Entertaining, disturbing, memorable, and sophisticated, this mortality tale will continue to haunt after the last pages are turned SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNALAll Chris really wants is to be a normal kid, to hang out with his friends, avoid his parents, and get a date with Rebecca Schwartz Unfortunately, Chris appears to be turning into a vampire So while his hometown per Entertaining, disturbing, memorable, and sophisticated, this mortality tale will continue to haunt after the last pages are turned SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNALAll Chris really wants is to be a normal kid, to hang out with his friends, avoid his parents, and get a date with Rebecca Schwartz Unfortunately, Chris appears to be turning into a vampire So while his hometown performs an ancient ritual that keeps Tch muchgar, the Vampire Lord, locked in another world, Chris desperately tries to save himself from his own vampiric fate He needs help, but whom can he trust A savagely funny tale of terror, teen angst, suspense, and satire from National Book Award winner M T Anderson.
Thirsty Entertaining disturbing memorable and sophisticated this mortality tale will continue to haunt after the last pages are turned SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNALAll Chris really wants is to be a normal kid t

  • Title: Thirsty
  • Author: M.T. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780763638955
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. i read this because i was surprised that i liked feed so much when i read it for class. and as a teen book, its really good. but to a grown-up reader, there are an uncomfortable amount of unanswered questions regarding characters motivations and chronic gullibility and not enough history of the town that would make their responses and beliefs plausible but as a fun, day-off, all-you-can-eat-buffet-made-me-too-sleepy-for-proust book, it was perfect. i am going to carefully say here that, unlike t [...]

    2. I found this book in the glbt section of my library and was confused by the back of the book but then it all makes sense. The book is just an allegory for a gay male teen and dealing with homosexuality. Christopher, the main character, is labeled as a vampire in a world where they are shunned (a gay male in a world which is predominantly straight). The story picks up when Christopher is going through puberty, at which point the vampiric traits suddenly take place. The book goes on to tell Christ [...]

    3. Does no one think this is a metaphor for something? Like maybe sexuality or gender identity?This is a social issues book, it is an allegory for homosexuality and how it is seen around the world. Maybe I am just reading too much into it, but per example: it is said he was bitten as a child and as he hits his teens the traits surface, which is similar to people are born with a sexuality and tend to express it in their teens. Apart from that, the question of what makes a human is made, and this is [...]

    4. This book was a good book but i didnt like it. I kept waiting for it to get good, but it never happened. I hate that this book left so many spots open. He is left without any choice without any course of action to make things at all better. In this book when Chris hits puperty he doesn't just get zits he starts turning into a vampire. He lives in a society where vampires are common and people hunt them down. I really like vampire books but this one was just a little to slow and kept leaving spot [...]

    5. I read this because I enjoyed Feed immensely, but I was very disappointed. This is one of the most depressing books I've read in a long time. On the plus side, the dog doesn't die. That and the charming bizarreness of the novel's world ("Would you like some of Jennifer? Or some of Dave?"; the dilemma posed for parents by Boston's lottery for virgins) saved it from getting only a single star.Like Feed, the book opens with a light-hearted tone but descends into darkness. The main character, Chris, [...]

    6. This book was a waste of my time. I did not enjoy it. I kept waiting for it to get good, but it never happened. I hate that this book left the protagonist in a horrible situation where nothing he could do would change anything. He is left without any choice--without any course of action to make things at all better.In this book, when the protagonist, Chris, hits puperty, he doesn't just get zits--he starts turning into a vampire. And he lives in a society where vampires are common and people hun [...]

    7. Once again, another book to add to my 'deserve a basilisk fang through it' collection. I felt no sympathy or any connection to any of the characters. Okay, some/most of the characters. Christopher is - and I really hate to put it this way, but is another Bella, only this time, it's a he. He is a whiny and way to angsty for a normal teen. Or either that, he has no backbone. All I could do was scream, "Stuff it, you whiny nincompoop and USE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN AND STOP MAKING EVERYTHING SOUNDS HARD [...]

    8. Can I say how much I enjoy M.T. Anderson's writing? Soooo much. His books are sophisticated and intelligent, and very refreshing after reading a lot of exciting but cliche-ridden YA bestsellers. Thirsty does not romanticize vampires. It starts off pretty funny and you think this is going to be some camp novel that makes fun of anything that takes itself too seriously. But then the story gets darker and darker and pretty soon you realize that Anderson has a lot more going on than you thought.This [...]

    9. OK, so I'm looking for vampire books I can actually have on my shelves for students to borrow. So far, I haven't found enough good additional reading for fans of Twilight. So I see this book, winner of a national book award, recommended in various publications as a good blend of adolescent angst and horror. Well, I really didn't like it at all--mainly because of the ending. If you don't mind the triumph of evil, mixed with the crude language of typical teenage boys, if you can identify with a pr [...]

    10. Bleak contemporary horror-satire about a poor shlub of a teenage boy who is slowly turning into a vampire. There's some good writing and an excellent use of an unusual tone which I can only describe as Raymond Carver meets Joss Whedon. The world is intriguing. But the emotions are just realistic enough to make it excruciatingly depressing. In fact, it concludes with my least favorite depressing trope ever:(view spoiler)[Not only does the protagonist fail in everything he attempts, he's mocked fo [...]

    11. My hometown was mentioned on the first page of this book! I grew up in area code 413, so that always makes a book strike home in a special way when its setting is a place you know well. It was a strange world though, similar to ours in every way except that people freely acknowledge that vampires and fairies walk among us. Every year the town council has to do a special ceremony in order to keep the evil Vampire Lord defeated and unable to enter our world. It was a strange dichotomy between hear [...]

    12. An interesting take on the whole vampire legend. In Chris's world, vampires have always existed. People are wary of vampires, and lynch them when they find them. As his hometown prepares for the annual Sad Festival of Vampires with an ancient ritual (held in a Whitehen Pantry) that keeps Tch'muchgar, the Vampire Lord locked into a prison world, Chris seems to be turning into a vampire. Can he trust his friends and family NOT to lynch him, if that happens? Should he trust Chet a self described ce [...]

    13. Chris is an ordinary suburban boy. His biggest concerns are that he doesn't really like his friends any more, and he has a huge crush on a popular girl in his class. But with puberty come changes, like the unbearable thirst that comes over him whenever he gets angry, or the way his reflection has started to disappearChris begins to suspect that he's turning into a vampire. The narration and dialog sounded very true to life of my memories of suburban teens, as does Chris's personality, still conf [...]

    14. Actual rating: 3.5 starsI was just talking about this book with Catie (sorry, I don't know how to add a GR user to my review) as an example of MT Anderson's under-appreciated skill at crafting disturbing tales, so I reread it this morning. It took me two hours, so it's a quick read, though the unsettling feeling it leaves lasts longer (even knowing what was coming, I still got uneasy). The last time I read this was probably in early 2000s (I even forgot that I own this book!), and it held up to [...]

    15. Excellent portrayal of teenage isolation & using metaphor of becoming a vampire = passing thru puberty. Poetic language throughout, with touches of humour: "My father claims we have them [vampires] this year because it was a mild winter, but he may be thinking of tent caterpillars." "You have to earn the right to call my mother a condiment.""I've never fought with the Forces of Darkness before. That was a Cub Scout badge I seem to have missed."

    16. It was okay, I did finish it. If M.T. writes a sequel I don't know if I will continue with the story. There wasn't much action to help move the story along but the character development was done well.

    17. great writing at times with deep, striking teenaged alienation. painful depiction of adolescent loss of identity. but it's gross funny too

    18. High school freshman Chris is going through some changes. He’s become prone to mood swings and finds that he’s hungry all of the time. No, it’s not just puberty. He’s actually turning into a vampire. Chris knows what this means. Eventually he will starve to death from lack of blood, or the thirst will drive him to kill someone, and he will be executed as a result. So when Chet the Celestial being offers to cure him of his vampirism, he can’t say no. In return, all Chris needs to do is [...]

    19. *English follows*Thirsty est un roman à éviter pour les raisons suivantes :1. Le personnage principal est une épave à la dérive, incapable de réagir correctement à la moindre des situations.2. L'opposition est rusée, bien équipée et invicible.3. Tous les personnages du récit sont ternes, creux et insignifiants.4. Le territoire et la municipalité dans lesquels le récit se déroule est d'un ennui mortel.5. La voix du narrateur est cynique, superficielle et moqueuse.6. La petitesse du [...]

    20. This seems to be an either you love it, or you hate it kind of book. Overall I found it depressing, an impossible situation that never is actually resolved. You're left with a feeling that no matter what it's all hopeless. Here's where me anywaye author could have done something wonderful.Too often teens feel isolated and alone. The book captured that beautifully, and for that I'm giving this two stars instead of one. But that's only half the job of the storyteller, isn't it? To give the reader [...]

    21. This was another thrift store find. I had it marked as Read on here, but I don't remember reading t, so I decided to actually read it/read it again. This is an odd book. Not really bad or good, just odd.The book is about a boy named Christopher who lives in Massachusetts with his family. Vampires exist there along with a few other creatures. In this place, you don't have to be bitten to be turned into a vampire. It just happens sometimes.Chris is basically an outcast at school. He has two friend [...]

    22. I love how this book balances playfulness and despair, quirky worldbuilding and morbid rituals Chris's world feels tangible and easy to relate to, even while we know it's haunted by ancient vampire gods and other creative, interesting supernatural shenanigans. Changelings and swamp "beasts" on the news, doctors that can figure out if you're undead or cursed or what have you - I absolutely love the feel of this novel's universe. The story's take on vampire lore is amazingly fun, too (particularly [...]

    23. I was so excited to read this, but I was really disappointed. I could write a full length review on this, but there isn't much to say. I know that M.T Anderson isn't a bad writer, but this is definitely not one of his finer pieces. Chris, the main character, seems like a normal teenager. But I just couldn't like him- at all. As for the plot, it just comes really confusing and rushed. And then it simply ends. There could've been so much more included, but there wasn't. I found myself checking pag [...]

    24. Seriously?!? This book won The National Book Award?!?!?!? This is one of the most poorly written books for young adults I've read in a long time. This is also the worst book I've finished in recent memory. What a whole lot of nothing building up toa whole lot of nothing. Rather disappointing. The characters are stereotypical and the story is boring. The 'humor' was not only unfunny, but terribly mean spirited, even for a vampire novel. The only scene which sort of stood out is when Chris, the pr [...]

    25. Okay, so. I like it, but it could not keep my attention. Well, I suppose it could, but definitely not for 40-page chapters. At first it was hard to even read because of Anderson's tendency to not use contractions at all. It was just weird. As I kept reading, it got easier to read. The only thing was that nothing really super duper in-your-face exciting happened. I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but it was not as good as I had thought.Although, the ending was fantastic! I love how it didn't hav [...]

    26. As if puberty weren't bad enough imagine discovering that you turning into a vampire! This book is a very dark look at a teenage boy turning into a monster. The author does not romanticize vampires in this book, unlike most of the other vampire novels out there, and gives readers an interesting new look at the "dark side". It is well written and contains beautiful descriptions of everyday thoughts and feelings that make the main character very relatable. It had me sold until around the middle o [...]

    27. I love M.T. Anderson. I want to shake his hand very firmly and look him in the eye and properly thank him for being one of my favorite writers.This may be my 2nd favorite book of his, next to Feed. Oh, is it good. Of course, there are funny moments and the narration has his signature deadpan delivery, but this was sadder and darker than I'd expected, and more dangerous. As with the other YA books of Anderson's, there's an exposed, nervy core of raw emotion running under the events, much like the [...]

    28. There was only one halfway likable character, a minor character at that, the plot was terrible, and the attempt at wit or humor fell flat for me. There's nothing I like better than a witty vampire story. This novel wasn't one. I can't remember the last time, if ever, I've given a one rating. I just was bored to tears and was so glad it was over at the end.

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