Hold The Line

Holding on loosely has never been such a challenge What happens when a tattoo artist and a Delta Force soldier keep a promise and take a cross country trip together Quinn and Con are about to finally meet and find out Quinn thinks he s the responsible one, but he quickly learns that he needs to loosen up if he s got any shot of holding onto Con All proceeds from tHolding on loosely has never been such a challenge What happens when a tattoo artist and a Delta Force soldier keep a promise and take a cross country trip together Quinn and Con are about to finally meet and find out Quinn thinks he s the responsible one, but he quickly learns that he needs to loosen up if he s got any shot of holding onto Con All proceeds from this novella will go to Hope For The Warrior This novella was previously published in the Danger Zone Anthology, again with all proceeds going to Hope For the Warrior.
Hold The Line Holding on loosely has never been such a challenge What happens when a tattoo artist and a Delta Force soldier keep a promise and take a cross country trip together Quinn and Con are about to finally

  • Title: Hold The Line
  • Author: S.E. Jakes Stephanie Tyler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Jakes' writing style normally meshes with and matches well with the stories she writes. For me, that wasn't quite the case here, and I love her style.In this case, the sometimes staccato nature of her sentence structure didn't settle in and snap into place with this story and these characters. When the writing would smooth out, it felt much better, more fitting these characters, Con and Quinn. The obstacle that kept me from completely connecting to everything: Jakes' usual abundance of emotional [...]

    2. BDSM Light really. I'm ok with that I freaking LOVED this book! It's no secret I'm a HUGE SE Jakes Fangirl. Can't help it, and this little gem Yea no different than the others. These 2 men we're smoking hot and I loved them!! You might only see 5 stars up there but believe me there's more needed.

    3. I really dug this one. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Con and Quinn, the fact that neither of them was always dominant or submissive, but that they learned to give and take as each needed. A very good romance.

    4. Again I will state that I really, really need to read blurbs better before I read a book. So, this was a little bit BDSM and I normally stay far away from that. I considered throwing in the towel but didn’t. It wasn’t too much and I wasn’t overly uncomfortable. It’s just not really my thing. I don’t really get it. In this case I just focused on the reasoning being needing to care for someone, it made it easier and a lot of it was kind of sweet. Oh, not the BDSM part but the boys themse [...]

    5. Quinn's brother Scott asks him to bring his best friend to his wedding. Scott asks his best friend Con, a Delta force soldier to bring his brother to his wedding. Things have been strained between Quinn and his family because he wouldn't follow in the military. Oh, he's gay too. Quinn believes that it has made a difference in the family ties. What follows is the road trip from hell that just might end in heaven. This was another page turner from the amazing S.E.Jakes. Exciting, hot and a whole l [...]

    6. Overall book rating: 3.8Audio book: n/aBook Cover: 4I LOVE SE JAKES - That being said, this was like a short draft or planning for a full length novel. I don't think her style is suited for short reads. Why? Because her stories have detail and feeling and you can't give that full rains if there's not enough words! I really enjoyed this and I loved the MC's. I have a think for soldiers and broken alphas and can you imagine how great Con would be if there was room for his character to really reach [...]

    7. First and formost - Kudos to SE Jakes "All proceeds from this novella will go to Hope For The Warrior. "Typical SE Jakes. Quinn's brother, Scott appears to have Given them a mission. Con is Scotts best friend. Scott asks his best friend Con, to bring his brother to his wedding, as Quinn is task to bring his best friendSparks of a rode trip begin, with two lonely men, with nothing to lose. It was hard to get a feel the MC 's Lots of talk lots of Smexy. A downfall for me, The writting style was ch [...]

    8. This is what I'm looking for when I read an S.E. Jakes book. This is what she does so well. Once I started it, I couldn't put it down. I loved the struggle. The way these two men, both broken in their own ways, were able to open up to each other. The way the just knew it was safe to do so. There is sex, but it's written in a way to show the reader the connection between Con and Quinn, not so much the act itself. The kissing is hotter, I swear. The underlying passion between the two men made me f [...]

    9. 3 StarsI didn't love this one, I'm not sure what didn't work for mebut between the military, hustling and BDSM it just was all over the place. Not my cuppa.

    10. *This book is strictly dickly; vaginas need not apply. Ohhhhh, do I ever love a good road trip story! Forced proximity! Slim Jims (TM)! Seedy hotels! ANAL! Hey--what can I say? Not every trip ends at Disneyland. Quinn McKenna and Con Jenkins don't know each other, but they will bond over (Bend over? Yeah, that, too) their love of Slim Jimsif by Slim Jims you mean hot, spitty blow jobs and hot sexxin' on Harleys during a road trip, and I DO mean that, thank you Sweet Baby Jesus in a Route 66 road [...]

    11. A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsI am a big fan of author S.E. Jakes and I love a good road trip story, and I found Hold the Line to be really entertaining. It is a very short novel but Jakes packs a lot in here and I really enjoyed following along with Quinn and Con’s journey. The guys fall into bed pretty quickly and are definitely steamy. I wouldn’t call this a traditional BDSM story, but there are some dominance and submission elements between Con and Quinn that add some nice intensity and [...]

    12. >>Diese Rezension und viele mehr findet ihr auch hier: wort-welten/ Zunächst einmal - für das, was dieses Buch sowohl seitentechnisch, als auch inhaltlich zu bieten hat, ist der Preis doch recht überzogen, auch, wenn das Geld an wohltätige Zwecke gehen mag. Ich habe mir etwas ganz Anderes unter dieser Geschichte vorgestellt, um es auf den Punkt zu bringen. Stattdessen verbringen die beiden Protagonisten die meiste Zeit ihres Road Trips damit, voreinander wegzulaufen. Mit dem Endresulta [...]

    13. While similar to other books of this authors I really liked how these two characters took shape and form. The sex was hot and the journey was intriguing. I'm a fan of military men and this novella surely satisfied me.

    14. I didn't enjoy any aspect of this book. the writing wasn't good, the story itself wasn't good and the characters didn't move me at all. This one was a big disappointment

    15. I felt a disconnect about halfway through this story. I liked both Con and Quinn but felt that the whole relationship got pushed too far too fast.

    16. 3.7 StarsGiven the shorter length I'm surprised by how well-done this story turned out to be - especially considering the emotionally charged subjects.

    17. I was kind of confused by parts of this. So Quinn's brother (who lost both legs in Afghanistan - I think) is getting married and asks his brother to escort his best military buddy because for some reason he figures Con will wander off and get in trouble. Which is true. However Quinn is pissed at the whole idea, although he's lusting after Con soon enough and Con doesn't seem to mind that Quinn is a Dom. They go cross country (LA to New York) following the brothers itinerary where all hotels and [...]

    18. Read 1/26/15 Reread: Forgot what this was about and there's a new one. SE Jake's is at the top of my list of favorite authors. There's something about her military characters that just works for me. Her Men of Honor series is m all-time favorite that I've read at least 4-5 times each. This story had much of the same feeling. Very similar, in fact. That's what I like about it. Quinn is a bit of a black sheep to his family because with his family legacy in the military, he chose not to go in. His [...]

    19. ABSOLUTELY CAPTIVATING.The relationship between Con and Quinn is remarkably captivating. I loved the way the Dom aspect played into the story without taking it over. I loved that both characters were magnificently written with strong personalities and lots of attitude. I liked the way this story was written in such a way that no one had to be saved or rescued but it was so interesting you couldn't put it down. I love SE Jakes writing style so much because she can put you in the room with her cha [...]

    20. This whole book felt stilted. I had trouble remembering whose POV I was reading, and that kept pulling me out of the story. The sex scenes were cut off, and I never grew to like or care about either MC. I didn't feel a connection between them or see any development of their relationship. They traveled together but didn't really do anything together. Con just kept hustling people playing pool and getting into fights, and Quinn was kind of boring. And I don't think they were in love. Maybe the sto [...]

    21. SE Jakes has once again proven why she is my favorite m/m author with this book. I loved the characters of Quinn and Con and how these two got together was a sexy two week trip that would change their lives. I really enjoyed the BDSM elements in their relationship which was hot as hell and the sex was scorching. I loved how Quinn was always there to provide a safe haven for Con when he was facing his demons. I also liked that Con trusted Quinn to submit to him. Another sexy story that I loved to [...]

    22. Hold The LineI loved this book. SE Jake's showed that two people who had different upbringing can fall in love despite their personal problems. Quinn who is from a military family and is a tattoo artist and Con who is delta with no family to speak of got together because of Scott who is Quinn's brother and Con's brother in the military. These two fell in love along a two week trip that Scott planned for these two so they can get to Scott's wedding. I can not wait for the next book in this series [...]

    23. Of course I loved it, but it was rushed. A few spots had me going back thinking I must have missed something to make jump, but nope the story's just too short. Can't wait to see what will happen in Inked #2.

    24. 3.5*I loved the cross country trip! Throw in a guy in uniform and some hot sexy times and it's a good book for me. I liked the relationship between Quinn and Con. They each had things to overcome but they worked it out. The ending felt a little rushed trying to tie all the loose ends together but good story. Off to the next one!

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