and Sharon are idiots and random acts of immaturity abound.

    21. Although I have never had to deal with my parents remarrying I found this book totally facinating. Even though Dawn and Mary Anne are best friends it is still hard to make the transition to "sisters."

    22. One of my favoritethis book is so amazing. It has it how you would not expect it, Mary Ann being mean, and Dawn scaring Mary Ann and being happy about it. I think this Ann's best work.

    23. Jeez, Mary Anne can be such an A hole sometimes. Dawn wasn't at her best either. The whole Sharon and Richard thing has been a bit of a debacle

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