Love Rampage

Maira has always wanted a unicorn, but isn t quite prepared when one shows up on her doorstep and kidnaps her and proclaims that Maira must confess her feelings to the girl she loves Maira is definitely reluctant to follow through with that, but everything changes when Carol is kidnapped by a demon
Love Rampage Maira has always wanted a unicorn but isn t quite prepared when one shows up on her doorstep and kidnaps her and proclaims that Maira must confess her feelings to the girl she loves Maira is definite

  • Title: Love Rampage
  • Author: Alex Powell
  • ISBN: 9781620044759
  • Page: 306
  • Format: ebook
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    1. LOVE RAMPAGE is delightful and whimsical.Maira loves unicorns and has a slight obsesh. Which I totally get, because I too think unicorns are the bees knees. She loves them, but has outgrown her real belief in them. Until one shows up at her door.The unicorn comes into Maira's life because she's fallen in love. And that, of course, is how unicorns are made. Her unicorn takes her off to find the perfect dress to make the perfect declaration of love to Carol. No matter how much Maira protested, the [...]

    2. Wow, OMG, and Squee! Love Rampage was such a fun, delightful tale, I never wanted it to end. It's an absolutely perfect 21st century fairy tale of true love, gender identity, and (yes) unicorns. Alex Powell has really crafted something special here, the kind of story that wraps you in a warm hug and carries you away to a world where love is true, and where dreams do come true.As the story opens, Maíra has long since outgrown wanting a unicorn, but then, wouldn't you know it, one shows up in her [...]

    3. [I was given this ebook in exchange for an honest review.]Short review: I expected not to like this story--I've never been a huge fan of unicorns or urban fantasies--but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. It was such a nice, refreshing read between two young protagonists, one of whom is trans, and I could not recommend it enough. Just the right amount of sweet, angsty, and really funny.Long review:I really, really liked that there was representation for trans lesbians. And Maira is s [...]

    4. SO SWEET.A short, quick, ADORABLE read about being brave and taking chances and believing in yourself and the power of love over hate, especially overcoming your own fears and anxieties and doubts spawned from the pressure of societal expectations! But wrapped up with unicorns, magic princess dresses made out of dreams, and references to my favorite Doctor Who character. A very sweet magical girl story that I really enjoyed.

    5. 4.5 Stars! This was an absolute hug of a short story. From the very beginning this is a fun ride, complete with a gallop through the city in search of a wedding dress. I loved the unicorn's preoccupation with the dress and making sure Maíra was wearing just the right thing to declare her love in. I also really liked the idea that unicorns are the embodiment of love, just like the elves they meet are goodwill, and that dragons are crowd mentality. Although the idea that a unicorn dies whenever l [...]

    6. Oh, I wanted to love this story. Just looking at the cover warms my heart with delight. And certainly, what could be better than a unicorn helping you save your beloved and confess your feelings to them?Maybe a handful more pages. I've found that short stories and I always have a singular problem - I'm left wanting more, either because the story was lacking or because I'm so in love. In this case, I'm going to say the story felt a bit lacking. I don't really feel like I got to know Maira much an [...]

    7. This story is part of an anthology from Less Than Three Press called Geek Out. It's a collection of trans and genderqueer romances. This book really takes off! As soon as I started reading Love Rampage, I was thrown right into the action! It was a shock, and I loved it. I mean, who doesn't want to read about unicorns barging into your life?! Even though this is a short story, there are a lot of elements that make it stand out. The humor is subtle and had me laughing and smiling nearly the entire [...]

    8. This is like a great crack fic. A unicorn appears to Maira and kidnaps her, saying she has to declare her love for Carol, whom she's harbored feelings for for a while. They go on a quest to find the perfect love declaration outfit, which elves help make. Then she battles a serpent to win Carol's hand. I loved that the mythical creatures were all physical manifestations of emotions and intangible things. The unicorn is love, the elves are goodwill, and the serpent is self-loathing.

    9. A quick read (view spoiler)[but i love the "battle", when Maíra had to fight against Carol's self-loathing, and vice versa. Really love the exchange between these two, and how they convinced each other that they are mattered. (hide spoiler)] Also a lovely surprise at the trans representation in this book :D first book I seen a trans woman as a main character :3

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