Chef's Table

Chef Evan Stanford has climbed the New York City culinary ladder one proper rung at a time, earning himself the Rising Star James Beard award and an executive chef position at one of New York City s favored restaurants in Hell s Kitchen But in his quest to build his reputation, he s forgotten what got him there the lessons on food and life from a loving neighbor back homChef Evan Stanford has climbed the New York City culinary ladder one proper rung at a time, earning himself the Rising Star James Beard award and an executive chef position at one of New York City s favored restaurants in Hell s Kitchen But in his quest to build his reputation, he s forgotten what got him there the lessons on food and life from a loving neighbor back home in Illinois.Patrick Sullivan lives a contented life in Brooklyn cooking at Johnny s diner, keeping the memory of his grandmother and her Irish cooking alive even in the foods she never taught him to prepare When Chef Stanford comes into his diner requesting and enjoying one of his grandmother s specialties, he s swept up by Evan s drive, his passion, forcing himself to reconsider if a contented life is a fulfilled one.With much in common, the two men and Evan s particularly spoiled pug Dini begin a journey through their culinary histories falling into an easy friendship Even with the joys of their newfound love, and the guidance and support of friends old and new, can they tap into that secret recipe of great love, great food and transcendent joy
Chef s Table Chef Evan Stanford has climbed the New York City culinary ladder one proper rung at a time earning himself the Rising Star James Beard award and an executive chef position at one of New York City s f

  • Title: Chef's Table
  • Author: Lynn Charles
  • ISBN: 9781941530207
  • Page: 101
  • Format: ebook
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    1. An inconsistent read for me. A wonderful start, with a sweet, slow build. I loved the characters, and loved the food. Then it started to drag and I got a little bored. And then it picked up again it got bogged down again. The characters:Patrick was a sweetheart who was comfortable in his own skin, happy. He seemed to be right where he wanted to be. Evan was more complex. Sometimes, I couldn't decide if it was inconsistent characterization or just contradictions in his personality, but I think it [...]

    2. Chef Evan Stanford is far more than a just classy chef. He has fulfilled many of his life’s dreams, but feels stuck, with nothing else to shoot for in his mind. When he meets Patrick Sullivan, an Irish-American cook at a Brooklyn diner (think: greasy spoon) who is just a few credits short of being a Culinary Institute graduated pastry chef, there aren’t instant fireworks and hearts and flowers flying. What we get in Chef’s Table is a well-developed love story with two very realistic charac [...]

    3. A delicious romance from start to finish, CHEF'S TABLE is a heartfelt and entertaining story about discovering who you are while experiencing the incredible journey that is finding love.Ask any of his acquaintances and they would tell you that Chef Evan Stanford lives a charmed life. Having worked his way from busboy to executive chef, he has developed a reputation for hard work, creativity and excellence both in and out of the kitchen. However, if you asked Evan, you would discover that not eve [...]

    4. "Chef's Table" is an intelligent, charming, grown-up love story set in the stressful, fast-paced world of New York City cuisine. That the protagonists are two gay men is secondary to the story; whatever your orientation, you will be rooting for Evan and Patrick to get it together, melding their passion for food and a steady, loving relationship. Lynn Charles has a true gift for writing dialogue and describing scenes so vividly that she puts you directly into the action -- whether it's the center [...]

    5. Five months ago, I was lucky enough to meet Lynn Charles at a book signing for another author we both admire. We shared a quick hug as I searched for my place in line, but as that was essentially the end of our encounter, I was left wanting to spend more time with her.I feel the same way about Chef's Table. I could read about these men, their friends, their lives, for several hundred more pages and still be clamoring for more. This is not to say the book is too short — in fact, of the books cu [...]

    6. I knew when I picked it up for the very first time, I'd love this book. Lynn Charles didn't disappoint. In fact, it was surprisingly delightful!Chef's Table is the love story of Evan, a James Beard award winning chef, and Patrick, a cook in a Brooklyn diner. And a great love story it is, but it is so much more than that. The way Charles develops her characters, and the depth to which she accomplishes it is quite beautiful. By a few chapters in, I felt like I knew Evan and Patrick intimately – [...]

    7. When I first picked up this book I knew before going into it that it was going to be a wonderful warm book that was undoubtedly going to make me hungry.It was all of that and more.The story to me was like curling up in a warm blanket on a winter’s day. The characters were all real and palpable, as if they were people that I already knew and loved and I was just stopping by catch up with them. The main characters, Patrick Sullivan and Evan Stanford held my heart in the palms of their respective [...]

    8. This book was an excellent read. I read it in less than a day while laid up from a back injury and it kept me hooked from the start to the very end (no small feat when I think about how much pain I was in!) Charles's attention to detail is enviable, and those details wove a decadent background and theme that supported a wonderful romance and love story. Her description of the food wove a sensual tapestry all around Patrick and Evan that wen't beyond description, but that drew the reader in throu [...]

    9. A sweet city romance that celebrates food and the people who work in the restaurant business. The main characters are likeable, flawed human beings facing real-life challenges with a few stumbles and a lot of love. The scenes of restaurant life were great -- I could really feel the hustle and bustle,

    10. This book is like the best kind of comfort food: warm, inviting, and a little bit of an indulgence. Author Lynn Charles obviously did her research into the culinary world and the characters jump off the page. It's a finely tuned love story that goes perfectly with a decadent slice of cheesecake and a bottle of wine (or whatever your guilty pleasure might be).

    11. I was thoroughly engaged by the two leads in this believable and charming romance. The love story was wonderful. Evan and Patrick are strongly characterised and caught my attention immediately. Evan’s controlled and contained - an exceptional chef who has already achieved many of his ambitions. He’s outwardly certain and inwardly concerned that there’s no more to him than the things he has already done. Patrick is charming and warm. He’s making his own way through the world he’s chosen [...]

    12. An engaging love story encompassing not just the two main characters but also their families and friends who shared their journey of personal dreams and discoveries and yes, their mutual love of food. I have just finished reading Chef's Table and gosh! it was more than I expected in so many ways. Yes, the other reviewers' warnings are true this book will definitely make you hungry. I usually read books before going to bed but this story make it impossible as my stomach rumbled each time I get to [...]

    13. Though I hate to go for the easy dining metaphor here, I have to say I devoured this book and loved every bite.Chef’s Table is set on the opposite ends of the gastronomic spectrum—a high-class Manhattan restaurant and a Brooklyn greasy spoon. Its two main characters fall on opposite ends as well. Chef Evan Stanford is as polished and classy as the meals he prepares. Short Order Cook Patrick Sullivan is as warm and down-to-earth as the comfort foods he prepares. A chance meeting between the t [...]

    14. Chef’s Table is a book I’ve been immensely looking forward to, despite knowing next to nothing about it. (And I was also regularly harassing BookDepository, until the book finally became available.) But then, romance in restaurants! And pugs in socks! (No, seriously.) What more do you need to know?If you insist on knowing more, then there are lovely guys who cook, and there’s a dog, and all sorts of fascinating dishes, and falling in love, and generally a lot of niceness happens. Also, did [...]

    15. I became quite fond of the two protagonists in this novel. They felt very real, very genuine. Oddly ( or perhaps not so oddly if you knew me) it was their causal swearing that really won me over- real people love the word fuck. I found the last 30 or so pages to be particularly rewarding, and could't help smiling while I read it. The only complaint I would have is that as someone who is definitely not a foodie, I sometimes found the use of food related jargon to be overwhelming. But other that t [...]

    16. I love cooking and I really like the books starring chefs or bakers. You can always find a recipe or some new dish and especially get into a kitchen chef. It was exciting to live in the large kitchen of Chef Evan but also enter the small kingdom of Patrick.Evan has worked so hard to achieve his high professional level: he left his home in Illinois to go to New York and slowly managed a grow and go from waiter to chef of an upscale restaurant. Now at 33 years is a respected chef but seems to have [...]

    17. A Joyfully Jay review. 3.75 starsWhile the story is about Evan and Patrick, cooking, and subsequently the food that is produced, is a third character. The first quarter of this book is highly detailed with their work lives and food descriptions and that was what initially attracted me to the book. I understood their language well, but the detailed aspects about cooking and the restaurant industry are something to consider before picking this one up. Their friendship, as well as their growing att [...]

    18. 4.5 stars! This book was lovely and romantic and so so sweet. I loved the quiet buildup and the gentle way Patrick and Evan went from friends to lovers. The writing was practically flawless and all the food a true delight for your senses. There's no major drama in this one, no unnecessary angst or miscommunications or contrived conflict, simply a story of two men who meet and fall in love. And it's simply beautiful.

    19. This was a lovely book. As the author tries to make clear it was the process of learning to love each other that was important not the HEA for the two main characters. (But the HEA was wonderful as well.) The writing was lyrical in places and the author brought Patrick and Evan to life. I just loved this story.

    20. A well-layered and satisfying read with plenty of salivating descriptions of food being lavishly prepared-- gourmet and comfort, and through it all, a tale of two very different chefs, Patrick and Evan, coming together and learning from one another.

    21. 4.5 starsThis was simply delicious. A wonderful description of food prep and life in a high-volume restaurant, with a lovely slow-burn romance right in the middle. This was like falling in love. The story dragged a bit in the third act, and Evan has a habit of wallowing, but I’m not complaining. The author renders the obsession with gastronomy and the behind-the-scenes kitchen action with loving care. The romance is pretty hot and sweet, too. Recommended.

    22. My 2015 in MM romance started of strong with this read. Lynn Charles's debut book was a breath of fresh air, at least for me, who's rather been jaded from reading too much. The thing about me is that I've started knowing what to expect, and often I'm right. Not that it's a bad thing, I love my familiar faces and personalities and tropes. But this book caught me off guard, because it read differently. I'm just not sure I'm 100% percent behind it, but I gave it 4 stars because I like the story tha [...]

    23. Chef’s Table tells the story of a romance between the Executive Chef of a respected Italian restaurant, Evan Stanford, and the cook at a local diner, Patrick Sullivan. As you might expect, they meet and fall in love and… well, I’ll let you imagine the rest. But Chef’s Table is also the story of shared passions and pleasures. It’s the story of how a passionate fire (food, in this case) can warm everyone who comes near.James Beard Award-winning, classically-trained Evan Stanford is the E [...]

    24. This was surprisingly awesome. Yes, it was a bit lengthy at times (especially in the middle, it got me thinking, okay, anything else gonna happen in the second half or is this it? But don't worry, things do happen), and I found myself skipping ahead a couple of times, too. Nevertheless, this was a really refreshing read, because the drama happening here had nothing to do with the usual props (miscommunications, misunderstandings, intolerant environment, characters being obstinate, stupid, blind, [...]

    25. This book is as delightful as the food it describes. Fun, flirty and down right hilarious! As a typical romance would have, the adult situations were passionate and more focused on the relationships than the actual sex. The setting was set for real life situations and goals that anyone would typically have. As for the food theme, I learned a lot of the different cultural traditions and skills as well as the drive the passion and the love that chefs put into their food.

    26. This book was delicious. It was the perfect brunch date, and Evan and Patrick were so much fun. I enjoyed watching the two of them fall for each other, and struggling to balance their personal and professional lives. I would caution potential readers though--don't pick this up unless you're within walking distance of your kitchen!

    27. This was so so good! I loved that the tension of the story wasn't built on complications in the romance, these boys could love each other and grow that love without petty problems, and it still was a full ride of emotions! All the food references were amazing and now I just want to go to a good restaurant and eat delicious food and appreciate it so so much Mmmmmm. Such a good read, I loved it!

    28. Delightful. A story of grown ups falling carefully in love, a story of fine food and old hurts and new beginnings and the ways people are different. Charming and kind, full of warmth and yet not fluffy.

    29. 3.5 starsgood main characters, angst free and it dragged a bit but I enjoyed the writing style and again, Evan and Patrick are good guys in love.

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