Six Impossible Things

In the sixth novel of the enchanting Rhymes with Love series from New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Boyle, a nobleman falls in love with a beautiful spy he must protectLord Rimswell is a man of honor and absolutes If he says something is impossible, it is Yet his life of right and wrong is turned upside down when he finds himself in a compromising situation witIn the sixth novel of the enchanting Rhymes with Love series from New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Boyle, a nobleman falls in love with a beautiful spy he must protectLord Rimswell is a man of honor and absolutes If he says something is impossible, it is Yet his life of right and wrong is turned upside down when he finds himself in a compromising situation with the most unyielding, yet maddeningly beautiful, woman in London If only he had not given in to the irresistible temptation to kiss her Now he must marry her Miss Roselie Stratton is the very definition of impossible headstrong, outspoken and carrying a reticule of secrets that could ruin than her reputation Kissing Brody is hardly the most ruinous thing Roselie has ever done as a secret agent for the Home Office nor will she let a marriage of convenience stop her from continuing her work Little does Roselie realize that she has underestimated Brody s resolve to keep her safe for he has hopelessly fallen in love with her and is determined to do the impossible by stealing her heart in return.
Six Impossible Things In the sixth novel of the enchanting Rhymes with Love series from New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Boyle a nobleman falls in love with a beautiful spy he must protectLord Rimswell is a man

  • Title: Six Impossible Things
  • Author: Elizabeth Boyle
  • ISBN: 9780062283993
  • Page: 298
  • Format: ebook
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    1. 2.5 stars. I love this series and this author's books in general but this book was hella annoying.Namely, Roselie was hella annoying. I wanted to punch her at least six impossible times during this book. I didn't like her at all.***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Six Impossible Things by Elizabeth BoyleBook Six of the Rhymes with Love seriesPublisher: AvonPublication Date: April 25, 2017Rating: 2 starsSource: eARC from EdelweissSummary (from ):Lord Rimswell is a man of honor and abso [...]

    2. I started this series with book 4, The Viscount Who Lived Down the Lane. I decided I had to read the entire series and began the process of purchasing them one at a time.I enjoyed this entire series enough that I chose this book to pull me out of a slump. I like the book well enough to say the decision was a success; but it wasn’t my favorite in the series, on equal pat to book 1. Starting off I felt disoriented. It took me a while to remember all the characters. So much action happens at the [...]

    3. I felt like I was dropped into the middle of a plot I had missed the start of. Too many characters were thrown at the reader in quick succession. It was hard to keep straight and I suspect a way of tying into previous books, which I could frankly have done without, seeing as I remembered none of them. There also was not much in the way of romance as the leads knew each other since childhood and spent most of the book running from place to place after bad guys (who I'd also have liked to have see [...]

    4. 2.5 starsThis is what happens when you inadvertently drop into a series six books in, encounter approximately 3.4 million characters for which you have no background, and the plot is all over the place.

    5. 3.5 Stars for the story and narration. I found the suspense/spy angle somewhat tough to follow and lacking development in this book (the mystery is mostly explained at the end, but I felt like it should have had more of an on-going slow reveal throughout the book with clues along the way to intrigue the listener). However, it may have been harder for me to follow because I have not read/listened to all of the books in the series.The narration is fine sped up, but has a breathy, whispery quality [...]

    6. Pub date: Apr 2017I loved this series, but wasn't a huge fan of this one. Even though I read the rest of the series, I felt like I was missing things, as many characters from previous books pop-up throughout the story. Definitely you'd want to have read (or reread) the previous books (or just have a fabulous memory.) And I have to say even though Brody makes a bad impression with his spy skills, Rosalie is awesome! I felt like the romance played a bit part in order to wrap-up this series' over-a [...]

    7. 3.5/5. Humour aplenty as expected from this author but unconvincing espionage/murder plot dominates this book over romance. Everyone seems too be working for the Home Office but even though the hero is an agent, he was dreadfully naive and not very observant.

    8. Faster than a speeding bullet, unless it's lodged in her shoulder.Why? Cause she didn't listen.More powerful than a locomotive, unless she's tied to the track.Why? Cause she didn't listen.Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and break her legs.Why? Cause she didn't listen.Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird.It’s a plane.It’s You're-Not-the-Boss-of-Me Girl!Here's the deal. I've read many, many books in which one or more characters irritate me. Yes, yes, I know you find that hard to b [...]

    9. Series: Rhymes With Love #6Publication Date: 4/25/17I have loved this entire series and I enjoyed this addition to it, but it surely wasn’t my favorite in the series. It did take me a while to feel oriented though because I felt as if I had been dropped into the middle of a story and had to figure out where I was and what was going on.Why do authors equate being a smart and brave heroine who is good at her task with being foolhardy? That seems to be the case in most of the books I read where t [...]

    10. This book was kind of a mess, mostly because I thought the pacing was all over the place. The plot progression didn't feel linear, jumping back in time two years or a year when I'd have rather had those scenes and the conflict inherent in them (Brody trying to track Roselie's secret identity) be a bigger part of this book. Putting those scenes in the present tense would certainly have ratcheted up the chemistry and the tension in the book.Meanwhile, the mystery Roselie is supposedly unraveling d [...]

    11. I love historical novels about spies, especially when one of the spies is a woman. I liked that Roselie/Asteria didn’t act like she would have preferred to be a man, and didn’t act like she was all that tough, just that she could almost take care of herself and she only told Brody that once instead of over and over again throughout the story. Roselie was better with words, and she had some great lines.This was all about Roselie being a masked spy and Brody’s attempt to unmask her, while fa [...]

    12. Perhaps it's not fair to complain that you don't know what's going on when you start with the sixth book in a series, but this wasn't as good as the short story I just read by the author. I did not care in the slightest about the characters, the tension was never very tense, and I found myself sorry I hadn't picked up an Amanda Quick, which might have had some annoying mystical element but at least the mystery would be solid. I found an over-reliance on dialogue here, and spotty character develo [...]

    13. I thought this book was on the cusp of being good. It had hints of something amazing but it never really delivers. I love the introduction of the heroine. She wanted to be an agent and had the makings of it. However, she was a girl and the opportunities weren't really available. Therefore, she settled on bedeviling her friends, family, and acquaintances. I love the idea of it. It was such a short and succinct hook that made me want to read. She seemed like a really interesting and capable heroin [...]

    14. First off, I don't understand why this book was titled Six Impossible Things. The word impossible was appropriate for in the first chapter the author expressed how people were always telling Rosalie that things were impossible for her to do or accomplish. I was expecting the phrase, "six impossible things," to be used somewhere later in the book but it never was. What six impossible things happened in this book? I surely don't know. I usually love Elizabeth Boyle's books. I've got all of them an [...]

    15. Without any real surprises, I fell in love with the author, Elizabeth Boyle's latest novel, "Six Impossible Things." In honesty, if you love historical romances as much as I do you will want to add Boyle's novels to your reading lists. Her stories possess strong heroine leads, to-die-for-romance and of course the true hunks that rule the genre as well as the women they love.Like the novel, Boyle's, "Rhymes of Love," series has been a number of stories that have quickly become a favorite of mine. [...]

    16. Is there a rating for books one does NOT finish? I stopped at 39%. Not because it is a bad book, I just did not enjoy it enough to want to continue. I was not interested in the plot and the main characters. From the summary it should have been for me, but it wasn’t.

    17. Look at her now: Roselie is now a Home Office agent, even though she had been told that it was not a job for a woman. Even her childhood friend Brody insisted that only men ought to be spies, and so he now is. Although he doesn’t have any idea that Roselie is also a covert agent and working on the same case as he is: unmasking Lord Ilford as a traitor. Roselie and Brody had not been around each other for some years, and for the past two years since she has been a spy, Roselie has managed to el [...]

    18. Elizabeth Boyle has given an interesting twist to the independent woman of the early 1800's. The British male believes a woman has no rights, she belongs at home and subservient to the male family members. The class of British royals dictates that a lady besides answering to male family members also must act according to certain rules. So Elizabeth introduces us to Roselie Stratton who bucks the system at every turn. She does not want to get married; she wants to be her own woman. She wants to b [...]

    19. Nothing like waiting for a car repair to finish. Fortunately there is a quite room so I spent an enjoyable 3 1/2 hours reading this book. Before I wrote this review I refreshed my memory by reading my reviews of the previous books, because so many characters showed up.This book was a little hard to follow because, though I usually remember previous stories, I didn't remember all of these, so I am not sure if we met Brody, Lord Rimswell and Rosalie Stratton before. They have known each other all [...]

    20. I'm not quite sure that I caught was the six impossible things were BUT I did love this story of a strong, independent woman who insists on putting herself in danger to help the Home Office capture spies. If she had been a man there would be no question about her talents and she would be their top spy. Because she was a woman, people insisted that she could not work for the Home Office - she could not investigate, she could not do any of the things a man would do. Yest, she continued to do them. [...]

    21. Roselie and Brody 3.5 starsBoth are spies and work for the Home Office and Brody is fascinated with Asteria. Little does he know that she also happens to be Roselie, Rosebud, the neighbor whom he grew up with and is Asteria herself. She was a good spy and loved solving the problem/mystery. One just recently cost her friend's life when she was killed trying to leave England. Brody wasn't too happy that Roselie would put herself in danger and tried to get her to stop. Both of them are trying hard [...]

    22. Six Impossible Things is the next installment in the Rhymes with Love series. This is the story of a strong heroine who refuses to let anyone tell her that because she is a woman that she can't do something. The hero is determined to save her from herself and the dangers that surround her. This is a great story filled with drama, intrigue, laughs and love. Roselie is working undercover for the Home Office to gather information to bring down those behind a treasonous ring that has lead to several [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this! It was basically the badass regency spy book that I'd secretly been longing for and never knew. I really enjoyed the action, the plot was actively gripping and I ended up 100% team Roselie by the end. She was just so badass and competent and interesting! I loved her SO MUCH.The only thing I had a problem with was Brody. like, he's not an Alphahole But he still acts like he's entitled to tell Roselie what to do, is incredibly incompetent as a spy and almost gets himself (an [...]

    24. This series has been fun to listen to from the beginning. I enjoyed this one too. (audible review)I like a Historical Romance spy book for sure. Mystery and suspense is always a plus. Rosalie and Brody made a good match. The chemistry was real and genuine. The story line and plot was good, interesting and well like I said there were spies. As for the narration it was good. Susan Duerden has that sing song voice but she does the men's voices well and reads with emotion.I will say for the record t [...]

    25. I really love this series but this book did not work for me.Some reasons are:- I'm not a huge fan of spy stories in HR books- the heroine was annoying, made terrible decisions, including keeping crucial information from the Hero (although she was being chased to be killed she still did not confide in him with the information she had gathered in her endeavors), and behaved totally out of character for the time the story took place.- nothing ruins an HR more to me than characters behaving out of s [...]

    26. Ok, maybe it is just me but I am feeling that most of the current HR books out there are so rushed to be done that the characters, storyline and series are not that fun anymore. That off my décolletage , I was really hoping to get into this storyline and love the characters but that just didn't happen. The characters kinda fell flat and didn't have the depth I normally find in EB's books. Storyline was rushed and then stalled and seem to follow that pattern till the end. I have to say I have en [...]

    27. Like most of Elizabeth Boyce's books I pick them up thinking they have a good premise but they end up being so full of plot holes it kills any other redeeming qualities it might have. Brody may be the most idiotic secret agent ever, how he manages to stumble through to the end is nothing short of mystifying. Rosalie can definitely do better. Her story is interesting but is contradictory and full of the aforementioned plot holes. While I can see that there is a certain strangers in the night thri [...]

    28. I enjoyed this one, but it wasn't my favorite. I think my problem was that for a spy, a wig and a mask shouldn't have fooled Brody at all. I'd have liked it better if he'd played with her about it instead of being intrigued by one persona and pushing the other away. Overall, the "bad guy" was a bit cartoonish, and the action a bit campy, but still a fun book with a good romance. I would like to see Captain Hawthorne and his crew get more page time - here's hoping to either a spin-off or a contin [...]

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