A Murder for Her Majesty

Dead asked a voice nearly directly below Alice She started, then held her breath, terrified Dead, Crofton confirmed The Queen will be pleased, I do believe Hidden in a tree, Alice Tuckfield had seen the whole thing her father riding along with one of his friends from London, the arrow that had come out of nowhere, and the meeting between the two men who now w Dead asked a voice nearly directly below Alice She started, then held her breath, terrified Dead, Crofton confirmed The Queen will be pleased, I do believe Hidden in a tree, Alice Tuckfield had seen the whole thing her father riding along with one of his friends from London, the arrow that had come out of nowhere, and the meeting between the two men who now were saying that the Queen, Elizabeth herself, had wanted Sir Henry Tuckfield killed If that is true, where is Alice to go Then she remembers her father s advice If ever you should find yourself in need, and myself unable to help you, seek out Lady Jenny and she sets out in secrecy and haste for the manor house somewhere on the other side of York.But York is a bigger, confusing city than Alice had imagined, and while she s wandering, lost and hungry, two boys run into her and knock her down To make amends, they take her home with them for shelter and a hot meal Home is not an orphanage, as she d first thought, but the dormitory for the York Minster s Boys Choir And for a lark, Alice s new friends decide to disguise Alice as a boy and smuggle her into the choir to see how long she can sing undiscovered It becomes than a game of masquerade, though, when Alice overhears a conversation between one of her father s murderers and an official of the cathedral Now it s a game of life and death, and if Alice is discovered, it will be the end of her.
A Murder for Her Majesty Dead asked a voice nearly directly below Alice She started then held her breath terrified Dead Crofton confirmed The Queen will be pleased I do believe Hidden in a tree Alice Tuckfield had seen t

  • Title: A Murder for Her Majesty
  • Author: Beth Hilgartner
  • ISBN: 9780395414514
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. What a wonderful book this is! This was my second time reading it, and I found it just as enjoyably, if not more enjoyable, than when I first read it. If you like historical fiction, mixed with a little mystery and suspense, plus some humor, than you must read this book. It had it all.I will warn you that this book is very hard to put down. I read in less than 24 hours! Partly because I have a habit of finishing books reasonably fast, but still, that's a record for me. It has a great plot, and I [...]

    2. I usually criticize books, and pick on every single bad thing about them. The characters are weak The plot was limp, and "horrid" Or, most terribly, the storytelling was atrocious. That wasn't the case with this book. And it pleasantly surprised me with no feminist sort of messages. "Girls can be like guys." "Girls are just as good as guys." "Girls aren't weak." "Girls are best." To those of you who know me well enough, you can probably imagine me saying those messages in a mocking tone.How I re [...]

    3. A Murder for Her Majesty doesn't waste time getting started. Right in the first chapter, Alice is running away from home, and gets brought in by a group of choirboys, who decide to hide her in their house and even come up with a plan to disguise her as one of them. It's through flashback and background information that we find out how she got there.Alice had witnessed her father being murdered by two men, who claimed to be working for the Queen of England. Scared for her life, she heads off to L [...]

    4. I loved this book. It was fun, mysterious, and breath-taking all at the same time. The driving force of this book was the characters, and they were written marvelously well. I fell in love with Alice and her propensity to tell her superiors off. I grinned at Geoffrey, Orlando, Randall, and Nate, and their mischievous ways; I also admired their desire to help and protect Alice. The descriptions of the professors was amazing and very life-like; I came to love and understand the professors, even if [...]

    5. This was just as wonderful as I remember it being, and I never want to return this book to the library --I just made a really dumb update about this book not even ten minutes ago. I have been searching for this book FOR AGES. I was obsessed with it when I was in middle school and had since forgotten the title, only remembering the cover. FOREVER AND A DAY I have searched and finally, today, on the billionth page of google and after posing the worst search questions ever, I have finally found it! [...]

    6. Excellent fun! I loved it as a teen. I just remembered this old favorite and have now added it to my cart. If it was on Kindle, I would have it already. :) Looking forward to the reread. Big fan! I would recommend it to any story lover of any age. It is a heartwarming tale with the added bonus of mystery. Loveable characters make it all the more enjoyable. The music detail I found interesting. This was a gem in my youth: a beautiful escape.

    7. I enjoyed this book and read it quickly. The characters are interesting. I got some of the Father WhatsHisNames mixed up, but that didn't seem to matter that much. Good story.

    8. I was disappointed in what had looked like a promising historical novel for younger readers. A cathedral choir school in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I as a setting seemed quite interesting and original, but I was not impressed by the depth of the author's research. One example of an obvious gaffe: a character preparing for a Christmas service is looking out copies of 'Ding Dong Merrily On High'-- a set of lyrics not written until the early 20th C, though set to an older tune. A detail easily fo [...]

    9. I never allow myself to miss out on a good read because a book is labeled for children or young adults. A good story is a good story no matter where it is stashed in the library or bookstore. In this most excellent story, 11 year old Alice quite accidentally witnessed her father's murder by two of his visitors from a tree on her father's estate. Overhearing the killers talking about what to do about her and something about how Queen Elizabeth 1 would be happy he was dead, she flees with only the [...]

    10. I loved this book. In fact, about 25 pages before the end, I misplaced it in the house and had to turn everything upside down to find it. I really wanted to finish it, even though I knew everything would turn out well for the heroine. I think boys and girls would enjoy this book. There's lots of action. The main character is a girl, but nearly every other character is male. The choir boys are jolly and determined and always up for mischief. I read this to figure out when my children might be rea [...]

    11. Love love love this book. I purchased it a few years ago since it was a childhood favorite, but only recently re-read. It's the kind of story you want to re-read every year as the weather is starting to grow cooler and you just want to curl up in a blanket for a weekend with a good book. I remember seeing this title in the library when I was 9 or 10 and being so afraid of it because it had "murder" in the title! Finally, I made myself read it and learned an important lesson that has changed my e [...]

    12. I ADORED this book when I was in 4th or 5th grade and read it monthly or so for a few months. I forgot about it but recently bought it for some friends of the family, and decided that I better read it again - sort of like testing cookies that you've baked before giving them away. It's still good! Definitely buying a copy for myself, which is a rare thing indeed.

    13. Well written historical novel; suspenseful. My daughter read this for a 7th grade reading assignment and enjoyed it and passed it on to me. Good book!

    14. Another great book this year! This was a gift from my friend Meagan. Although it was only 200ish pages and easy to read it was well written. The only thing I can complain about is not enough Elizabeth? Here I labeled it a tudor book but she is barely in it; but still gets mentions enough. The rest is centered around hiding a girl in the boy's church choir and keep her away from the men that murdered her father- that they thought they had done under the order of the Queen we later find out she ac [...]

    15. Interesting and fun to read with the boys but I didn’t really see the merit as a school read. Not a lot of history here. In fact, there were several historical errors and the people spoke very 20th century. It’s fine as a fun read but not as part of a curriculum. C’mon Sonlight, you can do better.

    16. One of my favorite annual rereads since I was 11. Makes you feel like you're in winter and in a choir. Best read when the fall weather starts to turn crisp and frosty.

    17. A Murder for Her Majesty begins in London with the suspicious murder of Sir Henry Tuckfield, a musician for Queen Elizabeth I. His daughter, 11-year-old Alice witnesses the murder, and after hearing the words, "the queen will be pleased," assumes the murder was commanded by the queen herself. After the murder, Alice bravely sets out to find someone named Lady Jenny whom her father had told her to go to if something went wrong; he told Alice that she lived in York, England at Chellisford Hall. Wh [...]

    18. This book is really confusing to me because I am 11but I bet anyone elts will LOVE it it is about a girl who is a seavrent who goes on many adventures

    19. I've been craving a book with music as a vital part of the story for a very long time, and I'm happy that it was a part of this one. It's a book that I'm sure I would have loved reading as a child. I can just picture myself puzzling over the few technical terms that came with the different voices in the choir, or the pedals for the organ that Alice had to pull in the Christmas Eve service, only to realize what they were referring to years later as I reread it. But since I didn't actually read it [...]

    20. Alice Tuckfield, age 11, hidden in a tree on her father’s estate, watches in horror as a guest kills her father while accompanied by another guest. Alice listens as these men say that Queen Elizabeth will be pleased with this murder. Alice hides until she is certain that the murderers have left. Gradually she makes her way to the Cathedral at York where she hopes to find food and temporary shelter. As she turns a corner a young boy, Geoffrey, runs into her and knocks her out. Geoffrey helps Al [...]

    21. Alice Tuckfield, an eleven year old girl, witnesses in horror as her father is murdered by his trusted friends, claiming the murder by the name of the queen. She happens to run in to a group of choir boys, who help to disguise her as a boy, little do they know her secret and how much danger her life is in. She joins a kind of school that is only for choir boy band and her teacher, Mr. Kenton, a great pianist decides to teach her how to play piano. The rest of the kids and teachers are amazed bec [...]

    22. Alice witnesses her father's murder on their estate and while trying to reach safety with a family friend, she meets a group of boys who sing in the nearby cathedral's choir. They offer her a place to stay for the night and then decide it would be fun to disguise Alice as a boy and see if they can sneak her into the choir without the choirmaster noticing. Deciding the cathedral would be a safe place to hide, Alice agrees to the plan. As she struggles to keep her true identity a secret from her f [...]

    23. This is one of those nostalgia-heavy books that looms large in my childhood memory, and given that, I was anxious it wouldn't hold up. It's true that- great as it is- it's probably not a book most people would enjoy first reading as adults. There's a simplicity to the narrative that reminds me of my own first attempts at storytelling: characters consistently propose a problem - and solve it- in a single paragraph. But perhaps that's why the book is so fantastic to read at 10. It has the style an [...]

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