The Way to Joe

Yeah, Seth knows Joe is a little older but he doesn t realize the foxy gentleman is thirty years older Twenty three vs fifty three is kind of a big deal Is there any chance for things to work out between a laid back surfer and an older guy with heart problems and an overly chivalrous nature Heat level low Length 25,000
The Way to Joe Yeah Seth knows Joe is a little older but he doesn t realize the foxy gentleman is thirty years older Twenty three vs fifty three is kind of a big deal Is there any chance for things to work out betw

  • Title: The Way to Joe
  • Author: Hollis Shiloh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. 2mething weimaraners Another serving of cotton candy - sweet and fluffy but not really satisfying. I liked it enough to round up.

    2. When I saw this book's title I thought it had something to do with Joe & Tate, which I loved, but it did not, unfortunately. The author must have a thing for Joes.This isn't a very long story but I really enjoyed the realism of the characters. I liked that Joe had a heart condition. I liked that there was some hesitation because of the 30 year difference. Based on how the relationship developed and progressed, I can definitely see these two guys as a couple. There was one bit of a shocker th [...]

    3. Wow. This was really touching and not at all what I expected. Seth is such a good guy and so is Joe. Seth is a young surfer doing house-sitting and enjoying his life on the water. Joe is retired and sees Seth each morning and he goes to get his coffee. They seem to get on well and find each other attractive. A nice friendship ensues that might lead to something more but then Joe discovers how young Seth really is and backs off. Seth really likes Joe and he's sad that Joe doesn't seem to want to [...]

    4. The Way to JoeBy Hollis ShilohFour starsRecommended to me by a friend who knows…well, knows I’m old and have a thing about everyone in m/m novels being too young. And yes, Emilie, I loved this long story. Thank you. I loved Seth and I loved Joe, and the loved the honest, feeling, emotionally true way she writes her tale. Shiloh has a sense of humor. Her characters are real, amusing, sometimes awkward people, familiar to me even if I haven’t met them. The whole thirty-year gap in their ages [...]

    5. A beautiful story,beautifully wrttenNothing is ever really perfect, but this simple story is as close to perfection as any I have encountered. I will reread it in the future and have the same reaction. The characters are real people. The humor is touching. The love story is devastating. And there are dogs what more could I have wanted when I began to read?

    6. I loved this book. I have read several books now by Hollis Shiloh and each one is very different to the last. The gentle build-up of a relationship between a 23 year old and a 53 year old is lovely, but when reality about ages hits, it is so well written I was struggling not to cry. One to re-read over and over again

    7. Another example why Hollis Shiloh is one of my favorites. Rich characters with a moving story. Delves inside the thoughts and insecurities that people have. Love is different for us all.

    8. I have mixed feelings about this one. First of all, I love an age-gap. This was one of the biggest gaps I've read and I loved how the MCs differences complemented each other. And I definitely bought that they had chemistry. Who doesn't love a silver fox? ;)Where my feelings get mixed are all when we hear so much about Joe's health and so many allusions to his eventual death. It really made the story bittersweet for me and there were moments that were meant to be happy that felt sad to me instead [...]

    9. I loved this book. I thought it was a brilliant idea to write a story with a 30-year age gap between the MCs. And it was nicely done . The struggle the characters were facing were realistic, for instance Joe's health issues. Both MCs were endearing and I loooved them. And although this novel was quite short, I didn't realize it while reading it because it was a very complete story,where you got to see their relationship elvolve. By the end of the book, I was feeling very happy for both of them a [...]

    10. Gorgeous!Hang on a minute, I just have to turn over my sopping wet pillow before I can write my review.ere, got the dry side. So, my review. Gorgeous, beautiful, happy, sad, thought provoking. A perfect little number.

    11. Was really excited to read this, maybe too excited because I'm left wishing I liked it a lot more than I ended up liking it.

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