Incarcerated: Letters from Inmate 92510

One of the few white kids in a rural Kentucky town, Logan Whyte always kept to his own kind out of self preservation He never considered himself racist, but that didn t stop him from falling in with the wrong crowd who celebrated hate as much as he fought it or from ending up in prison for eight years on an armed robbery charge A successful, educated black woman, Katie AOne of the few white kids in a rural Kentucky town, Logan Whyte always kept to his own kind out of self preservation He never considered himself racist, but that didn t stop him from falling in with the wrong crowd who celebrated hate as much as he fought it or from ending up in prison for eight years on an armed robbery charge A successful, educated black woman, Katie Andreassen was tired of being accused of betraying her own race Her lonely isolation, coupled with her grief over losing her mother, inspire her to create a new pen pal program at Capshaw State Penitentiary, where her father is a warden The program brings the unlikely pair together, but Logan and Katie soon find themselves forced to overcome past fears and prejudices Their friendship doesn t come easily threatened by a crooked lawyer with a grudge and a best friend who betrays her promise to help When faced with a world that forces them apart, Logan and Katie must show everyone else what they have discovered that love is, in fact, colorblind.
Incarcerated Letters from Inmate One of the few white kids in a rural Kentucky town Logan Whyte always kept to his own kind out of self preservation He never considered himself racist but that didn t stop him from falling in with t

  • Title: Incarcerated: Letters from Inmate 92510
  • Author: Inger Iversen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I wavered between 4.5 and 5 stars, but decided to go with the full five because Incarcerated is a risky as fuck romance.Normally, the last thing I want in my contemporary IR is an overemphasis on race. In the wrong hands, such novels are tiresomely heavyhanded, written like some social treatise on race relations. I personally have no sympathy for a grown Black woman character (or a heroine of any race) who allows others to dictate her happiness. However, the premise of this novel really intrigue [...]

    2. This was one of the most memorable IR romance books I've read so far in 2014. Once Logan (inmate) and Katie (introverted writer) both take their lives back from others in their overly controlling environments (past to present), they discover together that love is colorblind.

    3. So what happens when an avowed racist white inmate finds out the woman he has been exchanging letters with (and falling in love with) via a pen pal program is black?That question gets answered in this book. Kinda. I found the premise interesting and the writing to be clean. It was engaging and I found Katie to be a sympathetic heroine. More problematic was Logan. For a racist he is remarkably bad at it. Honestly, he couldn't really get his back into it, really. For Logan, his brand of racism fee [...]

    4. This is my first book by this author and definitely won't be my last!This is Katie and Logan's story.Logan got himself incarcerated because he got himself mixed up with the wrong company and now he has to pay for his stupidity. Logan, growing up had his ass kicked regularly by black kids and so he made a decision not to get involved with them when he grew up because they only brought him trouble and pain. He has a friend with links to the KKK who helped him fight back and defend himself. So its [...]

    5. I've long been curious about what might happen in a romance novel where one of the characters was overtly prejudiced against the race of the other character. Although I tend to side-eye the idea of prison romance in real life, I decided to give its book incarnation a chance when several people whose opinions I trust told me they had enjoyed this book.While I found the main characters to be thoroughly unlikeable and their love story a bit of a stretch, I thought that Inger Iversen did a great job [...]

    6. Incarcerated Letters: A Review(May contain spoilers) Before I even started reading this book, I had a ton of preconceived notions about what to expect-and they weren’t all good! But you know what they say about assuming…Incarcerated Letters is my favorite kind of romance. I love the ones where two effed up people (and there’s levels to effed up-ness) somehow find a way to be together in spite of all the odds being against them. You see, this ain’t your typical lonely girl becomes pen pal [...]

    7. Beyond Interesting and FreshThe interracial romance subgenre has become somewhat stale. When I read the blurb for this book I was instantly intrigued. This was a new kind of story that I knew would either go entirely wrong or breathe life into the IR Romance world. Logan Whyte has been in prison for eight years when he signs up for the new prison pen-pal program. Katie is a successful author who is also the Warden's daughter. She's lonely and a hermit and desperate to make a connection with some [...]

    8. 12/22/2014 --I was intrigued. It started good, but then the story started dissipating until it really was pretty average. I am glad I read it. I appreciate the authors attempt at addressing stereotypes. Love can conquer most things. However, we really can be our own worst enemies.The h was a bit of a nutjob oh, well.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Overall Rating = 2.5 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb / Book Title = 4 / 4 / 5 = 4.5 StarsWriter’s Voice = 2.5 StarsCharacter / Secondary Characte [...]

    9. Absolutely LOVED this book!!! Sometimes you need second chances, an open-mind and heart, but you have to be willing to fight for love! Inger Iversen is truly AMAZING. Can't wait for the story about Trent and Teal!!!

    10. This was a story about a best selling author who was lonely and became the pen pal of an inmate. Katie was a woman who lived as a hermit after a tragedy befalls her. She starts a pen pal program so that she can get her mind off of her own problems and focus on others. Logan was an upstanding inmates as far as felons are concerned. He took full responsibilities for his actions and never denied what he was doing. He and Katie were matched based upon certain criteria that Logan had, which was basic [...]

    11. What happens when Logan, a white inmate with racist leanings, is paired with Katie, a black pen pal whose Scandinavian-sounding name makes him assume that she too is white and shares his beliefs? Against all odds, they fall in love. Well, that's the premise of Inger Iversen's Incarcerated. I was a bit skeptical initially--I wasn't sure how Inger was going to pull off this love story and make it believable, but it was easy to become emotionally invested in Katie and Logan's story. I thought it wa [...]

    12. This book opens a new door for Inger Iversen. It's so different from anything else she has ever written. They are all amazing, don't get me wrong but I am used to reading her in the Paranormal area and this borders on Erotica. Tastefully written and lets your mind drift to areas that aren't covered. Basic story line is a Successful young woman starts writing a man in prison and as it comes closer to time for him to get out they become closer. Finally deciding to meet when he is released it's not [...]

    13. The inmate and the IntrovertGood book, interesting story, racist white inmate Logan White becomes pin pal with lonely black author Kathryn Andressen, through letters and phone calls they fall in love. When he discovers she's black and she discovers he's a racist, the ish hits the fan! Will love conquer all or will their differences keep them apart.I really did like this book,the story was well written and the characters were well developed,the reason for my 4 star

    14. This is the first time that I'm reading a book by this author. I have to say that I read a book very similar to this book. So this wasn't the first time that I read about penpals becoming friends and then lovers. I probably would never do this myself although when I was younger I was part of a international penpal group. However that was with students from other countries. Now getting back to the store I found it highly improbable that the guy would drop his guard as far as he did when he found [...]

    15. I wasn't sure what to expect when starting INCARCERATED. The idea of an African American woman continuing a relationship with a man who has a strict belief that people of different races should remain separate was, in my mind, going to be a big stretch. I didn't know how Iversen would be able to make a man like Logan appealing in any way but she managed to do it. Logan has reasons for believing the way that he does. His reasoning is flawed but after suffering physically at the hands of people he [...]

    16. I'm going to jump right in and saying I really liked Incarcerated. I've been very excited about this book every since I saw the gorgeous cover (I swear I'm obsessed with it). So I'm really glad it didn't disappoint me at all. It's not a genre I've read before from Inger Iversen but she did a damn good job at it!I loved the concept of this book, of two people, Katie and Logan coming closer together, first through letters and then through talking on the phone. What made it so special was that one [...]

    17. Logan and Katie meet through a prison pen pal program. Katie has always been accused of 'acting and sounding white' and because she carries her Swedish stepfather's last name, Logan assumes she's Caucasian. Their friendship progresses to a romance and they start discussing plans for the future, since Logan's parole date is fast approaching. But all is not well in prison love paradise. Logan unwittingly makes a comment about black people and, after overhearing Katie's black friend in the backgrou [...]

    18. I really liked this, though there ARE elements and details I'd definitely change. Basically a 3.5 but I rounded up because its been a while since I finished it and I didn't do a review right away, so details are lost.I liked the realism of how a relationship like this would be conducted; him locked up, her living her life but lonely due to her own personality and choices to a degree. I did feel like The Moment (where Logan realizes she's black) was done well and the fact that they both kind of h [...]

    19. This book was very good, it opened my eyes to what some men behind bars may be feeling. I loved how she tackled a topic that most people in romance have not yet. I loved Katie because you did not expect her to be more than what she was. She was a hermit but when she finally took back control of her life you saw a totally different person. I love characters that grow and change and become a better them and both Logan and Katie grew in this book Logan with letting go of his past and Katie with fin [...]

    20. Racism, prejudice and criminal charges do not make for an attractive hero. A heroine who's so in love that she overlooks all of this isn't really relatable either.

    21. I'm going to be completely honest: the premise of this story made me really uncomfortable. I was hesitant to buy this book because, let's face it, it's a touchy subject and without wonderful writing and wonderful characters, a book like this could go bad very very quickly. But it didn't and that is in thanks to Ingrid Iverson's wonderful writing and realistic, flawed characterizations.I loved seeing the progress with Katie and Logan's relationship, from impersonal letters to what became so much [...]

    22. Hmmmm. I feel like I should have liked this more than I did and I feel badly that I didn't. So many others loved it but there was something off for me. The first half, sort of the getting to know you stage between Katie/Kristen and Scott/Logan was good. I liked the build-up and the dialogue between the two. But then it took a weird turn for me. I wasn't too keen on Katie. She was borderline agoraphobic and for a 25 year old, somewhat immature. Now I know that was probably due to her traumatic pa [...]

    23. *Let's form a connection*This is my first Inger Iversen book and it will not be my last. When I was treated to her ARC of Incarcerated, I'll admit, I wasn't sure what to expect. You get that way when you read an author for the first time. But, I'm pleased that I found this book to be intriguing. It is not my usual read. I usually read YA, Fantasy or Paranormal, so reading this genre was very slow going at first. Inger's writing made the book fly by and before I knew it, I was done.That's refresh [...]

    24. Since I read the blurb for this novel, I knew I had to read it the premise is really interestingIncarcerated was a very touching story of two lost souls finding each other in the most unusual way. Katheryn (Katie) Andreassen is a character I deeply felt for. Especially with everyone around her trying to micromanage her life from setting her on dates and meddling in her choices. I hated what they did to her. She's never been taken seriously when it comes to her life and I am so happy she did make [...]

    25. “APB Perspective Reviews :The first time I read what this book I was like I am not going to read that! Why would anyone write a book that contains this subject matter it can 't possibly be good. Then I thought this is going to be one of those books where the uses the female protagonist as a sex slave and never shows her any respect. I came back to this book on a fluke and decided to read just a little to confirm my suspicion and found out I was so wrong! This a book about two people falling lo [...]

    26. I am going to tell you what I know to be true and that is this book was great. This author took too strangers and molded them into lovers with a future. I loved the fact that Katie had such an open mind about his situation. and the change this man was willing to go through just for her was honestly one of the best reality checks I'm sure for a lot of people. Very good book first time reading anything from this author but definitely not going to pass up on the sequel.

    27. I have nothing but good things to say about this book. The heroine did act a little immature but it's due to sensible reason, loneliness. I got it. I liked the hero so much. He's not the typical hero I read in most erotica; rich, tough, and sexy. I got to see this weak side of his which is fine by me. The fact that he's willing to grow up made me like him even more.

    28. What a great story. I felt it portrayed a view of some of the real-life challenges interracial couples face. Bravo Inger Iverson!!

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