The Knitting Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face; Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask

If you wish your yarn store had a 24 hour hotline help is here From needle sizes and yarn weights to dropped stitches tight ribbing chart reading and curling edges help is here you solve any knitting mystery you may encounter HARDCOVER Storey Publishing
The Knitting Answer Book Solutions to Every Problem You ll Ever Face Answers to Every Question You ll Ever Ask If you wish your yarn store had a hour hotline help is here From needle sizes and yarn weights to dropped stitches tight ribbing chart reading and curling edges help is here you solve any knitting

  • Title: The Knitting Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face; Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask
  • Author: Margaret Radcliffe
  • ISBN: 9781580175999
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “The Knitting Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face; Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask”

    1. This book is the best knitting help book out there. In my opinion. But it should be your opinion, too! I worked in a local knitting store for 2 years and I sold more copies of this book than any other pattern book or magazine. I put it in the hands of every beginning knitter, especially since I taught the class, and everyone loves it. Its small and handy, and easy to read. Finding the solution to just about any knitting problem is just a book away. Unless that problem is that your dog ate your u [...]

    2. This book really cuts to the chase, avoiding all of the unworthily confusing knitting jargon and ridiculously unnecessary acronyms that have been invented by people with way too much time on their hands. In Q & A format, it answers questions like "I just picked up my knitting after not touching it for a year and am trying to determine where the hell I was. How do I figure it out without shooting myself in the eye?" with answers such as "Just make sure you're holding it so that the yarn is on [...]

    3. Despite knitting prodigious amounts for a dozen years, I've never yet bought a knitting book. That habit may now be altered. There are dozens of 'help for your knitting!!1' books out there, but none of them as good as this. It's clear, well-illustrated, explanatory, and - holy crap! - comprehensive. This isn't a book that tells you 'knitting through the back loops is wrong wrong wrong', but 'knitting through the back loops (tbl) leads to a twisted stitch, which may or may not be what you want. I [...]

    4. I love this book so much! When I bought it I was a confused beginner who was scared to try anything more complicated than a dishcloth. Through this book I have learned multiple cast-ons and how to judge which one might be right for my project; learned that I was twisting my stitches and how to make them straight; multiple ways to join and work in the round (which I now love more than flat knitting!)- and just so, so many things that I had learned or improvised the wrong way without knowing it fo [...]

    5. I was fortunate enough to have gotten this book for free from Net Galley in exchange for a review, and what an awesome book indeed. If you have ever knitted anything you know how easy it is to run into trouble and there never seems anybody around that can help. Pretty much any question or problem you have will be answered in this book, weather its a refresher on the abbreviation, or how to read a pattern, different stitches, yarn, heck there is stuff in this book I did not even know I needed to [...]

    6. This is a question-and-answer style encyclopedia for knitters, answering questions from "What's the easiest cast on?" to "What is duplicate stitch and how do I do it?", with many answers in between. Complete with drawings (of hand movements for different stitches, etc.) and charts.I like the question and answer format. I've had one question already answered - why you might want to have Sl1, K2tg, PSSO in your pattern rather than K3tg (my least favorite stitch ever).

    7. A super resource for any beginning or intermediate knitter, and possibly handy as a reference for a more advanced knitter. Small size makes it easy to toss in your knitting bag or basket and I've already referenced it many more times than I anticipated when I first bought it. It is broken down into logical sections like: basics, yarn, finishing, shaping and the like and also includes the major subheadings for each section in the table of contents.

    8. I'm currently teaching myself to knit, and all the beginner's manuals that I've looked at have confounded me at one point or another. This book -- grabbed from the shelf at my local library -- stepped in to save the day. It really covers everything I need to know, and I was able to solve several problems right off the bat with this information. I'll likely be purchasing this one to keep as a resource for when I have questions.

    9. As a self-taught knitter, this book is really going to come in handy as I try and decipher knitting patterns and troubleshoot when I run into problems--it's small so it's easy to grab from my knitting bag when I need to look something up, and the Q & A format is pretty helpful, although the book does presume that the reader has a certain level of knitting ability--this is not a "How To Knit" book, rather, a "How To Help You With Your Knitting" book. Definitely worth having around as a newbie [...]

    10. This isn't really a book to read cover to cover, but I've gone through several sections, trying to improve my skills, figure out a few things that I haven't been able to clarify online, etc. I've found that the instructions are clear, the images extremely helpful and the depth perfect for a beginner. I'm not sure how I'd feel if I were an advanced knitter, but for someone who gets bored with intro level skills very quickly or for someone who is teaching themselves to knit, I think it's great.

    11. A small book that will fit in knitting bag and really has all the answers you are likely to need. A very useful and informative book. I learned a new bindoff and I've been knitting for 60 years. I read it from cover to cover and wasn't bored even with the basics. I highly recommend the book as a must-have for EVERY knitter.

    12. This is a wonderful book that explains the ins and outs of knitting. However, for the newbie knitter, this does not mean you can figure out everything without a class. However, after class, you can figure out a problem without having to call your knitting guru up or visit the yarn store. Also, it gives great tips to advanced knitters who are trying to up their skills.

    13. This is an excellent reference book for the knitter. However, having taught many people how to fix mistakes, I don't think a novice knitter can learn to fix mistakes from any book. I don't even attempt to teach my "fixing mistakes class" until someone has at least one year of experience as a knitter.

    14. Got this in the winter/spring of 2006--had just learned to knit (for the second time--the unsuccessful first time is a long story) over St. Patrick's Day weekend 2005 and was trying to remember enough of what I had learned to start a new project. It's great for me, since I don't knit often enough to get really good, but it usually comes back to me with a few reminders.

    15. A lot of what the book covers is pretty basic, but this is a great little book to throw in your knitting bag for situations you might not have come across or for beginners and experienced knitters alike, to refresh how to so certain things. I checked this out from my local library but plan to get my own copy to keep in my knitting bag

    16. I find this book to be very helpful. Since I have the ebook, I can easily search for topics, but the text references the wrong page numbers. I still like being able to search. The diagrams and topics are all great to understanding mistakes and techniques. If you are interested, check out the tech-knitting blog. It's not related, but very similar content.

    17. This a handy reference book filled with tips and advice for all knitters, from beginners to experts. The small size makes it perfect for on the go knitting. I believe it should be considered an essential tool for the knitter.

    18. Great resource. Answers tons of questions new and experienced knitters are looking for answers to. The illustrations aren't great - I do much better with actual photographs or live teaching, but this book is still fantastic.

    19. This is the book that stays in my knitting bag to help answer those odd questions that pop up, either my own or those of another knitter. It's invaluable. No self-respecting knitting bag should be without this little reference book!

    20. A little light on plot, but the tips and instructions are extremely useful. Being a beginner knitter, I've used it a lot, but I can see how experienced knitters who want to try something knew can use this as back-up.

    21. I came across this book at Costco and am amazed at how helpful I am finding it. Even though I have been knitting for years I found many tips and explanations for things I have been doing, as well as several new techniques to improve the finished product.

    22. It has been helpful in the process of finishing a sweater - especially with problem-solving issues that would otherwise have affected the look of the finished product. A great go-to resource that I will keep for a long time.

    23. I've been knitting for about a year and I refer back to this probably at least once for every project. It's not a 'be all, end all' reference book but I've had pretty good luck being able to find what I've needed.

    24. This is a little helpful book that will put your mistakes right - it is not helpful in the sense of learning new patterns or getting ideas for projects - but if you have a question or problem with your knitting, this book probably has the answer.

    25. If this book doesn't have the answer it gives the right question or category to google for the best answer. Paired with techknitting blog, YouTube and her book about essential colour knitting techniques, will give a great foundation in knitting from beginner to advanced techniques.

    26. This book is great - somehow I can understand everything the way Ms. Radcliffe explains it. Some knitting books seem to make the instruction hard to understand. This is not that way and is my Go To resource whenever I have a question.

    27. Yet another book which lies to you in order to attract you to it. Not every question or problem. Could it be a cultural thing? Making a statement does not equal telling the truth? The expectation of substance?

    28. This book has just about every answer you needt all, but it does a good job. I find myself turning to it over and over again. I have other books which contain most of what is in this book, but not all in one place.

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