Nightfall Over Shanghai

Espionage, passion, and battlefield drama the loves and fears of one remarkable family unfold against the Second World War s Pacific theatreGripping and poignant, this is the epic final chapter in Daniel Kalla s wartime trilogy, bringing to an unforgettable conclusion the story begun in The Far Side of the Sky and Rising Sun, Falling ShadowIt s 1944 and the Japanese are lEspionage, passion, and battlefield drama the loves and fears of one remarkable family unfold against the Second World War s Pacific theatreGripping and poignant, this is the epic final chapter in Daniel Kalla s wartime trilogy, bringing to an unforgettable conclusion the story begun in The Far Side of the Sky and Rising Sun, Falling ShadowIt s 1944 and the Japanese are losing the war, but Shanghai is dangerous than ever, particularly for the Adler family After fleeing Nazi Europe, Dr Franz Adler and his teenage daughter, Hannah, have adjusted to life in their strange adopted city, but they are now imprisoned in the Shanghai Ghetto for refugee Jews.Franz is compelled to work as a surgeon for the hated Japanese military, while struggling to keep the city s woefully undersupplied refugee hospital functioning Meanwhile, his beloved Eurasian wife, fellow surgeon Sunny, delivers a baby boy born to a neighborhood teenager who wants nothing to do with the child Sunny is determined to raise him as her own When an enigmatic priest arrives at the hospital with an injured man who turns out be a downed American pilot, Sunny is recruited into a spy ring, providing crucial information to the Allies about the city s port Inadvertently, Hannah is drawn into the perilous operation, just as she becomes drawn to the controversial movement of Zionism and a Jewish homeland in Palestine When the Japanese launch a major new offensive against the Chinese, Franz is forced to do the unthinkable he is sent inland to work as a field doctor on the frontlines There, he must contend with his tangled loyalties, aerial bombings overhead, and his uncertain feelings for a vulnerable Canadian nurse.In 1945, American B 52s begin bombing Shanghai in strategic raids, putting thousands of Chinese citizens and refugees in grave danger While the war seems to be winding down in the Far East, many questions remain unanswered for the Adlers As the bombers circle ominously overhead, they must now struggle for than simple safety For the first time in many war riven years, they now face the challenge of re envisioning their lives, and the prospect of forging a hopeful path forward for the future if they can first surviveAISE FOR THE FAR SIDE OF THE SKY An amazing novel HUFFINGTON POST The novel never falters Readers are sure to develop a genuine interest in the characters fates VANCOUVER SUN Thoroughly satisfying NATIONAL POST
Nightfall Over Shanghai Espionage passion and battlefield drama the loves and fears of one remarkable family unfold against the Second World War s Pacific theatreGripping and poignant this is the epic final chapter in Dan

  • Title: Nightfall Over Shanghai
  • Author: Daniel Kalla
  • ISBN: 9781443404716
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Book 3, in the Adler Family Trilogy“Nightfall Over Shanghai “is the epic final chapter of the remarkable Adler family who fled to Shanghai along with 20,000 Jews and managed to survive there under surreal circumstances during WW11. The third installment opens in April 1944.Mr. Kalla has written once more an exciting page-turner very hard to put aside. We follow the characters through their ordeals dealing with the Japanese and trying not to fall on their wrong side. Death is at every corner [...]

    2. Who knew there was a Jewish ghetto in WWII Shanghai? Enjoyable -- almost too pleasant considering the grim Shanghai of WWII -- and realistic to the extent that it shows some of the grim details. Kalla relies heavily on his background as a medical doctor to have the male protagonist be a surgeon.

    3. 3.5 stars. I read this not realizing it was the 3rd book of a trilogy. I hate when that happens. I might have liked it much better having read the first two books first.

    4. 3.5Much like the second instalment in the series, I’m not entirely sure this book was necessary. We saw the end of the war but most of this book was more of the same from books one and two. The ending was abrupt and unsatisfactory as nothing was decided. I started questioning Franz’s choices as well not being honest about his dizzy spells, his liaison with that nurse, his sudden insistence that they relocate to Palestine, his newfound commitment to religion it all seemed such a far cry from [...]

    5. Gave up half way through; did not hold my interest. Perhaps because there were so many references to previous happenings in other books that just made it difficult to follow.

    6. Excellent trilogyI love sagas like these. Reminds me of Ken Follett, who is a favorite. Learned a lot about shanghai. Wish I had read before I went there.

    7. Busy moms (and dads): The final book in the historical fiction trilogy concludes the story of the Adler family and their friends during World War II and the Japanese occupation of Shanghai, with similar trials and tribulations to books one and two. That’s not to say it’s the same book, or even the same plot lines, but a continuation of the stories, wrap up of some plot lines and a bit of open-ended in terms of the future of the surviving characters after the war. Yes, that’s right. Not eve [...]

    8. I started this book awhile back and just hadn't gotten around to reading it. I picked it backup the other day and couldn't put it down. Very good book. This is the last book in DanielKalla's wartime trilogy. The year is 1944 and the Japanese are losing the war. Franz, Sunnyand his daughter Hannah are living in the ghetto of Shanghai. Dr. Franz Alder is a surgeonwho was working at the Refugee Hospital in the Ghetto when he was forced by the Japaneseto go to the front lines in China and work at a [...]

    9. Good book, with the last year of the Japanese occupation of Shangai, and other parts of China during WW2. It had been some time since the 2nd book in this trilogy, so it took a little while to get back into the story of the characters. Well worth reading, although the final part of the ending was a littl "blah", although perhaps not for the characters. I wonder what story Kalla will tell next, whether it will be involving the early days of growing establishment of Israel after WW2, and if Franz [...]

    10. A very satisfying conclusion to this excellent trilogy. The novel open in April1944. Life in the designated area is increasingly difficult with little food, crowded conditions and the uncertainty of knowing when the war will end. Franz and Sunny continue to work miracles in the refugee hospital. Ghoya the head of the designated area, continues to make life difficult for the Franz and Sunny and many others. As an act of malice, he sends Franz to work in a Japanese field hospital. As the war ends, [...]

    11. We follow Dr. Adler and Hannah to the end on the Second WorldWar. Intrigue follows the main characters throughout the book. Daniel Kalla Writes a wonderful storyline based on historical fact. The characters come aliveFor the reader. I highly recommend the trilogy starting with THE FAR SIDE OF THE SKY,RISING SUN, FALLING SHADOW and this book, the last of the series.

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy, the author did a great job writing it. I definitely became invested in the characters and learned many new things, especially that Shanghai was a home for Jews during the war and the impact of the Japanese in China. This was all wrapped up in a great story that was easy to read.

    13. Sorry to see Daniel Kalla's trilogy end. Well written with lots of historical information I knew nothing about. The struggles to make it when live is handing you all sort of adversity. Keeping the refuge hospital open, keeping a family together. A tough time to be growing up.

    14. A good finish to an excellent series. Kalla's writing me sucked me in once again. I devoured this book in almost one session. My only complaint is that I would have liked more of a denouement wrapping up Franz's and Sunny's story.

    15. Third and final novel in this series and it was just as good as the first two. Loved the characters from start to finish. Excellent read.

    16. This was #3 of the series. I found the ending disappointing. Maybe it was left open for the next book in the series.

    17. Good read but I still like the first book in the trilogy best. Will Kayla continue the saga as the Adler move to Palestine/Israel? I think so.

    18. Book 3 in the Adler Family Trilogy. A really good read. I suggest reading all 3 books at the same time in order to keep characters straight. A very good author.

    19. I am sorry to finish this series about the Jewish settlement in Shanghai during the Japanese occupation in WWII. I have really enjoyed it.

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